How do I get the smell of cat pee out of my husbands clothes?

Hey so… my husband and I let a friend stay with us because she had some stuff going on and long story short, we kicked her out. During the months he was here her cats peed all over her room and our bathroom where we had a basket of clothes. Well my husband went to work today and his work clothes smelled like cat pee even though I washed them twice!! How do I get the smell out? Vinegar in the washer? google said baking soda also. Help please!! And what about the carpet in that room? It’s smells horrible in there and we can’t afford to rip the carpet and fix the floor yet so I have to be able to scrub it with the carpet scrubber for now. Thanks!


I have used Natures Miracle with good luck!

Nature’s miracle… best stuff ever

Nature’s Miracle brand cleaners work great :+1:


Percil, vinegar , Dawn and Gain combo are good.

White vinegar works pretty well.

This works wonderful. I also use it in my carpet cleaner.

Apple Cider Vinegar works great. It neutralizes the smell.

Buy “My Peet Peed”. The end! :smiley:

Vinegar is what I use on pee but I try to soak it up before pouring vinegar on it . Vinegar neutralizes it. It’s bad that it is still there after washing. Cat pee seems stronger. Good luck.

Did you wash them in hot water

I use My Pet Peed. It’s pricey but it definitely works

My pet peed is one of the best products I’ve ever used look it up!! It takes the stains & the smell out any kind of animal or human.


I use Solumel by Melaluca. In your case, I would soak them over a few day period.

Put a half cup of ammonia in with the laundry detergent works for cat or dog pee

Vinegar. If it will get gas out of clothes yes let set over night

Petco/pet smart has an enzyme carpet shampoo that’s works AMAZINGLY. It’s like natures miracle or something but make sure it’s the enzyme one


I used angry orange on my floor when my cat peed and it took it right up.

Powder tide and liquid softener. Has to be powdered Tide. I have 9 cats lol

Try a mixture of Laundry detergent, borax, baking soda & vinegar. If you have a “soaking” option I would soak in vinegar for a while first.

Vinegar and oxiclean with the odor

Soak in baking soda and wash w it

Good luck with that. We had one that peed all over a new mattress. We tried everything prof cleaning, odoban,vinegar finally had to throw it. I flipped houses I usually wouldn’t buy one that had a lot of cat pee smell. At times you could put a sealer kilzs they have diff kinds on it . But at times we had to remove the floor boards. It’s awful!!

The smell may be under the carpet, in the pad.

My cat has done that. Vinegar on wash and either my petpeed or perfffect potion for anything else.

I heard the dryer locks in the smell making it even harder to get out

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Good luck, cat pee is the hardest to clean. That carpet will need to go.


Pine Sol is what I used for my daughter’s things.

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You can never get cat pee out of anything no matter how many “miracle” products guy buy. Even in a home the carpet and padding have to be replaced and walls have to be painted. Cat pee is the devil! Trash it and start over. Don’t make your man go to work and be “that guy” that smells.

White vinegar in the wash! It works :100:!

Get rid of the cat. … problem solved

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Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, in the wash

Throw them out Buy new clothes

Borax is amazing!!!
I had boxes of clothes and was unaware my cat was peeing in them until I went thru the boxes!!! :nauseated_face:
The Borax took the smell right out!!!

I use vinegar and soak it in the wash machine. Then wash it twice and seems to dissappear. We had a cat with a uti. It’s awful

Cat pee is the hardest thing to get out your carpet is probably a dead end if you have a foam filler under it

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I wash in hot water & laundry soap and a good amount of vinegar! Worked wonders for when potty training (kids or animals)

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Odor eliminator Amazon should have it

Through them out and have her pay for new clothes

Wash it once in cold water with vinegar, wash again in cold water with the Tide Sport. When you dry it, use the scent beads. My sisters cat peed on all the clothes I owned

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Wash with 1-1/2 cup’s vinegar then re wash with soap

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Soak in tub w water
Then Soak in tub w White Vinrgar
Then in Bakimg Soda
Then wash
I have had to do this one too many times …

Vinegar… Put it in the washer with your detergent. It neutralizes the ammonia in the urine and it’s a great fabric softener.

