How do you deal with anxiety that comes out as anger?

Does anyone have advice about anxiety that comes out as anger? I’ve suffered from depression/anxiety ever since my son was born in 2014. The past two years or so, it all comes out as anger. I have a very short temper, aggravated all day, unmotivated to do anything at all, exhausted even with 8 hours of sleep, etc. Just constantly frustrated, and I’m so sick of feeling this way, and it isn’t fair to my son. I never feel like playing with him or taking him to do things. We normally just sit and watch tv, or he plays alone while watching cartoons. Meanwhile, I’m falling in and out of a LIGHT sleep and just getting aggravated at anything being loud or him jumping on things etc. I really wanna get on some kinda antidepressants or anxiety meds, but I only have family planning Medicaid, so I know it won’t be covered, so I’m basically screwed. I want to try exercises and things to help with my mood, but I never begin because I never am motivated enough. Someone, please give me some advice and no judgment, please.


Get a weighted blanket. It could help you sleep better and that will improve your mood. Eat healthy, that can bring you down when you aren’t eating healthy food. And yes exercise. Even if it’s mainly housework, your body has to be healthy to be happy. Those things aren’t free either, but they’re cheaper than most medications.

Weed/meds :sweat_smile: helped me out a lot

See if your county mental health office can help, most are set up to accommodate low income people.

Dont really have advice but here to see the advice as I feel the same way

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It sounds like maybe you might have depression. You should go talk to your doctor

Sounds like prayer would help here. I depend on Jesus


Sounds more like bipolar/anxiety like my daughter. Go to your local Community Service Board for counseling and help.

Following for advice as well. You are not alone mama :heart:

Counselling is what I had to do.

You need to see a doctor ASAP.

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You sound like you might have a little bit of postpartum depression with anxiety which the postpartum depression for me was hard enough it took me awhile to figure out I was doing it now that you do it you can be somewhere other than that the way I deal with my anxiety is I smoke bud. I don’t really get depressed too much but I have my UPS and my downs and I just make sure that I get through the day it’s okay to cry it’s okay to apologize to your kids when you yell let them know that you were wrong they have feelings too but you can’t ignore yours either sorry about the run-on sentence I use the microphone

If it’s something you’re comfortable with I’d recommend looking into medical marijuana, depending on where you live


I can tell you that the anxiety isn’t what’s making you angry, it’s the depression… the short ticks and no motivation is probably mild depressive disorder… try something small at first (going on a walk maybe just around the block) stay away from caffeine (coffee, energy drinks ect) take a bath with baby and have a little play time in there. Try meditation or yoga. But mostly just try to push through it, you can’t let it control you.

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And when I get too anxious and I need to go calm myself down I let my kids know that I need a timeout Mommy needs to calm down and that they did not do anything wrong

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This sounds a bit like post partum depression. It started after you had baby, I would assume it would be covered due to it being about baby, go get seen for that.

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Get your thyroid checked


I’ve been in your shoes. I know it sounds dumb but changing your thinking really helps. When you have a negative thought, think of something good. Like “I hate my freaking life and I suck as a mom.” Say to yourself “eff that! I’m an amazing mom. I love my kid. He’s happy. I’m smart, funny, a good listener…” etc. And this is an example. Do it all day long if you have to. Think of things you are grateful for, even if it’s for a hot cup of coffee. Also, yoga or any type of exercise has helped. So has journalling…even just writing “F off” helps or doodling. Deep breathing when you feel yourself get elevated. Also, Valerian Root has helped me in the past. You can find it with vitamins anywhere.

It sucks, I know. But making any steps towards self care and self love will make a difference. You’re worth it! I hope this helps! Best wishes and many blessings to you!


Honestly my whole life I have been treated for depression and acute anxiety and the last yr or so I just kept losing control and thinking my anxiety was out of control but I went and got diagnosed as Bipolar depressive and with new meds I feel like a new woman! Like I don’t even recogonize myself anymore bc I feel happy and in control of my emotions when I look in the mirror. Only my opinion. Prayers that it gets better!


