How can my daughter enjoy vacation while on her period?

My daughter will be 13 next month. We are going to Florida on 6/29. Her period app says she is supposed to get her period almost the entire vacation. I am spending the first two days at the ocean at my dad’s house. Then we are driving to universal and staying five days. On the first day at universal, we are going to the water park. I don’t feel comfortable with her wearing tampons. My mom mentioned the new menstrual cups they have out. I don’t n is anyone who has used them before, and my mom says you have to wash them out?? It seems extremely disgusting to me, and I can almost guarantee my daughter will not go for this. My cousin the newer “mini” tampons that just click in place, but her periods are usually very heavy almost the whole time. I’m so sad. The whole point is to spend time in water obviously. If she can’t be in the water, it will ruin her whole vacation. Any suggestions?? I’m so upset. And I can’t just change the dates. I had to request this off at work three months ahead because there’s only one other person who can do my job. Thanks in advance


If she gets on birth control it very well may stop her period from coming. They’ll say wait to start it but just start taking the pills immediately and it might delay it! Good luck

I use the Flex (brand name) menstrual disc. Similar to a menstrual cup, but disposable. I agree with not wanting to clean out a cup! I really like this option because as a teacher I cannot really go to the restroom often enough to safely keep tampons changed out (TSS worries me) and the Flex Disc is good for 12 hours. Also, tampons soak up water and need to be changed out fairly soon after swimming, this is not the case with a disc. The menstrual disc is also said to help with cramping (thankfully, I have minimal cramps at this point in my life, so I cannot say for certain if cramps are less server with these).

I like the disposable cups best. Paid $40 for a reusable one. It’s not as easy to use. But, it’s easy to clean.(At home) Small and pink from Walmart. Has a carrying case for when I don’t need it. I can’t wear tampons because, I get sick from toxic shock. Cups saved me from missing out on vacations. When mine were too heavy, the disposable cups were best along with wipes to clean my hands in public bathrooms. She cannot flush these-

Try Googleing period underwear or swimwear. They explain their usage and cleaning on their websites. There’s a site called RubyRed that I’ve been looking into for my daughter. She hasn’t started yet but she is getting there. They have a first period kit that comes with some underwear and a few things to make period time easier like a heating pad, some backup pads and a bag to store them in, a bag to store your undies if you have to change them when not at home, etc. I think they even include treats to satisfy your cravings lol
I saw this post on Facebook and not sure why people are getting so upset about you not being comfortable with her using tampons? Did they get rid of TSS? Did I miss something? Lol I’m not comfortable with using them myself and do not want my daughter using them ever. Now if she chooses to one day when she’s a grown up then that’s up to her of course, but I think tampons are AWFUL and think it’s wonderful that our girls have SO much better options than we did! My aunt actually had TSS in High School (this was the early 80’s) and was hospitalized for MONTHS. We’re lucky it didn’t kill her. She has a TON of health issues now (fibromyalgia not sure of spelling, is one of them)and I wonder often if any of them stem from that because they just didn’t know what future outcomes could come with TSS. Don’t listen to those people yelling about tampons, you have every right to worry and every right to refuse to allow her until she’s old enough to decide for herself. YOU are in fact in charge of her health and wellbeing right now and can make that decision. You have to be on top of changing them on time, making sure you take the last one out after your periods over (which I never understood how someone could FORGET THEY HAD A TAMPON INSIDE THEM?? I could feel it the whole time it was in there and they’d ALWAYS push their way back out no matter how far I tried to insert them, and that scares me as, that’s a way to get TSS, a piece of the rayon lodges into the vaginal wall and causes infection.) That’s a lot of responsibility for a 13 year old… The Menstrual cup is different because your not shoving something that could potentially poison you into your body. Menstrual cups are made with medical Grade silicone and are a MUCH better and safer option. Of course they’re a bit messier to insert and remove but that’s a risk I’d be willing to take. :woman_shrugging: A little practice with them and I’m sure she will be fine…
I hope everything works out for your daughter and you all get to enjoy your vacation! Get her some period panties for everyday use and some period swimwear too! No worries!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can my daughter enjoy vacation while on her period?

Go to the doctors and tell them you’re going away and they can give her tablets to stop her from coming on until after x

I get tablets from thr doctors to stop mine when goin away

The doctors can prescribe something to stop them i think

This happen when my both my oldest daughters started there periods I was uncomfortable at first with tampons but ended up just letting them so they could enjoy there vacation as well. And personally those are wayyy better than the cups. The cups are much bigger and not great also can become a mess


Better start getting comfortable with her using tampons REAL quick then🤷‍♀️


Let her do what she’s comfortable with, not you. She needs to feel control over her own body and not that you control it.

