How did you feel before you went into labor?

I’m 37 & 4 days pregnant. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some craft items for my son’s play. After walking around for about 1hr and a half, I started to cramp and out of breath. That same day through the evening and night I was just cramping backache headaches. Felt like Sharp knife pain down there. The pain was bearable to a degree. I recently went to the ER and was sent home. Couple days later had my Dr Apt. Found out i was 70% to 3cm dilated… I want to say im having contractions but not im going to rip your head off pains so I’ve been keeping an eye out and how i feel. How did your mom’s feel when in labor (silly question) How did you truly know it was time? Or false? I don’t want to be that pregnant lady who keeps going to the hospital and giving false alarms.


Some women experience back pain / pressure rather than ** contractions ** as such .
Get to the hospital

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Good luck momma

I had no contractions just like a cutting pain down there

Throughout my entire pregnancy and even during the beginning stages of labor I walked and I’m convinced this led to me having a rather easier labor and delivery. You sound just like how my labor started.

I’ve been through it four times. It sounds like you could be in the early stages.


What? 4 days pregnant??? What?


In March I was 34 weeks and 6 days. Had my regular check up. After doing my vitals my blood pressure was high. The dr sent me labor and delivery to check . While I was there they stared asking me if I was having cramping or anything. I said no. The dr said your totally efface and 6 centimeters dilated. They had to do emergency c section. I had no pain until after the baby was delivered.

The contractions will be closer together and you won’t have much “rest time” in between them. I went to a birthing class where the nurse told us the “411 rule”
Contractions that come 4 minutes apart, last at least 1 min and has been consistent in that pattern for 1 hour. Some call it the 311 rule, (4/3 min apart, same thing lol)
First time mama here, I followed that rule and when I went to hospital I was 6cm and ready for epidural, I was blessed it went so smooth


If u r concerned go to the hospital. My dr told me tho when they r 5 minutes apart for more than an hour to go in

Go to the hospital. I prefer you to be safely checked out.

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She should know she’s had a child before


The last wk i was pregnant it felt like i had a basketball inbetween my legs, some back pain i had alot of Braxton hicks contractions. I never lost my mucus plug, i was trying to have a “netflix and chill” kinda morning and i went to roll over to make my move and i felt wet but didnt hear a pop went to pee still leaking. Went to the hospital to get check they did the swab to see if i was leaking and the nurse just walked out and heard the “pop” and water gushing all over my bed lol

Pelvic pressure and what feels like “I have to poop” pressure typically precedes a baby! But trust your gut and be safe.


I get up, go to the bathroom go back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later to dribble, “I just went!” was my first thought, get up, more dribble. I made it to the toilet when my water broke. :sweat_smile:

You have a son so you been through labor before. Dont you remember what it was like?

When the pain is too unbearable to talk and walk your well on your way!

With my 4th and last, I just felt off. No major pains or contractions. Went to the hospital and was already 80% and 6cm dilated. Didnt feel contractions until they had to break my water. Each of my 4 had completely different labors. It is better to be safe then not.

Mine felt as you described, contractions never got closer (12m apart for 8hrs) & once I went in it was an emergency c section, I was 6cm dilated and baby was breach. If I would have waited till it was “to unbearable to walk” baby wouldn’t have made it. Better safe than sorry and get checked out!

Don’t be afraid to go . I wade having back pain you could time. My doc sent me home from his office saying it could be two more weeks. Later in the evening I went to hospital with pains. Worsening and two minutes apart and consistent . Thru tried to send me home and my mother objected to that so they kept me, saying just a while longer for observation. The baby was born about an hour and a half after that. It was my first baby. Those Drs don’t always know. My pain was in my back and pelvic area.

34 4 days pregnant??? What

I had no idea I was in labor, I never felt a thing but apparently my contractions were going over the charts. Never had a clue. Ended up having an emergency c-section.

