How do you handle your baby liking your husband more?

How do you handle your baby liking your husband more … it’s crushing my soul . My husband is a pilot and away often so when he comes home my 6 month old is all smiles, so happy and only wants him. I understand why he is excited but it just stinks when I am putting in more effort generally.


When a woman has a baby, it becomes less about her and more about the baby during the first year. Your 6 month old interacts with whomever is interacting with him/her. You and the child have bonded and that bond should be strong. Please don’t project your “feelings” onto the way the baby is learning and responding in its environment; it does not have the capability to “like” one more than another yet. It may like the way the father interacts with him/her more than the way the mom does but that doesn’t mean it likes him more. Begin now to read about babies and how you can better understand them. .

This will ebb and flow. Enjoy watching him get to be a dad. Enjoy a little time for yourself. This is healthy and appropriate.

I’d be so happy and I’d just love to see the love between them.

I handle by being thankful


Get over it!! He’s a baby and as you said your husband is away more often so he’s just happy to see another face.

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Be honored!! That’s a true blessing for your baby to have two loving parents!! Don’t be jealous.


Grow up . The baby sees him less and is happy when they finally get to see them they see you all the time .


Get over it. Let the child love her daddy.

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He misses him. I don’t think it’s that he likes you more. Sounds like he doesn’t get to see him often.

That’s how it’ll often be. The parent not around gets a fond heart


I think it’s normal to feel a little jealous or take it personal when your baby/child is preferring the other parent but you just have to remind yourself just because their love for their dad is showing strong at the moment doesn’t mean their love for you has diminished any. It’s not always about you. They can have their bonding moments and should

My husband is our toddler granddaughters favorite person. She lights up when he comes into the house, and so does he. He plays with her constantly, which I am very happy about, since I have multiple health issues and haven’t the ability to. She comes to me for safety and comfort. It’s a joy for children to have love in their lives, period.


He may not love him more. It’s more he see him less. So he’s happy to spend what time he can with dad.
Mine were all breastfeed so . I may of had a unfair advantage over my husband. :rofl:

I think your baby is just happy to see their dad… I think it’s strange you don’t take joy & pride in that. I have loved our babies loving my husband! Plus when they want him that means I get a break :smile:


My 6 month old has been a daddy’s girl from the start. She has me all the time and knows mom is there. Her dad works long hours and his time home is a treat to her. I love watching her with him. It’s not that baby loves dad more.


Grow up! Don’t be jealous. Be happy your baby has a daddy it adores.


The importance of the moment is the attention of the child. The longevity of the love is the attention given to the child. The child will remember both and decide what value succeeded the other.

Give him the baby and go get some alone time and relax


Welcome to parent hood. Lol. Sadly this will go on for years. Moms often get the brunt of it. Wait till they are teenagers. It gets worse. Not to worry. They know who the primary is. You will also be #1 in their heart. It just might not always look or feel like that. Chin up.


It changes as they grow. My little girl was such a daddy’s girl for the 1st 3 years, but the last 2 years you can’t get her off my hip. Just keep filling your child with love momma, that’s all you can do.

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It’s cause he is away. It’s not personal. No need to be jealous. I spend all day with my kid. Hubs comes home It’s like I’m invisible. I just take my me time lol. Break.


You should consider yourself lucky for your son to have two parents that love him and are there, also that he doesn’t make strange with his dad being gone for work all the time.


Oh Honey enjoy the downtime. Go shopping, meet friends for coffee, get a manicure or whatever. Just enjoy the freedom that your baby is allowing you. Hubby will fly off again, soon and then it’s just the two of you again😊

I heard somewhere that babies can get attached to daddy and say Dad first because they see you as a part of them and not a separate person yet! I always thought that was cute! Babies don’t see the effort you put in unfortunately, and things change as they get older! :heart:


It’s okay…. It’s great they get that time when he’s home. If this bothers you…just wait lol.

You’re a brat😆 let them have their time. As you said he’s away often. Why don’t you go out get some fresh air and let them have time to themselves and you go do something by yourself.


I’d be happy that our child loved seeing him.
I feel like you’re angry at your spouse for leaving you with all the work of raising a child. Don’t take that out on your baby.

