How do I navigate being a single parent?

How does one deal with being a single mom with absolutely no support system? I am scared that I can't take care of my child when I go back to work in a week because I work odd hours and the school programs dont go late enough. I've tried to find babysitters, late hour programs and even nanny's. But they all want hundreds of dollars. I'm so lost. What do I do?

You need to find a job with regular hours . I have 2 kids. Both young, single mom. Working odd hours did not work and I spent more money then I did if I worked regular hours .

Where do you live? There may be programs in your area.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I navigate being a single parent?

Daycare is expensive. You get what you pay for. You may be able to get help from Social Services. Some daycare providers accept that as payment. It can be tough sometimes but you got this!!


Find a new job hun see if ur boss will allow ur baby to finish the day with you

Talk to your job or you will have switch jobs sadly

Apply for government assistance. They have several resources to help!


Try juggling 4 and a full time job. U will soon get into a routine x

Maybe look for a different job so u don’t work so late… but state help and friends/ parents of kids that maybe able to help.

The father of the child can be made to pay half or more of daycare expenses. I had to take my ex-husband to court for this so that could be an option


There is a lot of programs out there !!! Go to ur County page

What Town do you live in

It’s very hard! I’m a single parent… (I have a boyfriend) but, still a single parent… and I’m dealing with a lot of issues from when I got out of a bad situation… definitely get help from job and family with daycare! They are pretty good with helping with daycare!

Have you thought of having a live in helper? Someone that can mind your children after school or before if needed and in return they get free living expenses for helping. Could be someone who works part time school hours or study’s then it doesn’t cost you hundreds and your children are looked after in your own home untill you Finnish work.

If the child is in School go to the PTA room. I’ve had good luck with them. There is usually a person that keeps kids.
True story… I stood outside the school and watched who was picking up a lot of kids. Good Luck.

Harsh as it may sound, look for a new job with better hours. Even if you find something to work short term, it won’t work long term.

I’m 30 years out of that situation - but it’s horrid!

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Have to find a job that works with the kiddos schedules better🤷🏻‍♀️

Not sure where you stay at but if it’s in Omaha please feel free to message! My sister does babysitting.

I was totally broken when the love of my life left me it was so hard for me and I almost gave up if not for a friend who directed me to a very good and powerful man called Dr Lucky who helpe me bring back the love of my life and now he treats me with so much love and care I don’t know what you are passing through spiritual problems like bad dreams , HIV/aids, bacteria, illnesses ,stroke , cancer , syhilli ,etc but trust me with what Dr Lucky did for me I know he can help you in any problems in your life message him on his page all thanks to God sent man Facebook

Parents without partners. Ask friends, or an elderly person close by you

Ask at your child school I found 2 different people that worked there that were able to work with my schedule to watch kids before and after school



I was a single parent to my six for almost ten years. I worked an 11 pm - 7 am job for years, I hated it, but it was all I could do to not pay for day care. I had no support system either. Now my oldest is 25 and youngest is 13.

Good luck!!! And don’t trust just anyone with your kids either! There’s a lot of crazy out there

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I navigate being a single parent?


May need to find a new job that can work around school im raising 2 sons with no support it is def hard but its do able just have to make some life adjustments good luck on your path


I have no support my sons now 16 so pretty independent but I also have a daughter who’s 7. I found a very flexible job from home it’s not a 1099 or MLM. I get a W2 & I work around my kids school schedules, no evenings or weekends. So they do exist.

Its so hard but you will find a way, you have too, but its worth it! Every minute :purple_heart:

As a survivor, I can tell you that you’ll work it out. You will. Are you stuck in your location? Can you move closer to friends? Is there an extra room in your house? Can you offer room and board to a student or… in exchange for help with the kids? There’s always a way. You’ll find it


I have straight up took my baby to work. They can’t fire you for being a mother. Eventually I was able to get jobs that would cut my schedule off at 3 so I could be home before school let out.

I’m have been a single mom for a long time . I had to go state assistance for daycare . I was working third and went to first . Mostly likely you might have to find a different job .


It is very hard but you figure it out. Don’t allow fear to get in your way. Sometimes you are figuring it out as it happens, but you make it through. It won’t be like this forever so just keep going.


Going thru it been so for 6.5 years

If u need to tlk u can pm me

It’s not easy I had to beg borrow and plead with my employer to work with me. Luckily I got them into an after school program finally.

A new job or ask your employer to work with your schedule. Maybe even apply at the school to have the same hours as your child. Ask friends if they know someone that babysits.


Honestly, try finding remote employment or an employee that is willing to work with your schedule. It’s hard, but not impossible.

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Does your child have any friends at school? Perhaps you could appeal to a mom to watch after the school daycare is over.


