How Do You Safely Co-Sleep with a Toddler and an Infant?

I got a crib that attaches to the side of the bed. It was great for breastfeeding and kept the baby safe from my toddlers kicks. Lol. Now at 3 and 6 they are still in my bed. Will cherish it while it lasts.

I did one on each side- toddler on the outside, infant between my husband and I on a queen. Feedings got a little interesting, but everyone survived.

If you decide to move your oldest to their new bed do it asap so the child doesn’t feel rejected believe me its a hard thing to do I’ve done it

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We co-slept with all 4 of our kids, starting 47 years ago; once the second one arrived we slide a twin bed between our king and the wall, so no one “went down the crack” between the mattresses. Always creative in positioning so the baby wouldn’t get accidentally kicked by the toddler…BTW, my hub was in medical school as a 30 year old after birth of second, and i did all the research & planning for emergencies. . I had 3 of the 4 with a midwife at home. First was an unmediated hospital birth, with way too much intervention . Would not change a thing; all eventually slept happily in their own beds :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Now all adults with babes of their own!

When i had my 3rd child we transfered my middle into her big girl bed which was in a room she shared with her big sister. There were many nights where she would join us and i would sleep holding one (usually after feeding) and the other between my legs and on my back. My son now refers to that as his “spot” and if hes cranky we nap together with his head on my tummy and his body between my legs

The only time my kid was in bed with me was when she had her tonsils out. She went from crib to her own bed with no issue

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Use a cosleeper/bassinet. We coslept with my oldest. He’s 5 now, and he still won’t sleep in his own bed through the night (he wakes up around 3 and moves to our bed). With my second, we used the arms reach co-sleeper, so he slept with us, but not in the bed. He’s almost 2 and he’s an AWESOME sleeper. He’s always slept through the night and transitioned to his crib so well. We bought a new bassinet for this baby and plan to do the same.

It so hard to break co sleeping habits, for us it was easier to keep the toddler in bed with me and start new sleeping habits with the newborn. New baby had a bassinet then moved to the crib and she never co slept

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Toddler in our bed and baby in her rock n play… Rough nights (up to feed more often etc) I would go in my son’s room (he had a queen size bed) and lock the door with the baby in the bed with me and my husband slept in our bed with our son…I locked the door so my son couldn’t come in and climb in bed with me and our baby

My daughter slept with her son for awhile before her daughter arrived. When the time came for my grandson to separate to his own bed, he would only sleep there until 2 am and then it’s the three of them until 7 am.

I co slept with my son. Started in a recliner with him on my chest then moved 2 the bed with him in the crook of my arm. Hes 10 now and still wants 2 sleep with momma. I wouldnt worry about it tbh. As a mother u know what is and isnt safe. Having 2 co sleeping u mite have 2 play with positions is all. Good luck on your journey and congrats on the new little one.

Not a parent yet… but how I ideally would want to do it is one of those bassinets that attach to the side of the bed for the baby and the toddler against the wall with me in the middle (I like to keep my bed against the wall)

Just because toddlers (or at least my kids) sleep all crazy, a bassinet next your bed may work out better lol

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Toddler (5 y.o.) on my left, new baby (10 months now) on my right side. And because I am a solo parent (husband is away due to work), we’ve been co-sleeping since the babies were born. We’ve also followed all the safety precautions.

I loved my halo bedside bassinet that literally hovers over the bed by its legs sliding under the bed. It is as close as you get with zero worries of anything bad happening. :heart:

I did co sleeping with my 5 year old from time he was born till about 4 months ago and my second is three he always wanted to sleep in his own bed he hated sleeping with anyone so I first had to deal with co sleeping with two kids when my 3rd was born he is 5 months old and for the first month I co slept with him and my 5 year old I had baby on one side and my 5 year old on the other with my back towards my 5 year old or baby on my chest but I put my 5 year old in his own bed about 4 months ago and he’s doing ok he still whines he wants to sleep with me but he’s ok we make time for one on one cuddles so he still feels that connection and I’m currently starting to sleep train my 5 month old I did it with my middle child it just went alil different cause I just had to teach him self sooth and he was also ready around 8 months every baby and kid is different do a trail with y’all sleeping in the same bed if it doesn’t work for you start working on getting him in his own bed

My sister has a basinet that attaches to the bed… So your toddler can still sleep in the bed with you. I would start putting the toddler in their own bed at night but they can come in your bed if they wake up scared and what not

I LOVED having my baby girl in my bed and would’ve loved my son there as well but he wanted his own space.

My kids slept in their crib in my room, never in my bed until they were able to get in and out of my bed on their own. Yes I’d cuddle with them in my bed but they were always put back in the crib before I fell asleep.

