How did you know when you were done having kids?

I want to know how other ppl knew they were done with kids… I know its a personal decision ultimately but what factors did u consider my hubby has one I have two one from him one from the previous relationship so three all together with his we only get everywhere weekend … we just had ours a few months ago and he just scheduled a vasectomy for October… before I was all for it but as soon as the date got set I just don’t know!! What if when our LO is out of the baby stage, and I’m no longer tired, I want another!


Mine was medical reasons, last pregnancy was a living nightmare that put my life at risk, so I stopped at three.

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We decided to only have 2 because we can only reasonably afford college funds for 2 kids. We could afford more on the day to day, but to to set up their futures the way we want to 2 is the max.

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When you know, you know, trust me. You just all of sudden feel like you don’t want to do it ever again


After three miscarriages, my only child coming 9weeks early and having a really rough start, and me having postpartum psychosis for a full two years after birth and nearly killing us both several times because of it. I decided to NEVER do that again, ever. Doc I saw about sterilization said I might change my mind and wouldn’t take my tubes out or do anything to sterilize me. I’m 10000% sure I never want to birth another child from this body and take the chance that I end up that kinda crazy ever again. I feel like I want another baby at times, just not from this body

Many kids can you financially and psychologically support?

Freeze his sperm and have him get a vasectomy! It’s a win/win!

My son turned 3 In July and realised he isnt a baby anymore :disappointed:. there has to be a cut off point though I suppose. ive had consistent trauma through my pregnancies and 5 miscarriages in a row after, I’m 30 this year and not getting any younger… I’ve also weighed this up but your maternal instincts kick in also xx

My husband and I wanted 4. After the birth of our second we have GLADLY decided hellll to the naaaahhhh.


Talk to your husband

Then you should sit down & have a serious chat with your husband because it’s BOTH your decision : not just your own or just his either.

I had two from previous marriage. Got remarried decided on a 3rd. He didn’t have any of his own. I had so many medical issues with her and she was 10lbs plus I didn’t want to be in my 50’s raising kids so we made the decision she would be the last. Age gap is 19, 16 and 10 now.

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I knew I was done when I got pregnant with my 4th (1 is an angel baby) my first doctors appointment with my last, I signed the paperwork to have my tubes tied. My 3 children are under 4 years apart. I always wanted 3. I knew I was done, because I had 3 c sections, and all 3 were terrifying for me. I had multiple complications. Thinking back now, there has been times I wish I didn’t have my tubes tied, but I am just so thankful for my babies I have, I can’t imagine dividing my time in 4th’s. It would be too much on my plate.

My second pregnancy was super rough on me. Constant migraines to the point of blacking out, over 12lbs of weight loss because I couldn’t eat, etc. I told my husband I was done, both of my pregnancies were high risk, I just couldn’t do another.

Currently pregnant and shortly after she is born I will turn 38. Age is part of why we won’t do another one. Finances are another, but honestly this pregnancy has been HARD in comparison to my first pregnancy and it seems to be taking a lot out of me. I’m 35 weeks and my body is just about done with a capital D. I’m not sure I could physically do this again before I turn 40, so we’ll be done after this baby total of 3 kids between the two of us (his daughter from a previous relationship who is grown, and our two.)

I was honestly done after having 1 miscarriage and 2 births…couldnt get my tubes tied due to my age so i had a 3rd child…drs said i still couldn’t have my tubes tied bcuz my now ex husband wouldnt agree to sign papers…ended up having a 4th child then got back with a previous bf and he had 4 kids…so we had 8 kids between us and got surprised when we found out #9 was on the way…this time i didnt take no for an answer and demanded my tubes be tied. 9 kids full time is way more than enough for me. We have full custody of all of them so they are always with us.


3rd and im DONE :white_check_mark: my pregnancies are hard HG, Preeclampsia.

We had two and knew it was enough. Just talk to your husband and make sure you are both on board. I got my tubes burnt. I am glad I did it.