Try going to the health department. They make you pay on a sliding scale depending on your income. You could call to see how much they would charge first. I think you should speak to someone about this. Do it for yourself as well as your son. Hope things get better for you.

Sounds like you need a mood stabilizer

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Look into a little research about it online. It’s not common to last so long, but it can. And call your insurance to confirm it would be covered to see a doctor about it. Be assertive and clear you did not have these problems before baby and even though you are a great mommy who cares for all his basic needs, you’re struggling very hard with being the mommy you want to be due to these problems and need help

Need to see a doctor, counseling…as for exercises to help…i used yoga…and no yoga isnt all about weird body positions it is a lot of mind/brain help.

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Get help and also you can do it. Be strong for you and your child and pull yourself out. Working out is a start…it will help your mind in the meantime. Anyone have suggestions on how she can get discounted meds? Also see if you can talk to someone about your feelings. I hope you find your way soon my dear.

Local clinic would be able to assist.your emotional state will always have an impact on your son’s emotional state. Can’t you take him to daycare?

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Just to breathe and release.

If your diagnosed with a mental health issue you should qualify for true Medicaid talk to your dr

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Zoloft and CBD gummies! Life changer!

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Counseling helped me so much

I go through this daily I have coping skills help physical activities to take the anger out I clean go outside… I’m on a couple mood stabilizer to help… you can use the app boosterbuddy it helps me soothing sounds

I know someone already said it, but I want to also suggest getting your thyroid checked. Do you have cravings for salty foods or want to chew ice? Do you find that you’re often cold when no one else is? Is your hair brittle or falling out? What about your nails? Look up symptoms for hypothyroidism and see if that may be something you need to get checked. I was diagnosed at 12 and my hormones were absolutely out of control besides what’s normal for a child that age. I was really struggling to control my anger. Once I was put on medication, i started to really level out. If you get your levels checked and they’re fine, I would definitely see a doctor about depression. It sounds a lot more like a depression issue than an anxiety issue. Please dont let this go unresolved, momma. Your little one needs you and you need you❤

I just got put on fluoxetine for my anxiety o was going crazy worrying bout everything just always irritated

Get your thyroid checked. I felt just like that. This was before I was a mom. I’d lash out and get moody. Once I got on meds I was better.

That sounds like depression. But you could also be bipolar. That’s how I am when I’m not on my meds. And I hate taking medicine. But you have to do what you have to do to get and feel better as well as for your family. Go see a psychiatrist and get an evaluation done. Get on meds. Figure out which one(s) work for you. My sister is also bipolar and tried to use marijuana as medicine. It did not work. She got on meds and feels so much better.
I would recommend medications in pill form.

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You need to get some things in check & realize you’re a mother & your child comes first!! Whether you feel like it or not GET UP AND PLAY WITH HIM, TAKE HIM OUT TO DO THINGS!! Now, I’m not being rude or judging I swear but I’m telling you, if you just start doing these things it will help! I was in the same boat but I just sucked it up & started doing things with my child & getting out more with her & it helped immensely! Seeing her happy made me sooo happy & made a huge difference with my mood & anxiety. Also, Medicaid should cover certain anxiety/antidepressants so it’s worth asking your doctor or calling your insurance to find out. All in all my advice is just get out of your funk & do the things you think you don’t want to do & you might find out you enjoy doing it & it helps! I understand it’s hard to actually get this done but YOU GOT THIS!!


Take a kick boxing class or go out for a run to clear your head.

If you are prescribed medications ask the doctor to put you on something that has a coupon for! Zoloft (not saying this is the specific medication you need) has a coupon on the GoodRx website to get for under $10! This goes for anyone who is on any medication, always check GoodRx for coupons for your medications.

My anxiety attacks its actual health concerns high blood pressure heart palpitations 150+ heart rate

Jesus Christ. He will can give you a new heart.

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I feel the same way.

