How do you set out toys from Santa?

How do you set the presents out from Santa? When I was a kid, all of our toys were from “Santa,” and they weren’t wrapped. They were laid out on the couches, and big toys were already put together. The only thing wrapped was clothes and nontoys. I’m thinking of doing the same for my daughter but wondering what everyone else is doing!


Santa presents are wrapped in a special wrapping paper with Santa on it!


Most years we place all the presents wrapped and under the tree except for the REALLY big ones that come out Christmas morning

Now with a toddler and a puppy with a chewing problem we are wrapping and hiding all the presents for survival. lol

I am very much looking forward to the kids faces when they wake up and see the tree stuffed to the brim.

All our presents are from Santa. 11 year old doesn’t believe any more but our toddler does. Gifts from other family are label from the person

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We do one present from Santa and it always has special sparkly wrapping paper and a perfect cute bow and looks professionally done and then the rest of the presents are wrapped with no bow or anything special


I have always left the present unwrapped and put together, with a stocking full of goodies in front of the tree.

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The santa present is the biggest one and its not wrapped.

Santa always brought the big ticket items and they werent wrapped just laying out beside the tree and there were some smaller toys and games we would wrap and write from Santa. Always a different wrapping paper for the ones from santa!

When my kids were little and still believed in Santa they got basic toys from Santa and they were never wrapped Santa does not have time to wrap all of those gifts.
And when I say basic toys things elves could make in a workshop… They don’t make electronics or large items.
It was usually like a car or a doll a Barbie a puzzle something simple


I read that giving the less expensive gifts from Santa is a good idea because not all children get big gifts and it makes them confused why Santa chooses favorites. It made me think differently about choosing what comes from who.


Wrapped presents from Mom and Dad, Santa gifts are not wrapped, put next to their stocking. Santa does NOT put the toys together…that is something to do with the child.

We don’t do Santa in our house…we wrap all the wrappable presents and put them under the tree and then stick bows or something on all the rest and set them out with it. My kids are skeptical and thought the idea of a stranger coming into their house at night was weird so all their presents come from us :rofl::rofl:


Wrap Santa gifts in plain brown paper. So my bonus daughter knew Santa delivered to both houses! Her mom and I made sure the paper ones were Santa gifts and the fancy wrap paper is from friends/family

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Santa doesnt give presents. We keep santa alive as basically a fairy tale.

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Santa doesn’t wrap presents in our home. Santa presents are made and put out Christmas Eve.


We only do stocking from Santa. Everything else is from us. We wrap everything and put presents out before Christmas.


Growing up, all of the gifts were wrapped and from Santa. With my children now, it is pretty much the same but we do give the kids one or two of the not real exciting gifts. Last year they got new sleds and board games from us. We like the excitement to be from Santa.

Santa brings the cheap Stocking fillers in our house lol

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Personally in my house, the kids are told Santa brings them a smaller toy and that the big things are from us. I’m tired of my kid coming home crying bc sally got the Nintendo switch and jack got that cool powered ride on car that cost $500 … I wrap all the gifts and put them under the tree. Santa’s gift is wrapped in different paper


My sister waits until the kids are in bed. I think she wraps most of them.

Santa brings most of the gifts wrapped in his special Santa paper and puts the elaborate gifts together, so they’re ready for play. Gifts from family and us are wrapped and placed under the tree as we get them.

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We wrap all santa gifts in Santa paper. We gift smaller supporting items and clothes from Santa. So for instance if we are giving our son a TV and DVD player, santa gives some movies. Santa has never given the big dollar items.


Santa leaves an unwrapped present at our house and fills the stalking too.
Everything else is from mom and dad.


Wrapped gift boxes start appearing under the tree Dec 1st, at 12:00 Dec 25th santa throws christmas magic dust and the empty boxes turn into the gifts on the list.

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Santa always brought the things we needed but not the big stuff.
As a parent, call me selfish, but I want to take claim to that ipod, American girl doll house, big ticket items. I worked hard to buy that stuff! :laughing:


Santa is wrapped in either wrapped in Christmas themed of her favorite cartoon character or santa head paper. Normally both and presents from mom are in green or red paper

You do it however you want. You’re mom now! You can choose to follow your parent’s traditions or go completely different.

As for my family I don’t do Santa with my kids. I put toys together, remove from packages, insert batteries etc. Last thing I want on Christmas morning is kids very anxiously waiting for me to do those things. Some years everything is wrapped. Other years I may leave an item or 2 unwrapped. 1 year I used a blanket to cover a doll house.


