How do I tell if being constantly fatigued is concerning or normal?

I’m a mom of 2 under 2 (20 months & 5 months old), and I’m a full-time mom. Within the past month, I’m constantly overly tired. Like, falling asleep at 7:30 pm on the couch tired and nodding off at work tired. I’ve never experienced this kind of tired before (not even in my stay-up-all-night college bender days). My kids are GOOD, I get 9-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep (thank god for a good spouse), and I still can’t seem to shake this constant tiredness. I’ve never had any health issues, even while pregnant. Is this still my hormones getting back to normal? Should I see a doctor? Or is this just the new way of life with two kids so close in age?


Get tested for sleep apnea!!!

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I would call your primary care. Let them do labs and make sure everything is up to par.

Could you be pregnant again? This is how I felt the entire first trimester.

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Low iron? I get super tired when my iron is low.

Get your thyroid checked


I would have your iron checked. I have a friend who has 3 babies (3,2,9 months) and it don’t matter if she sleeps for 18 hours a day anytime she sits down she is falling asleep and the dr’s hasn’t found a solution yet. They also think she could have infection in her body somewhere which they are trying to find because her blood level is too low as well.

Have you got your iron levels checked ?

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It could an iron deficiency. I have had this issue. Even though I was getting enough sleep and stuff, I was just always fatigued. Its best to call ur doctor.

Get your iron checked I was low on iron after I had my daughter and that’s how I felt. Try eating more wic cereals and see it that helps


Take some vitamins esp iron. Also get some labs for thyroid

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I think being quite exhausted comes with the mom territory; even with good sleep, being the mother if 2 under 2 must be exhausting on a subconscious level.

However… you know your body. If something doesn’t feel right, go get some blood work done. It could be anything from thyroid issues to something brewing. Listen to your body.

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Defo get a blood test

I was super tired like that and turns out I was super low in vitamin d

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Could be your thyroid. I’d definitely talk to the doc. Never hurts to ask.

Are you breast feeding? I was super tired when I did

I used to sleep 12hours+ a day and still feel like i didn’t sleep. Went to see my doctor and found out i have hypothyroidism

Get a check up, but realize you have 2 babies. You May not be sleeping soundly. They could be rousing you from your sleep without actually be waking up.

Get iron and thyroid checked babies take a lot of iron from mom :heart:


Get that thyroid checked girl!

I had this for 3 months and turned out it was mono. Either way a doctors can run full labs and rule out a lot. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a mother of 3 young children…1,2&7…I also work part time.
I thought that’s why I was exhausted constantly…turns out I have a thyroid disease.

I would look into your thyroid

I would get a iron and thyroid test done

Also if u r anxious / stressed … adrenaline in the brain running constant causes non stop fatigue that sleep doesnt fix

Could be iron ore thyroid. Before I got diagnosed with hashimotos I’d come home from work and lay down in front of the heater and my husband would feed the kids and I would go to bed as soon as they did. I was pretty bad when they finally found it

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If you’re concerned, always talk to your doctor. If nothing is wrong, then at least you know and can stop worrying. Make an appointment to ease your mind.

Sounds like postpartum thyroiditis. Simple blood test will rule it out. I have Hashimotos and I’m 28 weeks… I understand the tired feeling.

Get your thyroid checked

I was super tired and turned out i was low on vit d and iron levels were extemely low!!! But could be a change in diet maybe ur not getting enough nourishment for ur mommy body

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I have an 8 month old and lately… I’ve been the same exact way. Just can’t seem to get going. I wasn’t as tired even when she was a newborn. Sure enough, it was my iron.

Been tested for Covid?

Have your iron and B vitamin checked


I have the same problem! I end up better with only 5 hours of sleep and and energy drink and I make it through each day compared to getting a lot of sleep I find it makes me fall asleep at random times and at work also

I was this way and turns out my vitamin D was low.

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Constant fatigue isn’t normal, especially if you’re getting adequate sleep at night. That doesn’t mean its something scary, though, it just means there is changes that you can make to alleviate it. Definitely start by telling your doctor. You’re likely lacking in vitamins or minerals, but it could be hormonal.