I have 4 , the first 3 are each 2 years apart, 2 miscarriages and then my 4th live birth . All c sections and all very healthy. My oldest and youngest are 10 years apart and I had my youngest 1 month before turning 40. He is way more everything than my older3 kids combined…more energy, more mischief, more adventure, more giggles and when we got him home we knew our family was complete. We believe God have us him last so my older kids would help keep him safe, Lord knows it would be hard without them.

Honestly sit down and talk but if he’s decided he’s done having kids it’s his decision to get snipped just like it would be your decision to get your tubes tied. But have a serious discussion about it.

If your guessing it… maybe get on birth control untill you are certain… you can always reschedule his procedure for a latter date. And gives you time to be certain

We knew we were ready when the thought of starting over again didn’t seem fun. We liked being able to do new things with our kids and we didn’t like the idea of having to wake up in the middle of the night. We couldn’t be able to aford to have another and we are very happy with our little family of 4. This is something you need to talk to your husband about

You’ll have grandkids to look forward too

I was 41 boy # 4 was 10lb 5 oz we were done. Hubby had the vasectomy just after #4 first birthday

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When I realized I do not want to start all over again with another baby. I don’t want to sacrifice my sleep. :joy:

Had 2 bed wridden live births, 3 miscarriages. After the second live birth I asked Dr, due to post pardum and unable to carry without problems he agreed and I was sterile at 26

If you’re questioning it, then don’t do it. Get an IUD instead until you know

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The hell of my labor was my deciding factor.

If you are now guessing, id hold off and reschedule for mid next year. Give yourself a little more time to think it over.
By then you could be more confident in which ever choice you decide.

Soooooo. When I was younger I didn’t want any kids what so ever… Just because I wasn’t aloud to leave my house as a pre-teen. I was only aloud to sit on my front porch couldn’t hang out with my friends, nothing… I just wanted to be able to live my life. Weeellll… When I turned 18 I met my now husband (he had a son who was one at the time) I ended up pregnant with my daughter. As she got older I felt bad because she was basicly an only child and had a part time older brother (only got to see him every other weekend). Plus I was able to be a stay at home mom until she was three then we put her in preschool, so I got a job because there wasn’t a reason for me to stay home anymore… Anyways… I ended up having my son two months before my daughter turned five… I worked up until it was time for me to go into labor. Of course I was on maternity leave. At the time my work had told me that when my son is six weeks I was able to put him in a class where I worked. I was like ok! I’ll come back at six weeks! I went to register for him to start at six weeks and they told me that there wasn’t any room for him! So here I am fricking going back to work when my son was six weeks because I said I will work thinking that they saved a spot for my son. Ugh! I had to find a sitter while I worked! Luckly my daughter was already in school so I didn’t have to worry about her. My teenage SIL offered to watch my son. I felt so bad for her because she was a teen babysitting my son who cried all time… I took him to the Dr because he was always crying… They told me the reason why he cried so much because he was colicky to let him just cry it out basically. They didn’t want to switch his formula but I made them switch his formula anyway because of course I didn’t want him to be crying all the time while I was at work. A spot finally opened up for my son to be put in school when he was 9 months! Ugh, I felt so horrible having to leave my son with SIL. I wanted my tubes tied after I had my son but the Dr told me I was too young and some of my family members kept telling me that I was going to regret it. And my husband who wanted more kids didn’t want to get a vasectomy because he felt like it would make him less of a man. So since I was to young to get my tubes tied six years later I am of age to do so. I’ve been recently really thinking about it because Omg! I had a pregnancy scare (thank God I’m just fat :joy:)! I thought to myself how the hell am I going to have to go through the struggle of having to find someone to watch my baby while I continue to work! Kids are HELLA expensive!!! Plus I don’t want to be old taking care of a baby… I mean if I did end up pregnant again I would of course love my baby. Of course my son keeps telling me he want a brother or sister but I can’t lol.