Listen. Idk how we do it, but we do it. I was a single mom with no support system for years. My son is 6 now,and I’m happily remarried. I can’t do much, but if you just want a stranger to vent to, girl I’ve been there! :heart:

I am a single stay at home heart mom that can not work due to my sons health and we are confined to home because of him being extremely high risk for covid and it is only him and I. So momma you can only take it day by day and your mommy instincts will help you get through it. I’ve been doing it for almost 12 years and I struggle every day of every month not having income to even get him a birthday present. It’s hard but we figure it out because we are moms and we love our kids! Hugs sent your way momma!

I have 3 kids I live in a state completely alone from family and my kids father is in prison and he has no family. So when I say not a lick of support and completely single and never had help. You just do it. One day at a time one choice at a time one struggle at a time one hard push at a time and then one day you just kinda got it figured out.

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You have to work round your child. Is it possible for you to work from home or work school hours ? You may have to change your job or go on benefits. …as a single parent you do what you have to do to make sure your child is safe and cared for.
I was extremely lucky to be able to continue my job. Had to change shifts and travel but I moved close to family for childcare

Offer other single moms a swap out for taking their child on specified days and times, since your job is not on a set schedule. Otherwise, look for a high school teen or two who could commit for specific days and times, Some students have half-days and work afternoons & evenings.


You may have to find a new job or try asking your current employer to provide you with a set day schedule. It’s very hard but you will make it work. We always find a way when it comes to our children. Best of luck. :slight_smile:

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Reach out to a moms group in your area their might be some teenagers you can hire to sit with your children until you get home

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Apply for childcare assistance they have changed the criteria alot since the pandemic and there are alot of funds specifically for childcare assistance. I just found out about this myself.


Where there is a will there is a way.

Check your YMCA programs

Child care assistance through HRDC. They have a program that is called Friends Family neighbors (FFN). They basically pay anyone 18 and over (after a background check) to babysit for you since you have late hours. They can babysit at your house or theirs. I use to do it for my sister when she was alive. PM if you have any questions.

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Cry it out in the shower, put your clothes on, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself I am the pack leader! Trust me I speak from experience


I had to work fast food because they was the only hours that would accommodate with the school system. Being a single parent you will find that humbling urself is necessary. Single parent of three beautiful daughters, myself alone raised & supported them alone. You can do it stand tall and proud and consider urself to be above absolutely nothing when it comes to caring for your own…


Hi dear. Can u work from home doing ur current job or another job? Customer service for Amazon or some other business from home? Do u have any skills where u can u be self-employed? Can u be self-employed watching/taking care of someone (eldelry or disabled) during the day (average rate is $15-$25/hr.) Can u get creative and think of a side hustle…I knew this woman who went to elderly people’s houses giving SIMPLE manicures and/or pedicures. No training. She made $50 per client! She had 4 clients per day on average and worked M-F for 4 hours each day. She set her own hours and advertised wherever she could…hanging up signs, etc. Easy. Or perhaps you could babysit a kid or two at your house or apartment, or someone’s house. I know it’s scary… I’ve been there. But u will get through this. I wish u luck.

First, take a deep breath. It will be ok! Check with some local churches and kid’s clubs. A lot of them have after school programs that are free or inexpensive. Some of them even offer rides. Go to DHS or whatever your agency is called. They can help you with childcare, food, and sometimes bill assistance. Good luck! You can do it!! :heart:

This is what Grandmas can do .

I had to find a job that gave me hours commensurate with daycare providers. Yes, its hard but in the long run, it was worth it. It was a good career decision where I have benefits.

I often exchanged childcare coverage with other parents. I’ll watch your kids if you watch mine.

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How old is the child? And look for a teenager, you can check with the high schools and ask about the older ones who are looking to go to college for child care, pediatrics, etc… there is a lot of programs if you check out your community center as well. But first how old is the child and what hours are the crucial ones

Contact state dept of human services.


For myself who raised 3 boys with no support I had to make sure my hours I worked match available hours of child care.

Apply for subsidy immediately…takes a while to get but it helps in the long run. and pick a home daycare that’s open with flexible hours like weewatch


Inquire if you have Child Care Plus in your area. They are a big help for single moms. Good luck

Find a job that you Can work from home. Discuss this with your job and see how they can help you. You will find the way. A trusted neighbor? We manage, and God makes sure that if you are trying that things will happen. I did it for 6 yrs. how old is your child?

Personally I would talk to my employer and see if they can give me set hours during my child’s school day or I’d find another job that offers hours that work

I’m a single parent of 6. You’ll survive.


The dad has just as much responsibility in this as you do. Child support can help with those hundreds of dollars for care.