Iron, Vit D (take with magnesium), B12…
The doctors are likely to ask you for a lifestyle and food diary and they will probably refer you for bloods - ask for a copy, don’t let them fool you that you are in the “range” as you can be 1 above the low end and they will just tell you everything’s okay. Make sure to ask for your thyroid but you also want to check for coeliacs too. X

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You’re lucky . My spouse dont wake up . He will stay in bed till 3 pm everyday and dont help at nights at all . Only time he gets up in the morning is for his visits with his 2 children from another rel


You should get your thyroid, vitamin D or iron levels checked… I was the same way and diagnosed with thyroid cancer and once I got my meds in check I felt a lot better. Also this last time my vitamin D was really low and it mimics the same symptoms as your thyroid. Tired, hair falling out and sluggish moods. Good luck

Definitely have your thyroid checked

You might need an Iron Supplement.

You should see a doctor. Remember though that you just put your body through the ringer for two years and it has to repair itself. I had two sets of two under two. I was falling asleep by 8 as well. It takes a bit for hormones to level out and working etc adds to that. Hugs. You can do this.

Go see dr and get bloodwork. Get thyroid checked and iron level. Take vitamin d to start and iron pills.

I STRONGLY encourage you to get a blood panel, and get your vitamin D and Iron checked. Pregnancy, and especially back to back pregnancies wreak havoc on your levels. I went years feeling the way you described. I’d nod off at red lights, it was dangerous. I finally got my iron under control and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I let it go for years because I thought it was “just exhaustion” from having little ones. Or I felt “less than” because I was so weak and tired all the time. I’m so glad you are aware that you don’t have to fee this way, and you’re looking for answers. Don’t give up!!

My kids are 16 months apart. I was extremely tired too. So bad that I was falling asleep at work. Iron was really low and I found out I have bradycardia (low heart rate). Kids are 5 and 6 now. Takes lots of coffee and energy drinks to get through the day

Have your thyroid checked

Could be your diet. If you eat a lot of carbs maybe it’s taking a toll on you.

I went to my dr for something similar. He laughed at me and told me “you’re a mom you’re gonna be tired” and left it at that :sweat_smile: still dealing with it years later and my daughter sleeps more than I do. Now I’m dealing with sleep problems so I doubt it’s just “being a mom” at this point for me :sweat_smile:

Increase your water and iron. Helped me a TON.

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Get more fruit and raw veggies in your diet and see a doc yet your iron checked

I was this way. I am anemic , and have low thyroid

Idk… seems normal to me… lol

I had that and I found out that I had anemia. If you haven’t been checked out in awhile I woukd make sure it’s not thyroid or any other issues. Yes having kids is exhausting but better safe and good!

Get your thyroid checked

I was doing that & my vitamin d was low. See your dr & have bloodwork done

Could you be pregnant? That’s always my first symptom, extreme fatigue

Could you possibly be pregnant again? Every pregnancy is different so extreme fatigue could be a sign this time. If not have your thyroid check

Get your thyroid checked!!

Seems normal to me however im 34 with 5 kids

Definitely see a dr seems like something is off like everyone said your iron ect. Better safe then sorry I was the same way I needed blood i also thought I had a kidney stone as mom you kinda brush things of n focus on ur kids. Turn out i had something more serious and lucky i got to the er intime and now I’m back with my kids. Im still recovering now. But always to be safe check with ur dr

I’d get bloods done, could be your thyroid

Definitely talk to your doctor. This was one of the signs of PPD. I had Irish twins who were 10 months apart but it started right after my first.

Totally normal but could be something so check with your doctor. Could be low iron or thyroid to name a few. Best check and not worry.

get your thyroid checked asap

Of you have became anemic you will always be tired… Best see a doctor for some tests.

