How honest should I be with my children about where babies come from?

My seven &8-year-old boy and girl are intrigued to see where baby’s come from and want to watch videos to find out I told them they came from a woman’s front bottom felt so awkward as they wanted to know everything from the moment I was pregnant and till the moment I gave birth I know it’s a silly question but how far would you go would you show them videos would you tell them if there were complications etc.


I told my 8 and 5 year old everything


I was seven and in the room when my brother was born. Even cut the cord. My parents explained everything to me and i saw the video of my own birth.


Just be honest and use age appropriate words. My twins didnt believe me when I told them I got them at a 2 for 1 sale at the baby store😂


Yes and don’t use words like pee pee or cookie, use real words the boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

I told mine that I kinda pooped them out😂

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If they are asking then explain. You dont need to go into all the details. I explained to my then 9&8 year olds because I was pregnant


My son is 8 and he is very interested in my pregnancy. I explain pretty much everything to him. I wouldn’t go as far as showing him birthing videos lol but he knows about everything.

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Well, my then 4 year old ask. And I’m as honest as I can be with them.

I simply told her your front butt. And she paused…said well atleast its not your back butt cause that would be NASTYYYY and never brought it up again. Lmao


“Front bottom” ? I’d worry about teaching them basic anatomy before worrying about where babies come from. But just tell them everything in age appropriate terms


“Where do you think babies come from?” That leading question will tell you how to proceed.


I think I’d explain it before I show them lol it might be a bit much

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I showed my four year old a c section and a vaginal birth because she asked, she was so amazed by it that she now says shes gonna be a OB doc.


Honestly bore them with the facts. My parents did the same thing when I asked the same question as a kid


A woman’s front bottom? It’s called a Vagina… Vagina is not a dirty word and should be called what it is.

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Tell them everything

Be honest and open with them. There are child friendly educational videos for that online. You watch alone first to make sure u find the one you feel good about…let them watch it, and then have a super honest conversation about everything. You want them to be open and honest with you as they get older?, then set the right example now…
Its human nature…its natural…its real life. Better to come from you then some other random kid in the playground with wrong information


We started talking about periods and how
their bodies work at 5. Then just expanded every year. By 8&9 they knew it all mostly. They are 11&12 now and we’ve expanded into STDs, birth control and the extreme responsibility it is deciding to have sex.
That it is a great and wonderful thing but can come with some sever consequences and.


I showed my soon to be 5year old a birthing video

I’d lay it all on the table… no reason to hold back. Better they learn from you then someone else.

I dunno i told my daughter the truth. She is 11. She doesn’t ask anymore :joy::joy:

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My daughter was in third grade be honest with them

Front bottom??? It’s a vagina. You’re doing them a disservice by not informing them of proper anatomy

My daughter was 4 years old when she learned babies come out of our bellies. She disnt ask exactly where and how. My sister had her baby when my daughter was 4.
And then just after her 5th birthday I gave birth to her brother. Again, she didnt ask for details. Just knows that babies grow in our bellies and then are born when they are ready

I have always answered 100 percent of the details. It used to drive me nuts that girls didn’t know what periods where or how sex works even in middle school.

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A womans front bottom? You can’t even say vagina to them why worry about it. I told my 3 year old that the doctors cut him out of my stomach because they did but if I had a vaginal delivery then I would have told him that. He knows the terms of body parts and knows that male and female are different.

If they insist on a movie, you can get films of horses, pets, etc. giving birth. They usually are not that graphic. They will get the idea. Take into consideration their age

If you have used the phrase ‘front bottom’, then your conversation with your kids is going to be longer than you think.
Using actual names is going to be more useful to your kids. It’s part of child protection.
My 8 year old knows she grew in my uterus and came out my vagina. She was made when mummy and daddy had sex.
My 10 year old met her younger sister before the placenta was out.
Pregnancy and birth isn’t shameful or embarrassing. It will be easier on them if you can be open and honest.

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Always the truth. Babies come out the vagina use clinical facts. Answer only the questions they ask. You don’t have to elaborate or use details. One of my boys asked how babies got in my belly. He was about 5. I said they grew from a tiny egg. He said cool and that was it

My 3 year old knows the terms penis, vagina, labia and testicles. I’d work on that first. Then explain sex and birth. It’s only weird if you make it weird. My 3 year old wasn’t bothered by it.

Tell them babies come out of vaginas or bellies. Lying about anatomy and reproduction is just pointless.


There are really good medical videos that will explain the whole process. Watch with them and answer their questions. It’s better to teach them the truth than it is to let them find out some other way.

They are PLENTY old enough. My 5 year old knows, and it wasn’t difficult or too awkward to explain if you approach it scientifically (which you should). They need the facts, that’s all.