Also try checking your blood sugar! I feel this way when my sugar is out of whack and I’m type one diabetic

Talk to your doctor about taking Zoloft

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Not sure what climate you live in but a daily dose of fresh air and sunshine will give you an added boost. Setting an intention to get outdoors and move each day will do wonders for your health and well being.


Work out some. I was like this too. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and also this book by Claire Weekes: Hope and Help for your Nerves. It’s a little outdated but it covers everything.

You could also try a part time job. The SAHM life isn’t for everyone.

If you have family planning Medicaid I doubt the cover this sort of thing because family planning and pregnancy Medicaid are two different things(pregnancy medicaid covers pp depression ect).But you most likely do have a clinic close to you that would let you pay on a sliding scale based off your income. They should be able to help you. A lot of mental health clinics off sliding scale as well. If you cant find anything by searching google call your local health dept or human resources and they should be able to give you a list of resources to help.

Seek out clinics with sliding scales. There are doctor’s offices and behavioral healthcare clinics that have them. I can be seen for free at the local behavioral health clinic and for around $20 at the doctors office.
A lot of meds will fall under the $4 plan at walmart and if they don’t seek out a walgreens and ask about 340B program.

I have ptsd and anxiety. I get angry when my anxiety hits. I find that listening to music helps me a lot.

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You need to see your doctor about this issue. It could be from hormonal problems. Get it checked out.

I’m tired all the time, and deal with horrible anxiety. And get mad too, but I put in all my effort for my child. It’s not about how I feel it’s about if my daughter is taken care of. U gotta fight what u feel even if u dont want to. It’s okay to have bad days but just complaining and wishing isnt going to change anything, take baby steps in becoming better.

I have this problem. I am on anxiety meds and have found loading up on coffee during the day helps me feel more energized and less cranky because I dont feel as tired.


  1. take a walk with your son! Go to the park!
  2. practice positivity. Like literally just say “good job son’s name for playing nicely.” Do it regularly. Practice saying it for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it feels false at first… Just do it.
  3. Find something that you’re good at. If you feel like you aren’t good at anything, pick something simple. Try to keep a succulent alive. Color.
  4. Don’t give up on insurance. But also don’t think that meds will fix the problem.
  5. Write a list for what you and your son will do throughout the day. Do your best to keep with it.
  6. GABA is a supplement that I’ve found helpful. Check it out on Amazon and give it a try.

thank u for the badge

Do you have a good friend?? Or someone to talk to…sometimes folks don’t know somethings going on. .either way find a support group to help you …that’s why they are there…

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For me dealing with this is hard. For me turning on some music sometimes helps. Also meditation. It doesnt have to b all crazy or take forever. That helps me a TON. There r some guided meditations on YouTube and also some apps for it. Good luck. U will get thru this

Can you see any type of doctor under your Medicaid plan? If yes, you need to tell them your symptoms and ask for help. They may even be able to help you get low or no cost medication. You have nothing to lose by asking.


I have the same issue daily…also cant afford to see a psych. it’s hard to even shower…I feel your pain tho I have no advice to give


I suffer as well. I wish you nothing but healing and self love. I also have medicaid and have no clue where to turn or call for help when I’m ready. Xoxoxooxox deep breaths and just ; try your best. Reach out to loved ones if possible.


There are free and sliding scale clinics around. Call some places and find out if you can be seen.

A lot of States have programs for mental health that are free to the general public, the problem is people don’t do the research. Talk to your local health department about free mental health services ASAP.

Sounds like a habit of automatic negative response. I tackled that with hypnotherapy and mindfulness. It takes practice but usually u can learn it fast and understand u have to break the pattern programmed into your brain.


First huge hugs being a mom is hard enough with out depression and anxiety. Second try looking into natural ways to help with your anxiety and depression. Like the types of food you eat and exercise. Tiny steps are still steps. Don’t beat yourself up. Hug your little one and let him know your trying. Don’t give up momma.