If you can move around and still ‘function’ I’d say Braxton Hicks. If you move around and they don’t stop…labor.

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CHILDFREE goal! Don’t care to experience that unnecessary pain!

Call your doc or nurses station

Oooo girl You’ll know when you are having contractions. You wont be able to walk once they come you’ll have to stop and wait until its gone so that you can walk again and from there they will just get worse

You’re almost 38 weeks and haven’t had those conversation with your dr that you should be seeing every week? I didn’t want to rip anyone’s head off other than MY mothers. And that wasn’t until I was already pushing and she was petting me like a cat lol. When your contractions are 4-5 minutes apart for an hour, is when I was told to go to the hospital. I woke up the day I had my daughter with contractions 4 minutes apart the first hour I was awake and got to the hospital 20 minutes after that. I was 7cms. I only have 1 biological child.

When you know, you just know. :rofl: You’ll feel a tightening in your abdomen that happens regularly, with just a few minutes breaks between each one. At first, you might not notice it. Then it will slowly get stronger and stronger until you’re like “woah! It’s happening”

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You just know. But got my c section at 37 weeks in labor for a week. Started at 36 when I hit 3 cm I got it

I would be really close to a hospital. Once the baby starts dropping, it usually goes quickly…take care and best wishes…

I just had my second baby on the 3rd of this month. I downloaded a contraction counter. Once they was 7 minutes apart and almost unbearable is when I went and I had him 4/5 hours after getting to the hospital. I also had other complications with this pregnancy, but could be soon. Keep an eye on the time between contractions.

I had my son at 37 weeks 4 days. I had no signs at all. I was getting ready to go to sleep, I was in bed talking to my boyfriend, and all of the sudden I felt a flood of water. I ran to the bathroom and it just kept coming out. My water broke first. I got to the hospital and I was having contractions, but they weren’t strong, so I couldn’t feel them. I had no signs and I was fine all day.

I was in early labor for almost a week before it was full on labor. I also had what my doctor called “and extremely angry uterus” so anything that involved physical activity, cleaning, cooking, walking in stores, etc. Resulted in contractions, and it was not fun. I spent so much time on one task because I would have to go sit down and get them to stop before continuing. Mind you, I say all this to say, the morning I woke up in labor, I knew. But, my labor ended up being a 40 hour labor so honestly I wish I wouldve stayed home lol, I would be very in tune and pay attention, if you feel different, if you have increasing pain, or contractions that just dont stop, or “move” to your back, call your doctor.

I really hated this answer when I was pregnant but it’s TRUE when they say you’ll definitely know when its happening :sweat_smile: it’s a very… solid pressure filled crampy experience.

I felt perfectly fine until I woke up in labor at 41 weeks and 2 days. Was jolted awake with my first good contraction. Went back to sleep and slept through almost my entire labor. Went to my Midwife’s when I was about 7 cm dilated and had my son less than 2 hours later.
Not everyone gets “rip your head off” pain with contractions. You know your body best. If you think you’re in labor, then you are probably in labor.

I think it’s different for everyone, I didn’t know I was in labor until I was 7cm dilated (and then he was born maybe an hour and a half later). I had really uncomfortable cramps that wouldn’t go away and were slowly getting worse

Sounds strange but this is what I was told and it was true for me: You feel like you have to pee but when you try, you can’t.


I was fine all day. Even told another mom I was due that day, but didn’t think it was happening literally about 15 minutes before my water broke in the bathroom after I peed. Then I started having light consistent contractions on the way to the hospital which I didn’t get to until about an hour after my water broke. Contractions got progressively more intense, but I wasn’t dilating more. They started pitocin to progress my labor more several hours later. I fully dilated and delivered an almost 9 pound girl about 12 hours later 3 weeks ago. This was my second; my first was induced.

It’s different for everyone but honestly trust your gut. When in doubt get checked out. It’s better to be close by than having your baby on the road.

When you can’t walk or stand during the contraction, ya just know!