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I never really think I’m done but definitely about to have a very long well deserved break as we’ve had 4 babies in 5 yrs & also share care my 10yr old. I guess others look at… Financial, health, practicalness, general mama wellbeing & how your managing etc

When I got with my fiance and he had two kids and I already have two LOL. I was going to quit at three but ended up with four :joy:

I thought 6 was plenty :joy:

I have a boy and a girl and both pregnancies were problematic and had me in and out of the hospital. Between the two I had a subchorionic hemorrhage, placenta previa, SPD, gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and an emergency induction at 36 weeks.

I’m 30, my youngest is a year and a half old and I’m just done. Going to schedule a tubal ligation. Lol

Skylar Garten I thought this was an interesting post :thinking:

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I’m on baby #4 and this is for sure my last one… My first and only boy, and him and I both have health issues and are extremely high risk. My last pregnancy was high risk too, but my daughter came out healthy… I probably won’t live through another pregnancy and birth, I’ve had complications from the start of this pregnancy. He is my last baby.

My husband and I talked about it, but ultimately I made the decision (which was easy because we both agreed). My pregnancies are always so hard (constant puking, pressure on nerves to my legs, etc), so we decided to get my tubes tied while I have a csection. If we had to, he even agreed to a vasectomy. But this is our third and we have three adopted kids, so six total.

When a late period scared the living Hell out of me.

That baby fever will never go away lol. You just have to decide how many more years of sleepless night you want lol.

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I had my son 2 years ago and after almost 3rd degree tears, 90 minutes of stitching and feeling the needle every time, I am done. I have one of each with 3 and a half years between them so I’m happy

I always knew 2 was enough. I had a boy the first and girl second. People would ask what if the 2nd was a boy. Well, we would’ve had 2 boys. Both have a girl. We love them more than there are stars in the sky.

After my last was born, I did the math and realized I’d be 50 by the time he’s 18. So I decided since I’ve been a mom since I was 15 and that I won’t be finished raising them til I’m 50, I don’t want anymore haha. That will make 35 yrs of raising kids and by the time I’m 50, I would like to spend the rest of my life freely with just me and my husband without having to worry about the kids.

Just having terrible pregnancies, and my last birth experience gave me horrible ptsd so I decided after that I was just done. I still look at babies and think Awh :heart: but nope. I’m also almost 30 and don’t want kids in my house that long :joy:

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I was 21 when my first child was born, 23 when my second was born. My husband (fiance at the time) had come home from his last deployment overseas 2 years before the first was born and his injuries from that deployment started causing him major problems. By the time our first was born, he was permanently disabled due to those injuries. By the time our second was born, (because the VA takes forever to get off their asses and pay our disabled veterans) we were living with my parents temporarily and I knew that even with having the help of both of my parents and my husband doing what he could to help raise our kids, when we got back out on our own I’d be doing 95% of the work when it came to physically raising our kids and taking care of whatever home we ended up in. I couldn’t see myself being able to handle more than 2 children and a disabled husband without help, which I am too proud of a woman to ask for on more than a temporary 1-2 day at a time basis. So I got my tubes tied 6 weeks after my second child was born and while I do wish sometimes that I could have another, I know adoption could always be an option if we truly wish to have another child in our lives.

My last pregnancy and labour decided for me, I’m not putting myself at risk again when I’ve two kids who need me

I just new that I didn’t want anymore. I had no problems, no copulations, nothing like that. I had 3 in under 5 years. I just new that I couldn’t take anymore. Not Physically, mentally, emotionally I just new I couldn’t do another kid.
My OBG-YN, did however say that he would do a vasectomy for my husband, but only after our last was born. So, after the youngest was born mike booked the appointment and it was done with in a couple of weeks.

Lol I am 1 and done. I knew when my daughter came out

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I only wanted 2 kids. We had our daughter and when she was 2 we had our son. I had begged my Dr. to tie my tubes when he was born but he talked me out of it. He said I was still so young and couldn’t I just give it a little more time. When my son was 4 months old he passed away from sids. I was thankful then that I hadn’t done it even though another baby would not replace my son. 1 year and 1 day after we lost him I had another son. I didn’t mention to my DR. to tie my tubes after him. When he was 4 I got pregnant with twin girls. I knew they would be it for us. I was 37 and would have new born twins plus a 4 and 8 year old. So I needed a c section with the twins due to a few problems and he tied my tubes then. That was almost 12 years ago. I have a 19, 16 and 11 year old twins. I’m glad we stopped when we did.