Odd, I’ve never had any issues with getting cat pee smell out of clothing with a normal wash. My Male cat when we first got him and his sister as kittens, he would always come to my side of the bed(never my bfs side) and pee either next to my feet or on my feet on top of blanket and it got the blanket and bed soaked. I was able to get the smell out of my blanket and sheet by just washing normal, the stain wouldn’t come out of the bed but the smell did. A few months ago I was sitting on the concrete wall outside and a male cat walked behind me and sprayed the back of my sweatshirt and i didn’t realize until i took it off but I did a normal load of laundry with gain laundry soap and the smell came right out.

But i would put them outside to dry

Put some Mr Clean or Pine Sol in your washer. It worked for me.

Bakeing soda and tide pod to soak and then more baking soda and tide pod then Wash

I use this on everything. Works great.

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Try Oxy Clean with odor control. Dont dry the clothes and hang them outside and dry naturally. If you can time it, hang when it is going to rain and let them dry after the rain. Works on dog odor, I have alot of dogs

Oxi clean can get almost anything out.

Surprisingly the dollar store used to carry a spray that was amazing. And I took care of a woman who used a commode. After cleaning I would spray this pet odor eliminator. When I had to clean it the next day, it did not stink at all. Pretty amazing stuff and only a buck 25.

Vinegar and Lavoris but you have to SOAK. Eucalyptus removes pee smell.

Borax, baking soda, vinegar…
I use baking soda in washer, vinegar in bleach dispenser for man sweat smell… or cleaning pillows. Google getting pillows clean again. It suggests soaking in tub in borax to remove stains so that may do it. Also hang to dry on a line. Sunshine is wonderful.

Not gonna lie, sometimes the smell won’t come out and I just replace items. Sucks but lesson learned

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White vinegar! It will take out any smell! I use it on every load of laundry

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Sounds more like cat spray! Nasty odor!

There is also a product called “My PetPeed” that has great reviews.


I would use odoban and oxiclean odor booster. With some gain laundry beads. Even brings the oil/grease smell out of mechanics clothes.

I used to have a cat that sprayed I had to use ammonia to get the smell out of clothes. I use an enzyme cleaner for carpet. I wonder if refresh cleaner they just came out with with would get rid of the smell on your clothes


Vinegar and baking soda. For both. Put baking soda on carpets and then rug scrub with vinegar. And add Vinegar and baking soda to the wash

Add vinegar to the load of laundry. We found that tide detergent works best as well

Cat odour remover spray is the best. Instantly neutralises the smell. I bought it on amazon but pets at home also stock it

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I personally like odoban but I’m not 100% sure if it will work with cat pee but I have left lifting Chihuahua and it works when he pees on secret clothes that the kids hide :sweat_smile:

Throw the clothes out and get new one’s

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Baking soda …lots of it

Soak cycle in washer over night with 1 cup of baking soda, one bottle of hydrogen peroxide and laundry soap.

Any cleaner made specifically for urine. It will have an enzyme eater in it. You need to break down the proteins.

This is what I use when our cats pee on stuff. Sometimes it needs a second wash but usually it works on the first. If it’s really smelly I’ll leave it to soak in the washer before washing. I also use the Lysol laundry sanitizer stuff at the same time because it makes me feel better.


The people telling you all is lost or baking soda likely dont have cats. The ones telling you to get an enzyme cleaner like Nature’s Miracle probably do. Follow that suggestion. It will work. I know it will work on carpeting, just follow the instructions.


White vinegar. It breaks down the enzymes in the pee! You might have to wash them a few times, but it def works!!!


Ammonia works wonders…I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s worked for me for years.

Enzyme cleaner. Natures miracle has a giant bottle of cleaner, but they also have a laundry mix. I’ve used both they work great. Dead down wind is probably better but a little more expensive. It’s good at removing enzymes so hunters don’t get caught by their prey. Also works great for cat mess. I’ve used it several times because of my puppy and my kitten. You’ll wash it a million times and never get the smell out without a real enzyme cleaner.


