How far along should you be to have a baby shower?

What’s an appropriate time (weeks of being pregnant) to have a baby shower … I just found out an old friend is having a girl, and I’m just so excited for her!!! She has two boys already, and when I found out she was pregnant, IDK why I started saving ideas on Pinterest for a baby shower, and it was all girl themed related, and now that it’s confirmed, I’m stoked! I’m asking because my baby showers were a day or two before I gave birth.


My first child I had my baby shower on memorial day and I had my son on June 6. That was a little bit too close LOL. You want to make sure you have time to set things up and wash them. :+1::blush::heartpulse:

I had a baby shower in March and I was due beginning of May… it gave me about a month to set up and go through everything!

I always did mine around 7-7 1/2 months then I have a month or so to get anything else needed.

I say around 30 weeks. That way mama is still feeling good and has plenty of time to go through stuff, wash it, and put it all away without a panic.

When ever you decide you want your baby shower

7-8 months pregnant. Dont want to have it to late.

I had mine around 30 weeks

I was 29 weeks at mine

I planned mine for 5 weeks before my due date and went into labor the day of my shower.

I had mine at 32 weeks. I wanted to get everything all set up and organized before I hit 36-37 weeks and I would be all fat and exhausted haha. Good thing too, had baby early at 36 weeks.

I was around 30 weeks

I was 28 weeks on my first pregnancy and 36 weeks on my second xx

I always had them ( I had 4 showers) after I found out sex and by then my morning sickness was subsiding and I wanted to be around people but I dont think there is really a wrong time to have one

I had mine at 32 weeks, 3 weeks before I had an emergency csection.

I always had mine after my babies were born. (Just because I wanted to make sure babies were here and healthy). I don’t think there is really a right or wrong time.

I had mines at 5 months and sooo happy I did. Gave me so much time to get what I needed and not have to stress about money having to buy things last min, plus I was/am single and work crazy hours and went into labor early so I’m very happy I had the 3 months to get things ready :pray:

Whenever you want, I suppose. I’ve even been to baby showers that the baby was present for (a month old, but still).

Ive never had one for any of my kids…is it too late lol they are 4 and 2 yrs old and 1 week old

We planned mine at 28 weeks and i ended in the hospital 5 days later, had her at 30 weeks. So happy we had it just in time or I wouldn’t have been able to attend lol. I think around 6 or 7 months is usually good, gives the parents enough time to set things up, make returns/exchanges, buy the stuff they weren’t gifted.

I have mine when I was 6 months so that I could get everything I was gonna get and then have those last 3 months to get the rest of whatever else I needed.

I’m 32 weeks and having mine this weekend

I did mine 1-2 months before my due date

Both of mine were about 2 months before. That way I new what I had and what I needed to get before they were born

About 1 1/2mo b4 due date for all 3 of my children. Gave me time to get everything put away, washed, and then shop for what else was needed

My first pregnancy, having mine this weekend i will be 33 weeks.

I had mine at 36 weeks and I was huge and hot the whole time :sweat_smile:

I’m having mine a month before the due date. Best way to ring in the new year 2021.

I had mine at 35 weeks pregnant

Had mine a month before he was born

I would say 28 weeks at least but before 34. I would want time to organize the gifts and make sure what I had before the blessed bundle arrives. Congrats on a new little lady.


It’s kind of tacky to have a baby shower for #3


A few weeks before, no earlier than a month

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I would say a month or two before due date just in case


Between 28 and 32 weeks usually is recommended


I’m having my baby shower with my gender reveal to cut down on having 2 parties. I’m having mine at 20 weeks. :woman_shrugging:t3: Plus i understand the whole “buying gifts without knowing the gender” but my whole theme, wether it’s a boy or girl is grey and elephants. So gender neutral either way.

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I think after the first baby you shouldn’t have a baby shower. Just save the baby things instead of out tossing them


Usually by 2 months due date

I had mine a month before my due date.