I was an absolute idiot. I had no idea.
This is a little gross and graphic so read at your own risk…

So you know when you have BAD diarrhea and your whole stomach\back\feels like whole body tenses and you feel like your gona die? Yeah the first couple times I had diarrhea with that sensation. Then I continued to have those feelings and just ran to the bathroom each time thinking it was really bad cause of the RUNS like food poisoning level of awful but I was already cleaned out so I just kept cramping.
lasted all night. Finally hubs took me to the doctors in the morning and I was SUPER dehydrated and ended up having a c-section later that afternoon (unrelated so don’t freak out)

I have heard that apparently I was having back labor (I dunno honestly) but it was terrible and awful. I was so thankful for a c-section I dont think I was strong enough for natural labor.

But like everyone else literally is! I’m just a big baby apparently lol.

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I never knew, with both kids. :tipping_hand_woman:t3: The doctor told me I was having contractions.
It’s very different for everyone.

Just go to the hospital lol better safe than sorry

When you can’t talk through a contraction.

Cramping may be due to lack of water also, make sure you hydrate!


I think it’s important that you ring a midwife. I believe it can be normal to be that dilated, if you’ve already had a baby. My first signs with all four of my children were contractions…although they were NEVER regular until just before I had the baby.
With my second child I was contracting and the “student” midwife told me it was only braxton hicks and go home and come back when I was in real labour…my daughter was born an hour later!!
With my last I was in so much pain that I didn’t realise it was labour and he was actually born at home. Go with your gut instinct xx

About 3 days before, I started getting really crampy, lots of braxton hicks, some consistent contractions, & my mucous plug came out. I always hated when people told me this but, you’ll know when it’s actually time!

My water broke lol I started having contractions about half an hour after

My labor was different from what everyone says I had sharp pains in my cervix area, I had several nurses tell me I was crazy tell my ob came in and told them that it’s quite possible just not as common as in the ones in the back or stomach area, but you’ll know the difference in pre labor and active labor, also if you feel the need to go in go in I went is 6 different times in a week for various reasons

Your water will break or you will get your bloody show.

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For me I had the same pain but I’m only 27 weeks and it’s was due to the fact I was walking too Much. So I have to sit down every once in a while baby’s kicks are also deadly

Best thing is time them. If they’re consistent spacing I’d say it’s fair to go in to get checked. My labor wasn’t bad with my second until I hit 7cm then it got intense, but clocking them told me it was time.

I went for my 38 week doctor appt and they found protein in my urine. I was told to go straight to the hospital to be induced. Checked in and they gave me medicine to weaken my cervix… had back pain all night and finally my water broke on its own the next morning… she was coming either way… i wish i would have read more on back labor…i would have understood what was happening all night

Honestly I didn’t feel my contractions until I was about 7cm. My stomach would get hard and then soften and I also felt little cramps but nothing too extraordinary until much later.

I was induced with my 1st so that was a bit different. My 2nd I had a bad back ache and pressure down there the entire day, went to sleep and woke up a couple hours later,went pee, thought I had to again but then my water broke. My 3rd I had a bloody show and lost my mucus plug the evening before. Light contractions all night, until the next morning my water broke. After my water broke the searous contractions start. I personally always wait till my water broke or I was in too much pain to manage at will feel youre stomach cramp up and tighten, it will get harder during the contractions, or like you have to poop.If you think you need to be checked, go in. Better safe than sorry

Do not ever worry about going often to be checked out this is your sweet blessing you need to protect, and also make sure you are healthy too. Every mother to be has their own pregnancy and yours may need to be checked more often, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HOW OFTEN YOU GO BEFORE DELIVERY…THIS IS SERIOUS AND PREGNANCIES CHANGE QUICKLY…TIME TO FOCUS ON A HEALTHY DELIVERY FOR YOU AND YOUR “BUNDLE OF JOY”! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!