You aren’t comfortable with her using tampons? This isn’t about you. Let her use tampons and enjoy her vacation.

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Happened to me when I was younger, like 12. We went to Chicago and we were going out on the lake. That was the first time my mom showed me how to use a tampon. I guess I would wonder why u r so uncomfortable with her wearing one? I showed my daughter when she was 12 also. She went to summer camp and didn’t want to sit out for the week of swimming. I personally use a cup and love it.

Teach her to use tampons. Started my period when I was 10 and have been using tampons since my 2nd cycle


When ever I went on vacation, I went to the doctor and got a script so I wouldn’t get my period when I went to Bali. Doesn’t cost much and your daughter will enjoy her trip.


Tampons are natural just like a panty liner. Having a period is part of being a woman so I’m not sure why you’d be uncomfortable about it. Just let her use tampons and have fun.

I was 13 when I used my first tampon started my period on vacation I would let her use them so she can enjoy her vacation if this happens to my girls I will let them use tampons. No need in them hating vacation cause of their period not being able to do anything cause you are uncomfortable with her using them


I don’t want no hate ! This happened to my daughter when her dad took her on holiday and she went to see the nurse and she gave her some tablets to take those two weeks so was away and her periods where due and it stopped them and just started as normal after … she didn’t want to use tampons so she asked to speak with the nurse for ideas and this was suggested ! Didn’t do her any harm x

As someone that lives in Florida and is very active at the beach, I highly recommend tampons! If you’re going to the beach please make sure they have restrooms! Not all beaches here do. :relaxed:


Just let her use tampons.
Research. Its not going to hurt her virginity or anything of the sorts.


Why is this even a FACEBOOK conversation??


They have organic cotton tampons that work well. If that helps any. But personally I think it should be up to your daughter if shes comfortable or not… her body. Its not implying anything for her!


Norethindrone. A Dr can prescribe to delay a period.

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At 13 I would think a menstrual cup and a menstrual disc would be more uncomfortable and foreign than just using a tampon.

I would just let her use tampons, it’s the easier and less complicated option.


Teach her to
Not let a period stop her from doing what she wants.

tampons… they make super flow tampons that are discreet in packaging. also kotex makes some super thin pads but are extra absorbent(I used them post partum with great success)

Let her decide if she is comfortable wearing tampons. It’s her body and her period.


Let her use a tampon if she wants to. Thats literally what theyre for. A menstrual cup is worse to start out with than a tampon would be

She should make her own decision on what she wants to use. It’s her body, her decision. If she wants tampons, then let her.


Medication available to temp suspend menstration

A tampon is way less manual work than the diva cup or soft cup. I only use tampons when swimming and honestly. No point in giving her hormones just to potentially skip her period one time.


I dont recommend tbe cup .i believe she would be more comfortable with a tampon


Period panties have come a long way in the last decade. They are a bit of an investment, but may be an option under a swim suit for times a pad wouldn’t be practical.

A tampon won’t hurt anything. I use the diva cup, personally. It is a bit messy when you’re first getting used to it, but I’ve found it much easier in the long run. Much easier cleanup than a pad.

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Tampons or menstrual cup

Have we really not evolved enough to teach a 13 year old how to use tampons? If used correctly, there is no harm. Not only that but do women not know that your period automatically stops when immersed in water? 🤦🤦🤦 Im mean last I knew we didnt stop showering during that week of the month.

You’re really going to tell your kid she can’t use tampons because YOU’RE uncomfortable with it?? Way to make a girl ashamed of her natural functions


The cups are A little bit messy especially if you have a heavy flow at sometime and tampons are sometimes yes a bit uncomfortable at first till she gets used to them but they have smaller ones to now for teens

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Cups are amazing! I wash mine once a day, otherwise just dump it and wipe it out with a wipe. I switched from tampons to cups a while ago and I’ll never go back.

Teach her to use tampons. Now if she says it hurts, it’s not in far enough. She will thank you. I had a swim team mom show me and I was so glad

I personally prefer OB brand tampons as there is no applicator and so the packaging is VERY small. It should also help her not insert to far, etc. My daughter used the cup and she said it was just messy to deal with (not to mention, I would be more concerned with bacteria, infection, etc if not cleaned properly).


Hate to be the bearer of bad news but if yr daughter is comfy with tampons u should be too I swam competitively for years got my period at 9 n went on many events and vacations swimming because of tampons sometimes it is what it is


They make period bathing suits now!


I would allow the tampons. My mom qas against it too but i did it anyways because pads made me feel nasty

I personally prefer tampons over the cups.