I was feeling this same way…I have mono and they’re checking me for cancer.Go get checked out ASAP just so you know

Definitely could be your hormones… if you are breastfeeding your hormones take longer to go back to normal… also having two kids can simply add to your exhaustion because even though they sleep well you still have alot more on your plate now you worry about life for 3 people instead of one… who ate last, diapers, clothing, how many poops, Dr appointment… etc

Go see your Doctor you could have sleep Apnea

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Sounds like could be mono, I would get checked for that.

Call your doctor and get lab work.

Your best option is to go to the doctor.

You maybe sleeping way too much… May need a vacation. If it is concerned seek a physician…

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You need to see a doctor

I think I’ve been like this my entire Life after kids. :joy:

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Blood sugar and iron levels should be checked too. Please go to the Dr. :heart::pray::heart:


Get your thyroid checked as well as your iron.

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Thyroid check and also check for mono.


get your thyroid checked


And what is your age?

Have ur thyroid checked


Go get a complete physical from your doctor. Let him know what you stated. There is several different symptoms that could cause your tiredness! Thankfully I have a doctor that listens and was able to diagnose the problem. Go to one ASAP!


I started having crazy exhaustion or of no where. Found out, after more symptoms developed, that i had an infection in my colon that my body had been fighting on its own for awhile. Could be lots of things, see your doctor.

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Go to the dr and have them check you for a deficiency and for Covid 19. I also have a toddler and Constant tiredness or fatigue was one of 2 symptoms i had when i tested positive for covid

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Get your vitamin levels checked. I was having similar issues falling asleep constantly and my vitamin D levels were at 14 when normal is between 30 and 70… it is exhausting to have such low vitamin levels

It could many things ,diet also can play part into to . Could be low sugar or high. Good check up and blood work. Good luck

How is your vitamin D level…go to your dr and get some bloodwork done…something could be low. Could also be anaemic. I am like that when my D is low.


See a doctor, but it’s probably your new way of life - BUT be safe see a doctor.

I don’t have children but I do get extremely tired for no reason. Like falling asleep in the car, falling asleep in movie theaters, I could wake up from sleeping 16 hours and would need a nap a few hours later. I have pcos and my hormones were way off balance. Once I started taking my meds I have a lot more energy and don’t feel the need to sleep all the time. It may be worth going and getting your blood work checked?

Could be thyroid that’s what was what I figured out was causing my fatigue constantly exhausted

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Get a sleep study! I’m convinced that everyone has some sleep apnea! I used to always need 9-10 hours to feel good. Then I got a sleep study because I was jealous of my husband that he could put his mask on and be immediately unconscious!! Turns out, I needed one too! I just have a piece that lays under my nose and around my head and I can’t imagine sleeping without it!

This was me a few years back. I had a newborn, One year old, and a almost three year old. It took me a while to get past that stage. It was lack of sleep. My husband worked out of town during the week, so it was all left up to me, to do everything.

Could be as simple as low iron… go and get a complete physical with blood work with thyroid levels.

I’m a mom of 5. My oldest is 12yo and my youngest 5mo. I’m 33yo and I can tell you I am exhausted all the time! I have no drive to do the things I like, like crafty things or painting or even reading. For me I feel like it’s a mental tiredness. I have no free time most of the day and when I do I want to sit in quiet and do nothing for once. I love my husband and he is a good guy but he is no help with the baby. Hes nervous around her. But playing with kids, feeding and cleaning is both mentally and physically tiring. Not to mention the stress of what’s going on in the world doesnt help. I am at the point in my motherhood that if the house is messy so what. My kids are happy and healthy and that’s all that matters bc the time you have with your kids are so short.


If you’re getting that much sleep i would say its probably a health thing. I mean kids wear you out obviously but if youre getting a solid night sleep but still exhaustes your iron may be low or may be something else

believe it or not years ago this happened to me went to tw different drs guess what i had 2 ear infection no pain so i did not know

You have two under two. You are going to be exhausted. Mine were five years apart and they still made me exhausted at times.

Could be anemia, check with your doctor to have some blood work done

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You need to see your doctor. Could be anemia and or vitamin d deficiency

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You need to go to the doctor and get checked. Your iron could be really low

I would see my doctor…it could something very simple to correct! Good luck :heart: