How do you start the potty training process?

How and when do you start potty training boys, my baby is almost 16 months, and I see other boys younger already potty trained. how do u even start this process? It’s my first baby


I started by every evening at bath time I put my boys on the potty while running their bath water. The water running usually helped the process and they were both potty trained by 20 months

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Lol holy heck 16 months!? My son did right after his 3rd birthday! No rush! We did straight to underwear when he was ready and it worked well :slightly_smiling_face:


Every kid is different, we started trying to potty our first son at 18 months and he just wanted to play, so we started up again around 2.5 and it just didn’t click very well. A month after his 3rd birthday it clicked and he’s almost 4 now and has had very few accidents since… my daughter is 2.5 right now and just started showing interest in using the potty.

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They usually let you know when they are ready before 2. But I would say around 18 to 24 months.

All kids are different. I potty trained my daughter by 18 months, in a weekend. My son is almost 3 and he’ll only sit on the potty if he feels like it, which isn’t often.

Just introduce him to it, let him sit on it and distract him with a toy or something. When he makes anything happen in the potty, make a huge deal about it. But listen to him…if he really doesn’t want to, don’t push it. That’ll make him hate it. If he takes to it, keep going. Get him some cute undies and when he gets them wet, he won’t like the feel.


My boy is almost 3.5 and still refuses the potty :tired_face: has no interest. His doctors say up to 4 is normal.


I have learned from experience that it’s best to wait until the child is ready. Just potty trained my youngest. I tried at 2 years. It was more of a battle. He wasn’t interested. At 3…he came to me and said he wanted to go potty. And has gone ever since. I know that extra year of diaper changes was nothing to brag about. But he did it on his own. And is so proud of himself.


My son was 2.5… I think you’re fine

Wait until they are ready. 16 months to me sees like too soon to worry about it. My son wasn’t until right before his 4th birthday. Same with my daughter. The more you try to force it, the more they will fight it.

Don’t compare to anyone else :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: with all 3 kid I did 3-4 days naked with access to potty chairs. Accidents happen, and thats ok.

First of all, stop comparing your child to other peoples children. Then you can see the signs if your child is ready. You can introduce the potty. I usually do the ring that fits on the regular toilet that has steps. Earliest I had a kid potty trained is 2 years old and it’s because I was potty training my first at 3 years and his sister wanted to join in. I’ve since potty trained 3 more children usually around 3 years old. Shoot my daughter went to preschool with a lot of students still in diapers.

Honestly my boys where very easy, I bought underwear of there favourite tv show, they wanted to wear it and I told them only big boys can wear them and they could wear them as soon as they started using the big boy washroom. Also told them each time they went they got a sticker on the board. When the board got 30 stickers they got a toy at toys r us of 20.00 They where both trained fully at 14 months. My girls on the other hand were a lot harder and just wouldn’t fall for anything. They where both 3 when fully potty trained.

We did potty orientation starting at about 18 months At bath time we would sit on the potty while the tub was running I would take them to the bathroom with me and let them sit on the potty with diapers on or off Mine LIKED to be naked so I kept a potty chair in the living room and sometimes they would sit and watch a show I really started about 2 yrs old with all 4 of my boys they were all daytime out of diapers from 2 to 2 1/2 depending on the boy. Nights took longer with mine. I had upstairs potty down stairs potty and living room potty With boys teach them to lean forward a little when they pee or it squirts out the front Lean and tuck lean forward and tuck him down

Truth is,kids will potty train when they r ready


Only when they’re ready. If you push it, it takes longer. Most kids are ready around 3 years old.

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That seems a little young. I started playing potty time songs and videos on youtube and bought a little toilet to introduce her too. She decided when she was ready and it only took 2 weeks after her 3rd birthday for her to be fully potty trained. And another 2 weeks before i took her trainers away from her at night

Introducing the potty is the first step in potty training, and you can do that whenever you want, or he shows an interest. With my boys I just sat them on a potty chair when I changed their diaper to help make a connection, or you can let him sit when you go, or depending on how he feels about it just put it out in the living room and let him sit whenever he wants to start, then move it into the bathroom. My boys all potty trained at 2 but I introduced it early and they hated being wet. But don’t stress over it! I worked in child care for a long time and my person opinion is the 3 most important things you can do is introduce the potty early on so it’s not scary, don’t discourage them when they want to sit whether they do anything or not, and don’t stress over how fast or slow the process takes.

Stop comparing. My son wasn’t potty trained till 4 but he has SPD. Slowly introduce, make it fun and don’t force. He will do it when he ready

What kind of super human children are potty trained under 1 and a half😂 (boys i mean) boys are typically a lot more difficult to potty train than girls are. I would be looking for signs. Does your son show any interest in you/his dad using the potty? Does he have interest in wanting to flush the toilet? Is he pulling at his diaper or know any words for “potty, pee, poopoo”? If the answer is no, id say he’s not quite there just yet. Maybe try taking him into the bathroom when you go and sit him on the potty? Explain what you’re doing. Maybe showing him will help him understand better when you do start😁

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My boys 2 and ive let him take the lead, I encourage him, brought him a little kmart potty, with a lid and flush button, I don’t demand he use it, dont compare your child to others, its not fair, as every child is different. :heart:

My son is 3.5yrs old. We went naked as much as possible. One day, after weeks of wanting nothing to do with the toilet, yelled and said ‘I have to pee’. It’s been 3 weeks now of no diapers. Don’t get me wrong, there were many accidents on the floor, many loads of pee clothes and many requests for a diaper but it’s all worth it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Almost three and no luck we go on the potty once in awhile nothing of his interest

My son turns 4 tomorrow and still refuses to go :weary:. My other 2 were a breeze to potty train. This kid on the other hand, idk. He showed signs around 2 and 3 but it just never stuck. Then for some reason he got scared of the toilet and now just won’t go

Either start early or wait until late (when they are ready crowd) there is no in between :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I did naked from the waist down. First wake up put on potty and then just go every 20 mins or so then eventually he caught on and asks to go. I just waited til he could understand enough to signal he had to go. He would say teetee and i knew he wanted to sit on his seat. Poop came a month or so later.

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Each kid is different. I started them both between 18 months and 2 years old. I tried for years to train my boys. Taking them constantly, using a timer, rewards, they got to pick out underwear. Nothing would work. My oldest has autism and wasn’t fully potty trained until he was 6.5. My youngest however had no interest. He would say he had to go to get an m&m then pee right in his pull up. I stopped trying to force it. Then right after he turned 4, he showed interest again. I put him in underwear and he got it in like 2 days. He just wasn’t ready until then.

My son was potty trained by 2. I taught him to pee outside off the porch. He loved it


16 months is wayyyyy early. Most kids aren’t ready until closer to two. You can start encouraging him when you use the bathroom, but I wouldn’t stress it too much right now. If you push too soon he could lose interest. Watch for signs that he is ready like if he doesn’t like a wet diaper or knows when he pees and can tell you he needs to go.

You see kids younger than 16 months? My oldest wasn’t even walking at 16 months :rofl:

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All kids are different. My first (girl) was 22 months and fully toilet trained. My second (boy) was 2 1/2 I think, my third (girl) and a very head strong girl at that, was almost 3 I think but she nailed it within a week and my fourth (boy) is going to be 3 in April and he has just started to sit on the potty and toilet and try. He can go without a nappy for a few hours but always seems to pee on the floor or my sofa!!! :rage:

So true Erin Rose, my son 44years old now, n my first Child, was never potty trained, my nephew Mikey who lived with us, he was about 5, then Kevin was a year old, when he starting using toilet by watching his cousin, yes he used the toilet no potty chair,he wanted to be a big boy like his cousin, broken from bottle at a year, yes for being my first child, I was happy

Kevin was 11mths when he started walking, I have a 9mth old grand son, his siblings sister 18, 16,n 12 years old, see my son in Joshua, told my daughter, he’s going to be fast at every thing, seeing his 2 older brothers n sister, he’s already trying to be independent,

He they cant completely take off pants and underwear and put back on with little to no help they ain’t ready

Every child is different, they will start when their ready, some times having a older sibling there helps the child to learn,

Girls usually potty-train earlier than boys.

My son is 3.5 and this is like the 1200th time we have tried to train. We started the morning off with training underwear and then after his name he just went naked. I made a deal with him that for every time he potties he gets an m&m, when he poops he gets a piece of apple pie. He only poops maybe once or twice a day and I have no intentions of giving him a decent sized piece of pie, but enough to get the point across. So far we have only had 2 accidents on day 1. After running around naked he knew to run to the bathroom and tell us what is going on so we could make sure he wasn’t cheating the rules. Tomorrow is another day.

My son is 2 next month and he is just not kind of showing interest! I think once they start showing interest in the potty or being able to say I pee or I poop is a good time to introduce…starting too early can make for a longer time potty training!