I have 2 boys and always wanted a girl but since my 10yr old has autism along w/several other mental health problems i feel that w/all the stress i go through w/him I wouldn’t risk it by having another one, besides I’m also not financially stable for a 3rd either


I have one from a previous marriage, my husband has 2 from a previous marriage. We have full custody of all 3. Since my son was only 1 when we met, I thought for sure I wanted another. 6 years later mine are all pretty much self sufficient, out of all the baby stages and all in school. I am glad it all worked out and we decided not to have more. I find peace in knowing I have 3 healthy, happy kids that we can financially support now and through college etc. I have no regrets about not having one together, but I feel very complete with my family as it is. You just recently had a baby. I would give it some time… don’t rush to make any decisions yet. Give it a few years.

I have 5. I have had 2 misscarrages this year. One at the end of February ultrasound kept saying I was 6wks 4 days. However I was 12wks ish. And one in July. My hubby is getting a vasectomy as he doesn’t want to risk my health. I wouldnt have minded anymore kids. Tho I said I was done at 3 and ended up with 5. But I dont want to go through another misscarrage


I have 4 and it is just a struggle to make sure they all get the attention they deserve. It’s also financially a struggle. As they get older i can even see the ways it has been hard on the kids to have so many siblings. I got my tubes tied the day after my 4th was born. I regretted it through the entire baby stage. As my baby got older and more independent and I wasnt as tired, I realized how much I neglected myself over the baby having years and how much I enjoyed not being tired. I love my kids more than anything, but there is no way I would have another. I’m very happy now that I went through with the tubal.


I have 5 daughters and we going to have one more and NOT because of a boy. We stopped because my husband had a heart attack at 36. But when I called the insurance company they said I needed to see a physiologist to make sure I wanted the tubal I said are you crazy look at all the kids on my list you either keep paying for more kids or just tie my tubes. I had 5 kids in less than 10 years I’m fertile murtal. So they said ok then.

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Looks like hubby is done sounds like you may not be. For me and hubby we just both said to each other 3 is enough and I got a tubal ligation (it’s free in my country so took the free option lol) haven’t regretted it one bit.

I wanted 2 kids, no matter the sex! I had my son and 4 years later I was told there was something wrong with my second son during pregnancy! After amniocentesis I was told my son had trisomy 18 and would not live! Fast forward a year and a half and I had my daughter! I was done and knew I was done! My doctor tried to talk me out of it but I knew I was done and she did a tubal ligation! I haven’t regretted it one bit! I honestly don’t see how people afford more than 2 with college and the costs of raising them!


When I had 2 kids and would load them into the car to leave I always felt like I was forgetting someone. It would be an incomplete feeling. When we had the 3rd I felt like I could be done and be okay with it, but I had always wanted four. We came to a point where bc was no longer an option and I either relied on condoms or got my tubes tied. I ended up pregnant before we had both come to a conclusion, baby was born healthy and I had my tubes tied. I feel perfectly complete now. Like this is the family I was always supposed to have.

My husband and I had our first child (boy) when I was 19 (he is 9 years older than me). We waited 3 years to try for a girl and ended up with another boy. At that time I begged my doctor to tie my tubes because I thought 2 was enough but he knew I was super disappointed I didn’t have a girl and convinced me to wait. Well its a good thing we did bc I ended up pregnant with our daughter when our middle child was 8 months old. I still didn’t get my tubes tied right away but when we found out our middle child is developmental delayed I just knew we weren’t having anymore. He is a handful by himself, let alone 2 children 16 months apart and one is disabled. After I had my tubal I found out I have endometriosis and within 2 years after having the tubal I ended up having a partial hysterectomy. I do sometimes miss the pregnancy part and some of the baby stage but I am quite content with my decisions.

