How Do I Politely Address My Loud Neighbors?

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"It’s sad when you literally can’t get any sleep in your own house! So ready to move at this point I’ve barely slept the last 2 months because of our new neighbors that live above us and yes I know living in an apartment your going to hear noise and that’s not the problem but the people that lived there before them we never had this issue at night the day don’t bother us I know they can’t help it to a certain point and that they have a young child but when it’s 8 at night till 3 or so in the morning that you are hearing running screaming jumping stomping as loud as possible I don’t have the heart to say anything but I really need some sleep me to top it off my husband has to be up at 5am every morning so he’s not getting any sleep and not mention my children aren’t getting sleep either and idk what to do anymore I just want some sleep I don’t want to sound like the rude or mean neighbor idk how to politely say anything to them I need advice. Also please add I have 3 children of my own and I know kids are going to make noise but I do try to be considerate of others especially at night time"

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"Complain to the landlord or call the sheriffs office. There may be a noise ordinance in your area that they legally have to abide by"

"Say something to them or Call your landlord and report them"

"The last apartment I lived in was so bad from one neighbor we moved. Saying things just made it worse hopefully you have better luck. Maybe just ask them or speak to the apartment manager."

"Go up there and say. Hey so I know kids are loud and crazy I have 3 myself, but could you try to keep it down after 10 we aren’t getting any sleep and my husband works very early. I really don’t want to have to bring this to the landlord."

"I would ask them first to please keep it down at night but if that doesn’t work report to the landlord. Where my friend lived she was the top floor and they even had to have showers done by 9pm. They had a laundry cut off too but I can’t remember the time for it. Common courtesy is hard to come by sometimes."

"If you live in an apartment, you should be able to bring this to the attention of your apt manager and they will talk to the neighbors. If they continue to get reported and warned then the manager has to invoke a punishment"

"I’m in property management and noise complaints are the number 1 issue. It’s really hard to resolve it. Talk to your apartment office staff. I’d first contact my residents verbally. If issue persists, we deliver a nice written notice then a harsher one. Keep a log of what time the noise occurs and explain exactly what you hear. Record the noise. Show that proof to the leasing office so that they have more than just a verbal complaints…this way they can take more action if they hsve 100% proof of the excessive noise. Also, know your state ordinances when it comes to quiet hours. Additionally, the neighbors may not be aware. You could talk to them. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions!"

"I have same issue…a fan works amazing"

"Get yall some fans. Turn em on high. Cant hear shit after that"

"I definitely know how you feel! We live in a apartment on the bottom level! The lady and her roomate above us are so loud! Up at all hours stomping, dropping things, yelling!! I use a fan which definitely helps with the loud noises above us. I keep the fan on 24/7"

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