I was having sharp pains 5 minutes apart and this was still early labor. Labor and delivery said “you can come in, but will probably send you home” I was admitted immediately because my blood pressure was through the roof.

just go to the labor and delivery department of your hospital. they can place Doppler monitors to see if you’re having contractions. doctors know we have false alarms, even with mothers who’ve had several pregnancies. just go. better to be safe.

I didnt take myself to the er til my water broke. Atleast then i knew i was in active labor.:sweat_smile:

At first I thought you said that you were 37 years old and 4 days pregnant! I was like, what?! Lol I knew because the pain was really really bad!

The only reason I knew was because I went to the bathroom and lost my plug. It felt like constipation pressure every 5 minutes when I arrived at the hospital I was dilated to 4. They had to break my water the contractions intensified the closer I got to delivery. I am a big baby when it comes to pain but I think the horror stories scared me more than anything.

I didn’t really realize I was in labor. But then I was sitting on the toilet thinking I had to pee, but nothing happened. Then I told my mom my baby felt really active. My stomach was tensing a little. So she asked me to tell her when it happened, it was pretty regular so we headed to the hospital. It didn’t hurt, just uncomfortable. I was 6cm when we got there. And I had a bulging bag, that’s why it felt like I had to pee. So they broke my water, then I REALLY started feeling contractions. I’d say, if you feel like you need to go to the hospital, go. If its false labor, oh well. Better safe than sorry. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can talk while you’re cramping, it’s probably not labor

My water broke and then hours later my contractions were lasting between 3-4 minutes apart.

The first one I was induced and once they broke my water the pain started in my back then radiated down my legs. The second my water partially broke at work which I thought I had just wet my pants. Went home and changed went back and worked another 6 hours that day 14 the next day and 8 the Wednesday. I was unconfortable but not in excuriating pain. By midnight the pain was unreal. I went to the hospital Thursday night he was born Saturday morning by c swction. I got to 6 cm. I think a combination of morphine and him being stillborn then not moving cause the morphine knocked me out stalled the labour.

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I didnt even know I was in labour. I had bad back pain for 2 days, then I started to leak some fluid so went to maternity to get checked to make sure everything was okay, to then be whisked up to the delivery suite ready to have my baby. I was 8cm when they checked me, I was 36+6. The pains started to get worse, I had back labour so the pain was unbearable, it started off just a sore back but I assumed it was just normal and then as time went on it got so bad, it was all in my back. But the gas and air helped make it more manageable xx

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I was in labor with my first born 72 hours went to the hospital 5 times got sent home five times, waited til they were 3 min apart. Second one, 14 years later I went to work as usual tried to eat was disgusted went home showered and belly just felt funny, went to sleep woke up at 4am in pain they were already 3 min apart

I’m horrible at guessing because my first one I was in labor for 17 hours and went to the hospital so late that they had to give me an epidural and a spinal block just so I wouldn’t feel my csection being performed.

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My first it started like period cramps and got more intense and the pain started to be every 7mins apart. With my son I woke up at 5am and felt like I had to poop bc of pressure so I went pee(didn’t have to poop) and stood up and my water started leaking. With my third who I had at 33 weeks my water broke and after 4 days of being in the hospital they decided to start labor because I didn’t dilate and didn’t want me getting a infection.


My first two were induced. With my 3rd I worked my 9.5 hour shift went home and he was born at 430 am the following day. My 4th I went crazy and cleaned every inch of my house with bleach( I know I shouldn’t have, but I was crazy) I started leaking a bit of fluid. Went to the hospital they sent me home. The next morning I went in and was dilated to 6. He was born an hour and a half later. I didn’t really have any pre symptoms with either. I had very easy labors with all 4 of my kids. I will say with my second I went into preterm labor 3 times that they had to stop. The day I went in for induction I had been contracting for 10 hours. Went to the hospital and they stopped. 8 days before my due date. I was like listen I’m over this, I’m not leaving without a baby. So they induced me.