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For me my third pregnancy was really rough plus I had some health issues that didn’t help, but we decided that I couldn’t pit my body through that again.


For my husband and I it came down to time and money. We had 3 boys and knew it financially made sense for us to be done, as our goal was to pay for college for all 3. Then we looked at time-the third one had us outnumbered and we had to learn to divide and conquer. We made the right decision for us-the older 2 are college graduates and married and off the payroll. The youngest is in college.


I’ve never felt done however I did realize what I could afford my children that I do have. Having more kids should be about the heart and what you can do responsibly imo.


I wanted 3. After our second was born, she had colic and we didn’t know she was lactose intolerant until she was like 6 so all she did was scream and cry until she was about a year old. That’s when I knew I was done. I love both my girls with my whole heart and soul, and I love to hold and snuggle babies, but when they cry or poop, I give them back. Lol. When my dr asked if I was sure I wanted my tubes removed 2 years ago, I said “They’re potty trained, feed themselves, and go to school. I don’t want to start over now”. They were 9 and 11 then lol Now I have puppy fever instead

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Mostly money but our kids are 6 (g) and 4 (b), so they are pretty independent now and we do not want to go there another round of diapers. We are enjoying this next stage where we gain a little more freedom. The kids are not 100% dependent on us. I’m back in school and my husband is halfway threw his apprenticeship. We are happy we were lucky enough to get a girl and boy. Also the world is pretty crazy these days. I worry enough about the corinoavirus, my husband is an essential worker and I work at a daycare. I don’t think it’s worth the risk when we have a happy family and are able to care for the kids we have. Personally the choice is more mine than his. I’m just exhausted from the kids, work and school. I don’t want to burn myself out.


Me and my husband wanted 4 kids. We had our first two back to back at a young age (both girls). Money became an issue, and we decided to wait. Almost 13 yrs later we just never got around to it I guess lol. But we took in a family members baby. We were helping the grandmother for the first few months and then she decided she couldnt do it on her own so now he lives with us. And we are good lol. Im too tired to have another, I can definitely tell im not 22 anymore.

I have 4, and can still live comfortably financially- but if money wasn’t a factor I’d happily have 1 more- but 4 is it for us as I want the ones I have now to live their best life :slight_smile:

I had my Bio Girls when I was 15 & 18 and thought I was done (was with my HS Sweetheart) so he got a Vasectomy after our 2nd (his 3rd), 21yrs later we split and I now have a 3yr old with my new Husband and Yes I said tie these tubes :joy: 43 with a 3yr old daughter, 5yr old Grandsin and 7mo old twin Grandsons we are all good this way 🤦🤷:muscle:

I knew by my age, health and I ran out of bedrooms to put them in lol. I had the last one at 41 and my husband says we let him get away with things, but I am tired I can’t chase them like I use too lol. I am at an age I want to enjoy them. Enjoy their sports activity. school etc… I miss having babies, but I am enjoying them being able to do for themselves and I can find more me time. :slight_smile:

I wanted a big family with all of my children out before I’m 35. I had my son when I was 25. I’m about to be 34 and I’ve been single for 6 years, so I’m taking it as the universe didn’t want me to have more kids so I’m involuntarily voluntarily calling it quits if I remain single the next year lol. I wanted to adopt or do insemination, but financially that’s a lot for me being single and having my son. So, 1 kid it is I suppose :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think we all have our version of the universe telling us enoughs enough. If you’re not sure and having doubts, maybe speak with your husband to postpone the procedure just in case. If it turns out you guys don’t want another for sure next year or the year after, whenever, then schedule the procedure at that time. I think in time you’ll know if responsibly, emotionally, financially, and any other way which path is for your family. Maybe now is not to decide that.

Pretty easy for us. My husband only wanted 2 and I always wanted 3. I had my first with my ex husband. Then my current husband and I had 2. He’s done. I could have 1 more but can’t force someone who doesn’t want another. And I’m 33. Almost 34. I’d want to have another like within the next year if we were going to. So…no more I guess.