Before I met my husband I worked at Taco Bell because that’s the only place that let me pick my schedule I worked 9-2 so I would drop him(my son)off go to work and then get out of work and pick him up but now I work at the school which is even better because now I don’t have to figure out snow days, weekends or breaks

First of all you’re doing a great job Mom :+1: Where there is a will there is a way! Been there done that. I reflect back and wonder how the hell I did it! But I did! Definitely had a lot of bumps along the way for sure. I sometimes wondered how I was going to make ends meet and keep a roof over his head not to mention being the bread winner, the father figure, mother, teacher, cook, maid, nurse, etc etc etc. It’s not a job that you get to punch in or out and have the weekends off. It’s round the clock management and definitely not for the faint of heart. A lot of days I wanted to Just. Stop :stop_sign:. Then I looked at his gentle innocent face and it gave me the motivation to push forward. It’s a powerful force being a mom You’ve got yourself a living ,breathing, walking, talking reason to get going even when you want to give up. You will KNOW that no matter what, YOU don’t “need” anyone to be there. You’ll be fully versed in knowing the difference between “needing” vs “wanting. You’ll figure it out :+1: You got this! Remember, where there is a will there IS a way! Blessed Be :heart::facepunch:

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I’m a single parent to 2. I have a support system but I choose to not rely on that unless absolutely necessary. Don’t get my wrong I love the breaks but it can be done you just need to find a job that accommodates those hours. It’s hard but it can be done. Maybe work doordash or Uber eats. I do that even with my kids and I make $250 a week on top of I just signed up for Amazon flex which I can make $400+ extra a week

I worked 3 jobs at times to support my 4 kids with NO CHILD SUPPORT. I lost time with my kids growing up but its what you have to do to support yourself and your child. If the rest of us Single moms can do it so can you.

Child help through your State- assistance

I’ve been a single parent for 10 years. I’ve made A LOT of sacrifices. Find a job that will work with your availability.


Start a 24/7 Daycare! I did and was able to stay home with my kids! Message me if you want more details and I’ll get you going :slight_smile:

It can be tough… you can be tougher… take a deep breath and keep trying… I’ve walked that walk… you cannot give up there are alot of great suggestions in the comments of this post… read them all and keep working on it… you will be so proud when it all comes together… you can do this…praying for you and sending lots of love!!!

Single mum of 3 hardly no help, friends or family look after kids in school holidays when I work x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I navigate being a single parent?

A friend babysat for me until I enrolled them in The Boys and Girls Club.

I have to lean on my older daughter and friends sometimes to fill in the gap, I also switched jobs. Good luck mama it will work out :heart:

My mom has watched my son sometimes - it’s hard but can be done

Call a local church & speak w other single moms.
Get whatever assistance you qualify for. Prayers


You CAN do it!!
Ask your neighbors and friends for help.

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I have a few teenagers and friends i pay to babysit.

How old is your child? What’s the legal age for your state that you can leave your child at your home while you work? Maybe this will be a good opportunity for your child to become dependent on themselves if they are old enough. Look in your neighborhood for other parents or teens that could help too.

May be tough but find a different job. Daycares were the best bet for me so that my children could go at a discounted price and their schedules were the same as mine. Good luck!


Reach out to local college student is early childhood education program.

Post on college campus.

Also look into getting a job in the school system that way you can have holidays off when your child does etc …

Find a new job with hours you can handle. Everywhere is hiring now. It will work out! You got this!

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Apply for child services thru the govt. They’ll help pay or pay all of the daycare bill :relaxed:


The most stressful thing is childcare. I totally get it I secure summer childcare in February. No family or close friends doesn’t help either for me. Good luck I hope u find help. Check for a high school student around your area? Could be a start

Get a first shift job

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How old is the child…. The child old enough the child can stay home by themselves

Wish. I could. Help. You

I’m not sure where you’re located but we have family day cares that do overnights if needed and even weekends. That way all working parents are catered for with subsidised care. You can definitely do it hun… I’ve been where you are and you just find a way. It may mean looking for work that may be ‘school hours’ for a little till you get sorted. Good luck hun

Sorry you’re going thru this. I cannot imagine

Depending on were you live I might could watch your little one

Find a responsible teenager

If I can do it you can do it! I am always a message away if you need to talk momma. I work full time and raise 3 babies, so I feel ya!

What state/are do you live in

Most states have daycare vouchers through their DHS or CFS whichever it’s called in your state. If you can apply they will give you vouchers that are like checks and some states let you use an individual with them some don’t. You’d just have to look into it. Talk to your church and see if any of the members would be willing to help out with babysitting for a small fee to help you get back on your feet until you can get a job during school hours or daycare hours. It’s definitely rough but do able. I use to work nights only so my kiddos slept at my parents house who refused to babysit during the day bc “grandparents shouldn’t have to help babysit their grandkids “ according to them. They only let them sleep there while I worked bc I put them to bed when we got there and then I was there by the time they got up so they literally had no work to do but let the kiddos sleep. I had zero support for a really long time. 5 years almost of no help just working nights to make due. I wish you alll the luck in the world and hope you find some support.


Girl you better just do it!

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It’s extremely difficult being a single mom with no support system. I pretty much have to pay for anything if I need help. I always try to find someone going to the same school and pay them to shuttle my child were they need to go. Sometimes great jobs pass is by to get jobs that are more accommodating to the hours needed. May it be one job in the morning and then one job in the evening. It’s hard, praying for you. One way or another we moms get it done :pray:t4:

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