How far along were you when you gave birth?

How far along were you when you had your first? I’m 39 weeks tomorrow and 1 cm dilated. I have a feeling I’ll be pregnant for a while!


I was 42 weeks when I had my girl

40 weeks 2 days with my first!

I was 38 weeks with both

Day after my due date. But went into labor on my due date

My first was 40w3d
My second was 36w2d

33 weeks
34 weeks

All babies were

41 weeks with my first and induced at 38 weeks with my second

37 weeks and 2 cm dialated

40w1d with both, but went into labour on both of their due dates

40 weeks. Try bouncing on an exercise ball and do some walking to help:) I didn’t when I went in and regret not trying now. Anything you’ve read or if you have a doula ask!!

Due date baby. The day before I had him I had zero signs that I would be going into labor any time soon

I was 35 weeks and I was 4 1/2 cm. Didn’t even know it. I worked all day and that night went into the emergency room for bleeding and they said I was having a baby😬

Day before my due date

40 weeks and 1 day! From that moment I knew he was going to be stubborn and boy has he lived up to it…his due date was 9/18 and I started having contractions at 1:30am 9/19 :joy::joy:

I went into labor on my due date !

39+1 (induced)

41 weeks and was induced

41+5 and an after an almost 72 hr induction

40+5 days and when I went in I was only a half a cm dilated

My first I was 40 weeks and technically 1 day, but it was 1:50 am so pretty close to 40 weeks exactly .

My second was 40 weeks and 6 days

I was induced at 39 weeks with both and sat at 1 cm for 2 weeks with both.

I had my son exactly at 41 weeks

42 weeks. 40 weeks and 39 weeks

My first was 2 days before my due date.

My second was on my due date

39.8 weeks, 39.5weeks, 39.6 weeks, and 37.5 weeks

35 weeks exactly
37 +1

I was 9 days early to my due date with first, 15 days early with my 2nd and 39weeks with my last

39 weeks to the day with both pregnancies.

My 1st I was 39 weeks and my last 3 I went at 37 weeks. Im currently 35 weeks high risk so anyday now.

35, 37, 36. First was induced for medical reasons, second was pretty much on time just early, last was stress induced labor premature. Good luck lol

41 4, 40 3, 41 3. The first two were induced

Most doctors won’t let you go past 42 weeks just to give you some hope. With my first I was induced on my due date with my second I was induced at 38weeks 4 days.

I feel you! I’m 37+4 now and I’m so miserable. I was told I would be induced this time at 39 weeks or right after if babe isn’t here by then. My first came at 40+4 after induction.

42 weeks
39 weeks 23.25 hours. Yes she was born 45 min before her due date!
39 weeks

37 weeks to the day. Emergency c-section. Cord was around his neck and he didn’t pass the test they run.
The Dr’s say 38 weeks for my 2nd. My calculations are 40 weeks to the day. My kids are 15 months apart so the time I go prego was pretty clear lol. My daughter was a vaginal birth

My first one was a week late had to be induced.
My second one I was 4 days late.
Hoping this baby comes on time or a little bit early

38 weeks exactly. My technically last follow up I was at 1 cm.

I had my only at 38weeks 3 days labor

I was 39 weeks 1cm and I didn’t have her until I was 40+6 lol

41 weeks with my first and 42 weeks with my second.

My first were twins and I was 35 weeks along.

1st-39+6 went into labor on my own. 1 cm dilated before going into labor
2nd-39+5. Couldn’t stand being pregnant any longer so I ate spicy food, and the deed. Went into labor shortly after; 1cm dilated
3rd-40+1 had I not been induced due to gestational hypertension, I would’ve been induced due to how far along…I was not even 1 cm dilated. He hadn’t dropped, as he was.pretty high up.when I was induced. I was only a finger tip dilated. As I mentioned, gestational hypertension. Only Braxton hicks since 5-6 months.

41w2d with first and with 2nd on due date. Both induced

40 to 41+weeks depending

First I went 5 days early
Second was 39 weeks
This one any day now due to high blood pressure. I’ll be 37 weeks wed but find out tomorrow when I am gonna have her dr is pretty certain I’ll have her within the week

1 was 5 days early 1 bang on time 3rd 11 days early!!!

With my first I had her at 36 weeks. At 30 weeks I was 3 cm dilated. With my second I had him at 35 weeks and was 4 cm dilated at 30 weeks and had to have contractions stopped twice.

I was 4 days overdue and had to be induced :sob:

41, 40 and 40 weeks but mine were all csections

I was 40 weeks & 1 day when she was born but I went into labor exactly at 40 weeks on her due date. When I went for my last check up at 39 & 5 days I wasn’t dilated at all so hang in there mama, baby is coming!!