I decided because I was outnumbered with 3. Their father my now ex was not helpful or supportive. They’re now grown, and he continued being unhelpful, but make choices that make sense for your life is my point.

I have one. He is five. and know deep down I’m done. Yes there are medical issues but even if there weren’t I’m done.

The decision was made for me when I was told if I had another child, I’d be required to have an amnio and I don’t do needles. I got one girl, one boy and an adult stepdaughter. I’m blessed.

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When my youngest of 6 was diagnosed with a rare aggressive brain cancer. And she wasn’t my first child with cancer.

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Child care. I always worked (This is going back to 1969). After our second child my husband wanted a third baby. Our sons are 6 yrs apart. I had yo have two different child care plans. They were at totally different stages…There were very few, and different options then today. I just said: I can’t do child care plan 3. I can’t.
I did think I wanted a girl, but at a cocktail party, a women who had just had her third boy told me: “First, YOU must want 3 children, boy, girl, doesn’t matter. YOU must not care if you have a girl or boy. You only want a healthy baby.”
I know where I was standing 43 yrs ago when she said that. I knew I didn’t want 3 boys. At the moment I knew I was finished.
So, now I have 3 grandaughters AND that’s the icing on the cake. My girls are 22, 19, and 5.(I have two fabulous grandsons too) OMG it was worth the wait.
Truthful: The main reason to have children is to have the thrill and privilege of having grandchildren. (Kind of joking…a tad bit.)

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No one ever wants to be finished with :baby:
That’s why there are Grand-babies

Easy to afford them as infants-toddlers however you have to factor in Education , Medical , Summer Camps , Extra for their Hobbies, etc. In addition spare time for you & Hubby relationship.

Sometimes as a nurse seeing the birth defects that can happen which cause a whole new hardship in a family. Never take a heathy baby for granted.

My second kid has been nothing but aggravation since pregnancy, now he’s a defiant 2 year old. My nerves couldn’t take another one :woozy_face:

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i was done after my c-section. we both decided we didn’t want anymore. we didn’t want to go through that again but we didn’t get the vasectomy and i never got my tubes tied. but i do want to but not right now.

I knew I was done for a few reasons.

#1: my kids are already 5 years apart and by the time we were stable enough for #3, they would have been 12& 8 years apart. Daycare is too expensive and we couldn’t afford to not work.

#2: my family lives 200 miles away and it’s just toooo hard being that far away.

#3: this world is too crazy to bring anyone else into it. I fear for the future for our kiddos.

Thought I wanted a little girl, which would have been baby #3. When my sister had her little girl, I visited her at the hospital. When we left I told my husband I knew we were done. Somehow I just knew & have never regretted it.

Just a thought… If you get your tubes tied instead of him getting a vasectomy, another child is not impossible. Invitro would allow the opportunity, if he clips it’s an absolute NO. Invitro is expensive but a viable option if you change your mind

I knew I was done when the idea of raising another baby literally made my stomach turn


When I dont have to ask myself this question. Because one is enough for me. One is over whelming. We have had a very rough road

I knew because we financially can’t afford anymore kids. 2 is enough. Along with making sure all my kids have the attention they need and deserve.

The moment we found out we were having identical twins as my husband was holding our 4 month old daughter.


I honestly would have been happy with just my daughter. We decided to try for a boy and I did all the gender sway recommendations and we got a boy. Coincidence? I knew I was done after him, I had my tubes tied when he was 6 weeks. I’m not a baby person. They are 4 1/2 years apart

If you have any doubts whatsoever don’t do it. I waited 10 years to have my 5th child. Yes it was hard starting over and the pregnancy was rough but now I really feel complete.

If you both aren’t sure, don’t go through with it. Unless he’s 100% positive he wants it done of course.