Meh. It will change in a month or so. This is totally normal. Hang in there! I mean, so many women would give anything for their baby to have a father around who cares. He is doing something right! :slightly_smiling_face:

give it 5 min… youll be the favorite… kids go thru stages …

That doesn’t mean he likes him more. That means he’s happy he’s home.

I enjoy some quiet time. Take a bath. Poop in peace. Take a nap. Every weekend my 15 month old is all about daddy. Seeing them together makes me love my husband even more.

Welcome to motherhood… Buckle up and keep arms and legs inside car at all times.


It’s okay.

Don’t get too down about it.

Your baby loves you just the same, but Dad putting in an appearance is like a fun surprise.

People are right - it’s novelty, and happiness at the return of a beloved face.

And I know it pangs at you a little , and that’s okay too, just know that it’s totally fine - take a breath, mama.

As the others said, best thing you can do is engage in some self care; take a nap, or feed your soul while dad & bébé get some time.


Enjoy it while it lasts cos you won’t be rid of them soon

Wow, you can’t be serious…

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You handle it by feeling joy over watching the two people you love the most in this world find happiness and peace within one another.

Both my girls prefer my husband and I get it. It tracks. I like him better then I like myself too :rofl:.


My son in law worked out of town for the first 6 years of his life . He was gone 3 weeks then home for a week . My grandson was the same way. My daughter looked at it as a welcome break from being the only parent . She got to sleep in and go shopping alone if she wanted . It turned out great for them

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Umm, he only sees Daddy every few weeks let it go and let Dad have his time when he’s home :roll_eyes:

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He’s tired of you! And probably needs a break :laughing:

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Go with it :laughing: :rofl: :joy: maybe baby needs daddy more at night so mommy can rest :laughing:

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I can’t imagine being jealous of my own husband


My daughter is almost 15 and still likes her Dad better than me :rofl: I have just excepted it and learned to be grateful so many little girls don’t have a Daddy and mine has the best!!!

Guilt trip your baby into liking you more. Gaslight him.

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He is away for a reason, he is a pilot he is working. It’s not like his out and about and Is never around for the fun of it. You spend everyday with the child so when dad is home who cares if child is happy to see him they obviously have a bond and your child obviously misses dad and is happy to see him. What do you want? Do you want The child to be upset around the dad. Seriously be greatful woman.

It will go back and forth

This is what you do. You let him hang out with daddy and you sleep in, go shopping, do whatever tf you want and can’t do when daddy is gone lol.


Baby just misses her daddy

My toddler does this and I take advantage of it being me time :laughing::laughing: he is my 4th baby though

wow ppl are being really nasty. The fact is you work hard and he’s gone and it takes a toll on you. However, your baby doesn’t love him more, they just don’t see him as often, so they’re excited to see him. Remember they are a little tiny person with their own feelings and it’s not personal, it makes sense. Try to see if you can get some help so you’re not so emotionally exhausted.


It’s just the newness and different person. I found my babies were more social at 6month then got clingy again.

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Trying to make someone like you more than someone else, usually does the opposite lol. It just sounds like baby is excited to see dad come home.

How to handle your own feelings of jealousy starts with understanding why you want to be liked more. It sounds like there is some resentment towards hubby because mom feels like she’s doing more work.


What a weird thing to choose to be upset about :rofl:

My babies always wanted me until they got to a certain age and than all they want is daddy. He gets to be the fun guy and to be missed you are there all the time and the disciplinarian I wouldnt take it to heart if you left for awhile I am sure your baby would miss you and be smiles with you too.

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I hate to compare this to how my dog likes my boyfriend more than me, but yeah, I was a little jealous & hurt. Lol

Honestly, kids go through stages. As they get older, it could change.
If you think about, it very precious. Your husband is obviously your favorite person, that’s why you married him. So it’s cute the your kid feels that way too.

(NO replacement for mama’s love, don’t worry, you’ll have your time to shine.)

Fathers are so important especially in the lives of boys

How could a mother be jealous over a child’s love for the father. Be blessed, many children dont have fathers to love.