Start with using the correct terms. Front bottom? Yikes. If they’re old enough to ask, they’re old enough to be told, in an age appropriate manner. It’s awkward, but necessary.


My 5year old asked since I’m pregnant now and I explained to.him.

Why wouldn’t you be honest about your kids
My 3 year old knows I have a vagina and it bleeds he know he has a diddle too and it’s not like mummy’s

If your not open and honest about your. Areas and don’t teach your kids the right thing it’s easier for them to get prey on and taped because they won’t know it’s inappropriate to be touched in PRIVATE AREAS like a vagin where a fiddle goes to make babies !!!

DONT LIE. Tell them the truth.

I always answered truthfully. When I was pregnant with my last my 4&5 year old knew she was going to come out of my vagina :woman_shrugging:t3: they also know sometimes babies have to be cut out of bellies. Birth is not a scary or inappropriate subject. I’d show them a birth video.

We don’t tell children that vagina’s are “front bottoms”, god forbid anything ever happens and your daughter says someone touched her front bottom. That doesn’t hold up in court. Not only that but children need to know the correct names for their parts. Penises and vaginas are not different than eyes or nose, why do people treat them so taboo? Stop being that person!

If you think your kids are ready then tell them, you can give them the information they ask for. There is nothing wrong with teaching your children how things work. The less weird you are about it the more comfortable they will be asking questions and it truly sets the tone for an open relationship and then knowing they can always come to you about anything. Which is what we want as parents.

“Front bottom” :joy: I only laugh because me and my fiancé joke to each other and call it a front butt for shits and giggles.

I’d see what they think first and then explain a baby grows in a women’s uterus, might explain that babies then get pushed through the vagina or in some instances doctor have to remove from women’s tummies. I don’t know why it’s such a hush hush topic with all the secrecy. It’s literally the only reason we are all here it is exactly what life is.

Please use correct anatomy with your children, saying vagina and penis is normal and not dirty. They need to know in case something ever happens to them inappropriately. My son had the sex talk when he was 8 and he knows he has balls and a penis. Please educate your kids. You dont need to show videos of birth as that may traumatize them but just explain the baby comes out of womans vagina

Teach your children proper names for male and female anatomy. I do t see why in the world someone would call private parts by nicknames or goofy names :woman_shrugging: doing a child a disservice there. Be honest and open about it. Believe me, their friends at school have probably already told them, they just want information about specifics from you lol. As a parent isn’t educating your child a part of it :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


Yes, be honest. I’d rather be the one to educate my children on the birds and the bees. Other wise they’ll learn half truths at school…from other students (if they haven’t already)

either tell em yourself or find a kid friendly video that explains it. They’ll learn about it in health class eventually anyways.

Let’s just say my friends Mum never gave her the full version and at high school she believed that her urine came out of the same hole her period did, it’s either you tell them or other kids will

My 4 year old has watched birthing videos with me. She had wanted to be apart of her brothers birth (which unfortunately ended in an emergency c-section after my uterus and bladder tore open) so we watched a handful of birthing videos so she would know what was happening. She cried happy tears and thought it was beautiful and strong.

My parents told me about sex when I was 6. They told me and talked to me about “bad” people and what’s ok and what’s not. I will always respect and value that. Also, that didn’t ruin my “innocence” or childhood. I was not a perverted kid either.

When I was assaulted as a child, I was able to go and talk about what happened and people know right away - I see too often kids don’t know how to respond to being assaulted bc they weren’t taught about sex and assault early on.


My three year old knows she came out of my “potty” at the hospital lol

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It’s a difficult and awkward discussion at any age. If they ask then tell them the truth using all the correct words. If they want to see pictures, google them. I did this with my daughters. But I made sure the pictures of parts were animated or drawn…NOT actual pictures of actual people parts if you know what I’m talking about. It was uncomfortable for me, but once the discussion was rolling along it got easier. Any time they ask a question I always answer honestly no matter what the topic. I figure they’re going to learn about all sorts of stuff in life, I might as well make sure they get the correct answers from me.

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They way I see it if their old enough to figure out to even ask the questions to begin with, their old enough for the full answers

I’d start with naming body parts

They are old enough to know correct labels, and you want them to in case they need to talk about problems with their privates. Otherwise diagnosis can be more difficult and forbid they ever have to deal with sexual abuse, if they dont use correct terminology then it likely wont hold up in court.

Also, that’s old enough to tell them that babies come from a mommy’s tummy after her baby seeds are fertilized. You don’t have to have a sex talk to do a baby talk :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve never lied to my children, my boys were curious at 5 & 6 when o was pregnant with their sister and I was honest, they were grossed out asked if it hurt and moved on …

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If there asking give them honest answers using actual names for things. I am studying to become a social worker and have learned children as young as 12 are having sex.