I just knew. Love my kids more than life itself but there is a such thing as being spread too thin and when you absolutely desire no more, you’ll know. No one is the same. Had my tubes completely removed. 3 pregnancies were plenty for me. And it’s different for everyone. Some people never get enough of it. Id simply decided my cup was full. If you aren’t sure then you need to tell your husband

Depends on your age and financial standing. Nobody can tell you when to stop. Whenever I had a question I couldn’t answer I always sat down and wrote down pros and cons. Whichever I had the most of I went by that answer. Just saying.

I knew I wanted at least 2. I have a daughter and a son, 3 years apart. She’s 8, he’s 5. I’m going to be 41 this month. I’m too old (in my opinion) for more, our house is not big enough for a third and I don’t want to stress us out financially. Plus I am one of those women who love being a mom but I don’t love being preggo lol. I also like the amount of attention I can give my two. I worked part time from when I was pregnant with my daughter until I was pregnant with my son. Then I stayed home until my son was about 10 months and I went back 2 days a week until he was 2 and a half, then I went back full time.

I got my tube tied during my c- section with my daughter. A previous ruptured ectopic claimed my other tube. And a previous ectopic before that ruptured on my colon. So, I knew I was done. Then about five years ago I was diagnosed with extreme adenomyosis and had a partial hysterectomy. I’m not sad.

I just knew after 4 kids I didn’t want anymore. I wanted to be able to go out and do things with my kids and out of the baby stage and I have never regretted my decision to have my tubes tied.

My husband and I were 21 when we had our first. Then the year after we had another and the year after that another lol. 3 girls within 3 years. We were done by the age of 23. Now they’re 15, 14, and 13. But we knew we were done when we were outnumbered with 3 under 3. We did want a boy but as the girls got older we didn’t want to go through the baby phase again.

I based it off how I felt during my pregnancies and finances. I never went passed 37weeks, had one at 34 weeks, 1 moscarriage and I felt like hell during my last pregnancy. Plus I knew financially it was best to stop, even though I wasn’t sure I disnt want more.

Age, difficulty of pregnancy, how early the baby was, finances were all things I considered before I got my nexplanon inserted. It gets taken out in three years which of course isn’t a permanent birth control but I chose this because it will keep me from getting pregnant again for three years. I feel I am getting too old to have another. I also had diabetes both pregnancies and other complications with this last one. My last baby was also 5 weeks early and that was scary. I worry everything would be worse a third time around. And I worry I or the baby or even both of us would not survive. So as much as I think I’d like another I know it wouldn’t be the best decision. Plus we can hardly afford the three kids we have (like you we have one each from before and one together). So all of these things made me decide that another would not be in the cards for us. I hope this helps

We adopted my son when I was 37. A few years later, we decided it was now or never. If we didn’t do it soon, we would not do it at all. We adopted my daughter when I was 41. I knew when she got to be about 4 I would start wanting a third. I told my husband, my mom, my friends, everyone I knew that if I started saying I wanted another one they needed to slap me and remind me that I am old and poor! Sure enough, I started doing it, but fought off the urge. Now they are 15 and 10. They are great, and overwhelming at times. I am really glad we stopped with two.

I knew I was done when I lost my middle daughter a few hours after birth and my youngest was a c-section due to complications with her heart dropping during contractions. I figured that’s my way of my body telling me my girls are enough and I don’t need any more kids.

My husband and I have 2 together and he has a older child from a past relationship. I would love to have at least one more, but do to health issues we are unable to. He is at a point where he does not want anymore. I just keep in mind that I am blessed to have 2 healthy, happy kids. I have accepted the fact that we are done because that is what nature had In store for us.

I had to have a hysterectomy so the choice wasn’t mine. Now I want more & unable


I think you just know that you know that you know. Everyone knows their limit, I have 3, my limit was probably 2 :joy::rofl: jk but seriously #3 is crazy. I just can not fathom trying to fit another kid into my life. I love babies and the baby stage, but I’ll love on someone else’s and not feel any pain whatsoever when I hand it back. DONE.

I was told you should never have more kids than you have hands. I obviously didnt listen, I have 5 kids.

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