How do you prepare yourself for labor?

What have you done to prepare yourself mentally/emotionally for labor? I’m starting to get anxious about it.

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I was so scared too with my first and my mom said well he can’t stay in there lol I have 4 now he will be ok

🤷:rofl: I refused to think about it at all, even while in labor and giving birth. :joy::joy: I feel like the more you think about it, the worse it gets

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I took a natural birthing class (I wanted to go without an epidural) and I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Both were super helpful and I was able to have both kids unmedicated.

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I have delivered 5 and still get anxious and nervous :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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I didn’t really get to prepare my first came a week early but I honestly was happy because I got to meet him once week early. Pregnant with my second I’m just freaked as I don’t know if the father will come with me or if anyone will be able to come with me as everyone I know has kids

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I was scared before I had my first especially being 16, and the night I went into labor all my fears went away, I got excited! I was ready! I was going to go all natural too but when those contractions got too intense I screamed for that epidural and it made it extremely better, felt like a long poop for 20 minutes :joy: I’m due in November with my second and I have no fears about it at all I’m ready to give birth this time I know I want all the pain meds and epidural :joy:

Make sure you got a bag packed and ready to go I had one in the house incase I had to go any other way then by my car and one in the car, decide on the bigger things now like are you going to have an epidural or not, whose gonna be in the room etc. Just have a basic plan down and you’ll be fine

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I’ve had three-
Induced with my first. Went super easy.
My second I was terrified, if I waited 5 more minutes I would have delivered her at home or in the car on the way.
My third was even worse, had an emergency c-section.
Tubes tied after last one…

I’m more of a tough love person. I told myself I would get on the other side of labor eventually so suck it up and get through it. But, understandably, not everyone is ok with that approach. I got mean while I was pregnant. Ironically, my daughter is a bag of drama and emotions. :joy:

Honestly just breath and don’t let yourself get worked up. I went in to every pregnancy with the understanding that when it came time to have the baby the best plan was to go with the flow. Things happen and you just have to roll with it. Music can be helpful and soothing and also the main thing I can say is have the right person in the room especially during your first birth. My hubby has not been with me for any of the births of our 3 kids but that was our choice because he can’t handle seeing me in pain and well after number one he needed to be with the kid/kids while the next was being born.

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Lamaze helped me so much with breathing techniques and a focal point! No drugs, natural births, just breath thru contractions! Then push like hell so you can finally meet your lil babe

I just told myself: this is going to hurt, I know recovery can be a pain, big diapers are in your future, this delivery is going to go the way it’s going to go … so just go with it and do what’s best for you and the baby. Also at least five people are going to have their hands up there. Lol. :woman_shrugging:t2: Oh yeah and women are strong and I can do this shit. :muscle:t2: plus you get to finally see that sweet face. :heart_eyes:

Try not to think about it, it’s going to happen. All I focused on was wondering what my baby was going to look like!

Remember it’s not a disease, it goes away. Push like youre pooping.

I did nothing other than thinking about my baby girl being in my arms. I didnt watch videos I didnt take classes I chose not to focus on that. I was nervous and scared of course but I was more ready to meet her and be a mom than worried about delivery. We are made for this. You got this! And honestly it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be.

I was extremely nervous having my new born after 6 years later from my daughter. But trust my girl you will be just fine n the nurses are there to support you :heart: it will happen fast n wen your bby arrives you gonna be happy

I didnt worry about it all…until my 9th month when my last ultrasound picked up twins…and the doctor mentioning possible c~section…i went home and for the rest of the time told myself ill make these babies the old fashion way…but that didnt happen…i went into labor and the doctors tried for a few hours and i was only 3cm and then i was prepared for surgery…i felt like holding my belly and run out the operating room…but i came accross a team of such sweet doctors all male lol…and they sat with me and explain everything that i didnt know about…and when they were done i said ok lets do this within 2 hours those babies were in the world…i was so emotional…and eager to meet my boys i didnt think of pain…but being a first time mom kudos to our doctors that are bless with making us comprehend whats best for us and our babies…my boys are 10 years old how times have fly also have a 8 year old…

I as a nervous person was surprisingly calm when I went in to be induced. You’re gonna meet your baby :woman_shrugging:t2: your body knows what to do love

I took several birth classes throughout my pregnancy and gave myself mental pep talks regularly. When I finally went into labor, I was fully prepared and breezed through it all naturally.

I didn’t think about it at all :sweat_smile:

I just told my self that working myself up over it wouldn’t change the fact that it had to be done so there was no need to stress out. And although that didn’t always help because I had been told every possible horror story, I had no pain when it actually came time. The IV stick (not the epidural but the IV when you first start) was more painful than the actual labor/delivery part. The epidural took all pain from me and I couldn’t even tell you what a contraction feels like.