My son slept in his own room from 6 weeks old


I was always so afraid my 2 year old would roll on a twin so I made her sleep with dad our grandma. One twin likes his crib. The other sleeps with me but I start him in his crib. Sleep with my 2 year old 1/2 the night then move her. I suck! I love cosleeping

I don’t co-sleep because good lawd how do you get any rest? I did it with my oldest but not the next two. But, I suggest putting the 2yo in the middle and using the beside the bed baby bed cosleeper thing that keeps them in a little cubby so no one gets on the new baby.

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I try so hard not to cosleep but my 2 year old climbs into my bed and my 9 month old likes to be close most nights. The sleep in between my husband and I. My little one in my arms and the toddler sideways like a starfish. Is it what I prefer? No haha. When my little one was a newborn she slept in a bassinet right next to the bed tho

I slept in between baby and toddler plus my bed wasn’t high from the ground and I had carpet so if toddler fell off bed it would be OK…and would put pillows on other side of baby in case she rolled over just to make sure she was safe…plus I didn’t really sleep I more so cat napped cause I kept checking to make sure baby/toddler were still breathing like every 20-30mins… I keept that up until baby got past the 6 month mark and then things got little easier…baby is not 2 going 3 ND likes to burrow in my back with her knees…toddler is 5 going 6 and needs to go sleep in his own bed cause he is getting so big lol smh!

I’d say move toddler to their own bed. I coslept with my youngest until she slept through the night then put her in crib which was next to my bed.

I’ve done this. Several different methods. King size bed. Toddler between mom n dad. New infant next to mom on end with a mesh side rail. Also ya e done the side car Basenett with new born. I’ve also started with a toddler mattress on the floor before baby is born. I’ve also done dad with toddler in another bed and mom with infant in the other bed.

I’ve cosleeped with all four of my babies.
My youngest is four months now & hes been sleeping in the same bed since birth cause yes even in the hospital we cosleeped.
My daughter who is going to be four still makes her way into our bed at times & will just sleep in between my legs or by her dad.
My older boys (9&7) share a room & sleep in there own beds &have since befor there sister was born.
Cosleeping may not be for everyone but it does work for some.
No reason to be rude if it’s not your thing.

My oldest was 15 months old when I had my twins. I just transitioned him to the footboard end so he wouldn’t move around my newborns.

I co-slept with all 3. My now 9 yr old and 7 yr old slept with me. Especially after becoming homeless. I was able to keep my babies safe that way. No drugs or alcohol were used and I don’t move out of my spot when something or someone is next to me.

Get the 2 year old a “big kid” bed and when baby comes use the bassinet. There really isn’t a safe way to sleep with both.

I’d use a halo bassinet. Tons safer and you’ll sleep better too

I like how she specifically asked for helpful advice but people still have to give their negative two cents about co sleeping. Some people do some people don’t, god forbid someone follow steps correctly.

My older was 2 when my baby was born they both slept in my bed

I would move the toddler to their own bed. Kids are crazy sleepers.

I had to move the toddler to their own bed which was a rough transition. The toddler just wasn’t able to be safe around the baby while sleeping.

We out our sons toddler bed next to our bed in our room and it made it easier

I m due anytime… My toddler is same as urs… I plan to place the newborn into a box-like bedding cos I plan to latch d newborn during sleep… on my bed on the outside… while my baby toddler on d inside of my king sized bed… pushed against d wall…daddy n d 9 yo will b on d floor

Take it from me. Move your oldest to their own bed or you’ll never get them out. I co slept with my son and he still makes his way in my room 10 years later

I was lucky my infant wanted to sleep in his crib so our older (15 months) stayed in our bed longer

I’ve got the halo for when my baby is born and my 5 yr old sleeps in her bed but sometimes she sneaks in my bed in the middle of the night. The baby won’t be able to sleep in the bed. To risky

I moved the older one to his bed but he ended coming back. I slept in the middle when the youngest was a baby with a bed rail. Now she sleeps in the middle. Do you and don’t listen to the nay sayers!!! Sleep is essential lol

No no put the new Baby in his or her then maybe the toddler will sleep in his or her bed once he or she sees the the baby in his or her bed js

Put the newborn in a bassinet beside ur bed… that way it’s as good as co-sleeping

My husband and I slept with all 9 of my kids from day 1


My new born baby and I got our own bed. My other 2 kids co-sleep with my husband. We’re all in the same room

my best friend has her todder in her ned and the newborn in the crib!

I didnt cosleep, to scared! I have a friend who did it and she now sleeps with the kid in his bed and hes 4.

I just don’t understand this co sleeping. Is it laziness? What?


We swapped 2 out of our bed gradually before baby got here… baby prefers his own bed til 5ish then he’s all for cuddles in our bed… 2 was only asleep if he was on me…

We also had a cosleeper attached to bed so she couldn’t fall out.