One word,
you’d think getting all popped up only relieves pain, but thats wrong. You experience euphoria and dopamine gets released into your brain. Its so wonderful. My life has been easier. Give it a try.

Please have your vitamin b12 levels checked. This sounds all too familiar. Best wishes.


Happens to me as well, I’m still learning to control the anger by walking away, breathing and punching something. Lol. By that I mean a punching bag or something u won’t feel like crap afterwords for breaking or hurting yourself. It’s not good to put a cap over the bottle of anger. I’ve let it explode a few times, not pretty. Talk to family or friends, or write your feelings down. Go for a walk. It is really reprogramming your brain to be positive and just do what you gotta do. It’s not easy but do it for yourself and that baby boy.

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Try removing most of the carbs from your diet. It worked for me. Hugs :hugs:

Same i got on med for it feel much better now …maybe you need a sleep study also? I’m supposed to go have one because I’m so tired just haven’t made the appt yet I hesitate wearing a mask to sleep with aghhh …how about. Cbd oil it does help or st johns wart its cheap and sold in stores… I wish you luck I know feeling that way is horrible!!!

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First, prayers for you. You ARE NOT a bad person, or a bad Mom. See what your Medicaid DOES cover, as far as Drs. A dr might have some resources. Also, check your area for low income/sliding scale counselors who can talk with you and get a better idea of what exactly you’re dealing with. It may or not be an issue that requires medication. Counselors also have a LOT of resources, they could give you options and/or guide you in the right direction. Good luck to you and your son.

I used a company called Rx outreach when we didn’t have insurance. You can google it and call their number. The meds get directly mailed to you at little to no cost and they just ask what your household income is, they don’t even check it. They take it by your word. Of course you will have to go to your Dr. and have them call in your prescription to them.

I smoke really amazing pot and forget why I’m anxious then laugh and cook and clean and enjoy my life again💜

When u get your annual checkup tell them what’s happening. ASK for an antidepressant! And ask how you can get a discount on the RX. I’ve been through this. You have to be your own advocate. Many generic prescription only cost a few dollars a month. I’m lucky enough to have a pharmacy at my clinic and I pay $3 for my antidepressant. Just tell the Dr. How you feel. Tell them you are not yourself anymore. Tell them you want to feel normal again! Any Dr can prescribe an antidepressant ( my gyno did) you don’t necessarily have to see a psychiatrist.

No meds. Maybe just natural remedies. I suffer as well but learned you manifest your own destiny, so how ever long we have left on this earth we must enjoy every minute and appreciate life. It can be taken from us at any moment. Pharmaceutical companies push drugs and make us believe we have ailments that need narcotics to function normally,but all they are doing is creating generations of chemically dependent robots.

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I feel like I wrote this letter. I struggle with the exact same thing daily. Use your medicaid, it covers more than you think. Some doctors may even give samples. CBD oil may also be an option for you. Try clinics that have sliding fee scales, they may be more cost effective.


You need to go to counseling


Research SMI If you can get declared SMI you will allways have help they won’t turn you away.

This was me for so many years! It was the worst hardest cycle! I now have 4 kids but at the time I had two young boys. When my sister committed suicide I just couldn’t get it right. Then I would be depressed about being unmotivated sleep a lot… then when I was up and moving I would get to yelling because everything was a mess! HORRIBLE cycle! I felt useless worthless contemplated taking my own life because I felt so worthless.
Forward to 2020
I knew I had more in me, god didn’t let me feel worthless for no reason. That feeling was my energy letting me know I was meant for so much more. I started with counseling. I learned I had so much trauma in my past from childhood. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I had a reason I was such a mess! I had to learn how to label emotions-that’s how deprived I was as a child. I had to learn my reactions were a response to my childhood. So I learned to process emotions, coping skills and techniques, EMDR training, and it was worth it! It was a lot of work and commitment but I would do it all over again! I believe my purpose is to break the generational curses on my family.
In the immediate I would find professional help.
(Quick insert, I tried meds early on and hated the way they made me feel)
If you can’t afford professional help find a friend who you trust and have her help. For me hiring a cleaner to help with the immediate chaos helped a lot. Then I could focus on me.