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I think 2 onwards is the right age.
My first was 2.5 years.
My second she would sit on the toilet and potty and go at 14months. But I didn’t even think about it until she was 2.
My 3rd the same hes 18months he will say when he has filled his nappy sometimes. My personal opinion is they need to be able to communicate to you that they need to go. X

with my 2nd @ roughly 2 (right before his sister was born), I let him run around without a diaper, he peed, looked at his penis, told him he went potty… Said we potty on the toilet, he ran to the toilet (I would go to the bathroom and go.potty with the door open, he would actually sit on the potty seat with his diaper on at that time.) And sat and pooped, not intentionally either but he got praises and a treat! But he started pooping on it first when he went pee he got all sorts of positive praise. And he was potty trained.

I told about my 2nd cause my 1st had development delays and took 4.5 years

He will show intrest. Let him see you and your partner go to the toilet and it will teach him.

My first has been training for a year he is now 4 my second 2 yo has been training for a week and has got it (both boys) every one is different

I guess it depends… I waited until all 3 of kids turned 3… I saw some parents start their kids at 16-18 months. Some even as young as 12 months… I didn’t want any stress to be a factor for my kids… so whenever you feel that your child is ready for it. I bought the training potty but my kids didn’t like it at first. I left it in the bathroom at all times… and eventually, started to use it.

My son potty trained himself at 13 months old because he wanted to be like his daddy. With my 2 girls, I started potty training when they started hiding to do their business or when they started telling me they did their business. I just figured that if they know what they did and could tell me, then I might as well start…they were both around 18 months old.

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We are potty training Granddaughter. She’s 2 1/2 and she came to us to wear her big girl panties. I watch her during the week and in the two weeks we have been doing this she had had one accident here. Few times she doesn’t want to put her panties on after nap but you just have to put them on her. She’s done so well but she is old enough to understand what’s going on

My son wasnt potty trained til later!
Boys sometimes need extra time…
Our daughter was 15 months when she started to take an interest in the whole process totally on her own.
She would get upset if she peed in her diaper. She saw her brother going potty and she wanted to do that.
Once i got the hint and i started to take her to the potty she was super fast in picking it up, not for naps or over night though at that age. Especially if they are heavy sleepers.

I tried at 18 months with my first and it was a big mistake. He didn’t know how to tell me he needed to go. He wasn’t even interested despite the little toys and snacks. He started saying his diaper was “not feeling good” around 2 1/2 and started showing interest in the potty. He was day and night pee and poop trained by 3. My 2nd was 3 my 3rd was 3 and my 4th trained at 2 at the exact same time as the 3rd child. The 3rd child wanted “pretties” in her ears and I said you don’t even go potty how will you take care of your ears? So we made a deal that when she didn’t wear diapers and didn’t have accidents for 2 weeks straight she could get her ears pierced. She was actually 3 1/2 when it was all over.

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I pushed my first and it was a terrible experience. I waited with my second until she was ready (she was almost 3) but she trained herself all in 1 day- no crying, no accidents. Much more pleasant experience!

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Start putting them on the potty every 30 min or every hour. When they go for the first few times, reward them for it with treats or lots of praises, or both! They will start to give you ways to know they have to go potty.


16 months is a little early. Girls train faster than boys. My little guy didn’t show any interest until recently. We do 5 pennies for pee,10 pennies if he tries to poo and 25 cents if he poops in toilet. I don’t scold if he has an accident. I just say to him uh oh, try again next time. Remember to be patient and make it fun with lots of praise. Good luck.

You wait untill he shows you he is ready. Most boys are not developmentally able to potty train until they are 2-3 years old. You can however begin to teach readiness by allowing him in the bathroom when you go and explaining that someday he will be a big boy and will be able to peepee and poop in the potty. Make it an appealing idea that he can aspire to not a task. He will let you know when he is ready.

My pediatrician told me twenty four months. Because before then they don’t have the mussel control. When they do it goes quickly. They know and you can just talk to them about it and like big people, go in the potty. Plus they ware underpants. No more dipper. Good luck :+1:t4:


All 4 of mine, including an autistic one, were day trained by 18 months or so, nighttrained by 27 months at the latest. If they’re old enough to play video games and with cell phones, they’re old enough to train. Just takes commitment, tolerance and patience on the parents’ part.


I’m not sure about boys, but I just let my daughter run without a diaper on for a few hours each morning for like three days, granted she peed a little on the floor twice but we are working on it. It’s just a matter of getting her to actually tell us when she needs to go. She also likes to be naked so we’ve fallen back on her progress because it’s winter now and she can’t just be naked all the time.