All presents are wrapped, including ones from Santa and stock (which is from Santa). This is how my parents did it for me and my brother, which is why my husband and I do the same.

Santa brings one or two little presents, and mom and dad bring the rest. I hate the fact some kids think Santa likes another child more cause Santa brought that child bigger/better/more presents. Just my opinion:)


That is how we grew up too! Presents from family were wrapped but Santa did not have time to wrap all the gifts for the children in the world😘


Santa gifts are almost always wrapped in red Santa paper and Santa is spelled all extra on the name tag. He usually brings 4-5 things and if they’re like bigger toys they’re always put together with a big red bow. Everything else has different wrapping paper

We wrap everything & just label one gift from Santa

We were raised believing Santa had no time to wrap up gifts so we would get them unwrapped. Did this for my kids too I would just put each stocking on their unwrapped gift and now we doing it for my grandson

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We put the presents from home under first, then Santa’s presents in front. Because he came after everyone was asleep.
We wrap all the gifts because it’s fun for the kids to open them. Santa’s presents come in different wrapping paper with a special Santa label.

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Santa only brings the kids books and stockings. Maybe the big toys will be unwrapped but otherwise everything else is wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning

Unwrapping is half the fun, so I wrap everything


We wrap santa gifts with santa print paper … the rest cool holiday paper


Special paper that said from Santa. He only gives two gifts and the stocking in our house. Most of Santa’s gifts are simple and non electronic.

I wrap Santa’s toys in Santa wrapping paper. So they know the difference.

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Santa brought non wrapped

Santa hid our presents with our stockings but none of it was wrapped when i was a kid. We don’t wrap the gifts but I build everything so it’s ready to be played with and/or set the one big gift out like on display

Everything is from Santa in my household, but that’s how it was for me when I was growing up.
My dad never wrapped our gifts. The only difference is I wrap all the gifts.
Still to this day all my gifts from my dad come Santa


I love to watch my son unwrap everything and see his face light up with excitement when he sees what Santa got him.

I label each gift as well for him and it’s always from Santa when it’s from me but other family will state it’s from them.

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I’m very surprised and very disappointed by the responses to this question…
Alot of /not all to claify…the response are on or similar to the concept of “Santa wrapped or not is the bigger present”…
So as a low income mom… I have a hard time with others indirectly teaching/forgetting the presents listed as Santa SHOULDN’T be big or expensive… cuz that is teaching your children…again indirectly to talk about the gifts from Santa without any consideration or recognition of those kids whos parent or families did everything they could to give the children a GOOD/HAPPY Christmas without big or expensive being words in the vocabulary…


If you put the presents from Santa that are unwrapped, how do kids know which kid it’s for?(multiple kids)

Unwrapped in their “santa sacks” (which is clothes, essentials and 1 or 2 small toys from Santa) and bigger toys wrapped under the tree (from mummy and daddy) and 1 large share present built ready to go with a bow on top

Santa always left the presents unwrapped and set out around the tree. Stockings were hung on the mantle. This is how I do it for my kids too

I wrap everything, I just feel like it adds to the excitement

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We wrap all our gifts. Santa usually only brings one or two gifts and they’re never the big gifts.

I set out a few from Santa, but wrap most of them. Last year Santa brought my daughter a bike and sand table. :blush: This year she insists he’s going to bring her “a big panda”… So I’m trying to find one lmao.

We have Santa sacks for each kid that Santa fills. Then we wrap the ones from mama and daddy that go under the tree.

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1gift and stockings from Santa

Santa does 4 gifts: want, need, wear, read. I am the one who gets credit for the big stuff.

Santa gives one gift. It’s in the same wrapping paper for both kids. We wrap everything else

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We do 2 presents from Santa and the rest from Mommy and Daddy. The big items are always from us. Everything is wrapped and if it needs assembled my 4 year old helps daddy build it.

We wrap pretty much everything, unless it’s REALLY big, and then we put it together and put a bow on it (like my son’s ball pit this year; we’ll set it up under his indoor slide and put a bow on it Xmas Eve night). I use “special Santa paper” for his Santa presents though! Usually something I hide and only use that year (I get a new roll or two each year to change it up!)… i make sure it looks way different than the stuff “presents from mommy” are in. :gift_heart:

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The present from Santa is wrapped if it’s something I can wrap. If not I don’t. I learned from mom pages any form of big or expensive presents shouldn’t be from Santa. So the Santa gifts are usually gunna be clothes or shoes or a small toy. Like my 2 kids are getting their first bikes for christmas. Which is normally done as a Santa present in my family but I’m doing it from mom and dad and keeping one of the small simple gifts to be from Santa. So typically Santa presents would normally not be wrapped in my family cuz they were usually big for the small kids. But I’m changing the tradition.