I had contractions that weren’t consistent for a week before I finally told doctor I couldn’t take it anymore he said you’re definitely having small ones but not in labor and agreed to induce me. Baby ended up turning and had to be unplanned csection he said the contractions of been having caused her to turn basically trying to get away from them.

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My contractions were every 6 minutes for two straight hours but they were just uncomfortable not painful so I didn’t immediately go to the hospital, I tried to lay down to sleep through them and when I went to lay down that one HURT so I made my husband get the stuff and go to the hospital and had her 3 hours later

Lol I thought I was constipated and BAD gas for a couple of days that gradually got worse. I finally called my dr bc i had just been in to see. i called dr. my dr said I will see you tomorrow. But I argued with her bc I was not to go in for inducing for a couple more days. She had to tell me I was in labor.

I am one of those women who don’t have “false labors” … Braxton Hicks feel like running cramps to me. Labor feels entirely different. The morning of the day of the birth, I know it’s the day. Hard to explain really. My active labors are also short. Under 5 hours for the first, under 2 hours for the second.

I went in to have my scheduled c section at 37 weeks and my contractions were 5 minutes apart and I was 8cm dilated and didn’t know it. I guess it was because I had been so uncomfortable and she was a big baby

I just had my 4th baby he’s 4 months old all of my labours were different from start to finish not 1 of them the same I didn’t believe I was in labour I had no pains only that tightening & back ache I went to the hospital & was 4cm couldn’t believe it the pains came after I had been examined X

Lol. I was 6 hours away when I went into labor. I started with back pain and then cramping/contractions. I posted to a mom group and they told me I was in labor so I went to the hospital. They told me to drive home now and I should have time to get home before the baby was born. So I did. Lol made it home and spent that night and early morning still in labor. 36 hours.

I don’t know how else to describe it other than you will 100 percent know it’s actual contractions. I had no doubt in my mind that they were real , but I also experienced Braxton Hicks from week 28 until I delivered at 36 weeks and 4 days.

And I was always told you won’t know the difference but the real contractions were so much more painful .


If you lost you mucus plug and dilating you are almost there. I gave birth twice naturally. Oh they hurt you will know. Feels like the worst stomach cramps ever in your life. It is all worth it in the end though. My last child I spoiled myself and goan epidermal. Gosh I miss being able to have babies. Good luck!!

I was completely fine until I had two back to back intense contractions and then my water broke on the second one lol. before that, just normal braxton hicks.

With my first I lost my mucous plug the night before he was due. And I had wake me up painful contractions every 30 min. With my 3rd I started having contractions and they went between 10 to 7 min apart. Like couldn’t focus on anything but breathing. My 2nd I got induced

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My oldest (I was 18) we just timed them until we they were about 5 minutes apart. I was in labor for 15 hours and 17 minutes. She was born at 37 weeks and 1 day. My youngest (I was 24) my water broke and contractions didnt start until about 45 minutes later. I was in labor for 5 hours and 43 minutes. I would just time them.

You will know. I just had my 4th in July and felt like what you’re describing for a full month before my induction. When it’s time, your contractions will fall into a regular rhythm and changing positions/laying down won’t stop them.

I didn’t go in tell my water broke…but they also say you should time the contractions if the get less then 5-7mins apart… time to go back to the hospital

I was 3 cm and 100% for more than 2 weeks with my first. Once I had real contractions and started to dilate it went very quickly but it took 12+ hours of contractions less than 10minutes apart for any progress to happen…

I always waited till I couldn’t talk through contractions, not always the best idea but it worked for me I found it easier to labor at home where I could be comfortable and snack if I wanted ( one of my boys was born 8 minutes after I got to the hospital

My water did not break with any of my babies. I went to hospital, was kept there for 12 hours not advancing, was sent home. Walked around for a bit with my sister and mom, went home. Couple hours later I knew I was having contractions, but refused to go back until my water broke in fear of being sent home again. Finally, my mother and sister made me go in, when we got to the hospital I was dilated to 10 and was pushing within 5 minutes. My advice, time your contractions. When they are about 5 minutes apart, call your dr.