Don’t psych yourself out about it.

Oh girl!!! Talk to yourself and your partner positively. Be ready for worst-case but focus on best-case and don’t stress or worry too much…and breathe deep and slowly during contractions. Get a fitness ball to bounce and sit on and if you can, move around if you can. I was doing squats the first 3 hours of it :sweat_smile: then sat in a hot bath for like 3 hours until it was time to start pushing.
None of this old-school, stay still, fast hyperventilating breathing. Deep and calm breaths. Slow movements.

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My first time, I had my self so psyched out about it that when it actually happened I was like “oh, this is not so bad” and it made me feel like a real badass that I handled it as well as I did so get yourself as worked up as possible, agonize over the scariest parts and the what if’s. Then during labor it’ll be nothing compared to what u have been anxious about and you will do great:)

Talk to people about it a good think walk alot labor will be faster and less painful

Hypnobirthing worked so well

I watched gory birth vids on YouTube :joy: scared the shit out of me, but then when it actually came to birthing, it was nothing like them, like straight forward and fast, I had a water birth and it was amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m due with my 5th. I’ve had four natural, unmedicated (not even gas and air) labours. If there are no complications, this is what worked for me- train like you’re training for a marathon. You need to be fit and you need endurance. Do an absolute shit ton of squats to strengthen your legs and open your hips. Move during labour, help baby into position, stay upright for a quicker, easier labour. Mentally- it’s mind over matter. Yes, or hurts more than anything else you’ll ever do, but it’s a positive pain with a reason and a result. It’s not like having a broken leg. Allow the pain to bring your baby to you, it will all be over soon enough. I didn’t try to stop the pain, I just rode it. Good luck x

As time gets closer, you’ll just be ready to do it. You’ll be miserable enough to get that baby out!

I have had 6 preg with #7 now. Just try not to think about it. Then in labor tell yourself the harder you push the quicker it’s over. (All six born vaginal and no epidural or pain med)

I did tonnes of reading and felt like I was prepared for all possibilities. I knew all my options.

Have a beautifully made plan of using breathing techniques to get through the pain… But know these plans never work and the drugs are awesome :grin::grin:

Well the way I looked at it was this baby is coming one way or another. I thought I was prepared and wanted the epidural. Waited too long to get to the hospital and then the anesthesiologist wasn’t available so I had her with no pain meds and she was huge🥺

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I just kept in mind that it will be probably the most pain I have felt in my life, and surrender to that. Also it is very helpful to remember that contractions don’t actually last that long. When they came on I told myself that this will end and I can breathe through it. Your body will know what to do, try not to get too in your head. You will do great! Make sure you have good support and decide on what is important to you before you go into labor.

Just go with the flow! You got this!! Woman do this ALL the time. Steady breathing helps! I was anxious about it too but I stayed calm when it came time and it really wasn’t even half as bad as I thought it was going to be! It was really an awesome experience and when they lay that sweet baby on your chest it’s the best thing ever!!! Its all so worth it!


Went to check out “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” from the local library. Not where it should be on the shelf, possibly stolen. My bff told me everything I needed to say…“epidural” and “more drugs”. Really all you need to know…:joy: and my little guy came six weeks early, I had no crib, and not a clue what to expect when I was expecting! He’s 18 now. It’ll be fine. Good luck!


I watched YouTube videos and when I got to the hospital I was a nervous wreck, was time to push I kept repeating " I can’t do this or I don’t want to do this along with screaming. " I took no classes I didn’t read any books. Just had my 3rd child and was still scared.i think I was more scared because of covid and my hubby not being aloud back at the hospital after leaving .

There’s plenty of ways to prepare for birth, walking heaps, kegals, practicing breathing techniques and keeping yourself calm, sitting in positions that help baby go lower before you’ve actively started labour. But always remember your plan can change in an instant. Sometimes it’s best to not really have a tight knit one and just go with the flow of your body


I personally don’t think anything I did to try and prepare myself for birth, really prepared me. To be totally honest - don’t walk in with a set in stone “plan”. Trust your body, make sure you are totally comfortable with who is in the room, don’t be afraid to ask for whatever you need. Trust and listen to your body, and be totally up front and vocal about your concerns, needs, and wants (if your wants are attainable)… I wanted some enchiladas, but that was a no go :joy: you will do great. Nobody knows your body better than you! :heart:

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I got asked with my first, aren’t you scared? water broke over kitchen floor, sister-in - law-panicking,my reply it’s something that I haven’t known before,stayed calm and let nature take over, try not to stress, but we are all different.