Don’t be a controlling parent and just let her use the tampon. If not, then don’t complain about her being miserable because you don’t feel comfortable with tampons. :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


Google how to insert a menstrual cup if your not on board with a tampon I highly doubt you’d want her to use a menstrual cup.

Why are you uncomfortable with her using tampons? Do you not want her grow up or something? It’s her body her period. Do you not want her to have fun? Any other option could possibly end with her having bloody incident at the water park, and then everyone’s vacation is going to be over.


They make periodswimsuits look up ruby

I know you don’t really want her to use tampons but honestly that’s the better option. They do however make bathing suits for periods and underwear as well but not sure where you can get them other than online. I would leave the choice up to her tho.

Google teen period bathing suits and see if that’s an option

You can take tablets to stop your periods for a short time doctors prescribe them for holidays etc. I had these when I was about that age too.

I understand the not wanting her to use a tampon just yet. But back when I was about 13 we went to lake Havasu for a week and I was on mine. My mom had me use them so I could enjoy the time we had there. I would just get some that are more comfortable like the Tampax pearl. It’s been 10 years since I have had a period so idk if there are more comfortable ones out there now but I liked those the best when I needed to use them. I agree with others saying that the cup may be more uncomfortable. And they seem like they would be more difficult and awkward to insert at that age especially. And just like you the idea of them being re used and all that kinda grosses me out too. I hope you find a solution for her and she is able to enjoy your vacation. Best wishes

Tampons, forget how you feel. See if SHE wants to wear tampons or nah. It’s not your cooch.

Ocean water…I just tell my daughter to free bleed it at the beach :joy::joy:

She doesn’t like tampons so she free bleeds it and she just rushes to put on a pad after she’s done.

Ask her what she wants. If she wants to try tampons, let her. Be supportive. Its her body. If she is the one that isn’t comfortable with it, they make period panties and period bathing suits now.


So not to be ill but it is her body. She needs all the information and then let her decide what she feels is safest and best for her period. You should not be dictating what she can only use. Cups are great and not disgusting at all. Give all info and let her choose with all knowledge and risks of each.

There are tampons made just for teens all my kids have used them

Tampons are your best bet.

Her method of of dealing with her period is HER choice to make not yours. If she wants to use tampons or a menstrual cup that’s not your choice to make. Don’t be that parent :woman_facepalming:t3:


I was uncomfortable with tampons for my daughter too. What I learned with that is she became uncomfortable with them. I was uncomfortable because I was afraid she would leave it in to long. But that caused a large amount of anxiety for my daughter when she wanted to use a tampon. I made tampons unnatural for her instead of teaching her the safe way. Tampons are natural especially for 12-18 year olds. My daughter was made fun of because they could see the line to the pad


But they have new period bathing suits as well!

Period swimwear

Ppl saying let her decide cause its her body is wrong… She is 13🤦🏻‍♀ my 15 yr old and 13 yr old don’t wear tampons and I feel they shouldn’t because I don’t want my child sticking something up their vagina especially cause they are NOT sexually active… They don’t even like the thought of tampons themselves! I think young girls should wear pads and liners until a little older… But thats my opinion🤷🏻‍♀

I asked my pediatrician and she said tampons or ok after a year of having her period but they also have disposable cups as well she can try if she feels comfortable wearing them

:woman_shrugging: her period isn’t about you


I started my period at 10 years old and started using tampons around 13-14 years old. It was awkward and it didn’t go right at first and I cried… a lot. But my mom was supportive and showed me how to properly use tampons and after a few days it was ok and I’ve been using them ever since. I’d get her the smallest tampons for sure! Target actually has 100% cotton tampons that I love!

There are organic made tampons if thats your concern . I know it was a concern for me when my daughter requested to use tampons. I told her I would prefer her to use a organic brand and not just any cheap brand … so I make sure we are stocked up every month.

Thinx period panties. You can get them at some Target stores. They run about $17 for one.

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Let her decide what to do with her period, tampons are going to be easier. You don’t want tampons and you thing cups are disgusting, don’t know how to help ya. I would ask your daughter

Watermelon, limes or lemons, avocado and Tylenol cuts my period or makes the flow super light try and see it that works for her.


I have heard of taking lime juice shots for a couple of days before & when you start to make it postpone your pried. So she will have it the week you guys get back instead of during

They have bathing suits that absorb your monthly flow, without the use of tampons/pads or she can use tampons

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Period panties also tampons should be up to the person using them. I asked my child they said no they are not ready (13) but will come back when they feel they are.