I went in twice with my third with false labor. I said the same thing. When I went in to really labor it was terrible. I could not sit stand or lay down it was hard to breath. Ii can say that you will no when it is real. I got induced with first two so was not sure but when the real labor hits you will know

So mine, I was 3 days of labor and they didn’t induce me… which sucked, but mine felt like cramps but don’t remember of back pains… but I could barely walk around. It was so intolerable… contractions were ridiculously painful. If you can walk around and whatnot, you’re ok. But some ppl don’t feel anything lol. So it’s different for every person and body… but I hated walking, couldn’t sit for long… and didn’t sleep. But keep getting checked out. Sounds like you’ll have the baby sometime soon

My third baby all the contractions were in my back, barely felt anything. The monitors weren’t picking them up eithier the hospital checked me over to shut me up before they were going to send me home and I was 6 cm, my first baby I was contracting on and off for four days, only got to 5 cm had to have an assisted delivery as she became distressed.

False alarms happen You don’t always know and every delivery is different
I’ve had four babies and wouldn’t worry about being in false labor maybe frustrated, but not embarrassed

My first start to finish from the first time contraction to having her was 2 1/2 hours it wasn’t bad until about 5 minutes before she was born. Second baby from first contraction I could feel to having him was 1 1/2 hours and wasn’t really uncomfortable until the last 15 minutes and third baby I was diluted and water broke and no contractions until they were getting ready to induce me and then they started and she was born 3 hours later. All very different but all natural with no epidural.

You may not have the in your face pain until your just about to deliver. With my daughter it was excruciating from 6 cm on but they also broke my water. With my son I didn’t have in your face pain until 8 cm and only 1 hour before his birth. Listen to the signs your body is giving you. As long as your water is intact the pain will not be as bad.

Dont worry about being a pain to the nurses or doctor. Go to the hospital if you’re feeling poorly or hurting. You and your baby are the most important people. Go if its 1 time or 60 times. You’ll be glad if you do. And if it’s nothing, go back the next time. Babies don’t have watches or calendars in there. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Every body is different some take time dilating others takes less then 24 hours. I would advice you to keep walking but don’t over do it and take warm showers, when is time you will know don’t stress about it. When I was in labor my mother was so worried and kept crying but also excited. 2- I knew it was time when I saw the mucus coming out I still took a small walk and went to the hospital when my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart but my body dilated so quickly less then 30 mins it was time to have my baby

I was also 3cm they sent me home to… 2 days went by & at night time I was having contractions i let a hour pass went to the bathroom saw a little bit blood I was alright it’s time!

Braxton Hicks are just a dry run for the real deal. It’s like a dress rehearsal. The real performance feels like your cervix is being ripped apart. Good luck!

I went in a bunch of times and was sent home… always remember better safe than sorry… im not sure all OB floors will do this but our hospital you can call OB and talk with an OB nurse… if the pain is timeable and doesn’t go away with a change of position…like… try laying down with feet up, or drink a glass of water and lay on your left side… if they are timetable for an hour … don’t be afraid to listen to your mama instincts…

My first one the contractions were excruciating and I was spotting. My 2nd one my water broke but my third one by far the most bizarre. I had contractions 2 mins apart for two weeks well one night I just felt off so I went to the hospital to find out I was at an 8 and fully effaced. My husband barely made it on time for her to be born. Your body will tell you when it’s rock and roll time

You’ll know the pain gets bad & I had to walk to keep it from hurting as bad & I was timing how many minutes I’d feel the pain (contractions)

When I couldn’t handle the pain anymore I went in. I was usually 7-8cm by then. I timed them. When it was constant and getting closed even after I tried drinking water and moving around I knew it was time.