Physically some kids are ready by 18 months to be potty trained, mostly its more towards the age of 4 or even older before they are fully trained. My 3 have all been very different. My oldest (he has ASD) wasnt fully pt until age 5 (age 4 for days 5 at night) my middle was just before she was 2, but she also watched my oldest and wanted to PT too by HER choice. My youngest I tried to pt before 3 and failed. Day after she turned 3 we tried and she was daytime trained that same week…she stopped peeing overnight around 2 1/2 so she self trained for nights.


All kids are different. My son was almost 31/2 before he was fully trained and my girls were 2 going on 3. So it depends on when they are ready, you cant force them to go.


Having three sons, three years apart they all were trained night and day before the age of two. When going to do number one I would stand them on the rim of the toilet and place one square of toilet paper in the toilet water and have them shoot it down they loved doing that. As they grew taller they stood on top of my feet facing the toilet and aimed at the toilet paper square to once more sink it. It didn’t take long at all. No trouble with number two. Got the seat that sat on top of the toilet and they though they were big boys doing that…using the say pot as dad…,.,good luck, love :pray:t2::heart::mask::pray:t2:

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My first 2 were super easy. My last is 5 now and a little more stubborn than the others. We did the stay home for 3 days game. Didn’t leave the house, went naked or in big girl underwear, I had a jar of super cheap party favors for her and put her on the potty every 20 minutes or so and made a big deal (dance, clap, give reward) when she went. After the 3 days, she went on her own. None of mine would ever use a potty chair though.

At that age the parents are the ones who are trained. Way to early. Stop comparing your child to others. It will drive you crazy and give your child a complex.


Those are the “chance of luck” babies. Both of mine weren’t fully potty trained until almost 4. She would pee in the potty at around age 2 1/2- 3. Then it took time for her to go number 2 in the potty. Both girls but exactly the same ages and process.

Girls are easier than boys and can be done around 2. My youngest boy was my easiest as when a male went to the bathroom, he followed and watched…

I had boys. Started the potty training process the week they turned 3. In less than a week, they were potty trained.
We put the timer on for every 30 minutes, took them to the bathroom, let the water run (that always helped them to pee), placed them on the potty, and cheered when they did potty.
I also forgot to mention, I put them in regular underwear.


Do it when he is showing signs that he is ready. I wouldn’t force and don’t compare your child to other children.


I kept being pressured to train my first one at a yr and a half…I was much smarter with last 2…I waited til they were 2 and 1/2 and trained within 2 wks

Highly recommend the book 3 days to potty training! Worked for me with a super stubborn toddler

I had all 4 of mine trained at 2. Take one long weekend that you can devote your complete attention to them and put their potty in the central area of your home. Explain to them that they wont be wearing diapers anymore and put on big kid underwear. No pull ups. Let them run around all weekend in either underwear and a t- shirt or just a t-shirt. Every 20 min or so have them sit on the potty and give them an M & M or some small treat every time they go and make a huge deal out of it. If they start to use the bathroom on the floor just say, lets go potty, and quickly put them on the potty. They will eventually get it. Give them extra water. Have them try before bed and use a water proof mattress cover. Do this all weekend and then take them out in public with a towel in their car seat. Before I left the vehicle I would have them use the small potty in the back of my van with tinted windows or take them straight to the store bathroom before you start shopping. Take them again before you leave. Look for ques that they have to go. Dont go back to diapers. It gives them permission to wet themselves. After the weekend, they wont be totally trained but close to it.

3 is the normal age to potty train. I’d never consider training so young in my opinion

Funny I’ve had seven and my oldest one was pulling off his diapers because he couldn’t stand being wet and watched his daddy going and potty and we got him a little potty and he used it . So they can learn ! They still might slip up occasionally. But they try and that is all that matters


Start by sitting him on the potty every hour. When he goes, give him praise and his favorite snack. Once he masters that and you move on to standing up, put cheerios in the toilet for him to try and hit. He will get the hang of it!

Let him watch you and dad. Claps with “yay” “good job” when you’re done. When he wants to try, let him and give lots of encouragement and praise. Don’t make it a stressful event you push. You want it casual and at his pace otherwise he will sense you’re excited about no diapers and abort mission :rofl:

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It’s possible, depends on the child. My oldest was trained completely by 12 months, my second is special needs and was trained at 3, the next 2 were both trained by 18 months. I was very lucky that I never had any bed wetters. Never once had to change sheets due to overnight accidents. I always would try them on it in the beginning and see how they reacted to it. If it wasn’t a good reaction, I put it up for 2 weeks. Try again.

I was potty trained by 16 mos according to my mom. My son was daytime potty trained at 2 and fully by 3 but we kept a pull up on him at night until closer to 4.