We always wrap Santa’s on special paper


Santa toys stay unwrapped and everything else from family and parents are wrapped. Santa presents are underneath the child’s stocking unless it’s for all children.

Some gifts are from Santa and some from mommy. I wrap them all, different paper for the ones from Santa. I agree, if you get your kids expensive things, you should label them from you not Santa.

We give the girls one gift from santa. It’s usually a stuffed animal or something that could be made by his elves. It is the only gift unwrapped. He also fills their stockings.

Honestly we don’t do Santa at our house because our kids never got into it
We make cookies for our family Christmas Eve
All gifts are wrapped but are only labeled with the recipient’s name because they are from everyone and no one needs the praise for what they gifted someone else

My kids get one present from Santa that is wrapped in different wrapping paper and sits on the lounge, all other presents are from us and placed under the tree.

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Our kids get 1 gift from Santa not wrapped and assembled plus the stockings

My mum would put them at the end of our bed while we were sleeping and we were aloud to open it when we woke up. Kept us entertained for a bit longer till we did the tree after breakfast

All gets wrapped with diff name tags

We dont wrap Santa gifts :woman_shrugging: thats how it was for us growing up too.

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We do 2 presents from Santa (not overly expensive ones) and they are wrapped in wrapping paper with Santa on it, the stockings are also from Santa and the rest of the presents are from us. All go under the tree

Santa brings one present. And it appears under the tree unwrapped Christmas eve.

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Large expensive gifts should never be from Santa. Little kids will not understand why Santa brought their friend a bike and iPad and they got socks or something bc their parent cant aford a bike. Just my 2 cents. We usually do 2 presents from Santa wrapped in a special paper.


Santa gifts are all in the same paper, no names, placed next to the kids stocking so they know whose is whose but are also spaced out so they aren’t sitting on each other

I used special paper for “from Santa” nice pretty metallic paper much nicer than the from mom paper. Also I only did one gift from Santa, something special but not too expensive, the good ones came from mom, because as a young child I did not understand why my friends go so much expensive gifts like bikes, Barbie Dream House and such from Santa but I did not get much, although my parents told me my friends were really bad and their parents made up for that and they gave them gifts from Santa instead.


Growing up in foster care I watched Santa bring awesome toys to everyone outside my home. We typically got clothes and a small gift unless you got picked off the angel tree. It wasn’t fun being the one with nothing to talk about when we went back to school. Just some insight from one of the less fortunate kids growing up


I find that my kids love unwrapping gifts almost more than the gift… so we wrap everything we can! But honestly, it’s your choice. If u want to leave them out, then do it… if you want to wrap them then do it! :blush::christmas_tree:

I wrap Santa gifts in a different paper than the rest of the gifts. I also use homemade tags and ribbons that we don’t normally use for the other gifts. My grandma did similar for my gifts growing up

Santa usually brings one bigger gift not wrapped (not always the most expensive) (never electronics …the elves don’t know how to make those). Everything else comes from parents. The older kids get the more expensive their gifts become so I didn’t want the why did Santa give me more presents last year. Edit to say the gift from Santa is usually something special that my son asks Santa for

I used to wrap Santa’s gifts in santa themed wrapping paper, but by the time my daughter was around 4 or 5 I got tired of wrapping all the gifts, so now Santa’s gifts aren’t wrapped, LOL. Also santa started giving less once she started school and we made more presents from us. I do 1 big/expensive gift that she really wants and turn it into a scavenger hunt. The first hint is wrapped in a box and we give it to her last.

I wrapped all my sons presents from me in one paper and his Santa gifts in another. His big gift is from Santa and it’s not wrapped (has a big bow on it) so he can play with it first thing. Most of the gifts from me are clothes and necessities. All the toys and fun/bigger stuff is coming from Santa. On Christmas morning, it will all be laid out by his stocking which is near the tree by the rest of the presents from me and the rest of the family.

We do 1 present from santa each and its always got a special santa paper on it

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Opening a wrapped present is half the fun…

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Wrap all gifts and only put the childs name on it no from… the child doesn’t need to know what is or isn’t from Santa.
When my kids were younger we didn’t put presents under the tree till late Christmas eve so they woke to the excitement of all the presents magically appearing. And stockings full of candy, nuts and fruits.