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I have a very heavy flow and I use menstrual cups. For me, I could never use tampons and always hated pads. The cups have been an absolute life changer for me. Let your daughter decide what she wants to do? It is her body after all…

Buy the period bathing suit bottoms they are $50 but she can wear them on her period with no worries

Time to get over your unease and do what you have to do to allow your daughter to enjoy herself. My daughter started using them at 13 for swimming purposes and the occasional “don’t feel like a pad” time. Teach her! Don’t scare her.

In Australia there is a tablet called primulet. If you take it 4 days before your period is due it will delay it coming

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I’m not trying to be bitchy here but even as a young mom I know it’s part of our responsibility to provide our children with the important information and let them make their own decisions at that point. Especially when it comes to menstruating and things that don’t necessarily impact you or your body. I would tell her what her options are, the benefits or cons of each and keep my opinions to my self even if I thought it was “disgusting” or “uncomfortable” and would also avoid describing them as such because there’s stigmas around it and its a “taboo” subject as it is. Just saying…

  1. don’t police what your kid uses. It’s not you, don’t tell them what they can and can’t use for their own menstration

  2. if you nor her have ever dealt with a diva cup, don’t get one and don’t have her attempt right before a trip. That just sounds like a potential disaster.

  3. buy lots of candy, midol, tampons for the day, and pads at night.

That’s it. Or even just like…ask her.

Buy her some of each and a cup because I personally think it’s the best for your body and super easy . Then let her choose what she wants to try and when . Teach her to study her body and learn about it so it doesn’t “freak her out “ this is a natural thing .

Also head up for anyone interested in the cups . THEY’RE AMAZING! It takes a few times to get the hang of how it works but after that 12 hrs of leak free period! Change it every 12 hours in the shower if that makes it seem cleaner . Also no need to worry about TSS with a cup :blush:

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how come she can’t wear tampons? don’t be weird, if it will make her comfortable then she should be given the option always.


have to talk to her about what SHE is comfortable with wearing? after all it is HER body… idk what the reservation is about her wearing tampons but they do make organic tampons now that dont have chemicals in them. What i did with my girls (I have 5) is I sat down and explained each option to them and let them choose what option they were most comfortable with.


No reason to not be in the water!

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I’d focus on what will make your daughter the most comfortable and what is right for her . A tampon is certainly more comfortable then a cup and cleaner. Tampons that are used for the proper flow feel more comfortable so offer a few like a slender on your light day and regular and super on heavier days . Focus on the fun she will have and bring pain relief and respect her limits. All will be fine

“It seems extremely disgusting to me” is this a man or woman writing this post?

Cut the cord and buy the girl some Tampons if she wants to use them. She is 13 and it is her choice what she is comfortable with.


You can actually go to the doc and get a pill that stops her flow till she gets home, worth a try

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What? Ask her. Make sure she feels comfortable it’s not about you or how it makes you feel no matter her age. It’s her body and your comfort has no place in that.


Menstrual cups are way bigger than a tampon and a cup has to sit on ur cervix while a tampon much smaller and sits in the entrance of your vagina is to me more convenient for her.

Can she not use pads for the majority of the holiday and use tampons only while doing the water activities? That way she gets to enjoy her holiday and she won’t be using tampons the whole time. It should be her choice to decide to use them or not. Just make sure if she does to go though how to use them responsibly and safely. :grinning:

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We went to Florida last month and my daughter started her period the day we left all I did was change my plans at universal since they don’t require reservation I did five days too and we did the water park the last day so she could enjoy it.

Let her use a tampon. Don’t ask for the meds to stop her period. They have MANY complications in the long run. She has to get comfortable with her body and her function. My daughter is 15 and used a tampon once - she wasn’t comfortable but I let her choose. If we go to the beach I’m sure she’d use them again.

Who cares if your comfortable with her wearing tampons it’s not really your choice


My personal opinion being a mom of two girls is if they are comfortable using tampons then as long as they are being used properly then it should be up to them. Its their body.

And also the small click into place tampons come in S for heavy flow as well. And they are still very petite.

I switched to a cup a couple years ago. There was a learning curve BUT you can leave it in all day without having to worry about leaks or pee string.

Also, I did have to break into my back up tampon stash at work because I started unexpectedly and didn’t have my cup… my vagina was ssooooo irritated ! It got used to not shoving cotton and chemicals up there.

My step mom wouldn’t let me wear tampons, and sure enough I leaked at school in the sixth grade. No one told me. So embarrassing.

She might as well get used to tampons now she has a long way til menopause, it’s just a part of a woman’s life and it never comes at a convenient time ever


Period undies! Look it up. They even have swimwear ones


Speak with the doctor maybe he can give her a pill to delay her period .