Get a potty chair and set it next to the bathtub. Sit him on it naked before bath time. When he pees the first time make a huge deal about it. Mine potty trained at 17 months this way. It took about 2 weeks. Good luck

Friends who have girls and boys have told me that the girls were easier to potty train and the boys took longer. I have two boys seems like they were 2-3 yrs. old before they were potty trained.

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Start by teaching him all the words, he must understand what he is doing and what is expected of him. And if having wet or dirty pants don’t bother him, he’s not ready. I think he’s a little young for you to worry about it.

I have a 4 year old boy who is not potty trained but he is also autistic so it has been a little harder with them

I started soon as they walked by 1 they goin to the bathroom. I started by keeping them without diaper and catch them in the act and rush them there to show where it goes. My boys started standing at the tub to get the concept. But 1 is not too young. My babies amaze people with this no diapers outside nothing to bed. Youngest 2&3 no bed wetting nothing. Just be patient with the cleaning of the floor and tub if it’s a boy might not wanna train a boy sitting

My daughter is 3 and a half, we didnt rush her. Once she started asking me questions when she followed me into the bathroom, she got her own potty. About 2 and a half. She would go a week using the potty then fall back and be afraid of it, and back to using the potty. I set her up a “privacy” corner, and told her to try frequently through the day. Once she started letting me know when she had to go, we went naked for a few days. Shes been in underwear for the day with no accidents (minus the super rare moment she doesnt catch it in time) for the last like 9 months or so. Only wears pullups to bed. We are currently working on potty before bed and no drinks the last hour or so before bed. She knows once we go a week with dry pullups she gets to wear underwear to bed like mommy does.

It helped to get her going by babysitting younger kids too. She wanted to be a big girl and take care of the babies with mommy. No more pullups or diapers since mommy doesnt wear them.

Yes if the father lives with you then have your son go to the bathroom with daddy. Let him watch and see how it works. Then encourage him to pee in his own potty along with dad.

It takes time, and patience, and a lot of praise , when they do. Boys are tougher than girls, but I only had boys. All three were trained at different ages. Just be consistent, and patient.

Wait until they are ready and show interest. There is no set time
Don’t force them . Usually by 2yrs. They are ready.

My son is 2 and is just now getting interested in the potty, he’s just getting to the point where he tells me he needs changed. My daughter is day times trained but kidney issues are making night time harder. You will know when hes ready mama!

First, does your child have the language to tell you they need to go? Do they recognize the feeling? Do they have the appropriate response? Let your boy go with his Dad to see him pee.Its just to educate don’t worry.Get the potty training underwear.They are thicker.Not pull-ups.Practice, practice.Make it fun and never scold.Also buy favorite character underwear.Don’t pee on paw patrol.

And every baby is different AND. Boys are typically harder to train

Sounds weird but get the kid naked… Let em do there normal routine… They instinctively won’t just start peeing or pooping… cause they aren’t covered by a diaper/clothes… (but every child is different so they might possibly)and if they do it will be weird to them… so keep em naked let em play or do whatever like normal… every 20 mins go sit them on the potty… yes boys to… They will learn to pee sitting at first… did this with my son… two days… trained! But on the other hand 16 months? Super young but again every child is different…

I started potty training my son at one year. After they eat put them on the potty chair for awhile. Eventually they get the hang of it.

My mother had fourteen children. We were all potty trained and off the bottle by one years old.

I raised three children; 1 girl and 2 boys. I never even tried to begin any of them at Potty training until each reached 2-years of age. NEVER force a toddler to do this - he or she must want to do this on their own.

If he stays dry for at least 2 hours at a time, and wakes up from nap dry, it’s time to start.

boys are harder wait until closer to two and when it warms out

The sphincter muscle does’t fully develop until around age two. I found that waiting until about that age they catch on very fast…2-3 days, no scolding, as some do that, needed. It’s not a contest.

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Tried to train my first unsuccessfully at two. Waited until 3 plus and they were trained in three days. No stress.

Both my boys were fully potty trained by 2. My oldest just kinda stated on his own but I had to remind him to use the potty often especially when there was fun or excitement happening. My second was a bit tougher but hey he did it before he turned two as well. It’s all about consistency.

Started with my grandson when he turned 2 and still working with him, and he just starting to talk, we started by boo boo in the potty.

Honestly each child is different.

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My daughter was the easiest to potty train. But my two sons were the hardest.

They train when their ready…but telling them when you have to go and them acknowledging it speeds it up…I’m a Father of 7 kids

My own children and 2 grandchildren everyone was done by 2

Not until two to three years most dont understand until then