Vinger in the washer with your clothes.

I used a 1/4 cup of baking soda directly into the washer drum with the clothes and laundry detergent in where it goes

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Vinegar is great for getting urine smells out.

Amazon has a product called My Pet Peed…it works amazing on animal urine stains and smells. We have a puppy and it saved my new carpet, also works on other stains. It removes the stains and odor. Can use on any clothes carpet furniture.

No matter what anyone says you can’t get the smell fully out especially if items have been peed on a lot💯

Odoban. The purple one. Make a spray for the floor and use it in your laundry for awhile

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I might not be the best one to answer this cuz I’m petty AF, but honestly I would rip up the carpet and fix the floor, and then send the bill to her, since it’s her fault, and if she refuses to pay I would honestly take her to court, def get as much evidence as you can to take to court with you! But that’s what I would do but like I said I’m petty af

OdoBan is the best for any odor!!! I do not recommend using your own carpet cleaner to suck up cat pee, I would rent one or have a carpet cleaning company come and clean it for you.

You’ll want an enzyme cleaner. Something like this


Might as well throw the clothes away,the smell never comes out

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Get a sharp box knife and a carpet tack puller and get rid of the carpet!
Spray and mop all of the floors that were underneath the carpet…with Clorox bleach!
Trust me!

If you’ve already washed it and put it in the dryer, the smell might not come out. Heat locks the scent in.
Wash with cold water, add vinegar (about 1 cup) and some baking soda (about ⅓ cup) with your regular detergent.
When drying, use low heat or air dry, then air tumble to soften the clothes.
Good luck! Cat pee is such a pain to get rid of!


I toss anything it doesn’t come out. The carpet try getting it professionally shampooed.

Vinegar in the wash. Get new friend. Don’t let cats stay in your home.


Pour tons of amounts of baking soda in the carpet and let sit for a couple of days.then vacuume also put some charcoal brickets in a bowl and sit around in there.wash your husband’s clothes by themselves in odor ban.and anything else you have .after all baking soda has been vacuumed up spray carpet heavily with odor ban spray.and let dry .
Odor ban can be bought at walmart or pet stores

Probably won’t. One of the reasons I hate cats


drench it in odaban then rewash

Nothing is going to help the carpet, the urine probably soaked through to the padding and you can’t clean that. If you have a good vacuum, spread lots and lots of baking soda on the floor and leave it to absorb as much odor as possible before vacuuming it up. You will have to do this regularly until the carpet padding can be replaced though. I would use borax and vinegar on the clothes tho…should take the smell right out.


Try pine sol i use the regular or lavender one when my kids have an accident in bed.

Febreeze help me get it off my lawn mower seat,that was an old Tom Cat really stinky

Try Non Scents. It is a powder or spray. It was used to successfully remove death odors too.

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Put baking soda in the washer along with your detergent

Use resolve urine stain remover, works great and takes the smell of urine right out.

Peroxide,mixed with a bit of baking soda and Dawn…mix with hot water, soak and wash…repeat if necessary…Years ago when we lost our home to a fire clothes and bedding we salvaged smelled horribly of smoke…I washed the regular way then filled washer using vinegar and let soak overnight …finished wash cycle then washed again using my regular detergent and it got that horrible smoke smell out…if needed repeat…but like I previously wrote about peroxide ,Dawn and baking soda I even made a batch for my steam cleaner and cleaned the area around the cat box where our cat missed…I applied the solution heavily…scrubbed, blotted then repeated process…let it sit overnight then finished up next day…Pinterest has alot of suggestions on this topic but I found peroxide works well…I was told that veterinarians use this in their practice to help keep down odors


Throw them you you can’t get that smell out send that friend the bill

Cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of baking soda and your normal detergent.

soak in baking soda and vinegar and wash with cold water and soap after …. there’s also urine destroyers … cat pee is the absolute worst

White vinegar!! Just soak clothing in warm water & white vinegar. Also works great on floor boards. I’d test a small bit on carpet to see if effects the dye!!