I was 10 days over my due date with my first but the birth was so quick which made up for it two wee pushes and she was out lol :joy: x

42wks and 5d…was not happy lol

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36w4d… to a 7lb 12oz baby… so glad she came early

41 + 1. I never dilated

2 babies and each came at 40 weeks and 4 days naturally. Hang in there Mama!

Had my first at 39 weeks and 2 days. Second and third, 38 weeks. Fourth 38 weeks 2 days.

my first right on schedule. my 2nd i was like 42 weeks 2 weeks over due and my 3rd i was 41 weeks 1 week over due.

41 weeks exactly. I was at 1cm for ever. I walked miles every day. Ate spicy food. Had my membrane swept. She just wanted to take her own sweet time. :joy::joy:

Induced at 42 weeks to the day.

37 weeks and a few days with my first, 35 weeks on the dot with my second

I was 3cm for the last 4 weeks

40+2 my water broke and until then I was only 1 cm

41 weeks and was still 1 cm for weeks

41 weeks with my one and only.

I was 39 weeks 5 days when I gave birth. 2 days early from induction date

40 weeks exactly lol, she would have been born right on due date if the doctors waited 15 min for my emergency c section.

I was 4 days overdue with my first

My first was 38 weeks , my 2nd 39w4d and my 3rd was 37 weeks

My first came at 35 weeks

Induced on due date with both. Pregnant currently and will most likely be induced again. Probably sooner this go round due to gestational diabetes :frowning:

40 weeks 6 days
they induced me

38 weeks on the dot, I had been dilated since 34 weeks and from 36 to 38 I was 4cm’s and 100% effaced.

Getting induced tomarrow, will be 41 weeks tomarrow

My first child was 36 weeks ish due to preclampisa

40 weeks,water broke on its own had to be induced to start contractions

  1. Induced at 42 weeks
  2. Induced at 38 weeks (he was assumed to be over 10 lbs, he was only 8.12)
  3. Induced at 41 weeks
  4. Induced at 40 weeks

40 weeks and one day

I went all the way to 41 weeks with my first and was slowly dilating but then my second I’m not even sure what I was before I went into labor on my own at 39 and 5

With my oldest, i had a growth scan at 29 weeks, the ultrasound tech caught me going into preterm labor. After being monitored, i was having contractions that i didn’t know were contractions. They put me on procardia and bedrest. Then i was induced at 39 weeks because of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

With my second i had labial hypertension (thankfully never progressed to being preeclampsia) but i had him at 37 weeks via scheduled csection.

I know it feels like you’ll be pregnant forever, but i promise you won’t be. I have friends who went to 40 weeks exactly. A couple who went to 41 weeks…and were a day or so away from induction when they went into labor on their own. If you go too far past your due date the doctor will discuss inducing you.

My 1st water broke on his original due date. My 2nd (twins) water broke at 36 weeks.

8 days overdue with my first, 5 weeks early with my second, and my last one was exactly on his due date.

41 weeks and 1 day. (My daughter was born on the 8th day of her being late)

With my son I was 39 weeks they induced me.

Went in labor at 39 weeks was born the same day

39 and 4 days with all my kids

37 with my daughter, 38 with my son

41 weeks and emergency c-section at 35 weeks and 1 day.

38 weeks, 3 days. Not induced but had a membrane sweep that started labour but ultimately had a c-section after 21 hours of labour.

I had mine on week 39 to the day and I’m almost to 30 weeks with my second one. Not much longer for round 2

39wks 4d with my 1st
33wks ( he was 7wks premmie) with my 2nd
& Was booked on 37wks for a Ceasar with my twins …

I was induced at 39 weeks

42 induced.
I was one cm active labour from 38 weeks.

41 weeks and 4 days!

I felt the same way! :joy: I was actually 39 weeks and a day too when my contractions started coming! My mom has taken me to the hospital and they said I was 3 cm and I could either have him today or it could be another few days to a week. And then another nurse during shift change had checked me and her nails popped my bag​:sweat_smile::joy::skull_and_crossbones: it all happened so fast but worth it in the end​:sparkling_heart::two_hearts:

42 weeks with first she came day before inducement 41 weeks with second had to be partially induced and third came on her due date

39 wks 2 days with my first.
40 wks 1 day with my second.

I was 39w5d when I had my first!

My first came 3 hours before her due date

I went into labor at 37 weeks with my first ! Which I’m glad I did, he had the cord wrapped around his neck. Im not sure he would make it if I was further along…

I was induced with my first 2 so 39 weeks. But my son came on his own at 38 weeks. I was only like 2cm dilated with him when my labor began, even after my water broke on its own it was slow moving. Don’t worry, your body might surprise you!