If a friend wants to throw a baby shower let them. If you don’t want to go to shower or to buy the babya gift, (1st or 5th) stay away. I say go for it. If you know the sex anytime is good for the shower.


My 3rd boy was a month old when I had my first baby shower :woman_shrugging:

the month before she has the baby

I had mines 2 months before

Some really salty women in this thread… why criticize?


I did my baby shower at 8months

I think it really depends of your pregnancy my first one was high risk and bed rest so we had ours at 22 weeks and this time around with high risk twins we are waiting till after the holidays so 27 weeks

My friend had a late one, 2 weeks before her due date. She missed her shower since her son was born that morning. I had mine a month before and just in time. My shower was on a Saturday and my daughter was born Tuesday.

I think every baby should be celebrated. However I think the time frame depends on the parents’ preference. I traveled home for mine at 28 weeks and I’m glad I did because I had him at 30 weeks.

She asked when a good time frame would be for the shower not if she should have one. Let people do what they want and you got to be pretty miserable to rain on someone’s parade. I had mine a month in advanced.


20-25 weeks. Both my sons were born premature and I missed out on all the end of pregnancy stuff. :slightly_frowning_face:

I was due on Feb 28 and did my baby shower at the very beginning of February

A couple months before at least gives them time to set everything up and get what they still need.

How is it tacky to help a pregnant woman whether its her 3rd or 12th? Some moms don’t save baby things or maybe it happened unexpectedly?
I had my baby shower around 7 or 8 months for my first and my second pregnancy was high risk so I had a c section scheduled already so we had the shower a little bit earlier. So it really doesn’t matter when you throw one but its really sweet that you would do that for her!!


Hello… congrats to your friend who is expecting…
First, I would talk to your friend if she wants a baby shower. Whether it be a baby shower where people are gathered like If it was still 2019… A virtual baby shower, or the drive up baby shower people are doing since covid is still around…
Second, and this is just opinion.
I would not throw the baby shower a month before her due.
The covid is still out there and alot of hospitals are still on high restrictions for expecting couples who are about to have their baby. (Depending on the state, definitely have her reach out the hospital that she will be delivering to find out their restrictions) I just had my newborn a month ago. Myself and spouse had to get tested for the Covid when we arrived at the hospital. Best of luck!

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My sister has a 5yr old and is due now in 4 weeks. Last weekend I put together a “baby sprinkle” (she had a baby shower for her daughter so apparently a second is called a sprinkle)

With my first we had a baby shower when I was 38 weeks, and I went into labor the next day! Lol we cut it super close, but people usually recommend 36-40 weeks, personally i think its late to do it because you never know when baby comes but I suppose if baby is there for it even more fun! Lol

You can have a shower any time you want times have changed

My friend threw me a baby shower 2 months before I was due. Was my 3rd baby but the age difference is 11 yrs :grin:

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I had mine planned for about a month before my due date with my daughter… She was 9 days early… Then my sister’s planned one for my son and he was 6 weeks early and we ended up not having it because I felt silly by the time it came around. People just came by a bit later to meet him and brought gifts and love.

So I would say plan it to be about 6-8 weeks prior to her due date to be safe. :heart:

I liked to have mine about a month before my due date.

I did two months before my due date with both

Lol it’s 2020 guys, come on. Life is shitty enough as it is so if having a baby shower is something that brings a little joy to a momma right now what’s the big deal? A lot of women have baby showers for every child now. Different times, different traditions.

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We always did baby showers about 10 weeks before the due date just in case of early labor. I’d ask your friend what works for her though. Good luck to your friend!

I say anytime and sprinkle showers for the different gender child are so cute. I did a sprinkle shower 8 weeks before due date.

