How do I go about finding a doctor to discuss ADD?

I’ve always thought I had ADD (grew up in a house with parents that didn’t believe in that)for reasons of not being able to focus and completely complete one task without starting 3 other task only to look around and see the dishwasher half empty, started cleaning the bathroom,while folding laundry.

It’s starting to effect my job as I’m very forgetful. If I am reading a book I have to reread the same page twice cause my mind wondered off.
I’ve also noticed that I tend to interrupt people a lot when they talk and it drove my SO nuts.
I’m just wondering how do I go about this to a doctor? I don’t have a regular family doctor, I guess I’m just worried they will think I’m “drug seeking” as I’m 26 and never been on medication for it before and my thought is they will think “ why now?”
What type of doctor should I schedule an appointment with and go about telling them about this?


I know some insurance cards have numbers on the back that you can call to get referrals, so try that or you could go to your general doctor and tell them how you feel & they can refer you to the right specialist or even recommend a certain doctor they like. Don’t think they won’t accept you because of your age and you’ve never been seen for it before. If they ask just explain the situation with your parents

You can use herbs and vitamins to deal with it. You seriously should talk to a holistic doctor because the drugs that doctors give have all kinds of side effects including triggering cancer

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I go about finding a doctor to discuss ADD?

Go to your primary first and if they dont do the diagnosis for it they will send you to someone who can.

Your primary doc is always a good place to start or your local mental health facility.

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I have ADHD and it took me so much guts to speak with someone about it because I thought they would think I was drug seeking. You will need to end up seeing a psychiatrist and be completely honest with them … be open … even suggest that you do a brain mapping test to see if they can help diagnose you. If they don’t help. Go see someone else. The first time I took the medicine I was in shock at how quiet and slow my focus could be. It even makes me sleepy because it slows my brain down… which is calming/soothing lol … but go speak with a psychiatrist and get this process started! Be your own advocate and don’t be afraid to speak up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: best of luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was diagnosed as an adult. I started a new job & worked with a woman who’s daughter had it. She suggested that I get tested. I started with my primary Dr, and they referred me to a diagnosing Dr when I explained the situation. Either get yourself a primary Dr & go from there, or look up mental health services in your area. Psychiatric Dr’s are what you’re looking for for an actual diagnosis.

I’d go talk with my regular doctor first. You made need a referral for insurance, if they can’t help you… but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to diagnose you and give you medication

Need to go to your Dr first they will referral to who u need to see

Any Psychiatry office can test and diagnose ADD. Most of the time you do not need a referral but they can do an insurance check and tell you if your insurance requires one or you can call your insurance and they should be able to tell you. All you have to say when you call is you want to be tested for ADD. They will take it from there.

Psychiatrist can help and/or prescribe for you if needed


Normal gp, tell them you think you have add and explain why. They will refer you to the right people if needed xx

Primary care dr to start

I’m 30yrs old and they finally just diagnosed it and that was my biggest fear of them thinking that.But if you explain your symptoms they will know exactly what it is because growing up my parents also didn’t believe in a lot of things they were very stuck in their Portuguese ways lol.

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I have had ADD for 20 + years, i talked to my primary care doctor who put me on medication

I would go to my regular doc and me upfront and direct with them and your thought let them take it from their , it’s their job to rule out any other causes for your situation an sure they refer to some of nessary

Get some blood works done for B vitamins thyroid glands cortisol iron and have balance diet dark chocolate green vegetable milk oats.

Check with psycholist for anxiety

Start with finding a primary care physician. He/she can refer you to the correct specialist to help you.

Get a regular doctor and go to them they will have the info you need also your local county health office should be able to help you.

Not going to the Dr is actually a symptom of ADHD. Making an appointment for something is a lot of steps, and we are “all or nothing” kind of people so don’t worry about that. I’m almost 38 and just now finding out I have it- back in my day only boys apparently could have it and I read really well so there was no way they believed I had it- wouldn’t even test me for it in school.

The doctor sends ya to a psychiatrist I believe and they give the script

My son was diagnosed in college. My daughter was recently diagnosed and she is 22. They started by seeing a regular doctor then was sent to a psychologist. My daughters doctor actually called and asked me a bunch of questions about her childhood.

I would suggest psychiatrist and a psychologist. We did both for my son and while he was on meds he did therapy and eventually off meds.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I go about finding a doctor to discuss ADD?

Start off with getting a regular GP, that’s really the only way you are going to get a referral

So you can either go to your GP where they will refer you to adult mental health to speak to an adult adhd specialist (however the waiting list in the UK for this service is around 18months - 5years depending on the area you live in) or you can pay to speak to a clinical psychologist that specialises in neurodevelopmental disorders, this usually cost around £600 - £800 and only covers the diagnostic sessions and statement of needs, you will then need to take the assessment results to your GP for further referal to specialists for treatment and medication. Its a long process, but can definitely be worth it in the end. Also, medication isn’t the only treatment option, treatments also include mindfulness CBT or other varying forms of behavioural therapies

I went through the same thing but I was diagnosed as a kid but my parents didn’t want me on meds and that is what I told the doctor. They just gave me a little quiz thing to do

Go to a psychiatrist. There are non-addictive options they can try first.