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I took no classes or anything. But I did check out multiple books from library. One of them I remember the most was to visualize yourself opening like a flower. That helped me. I also stated as calm as possible and breathing steady. The breathing helps keep oxygen amd blood flowing to help your body function properly. And conserve your energy, screaming and carring on won’t help your body.

I was not prepared. I was a worry wart. Extremely anxious. Still couldn’t even believe I was about to become a mom.

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For me… do :clap:not​:clap:watch​:clap:videos​:clap:
Out of sight, out of mind. I do NOT want to see what happens down there. But practicing breathing techniques is super important. And being VERY clear with your spouse about your expectations of them in the delivery room. For my husband, he knows 1. I don’t wanna know when I poop. Don’t even make a face I said. Just keep it to yourself. 2. Rub my back. A lot. 3. Don’t keep asking me what I need. Cause if I need something ill tell you. But when I’m in the middle of a contraction and you’re asking me questions and I can barely breathe? Yeah that’s gonna drive me crazy.
Kegels are important for keeping everything together during/ after.


Just remember that as soon as your precious baby is born the pain stops like a switch. And be open minded with your birth plan; don’t put extra pressure on yourself Good luck xx

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My motto for labour was “positive mind, positive labour” and honestly that worked just with that. You can’t control what’s going to happen, so best go with the flow so you can’t get too into your own head with what’s happening!
Good luck mama

I’m a mom to 6. I’ve had natural birth, epidural and with my last a c-section. There is no way to prepare for it. Just trust your body. It’s work, but you get such a beautiful blessing in the end which makes it all worth it. You can do it. Good luck.

I watch hypnobirthing videos on YouTube to practice breathing and help me to relax, it worked wonders with my first and kept me calm and focused

Breathe and just imagine that precious baby in your arms :slight_smile: I thought about what he was doing, what is he thinking, I hope he isn’t scared, how I can’t wait to see him…all that thinking plus more thoughts were running through my mind. Then I got the epidural and there was my baby in my arms. :heart:

I tried to not stress about it and keep my favorite snacks closes. It probably didn’t help that my husband was playing Prey while waiting for the contractions to get 5 minutes apart. When we got to the hospital we had music going almost the whole time. The nurses loved that we played music for my son as we waited for his arrival.

I dont think you can actually prepare yourself. I have had 2 and both were very different…went well but very different. 1st was 3 weeks early with induction and was in labor for 36 hours. 2nd came in 6 hours from 1st contraction until birth at exactly 40 weeks. Had epidural with both but I would say to mentally understand that no matter what you are about to become the most important.person in your little ones life and that is awesome! You are about to give life! Anything can change in an instant during birth of a child so be ready to work hard and do tell yourself that you are doing a good job! Your body will do what it needs to do!!!

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There’s no way too prepare for it I mean enless you had kids before maybe. I only had my one and only son…at 41wks induced which ended up being an emergency c-section so I was scared out of my mind lol

Personally I would find and try Birthing and Breathing positions that you know feel comfortable to you… trying to relax having showers and and just try and not stress the body tells you when your ready and no one birth is the same… and Epidurals definitely help you feel less pain… I had for Kids and only used the Gas for pain… massages and rubbing sore hips help… your the boss… lol good luck hun

Meditation to help with the anxiety leading up to it. Talk to your dr and go over your birth plan and how to handle thing if something happens unexpectedly. Find a focal object to have with you during labor no matter what happens, and use that same object during the previously mentioned meditation leading up to the big day.

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The more relaxed you are, the better it goes. Has everything to do with adrenaline (which does not help in labor) and endorfines, (you are relaxed, so are your muscles and they aren’t stopping the baby from coming)

When the contractions starts, start walking arround to let gravity do it’s job, that way you can help de baby go for the exit (sorry i’m dutch and don’t know the exact words)

Keep an open mind and focus on the end result.
Be prepared for any scenario to avoid panic or even self disappointment and remember that your body is amazing.

I read a book or two. And then continually told myself that the pain wasn’t harmful it was productive. And visualized “opening” to allow baby to drop.

Look at it this way no going back. No do overs. Everyone is different and pain level is different. Talk to your nurse, they are the ones who are with you until the baby us ready to pop out. Breath it will be fine

I always believe in light exercise like walking, yoga and stuff throughout pregnancy and near birth to keep all the muscles working well and loosened that will help with labour also not thinking about it too much and freaking urself out, if U are going to think about it a lot try to think of all the positives of labour and the amazing gift at the end of labour. Also don’t listen to people’s labour stories just don’t do it, labour is different for everyone and you will only get urself scared listening to labour stories .