I did mine at 6 months and it’s a good thing I did my son came the fallowing month

Mine was a few weeks before I was due. You want her good and preggy, so there’s a fabulous bump in all the pics, but far enough from her due date, that she’s not likely to have had the baby early, or for her to be absolutely miserable. So 1-2 months I’d say. I saw someone mention concern about her testing positive for covid before giving birth, and having hospital restrictions etc, and that’s definitely something to consider. So 2 months may be wiser than 1. Perhaps talk to her or her hubby and find out where they stand on all that, or what restrictions are being required of them by their doctor. Perhaps, depending on when she’s due, it could be held outside or some kind of compromise like that?
Someone else mentioned it being weird to do a shower for a 3rd kid. I disagree. I just had my 3rd last year, and I felt like it would be greedy or selfish to have one, (even though it had been 7 years since our last. We’d “cleaned house” thinking we were done, and so basically needed everything.) Well a very dear friend of mine conspired with my husband and threw me one anyway, (she kept pushing me to make a registry, "just in case people want to get you something, lol. It was a total surprise, very sneaky.) and I cannot express how loved and supported I felt.
I suppose if SHE were demanding one, that might be tacky, but if you, as her friend, love her and are excited to do this, I say go for it. Do find out if she needs some of those bigger things or not. If people want to go in together on a new carseat, that sort of thing.

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1-2 months before the due date

I had mine 10 weeks before I had my son. I recommend early because its nice for mama to get everything organized and washed. I had a c section and was in a lot of pain the 1st 2 weeks after

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Honestly, I never got why people waited so far along…I mean, you’ll get lots of presents of all sorts, and if it’s early, then you already know what you have and in turn know early what all you still need to get.

I would do it during the second trimester. By the 3rd trimester you feel huge, nothing fits and your tired.

I’d say 8-10 weeks before due date

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Mine was when I was 7-8 months.

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Usually about 7 months. Then you can play games with the belly. Anything later than that is exhausting for mommy to be.

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I had a surprise shower thrown by my friends at 32 weeks x

8 months along is a great time.

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Any time after 20 weeks

In my family it’s always in the last trimester, maybe a month or two before the due date in order for the family to be ready. Bottles washed, crib set up, clothes washed with dreft, etc.

Appropriate time is seven month when mother can also enjoy shower💐

Mine was around 30 weeks

I think 30-32 weeks is a good time frame. It gives mom time to put away all the new stuff and then relax before the arrival of baby


32 weeks, but I had a friend have hers early as I’m 8 weeks ahead and she wanted to make sure I could be there

I agree with the above. Around 30 weeks, mom still has some energy to have an event, and has time to get other things she needs if they don’t come at the baby shower. Also, you never know what could happen, and if you wait too close to the due date, baby might beat ya!

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20+ weeks I think. I was 35 weeks at both of my showers and I really didn’t feel like I had enough time to put stuff together for the babies before I had them.

Around 30 weeks and up is a great time

Agree with all above. Around 30

Im due in Feb and im having mine in decemeber.

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I’m having mine at 26 weeks. Everyone has given me problems about it but it’s easier doing it now since we’re busy typically around November-January. Baby girl is due early February

I had mine about 33 weeks. I felt like it was perfect timing.

My baby was 3 days old !

7-8mths. Both of mine were about that time. also - For all the nay sayers on having more than one, my first was a boy and my second was a girl 12 years later. She was the first girl and still the only.

I had mine at 32 weeks. Baby boy was head down and ready to come out so we had it earlier

I had mine in March and wasn’t due until May

I had mine 6-8 weeks before I was due.

Im having mine at almost 28 weeks. I wanted an outdoor shower and if I waited any longer than that it’d be took cold. Also we are busy once the holidays hit. I already don’t have much energy either so if I waited till I was 30+ weeks I wouldn’t be able to organize stuff or even be at my own shower lol

I’d say a few months.

I was 7 months, I saw my friends do them at 8.5 + months and were exhausted opening all the gifts and didn’t enjoy the experience so I made sure to do it a little early

I feel like a month before you give birth is appropriate

When you want. The hells it got to do with anyone else x

7 or 8 months is a good time.

My 1st i was about 30 weeks give or take a week. My 2nd was supposed to be at 35 weeks. However due to complications I didnt get to have it until he was already born and 4 weeks old.