Likes him more lol my goodness it’s a baby excited to see their dad after him being gone lol


Yalllll are so rude. I don’t think she means this malicious. You guys tend to forget postpartum can bring on these feelings. They’re natural and we ss mothers have a natural instinct to protect and love our babies! Jealousy isn’t always bad. It tends to also mean that mama is loving and protective!!!

This sounds like a young and first time mom to me, those days are so wild and you are all trying to figure out how to navigate this journey. Sending her love. Babies can only communicate so many ways. He may laugh and smile when dad comes around (I feel like most dad’s get this reaction from their kids and tend to be more “goofy”). But instead of laughing as much with you, he communicates his love with snuggles, coos, etc. I don’t have a lot of advice as I don’t remember feeling this way, but please check in with yourself and your mental health and make sure you aren’t experiencing any PPD or PPA. That I DID experience and it would make me feel all kinds of ways.


He’s away for work and you are upset your baby loves him so much that she gets super happy when he is actually home? And it’s partly because you “put in more effort”? As a child who has dealt with a parent being jealous of the other parent… this makes me sad for child. As a parent… I’ll never ever understand this.


Because you’re another part of your child they don’t see you as mom yet they see you as themselves and around you all day every day, and dad’s probably gone for more than a day or two if not more at a time

Stop being jealous. It took both to make the baby and it takes both to love and raise it. It is normal for baby to gravitate toward dad because dad isnt around as much. As he gets older it will level out. As far as your motherly effort its called being a MOM


It come and goes with kids! Daddys the special toy that isnt there everyday!!

Her dad got all the firsts. Said I love you to him first, crawled to him, laughed out loud for him first :roll_eyes: she still loves to snuggle him on the sofa etc and leaves me like a spare part :woman_shrugging:t2: dads are just as important and I know when she’s sick or sad I’m the one she wants the most, was same when she was a baby. We can’t be their everything. Dads need some love too :blush:

I rang my mum crying about this once when my first baby was about 4 months, I’d been trying for like 3hrs to keep her happy and as soon as hubby walked in baby was laughing, I left the room crying and rang my mum, she laughed and went “oh darling…welcome to parenting”


Hes like a shiny toy. Of.course she’s excited to see him is he’s not home often. This is post partum brain. Deep breath. I know it feels bad but it’s not real or true. It’s a false feeling that feels logical. But your baby loves you and is just excited to see and spend time with another human. It’s ok mama.

Stop being jealous. Let them have that bond. My daughter perfers me over her dad and my son perfers dad over me. At least they have a dad and have that bond most kids don’t even have that these days.

Oh my dear Lord …Are you kidding me? I would be over the moon, this is his FATHER. How lucky are you and the baby. The baby adores you.
He just missed his daddy. I love, love, love that he love his dada, daddy, papi.

He missed his father because he doesn’t see him as often.

Our first girl did this she hit the 6 month mark and boom she was stuck to daddy like glue. I was completely fine with it because hey its my husband, now i probably would have been mad of it was another woman. But she definitely had her daddy moment but then ot was back to mommy.

Seriously? It’s a baby. Your husband is often gone so of course the baby is going to want dad because baby is always home with you. You’re both putting effort because you’re at home with baby taking care of the household while your husband is a pilot and flying planes which is bringing home the money for everything. Don’t take it so personal. I’m going to take a guess and say this is your first baby.

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Lol it’s normal. Buckle up it gets worse.
My grand son said to me when he was 5 “oma, do you know who I love more, u or opa”?
I said “no who”? He said “it’s opa”!
No filter on that boy.

She prolly misses her dad and knows she doesn’t see him often

Stop taking it personally

There are no words for this except grow up - that’s ridiculous


I have 5 kids. Some like me, some like him. Eventually they will not like either one of us. Lolololol. They can like daddy more, it’s ok.


Its one of those “suck it up” things
Your child will hang off your hubby
As he/She doesn’t understand why dad goes away a lot
When my kids were little
Their dad was in the navy
And was often away
My kids stuck to him like glue
Quite frankly I was glad to have some me time
To be honest
You do come across as being jealous
Although I’m not sure if you are jealous of your child or your hubby

Do you not want to be near someone who’s been away?..