Eating dates, drinking red raspberry leaf tea in the third trimester, and doing exercises that will help with labor helped me SO much! My first labor (didn’t do these tips) was 23 hours, and my second labor was 6 hours. I truly credit the dates and the tea to the quick labor!

Don’t prepare … just have support … most likely you will prepare and it will go the complete opposite of what you planned which may stress you out.

There’s no way to really prepare, just take it one step at a time and focus on the fact that the pain will pass and you’ll have the best reward for it all at the end

I screamed really loud and told the nurse to shut up bc hello labor lol it was long but in my mind it went really fast​:joy::joy:

One of my favorite things i had were these mantra cards i got on etsy. They were a good mental game changer when i would begin to worry before and through any tough parts of labor.

I really dident do anything, i kept asking what contractions felt like and the doctor was like you know when it happends lol

Personally, I didnt want to have drugs unless absolutely necessary and the thought of being cut open is terrifying.

I mentally prepared myself for the worst pain imaginable. I told myself constantly ‘women have babies at the end of the garden like cats in some countries. I CAN do this. Give in to the pain. Go with it. You’re a woman!’

I used to lie in the bath and try to think of nothing. Just breathing. Just breathing. In my head saying ‘I know what to do. My body knows what to do. My baby knows what to do’.

My son was born 2011 with gas and air.
Just gave birth to twins in March. Twin 2 breach (that hurt!) Again with gas and air.

This time round I wore an eye mask. Really helped me ignore the distractions of the room. That seems to intensify my pain. I took in a diffuser that I’d only used at night time when I was chilled out. I made a playlist again, that I’d only listened to when i was chilled out and i really think that helped.

Anyway, that’s my essay.

You’re no less of a woman if you scream EPIDURAAAAALLL and you’ll be an absolute soldier if you leave with war wounds. Either way. You got this.
You are a woman!

It depends alot on what you hear. In my community you hear of so many stories of women who give birth by themselves cut the cord and go on with life. You hear of the fact that it’s a natural process that needs little help from you, or that pain is in the mind, you choose how much pain you can feel by how determined you are to have this child normally. Glad to report that it worked for all my 4 natural deliveries. I knew and I was ready to stand the labor pains, and the hardest part of the pushing is when the baby’s head is coming out. I also wanted the pain to end with the pushing i didn’t want any side effects so I declined any epidurals (only available for my 04th anyway). On that labor bed I knew my life was in the doctor’s hands and I had to follow instructions. Push when am told. The focus was on delivering the baby not the pain that was only going to last a short time. I felt like I was going into a battle I must win. I believe that attitude helped. Offcourse being healthy helped too but I didn’t make the hour of labor about me, my body simply had to cooperate.

I watched a lot of birth videos got me excited

I over packed a hospital bag, and just let it roll from there

I don’t know if you actually “prepare mentally” for it, your body knows what it is doing. It’s been doing it for the past 30 something weeks. Just make sure you are calm and relaxed. I gave birth to my daughter and almost 8 years later to my son, they were fairly easy births. Whatever you chose to do, trust your body.

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Some people have it not bad.some have it really hard and terrible.

i just screamed really loud

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Deep breath n try to relax that what I did few months ago

I watched videos on natural births and c sections, read a lot of articles off the internet and I was fine! My mom kept telling me I needed to take one of those birthing classes but I never did. I’d read so much that I felt prepared for it. Watching the videos really helped because it makes you think of scenarios

Perennial massage. Game changer

I tried not to watch videos or hear other people’s stories. I had a binder with our birth plan, emergency numbers, motivational quotes to put in the room etc. Even though I knew things probably wouldn’t go according to plan, it helped me relax and know I did what I could.

I walked A LOT of stairs when pregnant. I contribute that to a quick labor but who knows.

I’ve had 6 beautiful babies. With my first I was very anxious, but I took my prenatal classes and did everything they told me i should. But about a week or so before she was born, she shifted and was resting on my bladder. I was in the restroom constantly, my hips were killing me, and I couldn’t sleep anymore. At that point I was ready to go thru absolutely anything to get her out! Ever since then I knew I was ready when that point hit. And that’s she best advice I can give. Learn, plan, have support ready…everything you CAN do. But when you are so sick of being pregnant, fear of labor will probably no longer be an issue.

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Take classes that explain the phases of labor. You will learn what your body as doing at each stage and how to cope. This helped me with a successful natural childbirth.

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It will just happen, and more than likely, all will be just fine. Don’t worry, the nurses will help you every step of the way.