I put my new born in bassinet and my 2 yr old still slept with me.

Let your newborn sleep separately but close…let your 2 year sleep separately but close.

I sleep with my 6 year old and my 10 month old grandson on the bed with my hubby. We sleep on the outside the kids sleep in the middle

Its hard enough sleeping with the husband… How in the hell do you add 2 kids in the mix? :dizzy_face::joy:

Do not Co sleep with an infant!!
Bad outcomes!


Put the baby in a bed.Toddler will fight you.No you shouldn’t be co sleeping you are not teaching them independence.

When I put my 2 year old in bed with me I usually grab a million blankets put it on the floor around the bed just in case then roll a blanket log as a barrier on top of the bed if that makes any sense lol

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Put the toddler in own bed and put newborn in own crib! That’s safer then cosleep and less of a headache later.

Stupid! everyone should sleep in their own bed.


Put them in their OWN BEDS


Toddler slept in the middle and infant slept in my left arm on the side.

I do it with my 3 year old and 2 month old…Been doing it since my son was 3 days old…my 3yr old rubs the baby’s head while he nurses.
I position myself in the fetal position with baby tucked inside. You cannot roll over with your knees bent.also pointed elbows prevent my three year old from rolling over onto… daddy will cosleep with me and our 3 year old but has anxiety about the baby so he doesn’t sleep with us…

I only have one child but I would put the infant in. Co sleeper next to bed and keep 2 yr old with you

Doesn’t matter if you follow 7 rules. Still dangerous… ANYTHING can happen, better safe than sorry :woman_shrugging:t3: I wouldn’t know how to deal with it if I could have prevented my baby’s death. put a bassinet next to the bed


Please do not sleep with a newborn, it is never safe

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You know what disturbs my 3yr old sleep? Waking up and not having me and his baby brother laying with him.:woman_shrugging:
We all sleep better TOGETHER…:heart::footprints::blue_heart::footprints::blue_heart:

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Dont put Them in your bed to begin with they have their own bed

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Contact your state’s child welfare agency and find out how many children die as a result of co-sleeping. One child is one too many. 100% preventable.

I have all my kids in bed now lol my baby is 4 lol :joy:

Start moving the toddler now before baby comes

y are they sleeping with u .

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Side car for the infant.

You dont they have a room for a reason you over protected mom


I had a bassinet, a cradle, and a huge antique basket all my littles slept ( handed down) in, my girls were 14 months apart, by the time my son was born, there were already these invention s on the market. I believe in family beds.

I did co-sleeping with my daughter from age 6 weeks until she was 7. I wasn’t planning on having another baby so soon but here came my son when she was 13 1/2 mos old. :joy:. I wanted to same for him but was worried about her night terrors and the thrashing she did until I could wake her. He slept in his bassinet until he was 6 weeks but he was still to small for me to put him in bed. I just pulled the crib next to my bed and slept with my hand thru the bars until he was about 4 mos. Then I had one on one side and the other on the other side of me. He would fall asleep in his crib but at about 2 am he would wake just wanting to snuggle. We did this until he was 17 mos and at his usual 2 am he tapped me on the face. I realized he learned to climb out of the crib! At this time I had a toddler bed for my daughter even though she never used it so I bought him one. I had the beds on either side of my bed. The kids me er used them but since my ex was a pain in the butt I had to at least have them. We co-slept until she was 7 and he was 6. Did just fine. If your baby is small and your toddler moves around a lot my try a bassinet or those co-sleepers that attach to the bed side. Until your little one gets bigger. I also didn’t share my bed with the father since he left right after my son was born. So I had a queen size bed for us three. Lots of room. I just loved snuggling them at night.

I had one like this for my newborn which is meant for co-sleeping so they are safe and my toddler was in his own bed next to mine

I would invest in something like this crib if you co sleep with a newborn… especially if you’ve got a toddler sleeping with you too.

Why do you want kids sleeping with you.
You get kicked slapped I’m the head or every where you can’t move .
I’ve never slept with a baby in bed .
I’m sorry after my friends son passed away bc dad rolled on him …
It’s to unsafe and uncomfortable…


I had a newborn and 3 year old. I ended up having one of them on each side of me. When sometimes I would carry my toddler to bed, sometimes not. I never had any trouble as far as rolling on the baby…somehow you just know. I think cosleeping is very natural and how humans were meant to be with their young. :heart:


I slept with my babies… Shoot for the first 8 months my babies.slept on my chest. I tried the bassinets and baby beds. Not for me i was afraid id fall asleep an wouldnt hear them move or what ever. I moved the bed against the wall and the oldest would sleep there i put baby in the middle an curled up beside him. Always had my arm around so i could feel either one move. As they got older like 2 a 3 yrs old i slept in the middle. By the age of 4 both boys were in their own room and beds. I didnt like it but thats what they wanted. Once in a great while they would curl up with me but not alot. But if they got sick( fever scare the crap out of ne still ) i made them stay with me.