You’ll be alright baby’s not going anywhere :smile:

Think of it the other way around as he probably hates that he’s away and feels awful about it. He probably misses you both like crazy. Enjoy the break you get while the father is doting on your baby. Sounds like your little one is lucky to have you both.


When you take the selfishness out of the situation then all you will see is the love your child has for the partner you chose and their happiness means more than yours.


Sounds like you are jealous!!

Please seek therapy so this feeling doesn’t turn into resentment towards your child or husband.

My husband is gone 6 weeks and is only home 4 days to a week depending on his job. When he comes home all our kids gravitate toward him and that’s wonderful to me…can u imagine being gone for weeks and your child cries or wants nothing to do with you when u come home? Also when ye is home he does all the work with the kids and I get to relax.

Baby only seems to like him more because he’s more or less a novelty. The same way their face lights up going to the park you don’t go to often. Try not to take it personally, your baby doesn’t prefer your husband, it’s just happy he’s there.


Aww… don’t let it get to you. It’s most likely a stage. Give it time enjoy the brakes. Being the default parent is rough

Because she probably sees him as someone new and exciting more than anothee parental figure with a strong bond
Imagine how your husband would feel being gone from the baby and the baby not caring when he comes home…ENCOURAGE THIS
Dad is missing out on soooo much and so many developmental milestones

Your baby is excited to see dad because he’s not with him everyday, but don’t let it get to you. That same baby will want you when he don’t feel good, needs some cuddling, and for love and comfort. That’s what moms do. Be happy and grateful that 1 your child has you both and 2 that you get to see that bond for yourself. You get to not only grow the bond with your child, but you also get to witness your child’s bond grow for its father as well. That should make your heart happy, enjoy it and enjoy the free time it will give you to take care of yourself or whatever needs done, but always remember to take care of yourself first!! Do something that makes you feel good while baby is with dad.

Postpartum Depression-People may experience:
Mood: anger, anxiety, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or panic attack
Whole body: fatigue, loss of appetite, or restlessness
Behavioral: crying or irritability
Cognitive: lack of concentration or unwanted thoughts
Psychological: depression or fear
Weight: weight gain or weight loss
Also common: insomnia or repeatedly going over thoughts

It won’t be long before the child hates you both equally so don’t worry :joy:


Oh lord lol your kid is excited to see his dad and wants to spend time with him when dad’s home. It’s nothing personal :roll_eyes:

You said it yourself he’s not around often. It’s just the excitement of someone different in the house.
If you were gone a few hours it’s likely baby would be the same way about you.

Baby loves you. Your their mum and they spend every second with you. It’s like showing them a new toy.

Let baby have some daddy time while you relax or go out.
My daughter is a complete daddy’s girl and she’s 4. But when she’s ill or at bed time it’s me only.
It’s a hard adjustment when you are the one putting all the effort in but you’ll realise one day baby does love you a huge amount

Shame on you. Your jealous ego is going to destroy you. How can you feel that way towards your child who demonstrates pure love. Omg :astonished:

How ridiculous! Stop being jealous and let the baby hang out with his father while he’s home. Just because you’re generally putting in all the effort doesn’t mean anything. Good grief!


Good grief. :roll_eyes: That sounds like a marriage with FAIL written all over it.


No need in being jealous. The child sees you more, so in turn your husband the babies Dad is a new person for a while…Take that time a do some self care.

Man this comment section is crazy today… Mean and hateful… She’s a mother, why are we downing a mother and her feelings? “You should feel this way, not that way” thank you for the people being helpful and understanding., and giving her actual comfort.

Stop. Just stop. Baby will go back and forth.
It’s natural.

Stop being jealous. All babies and children and do this. You’re not a bad mom. Just take the time when he’s home for yourself

WOW!!! What a 3rd world problem. SMH!!! You should be thankful that you have the help and take advantage of it. It should be your time to do you- shopping; get nails done; get a massage. Do whatever you want to do and don’t get to or do nothing at all . Just quit acting like a spoiled brat.