I spoke to my GP last December and they referred me to a mental health team and got diagnosed with ADHD. My brother has it, so does my dad and my granddad dis so they used my family history as main way to diagnose me

If in the u.s., just contact your local community mental health clinic for an appointment

I’ve struggled with this is a lifetime. It’s beyond awful, coupled with pre menopausal hormones and severe Anxiety… I totally understand

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Speak to your GP they will be able to show you the way.

I do the same i have also ADHD n i interrupt people all the time my s.o hates it to but he for gets i got my daughter test she has it also… i didn’t get fully test but i did went to the doctor lady told me yes possiblity i have ADHD …i do one task n forget then start n new one n then i finish after i get distracted easily

Some general docs aren’t as comfortable with adhd meds without seeing a mental health specialist first. I’d try that route.

For an adult : look for a psychologist… they will be able to run you through testing
Possibly your family doctor, but they will most likely tell you , you are just stressed and that you should exercise and yoga to get yourself centered

I’m being assessed for this and have been on the waiting list 2 & 1/2 years

Do not go to a “doctor.” ADD is a mental health diagnosis. Primary Physicians , Nurse Practitioners, Pediatricians are not qualified usually to diagnose or treat mental health even though they medicate mental health all the time. Talk to a Therapist who is overseen by a psychiatrist!!!

Gabor Mate, MD YouTube talks and books.

Explains it very well.

A psychologist, psychiatrist or a neurologist can help you.

Well i have this problem but i never know its a medical problem… but when i realised it…i work on it… by programing myself to remember esp for work…i think once u recongized urself yu can be able to adjust and help urself with out having medical treatment.

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My 12 yo son has adhd and my husband at first did not believe that such things exist. I did my best to have my son properly diagnosed and treated inspite his objection and denial. The first thing i did was joined a support group in fb so i can fully research what to do with recommendations of people experiencing the same thing. The first thing i realize is the most important thing is admitting that you have a problem because how can you solve it if you keep ondenying you have one.

a neurologist can help you.

I’d start at the pediatrician depending on age.

I have been medically diagnosed for about 7 years. I do not take medication as I didn’t like the way it made me feel. My GP assessed me in the office. There are several non- narcotic medications available. I found taking walks throughout the day helps clear my mind and allows me to focus better. Keep notes to help you remember things and train yourself to not interrupt. To do this, ask your family, friends and co workers to stop you when you begin to interrupt. Explain your situation and most will be happy to help.

Psychiatrist provide meds and can usually diagnose for something like add or adhd.

My Pastor’s wife mentioned she suffers from ADD and kinda hinted maybe I have it😔 I’m 37 and reading you’re post, felt like I wrote it. I’m glad I came across you’re post. I hope you get some answers and one day you’ll be able to focus on 1 thing at a time. I will look into the answers aswell. Sending you best wishes.

Neurologist for a full evaluation.

This can also be the case of a mild form of dyslexia as well, so I’ve been told.

Oh iv had this for years…on the go all time ! What’s the issue .

I’ve always been like this .y family say it’s because I’m scatty I never realised it was an actual thing

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I go about finding a doctor to discuss ADD?

Talk to a psychiatrist.

Tell your regular Dr and he’ll either help you or refer you


You should go to therapy and bring up those concerns with a therapist. They’ll be able to help you more than your primary care will

I have struggled with ADD and Asperger’s most of my life. I recommend going directly to a psychiatrist for an evaluation unless your comfortable discussing it with your PCP. Either way, it’s nothing like it used to be and an evaluation by a psychiatrist will have to be done before you are prescribed anything. Sending hugs.

ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist.

I agree with asking to be referred to a specialist. A psychiatrist or behavioral specialist would be best.

Tell them what you just told us

Make a well visit with your primary care, and Express your concerns. Theyll refer you to both a psychiatrist and a therapist. I’m in therapy now and getting coping mechanism

You should probably get established with a PCP and take it from there.

I was diagnosed around 35 by a phychiatist. He put me on meds. But then took me off because my now ex said they made me more anxious. I was happy with them. Since then drs won’t prescribe me meds. Good luck.

I have also never been on meds for it

I would start with your PCP. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 24 and they didn’t question me or think I was drug seeking.

I didn’t get diagnosed with adhd until I was 25. I went to my primary care doctor, he just had me fill out a survey then based on those scores figured out I have adhd. I take adderall and it has made the world of difference!

PCP,. Sometimes, neurologist, psychiatrist
A good psychologist can diagnosis you but not give you meds
As a former teacher who worked with ADHD/ADD. You have a lot of symptoms.

I was diagnosed at 10. I went through testing. But not sure about who to see now that your an adult. Good luck

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You can go to sleep psychologist or counselor that specializes in ADD. They can diagnose you and give you tools to manage it. Medication isn’t always needed in adult cases.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I go about finding a doctor to discuss ADD?

They actually have an adult add/adhd test they’ll have you take and sign. It’s not drug seeking. It’s getting the care you deserve.