If you can get your doctor’s visit covered then you can get your prescriptions cheap by using good rx

Counseling and i make sure to do things by myself. I was a single mom for 6 years. Routine and consistent bedtime so i could have alone time after they went to bed. I also take turmeric and eat decent food. Junky foos has a lit to do w mood. Im a yeller and my anxiety also cones out as anger. It sucks but im getting better.

Get a book for cognitive behavior therapy. It works great. It’s conscious choice. You have to stop the negative thoughts. Rewire your brain.

Natural antidepressants until you feel better, too.

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Listen sometimes just.getting away from your son and the situation helps go.for a long walk meet a friend for coffee if your part of a fitness center go work out join a yoga team yoga very.good but still go see your doctor maybe he or she can advise what anxiety.can affect u in many ways nerves get the best then u blow up. You need a break so by all means take it good luck


Get out of the house and get some sunlight for both of you! At least 30 mins a day. Go for a walk or just sit and watch him play in back yard. Start exercising even if u start out by walking for just 5 mins a day. It will do u both some good. Then go to your Dr and ask to run tests on any vitamin/mineral/hormone imbalances/defiencies u may have. Tel her what’s going on with you


It would be really good for you to really look at what you have around you. I belong to a group, bereaved parents, child loss. It’s so difficult every day with grief. Please find joy in yourself and your son. He is there right in front of you. You are so lucky.

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Your ob/gyn can prescribe an antidepressant. Let them know that you have limited prescription coverage and they can find something that is cheaper. Sam’s club has lots of antidepressants on their $4 &$10 lists. It could help you so much so that you’re not so angry all the time.

Try yoga. I find it calms my mind. I look forward to classes. Wish I could go more often!

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt.11:28
The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed and a stronghold in times of trouble. Ps9:9
The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Ps.34:18
You turned my wailing into dancing: you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy. Ps.30:11
1Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.
Here’s some more if you want to read more: Ps40:2
Is41:10 I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my right hand.
You are the apple of God’s eye and children are a gift…and the devil has come to steal kill and destroy
You are stronger than you know
Smarter than you think
Braver than you imagine
Big hugs!

Cannabis will curb that.


Look into area health department. Some counties have mental health treatment for those uninsured. They usually go by income & having a sliding fee scale. They can also help with prescription prices.

Take a walk. Color. Force yourself to do new things. Form better habits. You are capable of all this. Pills are not the answer to everything. Finding out why you are so angry would be a good start.

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Girl, same!! I’m going through a forgivness workbook to relieve my triggers.
Sugar, dairy and alcohol are inflammatory depressants.
Get out of the house, even if its rainy. Dress you both up and walk around outside!! You need fresh air

Lexapro works for me.

Light exercise, cannabis, taking time out for yourself, even if it’s only a few minutes a day. Fresh air and sunshine help out too. Going for a nature hike to chill out is also good

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I knew I needed some mental health problems so I went to a doctor and they said I didn’t have the right medical but they had me call to see if I could change it to Molina which is what they took and they let me. Maybe try that.

Sounds like depression. I’ve been on medication for years . . Works for me. See a professional

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EMDR therapy… give it a try. It retrains your brain to get past old traumas and helps you think more positively.
Also practice gratitude… every day. It does make you feel better.

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Dr get her to refer you to a Mental health unit our hospitals have them or a Mental health care plan through your Dr to get a Pychologist

Thyroid and vitamin D level

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Talk to your dr tell them how you are feeling they are there to help. I tried cbd oil but no luck made my kidneys hurt so I talked to my dr. she put me on Zoloft and I’m doing much better my emotions are under control I am calmer and less agitated . What works for me might not work for you but it’s important to find what works for you. Go to your dr and stop making excuses just go.

Yes sounds like a chemical issue B12 could differently help but a better sleep that’s really restorative also which b12 might help too.

Go to therapy/and anger management.

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