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Big gifts from Santa unwrapped

It really just depends on what I’m in the mood to do that year. My girls write Santa a note (aka draw pictures as they’re both disables and cannot write ) and they tell me what it is they asked for and I’ll write that on the picture they drew. Santa brings them a few things from that list and then we get the rest and add to what what already got them from us as well. It really just depends on the item. A few years ago one wanted a reborn baby from Santa. So we got her one and we got a fancy Christmas box and now and dressed the doll in an elf outfit and it was a baby elf from the North Pole. She loved that! My other daughter wanted some Lion king figures so Santa brought those wrapped in regular paper. My oldest son is 13 and doesn’t do the Santa thing. The girls never seem to notice lol :joy:
As far as the price of the items from Santa we don’t really worry about that. It is more what they ask for from
Him that we go by. The reborn we got was over 200 the lion king figures were 40. They didn’t even pay attention to that part. They couldn’t tell you by the end of the night who got them what :woman_shrugging:. The excitement of all the new toys takes over.
For us the magic is that they get the stuff they asked for from him and that keeps that magic alive for them!!!

We wrap everything from us and leave the present from Santa unwrapped. The Santa present isn’t the #1 requested present and cost less than 50 dollars. My daughter has had friends at school that didn’t get anything from Santa so I didn’t want her to upset them but at the same time still be fair to my daughter.

Presents from Santa go in a stocking. Never anything big or expensive. Just the stuff needed, like pants, socks, bath bombs, some chocolate etc x

Growing up Santa got us a small gift wrapped in paper that was different from the gifts from my parents and I do the same with my kids. I get my kids a small gift from Santa just to let them know he came and the rest are from us the parents.

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We wrap them all for now because they are 3 & 1 and they loveee opening them.

Also I always make the ones “from Santa” affordable so they dont set the bar too high for me or other kids :slight_smile:

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We never bothered with having gifts from Santa.

We let our children open all their gifts from us on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day they get their one item from Santa unwrapped because Santa doesn’t have time to wrap gifts. It’s always a cheap or simple gift too. :purple_heart:

Santa leaves only one gift under the tree & stuffs his stocking. I use different wrapping paper, bows & name tag from Santa. I also wrap all of my son’s gifts & put them from mom. He loves to unwrap so I wrap everything I can lol

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Santa brings my kids one “cool” thing each, between $25-50 depending on the year. Wrapped in a different paper (that my kids haven’t seen).
I wrap all of the other gifts from me.

I dont want Santa to bring my kid a big ticket item when some parents can’t afford it.

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Presents from parents wrapped and santa doesn’t wrap his presents in our house and leaves them in front of the other presents

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I have 5 children so they each have their own wrapping paper on the presents from us - easier than trying to get them to look at labels😂

Then we do 1 present and a stocking of little gifts from santa - in plain brown paper with a bow and name label :slight_smile:
Easy to spot xx

I wrap everything all under the tree sant brings them one toy diff paper and diff writing , why does Santa bring one kid 20 gifts and others only 1 , it’s better for the kids that only get 1 gift for mine to say they got 1 from Santa too and it’s the cheapest gift helps other kids xxx

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I used to wrap Santa presents in red tissue paper and my sons in green tissue paper. Same every year

We wrap santa gifts and leave them under the tree. excitement on there little faces opening presents.

Anything expensive isn’t from santa, just from ourselves. :relaxed:

We leave Santa gifts unwrapped. I love seeing their little faces light up when they see what’s waiting for them. Last year, my oldest cried when he saw it, and I of course asked him what was wrong, and he said “Nothing. I’m just so thankful.” It made my heart smile. :heart:

I wrap everything even the things in the stockings bcuz they love to unwrap them. I also make everything from Santa except a couple things

My child gets one small gift of Father Christmas, the rest are from whoever sent them, all presents are wrapped, everything even if its a pencil lol, unwrapping is part of the fun.

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We wrap our gifts. Santa brings one gift and stockings. The stockings i go super simple. Honesty 99% of the items are from the dollar tree. And 1 small unwrapped toy. Last year they got a basketball and a giant unicorn. This year they get little pet shops and legos. I’m a firm believer of not going crazy with Santa. Because a lot of kids get nothing or socks as their parents can’t afford it. I don’t have my kid get an Xbox while Suzy down the street gets socks.


Presents from Santa go out three night before. We get them the big and expensive gifts. Heck if I’m giving Santa the credit for those ones :joy: and stocking stuff is usually from Santa, and mainly one or two or so others that are wrapped are from Santa.