Look into a neurologist who specializes in ADD or ADHD in adults.
They have tests. They are also aware of it not being discovered during childhood. So don’t worry about them thinking you are seeking out drugs.
Get it done now too …you will enjoy your life much better. ( If it is your diagnosis)


Get a referral from your GP for a psychiatrist. Particularly one who specialises in ADD. I am 55 and recently got diagnosed and now I’m on medication and it has helped so much. I never even realised that I could have had it but as I got older and started to really recognise certain issues I was having and I have a son diagnosed with it. I tried his meds for just 1 day and noticed a difference immediately.


If you’re a woman, we do this. Multitasking. Ask your doctor. A woman cleans everything at once!! Focus on one thing at a time. It’s not easy


I have had that same problem for many years!! I just think we all try to do a million things in a short time. On days i get really crazy with it i take a ex strength tylenol and it settles me down whereas i can get focused. If u don’t want to seek medical treatment, i’d suggest trying it.

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Find a good psychiatrist. My son is seeing one who wasn’t diagnosed herself until she was 28 years old with ADD.


You need to get a regular primary care provider. That’s for general health purposes anyway. If you have health insurance you just pick someone from their list that is close to your home, speaks your language, is a woman, whatever it is you prefer. The medications available for ADD are not the kind that “drug seekers” are looking for, so you won’t be suspected of that. Many adults seek care for ADD like you are. It’s very common.


I would start off with a full physical, blood test and all. At that visit bring up your concerns and let them lead you in where you go from there. doesn’t sound like drug seeking to me just concern for your health! Good luck!


I wasn’t diagnosed and started taking meds for it til I was in my 20s too. If you find it’s interfering with your everyday tasks, doing your job and socially it’s worth talking to a Dr about it. There’s some online quizzes you can take to test yourself and sometimes bringing those with you to your appointment helps. Finding a regular Primary care is the first place to talk to about it. Good luck


You need to find a family Doctor or get into a counseling program

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Find you a primary and get tested


A neurologist might help you.

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I knew something wasn’t right , but I didn’t realize what it was till I had my son see a professional and then noticed I had the same exact problems


Wow!! Thats me perfectly!! I had no idea it may have been ADD. I Thought everyone was like this​:joy::joy:

My sons Kindergarten teacher suggested we get him tested and he did have it but it was ADHD! My son went to a specialist for this. My son is an adult now and still has to have Medication but also has a therapist for other issues

Try Cerebral! It’s been a lifesaver for me, super affordable & not awkward like some other providers I’ve tried.

I have it but work through it. Doctor’s want to push drugs. So I find exercise and sleep make a difference for me. A good nights rest. You can go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes a huge help. I will saying getting older and going through change at times I get forgetful and hard to focus. Good vitamins help. Up to you I just seen too many friends on the meds and they are like zombies. So feel like it changes who you are. Caffeine helps just don’t get to crazy with it.

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You stated u don’t have a pcp do u have medical insurance? If so call them and they will help u find one.

Y’all have ADD :joy: SHE DOESNT HAVE A FAMILY DOCTOR lol read the post. A walk in clinic could refer you to a specialist. There are also probably support groups around for ADD that could perhaps give you some guidance.

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I would turn to anything natural before I would take any medication. Mind altering drugs change everything!! Do the research I would see a homeopathic doctor or something like that before I would take crazy meds causing other problems.

I’ve always had trouble concentrating and I too have to reread what I’ve just read. I was told a few years ago that I was an undiagnosed adult with ADHD. I was told by a school official who was the assistant director of special education. They were working on my sons IEP. I never looked for help for basically the same reason.

Look for a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD. Your listings of physicians in your area will list their specialties. You can look online at the doctor’s profile and it should list what their area of concentration and specialty is. It may take a little searching, but it is worth it.

Hmm. A lot have suggested a psychiatrist but in my neck of the woods it is neurologist that treats ADD/ADHD. My son saw one for many years while in school. He was on medication but has now learned how to deal with it. My daughter had testing by a neurologist that her pcp referred her to and is on medication. I can tell when she hasn’t taken it. She can’t get anything done. I’ve just dealt with it for years and learned how to bring myself back to focus on the task at hand.

U can either find a PCP n have him refer you out or just straight up look for a psychiatrist. Does not mean your crazy bug thats the kinda Dr to prescribes these meds.

Find a good neuropsychologist and ask about complete testing. The results will guide any treatment.

You’ll need to get a referral from your PCM (Primary Care Manager). Which would be your family doctor you normally see and then they would put the referral in for u.

If the patient that needs to be diagnosed as a child, then start with the pediatrician. If the patient is an adult, then start with his or her PCP

Maybe your mind is just rebelling from so many years of being told to finish before going on. I am getting like you the older I get.

Good see a good family doctor … He will, in turn, recommend a mental health expert. Just be open with him like you are here. Prayers for u…


I do all those things you listed. I just started making lists of things I needed to get done (work and home). It became routine so it was easier for me to concentrate. Teachers in grade school mentioned I was easily distracted. I showed this to my husband. He said he does the same thing. I don’t think you have a problem that so many other people in the population don’t have. Good luck with finding something that works for you. Remember, you are not alone.