I don’t know, I’ve prepared myself both emotionally, physically etc. But pregnancy one happened in less than an hour and number two in less than 15 minutes. No time to prepare when things happen that fast. I’ve never had the perfect “labor and delivery moment” I guess.

I prayed continuously and left everything in God’s hands… I asked for the type of birth I wanted and believed that He would provide according to His will and not mine. He answered my prayers.


I haven’t done anything but tell myself it’s inevitable that the baby has to come sooner or later and breathing through it.


Bring your bed pillow. And a 10ft phone charging cord. Then just go with the flow! Your baby is the prize!

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Walk. It makes labor alot easier.

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Walk, squat, meditate

I’ve had 4 kids all natural no epidural. Chapstick, ice chips, and breathing will be your best friends. If you are expecting to stay awhile definitely bring you long charger cord…its a long ways from behind your bed around everything and to your phone at a comfortable space. I would take the birthing classes at least once. And don’t be afraid to bother the nurses for whatever you need. Its their job and you go through the biggest ordeal your body will ever go through bringing a human life into the world. Best of luck!

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You have to tell yourself, I got this , I’m strong , I’ll make it threw . It’s not to bad , the nurses and doctors help you to feel more comfortable

You could try Lamaze, but I would argue that there’s no preparing for it really

I just reminded myself that women have been giving birth for a long time, and uf they can then so can I :+1: you got this!! :100:

TBH I had my first at 18 second at 19 and my last at 32. I was calmer the first 2 times then the last. I dont think you could ever completely prepare to bring a human you grew inside of you into the world, but once it starts you know what to do. Your body knows. I was shaking and vomiting before I started pushing with my first. Once her heart rate dropped and it got serious I pushed with everything. I knew what to do at that moment. Once she was on my chest the world was right and I was in pure happiness. You got this. Your a mom now.

Lol just like there’s no two identical snowflakes labor is the same way based on your own pain tolerance I did not want to take a epidural because I know lots and lots of people who have chronic back pain due to that friends family coworkers etc I would not get an epidural but that’s just me induce me and broke my water and I had her within 2 hours Good luck

I looked up some affirmations and saved them on my phone. I repeated them to myself whenever I felt like I couldn’t do it. Practice deep breathing and muscle relaxation. When I feel myself getting anxious, I verbally remind myself to relax my shoulders, unclench my jaw and take one big breath in. It was helpful to have no heavy expectations or goals. My only goal was to have a healthy baby. Birth classes may help too. Even being in the medical field, I learned a lot. How to properly push, how to breathe, etc. It made me feel more empowered.

Packing a diaper bag with essentials for you and baby. That was a huge part of it for me. I was terrified the first time, but basic preparations help keep me calm.

Just think of your reward. Every contraction gets you that bit closer. It is a marathon usually with a sprint finish. And the best ever trophy put into your arms as good luck xx

Honestly don’t be too attached to any “plan” or idea how you want/expect it to go. I was very upfront that I wanted an epidural. The plan that day was to end up inducing me because I was not progressing. I said I wanted the epidural before they started the pitocin. Fine. My epidural ended up not working, which I was vocal about from the start. By the time the doc was willing to redo the epidural I was too far into the labor and would never be able to sit still. So I ended up having an induced natural birth - my worst case scenario. When it came time to push I started crying hysterically because I knew the pain I was in was nothing to what was about to happen, and what I was trying to avoid the entire time. It was honestly super traumatic for me. It was my first child and I honestly think my last because of the experience

I wish I knew this for my first one but I got a couple of bags of candy for the nurses to pre apologize. That staff took extra care of me! Oh and you got this :wink:

I didn’t really… i was too anxious for my babies to come out, i was waiting every day till my water broke and I kept myself calm through the contractions and for my first baby, i got an epidural so it wasn’t bad at all but for my second, I didn’t get one but i knew ahe was coming out anyways so i had to go through with it

I had 3 natural births…neither was easy even though I knew what was happening with last two…didnt know with first…nobody talked like they do now…all my babies are in their 40s…with my third and last one just kept saying if we had husband would give birth…not me…lol…he was our last…lol

If it is the first time, there is no preparing. Just try to breath and relax if you can. Prayers for a smooth and quick labor.

Don’t get too attached to a plan because whatever your plan or whatever you envisioned chances are will not be that way! :hugs: my first was supposed to be a regular vaginal birth…c-section. My second a scheduled c-section on 3/15 (he was due 3/21) came 3/10 :woman_shrugging:t2: . My last scheduled c-section I actually went in labor as they prepped me. So just go with the flow. The baby will make his/her way into the world :earth_americas: :heart: :two_hearts:

Labor/birth is just something you can’t prepare for tbh. You can plan so many things and things can change at the last minute.