We use a snuggle me for the newborn and my hubby snuggles the toddler to keep the movement to a minimum. We’ve Co-slept all 4 of ours that that’s always worked well for us.

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My toddler turns 2 on Wednesday and I’m almost 39 weeks with my 4th baby. The toddlers bed is in my room, at the end of my bed…shell happily go to sleep in her bed but every night climbs up into bed with me. I plan on putting the baby into the crib (which is also in my bedroom) but if it turns out to be better for us both for her to sleep as well, I’ll put one on each side and sleep between them. My husband falls asleep in the couch every night and has for 2 years lmao

When my youngest was born ,my eldest (who was 26 months old at the time) were used to fall asleep in our bed then we put her in her bed which was beside ours .

This had been going for 8 months , ever since she was weaned from breastfeeding .

So when the youngest was born ,I kept her in a relatively big baby carry cot ( like the link below) and placed her in the middle of bed between her father and me . Our eldest slept in my half on the other side but didn’t fall since her bed is just beside ours .

When the baby was around 4 months old and started to flip ,we moved her to her own bed ,and convinced our eldest to fall asleep in her own bed too .

We have a one bedroom apartment , and the bedroom is kinda small ,so we ended up with our bed surrounded by two toddler beds on each side :sweat_smile:

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You should be having the toddler already in their crib/toddler bed. Co sleeping is not something you should continue this late in the game and im pretty “organic, crunchy, hippie-dippie” kinda mom. You have to be uncomfortable pregnant and co-sleeping.

My kids have never co-slept with me. They slept in their crib in the same room until they were 6 months old then we moved them into their own bedroom.

I left an abusive relationship when I was pregnant. I had to room with my in laws. I had one bed to share with 3 kids. Baby slept next to me while I had my other kids at the foot of the bed. If I had a bigger bed I’d put baby on one side and the kids on the other. I did get a swing later and put the baby in it. She had reflux and slept easier that way anyway. Co sleeping to me is the easiest. After my last baby my pelvis was dislocated so keeping her in bed with me was definitely the best and easiest for us. It took me 10 minutes to get out of bed if she was in her crib.

You don’t! CO-SLEEPING IS NOT SAFE EVER! Please stop Co-sleeping immediately!!! Babies need their OWN sleep space. Always follow the ABCs of safe sleep

A- Alone
B- back
C- crib

Please check out the AAP guidelines for safe sleep. Co-sleeping increases the risk of SIDS

Join the group Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep

That’s sweet love it .mimi

you dont!!! thats very unsafe.

Safe Infant Sleep - Evidence-Based Support Group has great info on this :heart:


Do what works for both babies, girl. You won’t know that until you meet the new baby. My baby stopped wanting to sleep with us at 5 months. He prefers to sleep alone in his crib. Won’t sleep with me if I try. My other son didn’t fully sleep in his own bed until he was 6 or 7. Just be consistent and try new things so everyone can be safe and comfortable. Good luck, Sweet Mama!

I would definitely move your two year old now before the baby comes. Then when the baby comes it won’t seem related. Thats what I did and it worked well.

Talk with the other adult sharing the bed and as parents make your choice of what to do. The general public experts advice will not get you anywhere, but will only make you second guess what your gut tells you is right for your children

Co-sleeping translates to codependency in my book & I just can’t…everyone needs their own space & to understand boundaries. Start early with that or they’ll be 6 still trying to sleep in bed with someone :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Oh my God people shut up

We can either do one of the bassinet things I’ve also put a mattress on the floor or a little toddler bed and other than that the little railings and stuff or the little boxes they make these it’s basically just a box and you put it on your bed so that they can sleep with you kind of like a laundry basket or something it’s called a baby box and they give it to you in other countries. I honestly couldn’t sleep because I am deaf and I was panicking that I wouldn’t hear the baby so I had to have the babies next to me I have five they all did just fine some of them sleep in their own beds now and the babies sleep in their own bed sometimes and sometimes they come into ours

Now let me be clear everybody does have their own bed

I bought my daughter a bassinet that laid in bed with me from Wal-Mart for like $20. It didn’t take up a lot of space either.

My second was born when my first was 22 months. For the first month or so, the toddler and newborn slept in bed with us. Around his second birthday, we moved him to a sidecar crib so he could still be right next to us at night. They’re 2.5 years old and 8.5 months old now and that’s still our sleeping arrangement. My toddler still sleeps in the sidecar crib and the baby sleeps in bed with my husband and I.

You can put a toddler bed next to yours