How do you cope with toxic in laws?

How do you cope with the most toxic in-laws ever? Who wants to interfere with everything I and husband has to do literally. The father is deaf and lives with us, snitches about everything to his wife who’s not even here (she’s back home) she confronts us like we’re criminals if we went out and want to be updated about everything in our lives here.And her husband bugs me all the time about many things in the house how they should be kept, what should we use in kitchen and tiny matters, and what not, Moving stuff around the house without letting me know, and then I’m looking around the whole house to find things and trying to ask him with gestures which I’m not so good at. He’s deaf and I realized and bore so much in my life due to that. The misunderstandings, wrong assumptions, snitching, dictating, I’m tired mentally I’m depressed to the point I can’t do normal house chores. And take care of my kids, I struggle mentally to shrug it off my mind but keep thinking about them, mind feel trapped all time every time. My husband loves them so much and has been the best son one can be, obedient to the point where he would think raising voice as a sin(even after being right). He would stay quite most of the time due to the fear of God. How do I cope with all the drama they create every other day, my anxiety/depression gets to the point I feel my chest heavy and racing heartbeat Recently we were back home with them I got back here and the sister In law accused of saying bad stuff about her dad infront of someone, which I haven’t. I remember for sure I have not. I just made a face that showed my disagreement on my face probably which the person didn’t see but she saw and literally lied. And went ahead snitched to my mother in law who was ready to start to blame and believed without confirming or talking to me about it. When I heard this I went into deep thoughts felt numbed, for a day or two cuz I know I haven’t said anything,… Husband supports me and trusts me… what should I do ,? My mind can’t function?