I about fell through the floor when my 8 year old granddaughter asked me if she was a vaginal birth?

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don’t make it weird, if you don’t want them to be weird about it. I have an 8 and 6 year old and a 5 month old. my daughter, more than my son, had all these questions about WHY I ATE a baby and finally decided to ask where babies come from at a grocery store. so I answered her question, by the oranges where everyone and their mother was there :joy:
I am very open with them and use anatomically correct terms and it’s the most natural thing to them. :slightly_smiling_face: thats my experience, thanks for coming to my Ted talk :joy:


Put on the miracle of life and wait for puking noises. Baring that, they will get over the shame and so will you and they will be well informed. Would you rather have your kids believe things like the pull out method is effective birth control or that you can’t get pregnant on your period? If that movie is too graphic for you in sure youtube had some videos more centered to children. I believe dr. Seuss even has a book on the subject

I am pregnant and have a 9 yr old daughter and 7 yr old son. We have not had the sex talk with them yet, although they know their dad has played a part.
They know what periods are. They know the correct anatomy and terms for both girls and boys and are not at all embarrassed by using the words penis and vagina.
They know babies exit the vagina unless surgery is required.
My 9 year old daughter has watched a vaginal birth video.

Its not weird unless you make it weird.

So my daughter asked when she was 4… I told her that daddy gave me a special dot and the special dot grows in mommy’s tummy. She still remembers it lol. She’s 6 now I’m pregnant again and she’s like mom daddy gave you his special dot? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I don’t know I just told my 7 year old that babies come out of our private parts and he left it alone at that lol.

I told my 7 year old she didn’t ask I just wanted to explain before some kid on the bus told her wrong. She watched a YouTube video of natural and c-section then a real clip of my pain.

My mom told me straight up, only in public would she tell me that the stork was visiting someone (if she had a pregnant friend or whatever) and then wink at me. Back then it wasnt as socially acceptable for kids to know everything so I played dumb. My kids are only 5 and 2 and my daughter has asked about babies but I just told her that mom and dads make babies, then they grow in mommies bellies until they’re ready to come out. She didnt question further but when she does I will tell her the truth. It’s my job to tell her what she needs to know, people rely on schools sex ed programs and end up with pregnant teens because their kids never learn about everything to do with reproduction. Also, your daughter is probably starting to hit puberty, I know most people dont think kids that young are in puberty, but girls usually start having hormonal changes around 7 or 8. It’s better for her to know this now than later

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Just be honest. Use proper terms. Don’t make them embarrassed or ashamed. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.


Have them watch an animal birth first then human. Makes it a little less traumatizing :joy:

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Be honest with them. They’re going to learn it from someone else if they don’t from you. Answer any questions they have age appropriately. There are books about where babies come from you can buy and read with them if you’re more comfortable with that. You can look up labor and delivery videos on YouTube (the educational kind) if you want to go that route. Use correct words for everything. Don’t say “front bottom” tell them the right words. Kids are very curious and will go to someone willing to tell them.

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My kids have always called body parts by their actual name (vagina, penis) and this being my very reason why. The questions come so much sooner than you would think and it’s easier explaining without having to explain nicknamed body parts verses their actual name. But, I think if they’re asking you should tell them the truth opposed to them being misinformed by kids, or someone else who may sugar coat stuff. Just my opinion. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter is 5and know where babies come out of… she knows her and her brother come out my vag, than my sister showed her the other way babies come out n showed her photos c section happening…
But she hasn’t asked anything else about babies… But when she does I’ll be very honest with her about it all…

But she has been told not to tell anyone else this information as not many kids her age know


Age appropriate honesty, I mean it’s the miracle of life , they are eventually going to know but conversations as they grow promotes life long honest relationships

Answer their questions but do so age appropriate :woman_shrugging: You wanna teach em young that they can come to you w any & all questions and concerns. But use the correct words when you’re talking to them… not things like ‘front bottom’ :woman_facepalming:


The amazing true story of how babies are made by Fiona Katauskas.

It’s an amazing book for kids under 10 that want to know about where babies come from. It’s put simple for their understanding.


I tell my kids the truth

It’s birth. I show my 2 yr old because she’s going to be in the room when her brother is born in the next couple weeks. There’s nothing wrong with showing that miracle. I would (just my opinion) try not using other words than what they are. Front butt and stuff like that. Kids get confused and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with proper and clear wording of body parts.


My daughter has always know everything. It’s nothing to be ashamed of an it’s a natural and beautiful part of life. Use appropriate and proper terms for body parts and be honest. We got books as well “it’s not the stork” was really good and informative.

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There are kid friendly videos that show and explain it on youtube

Use correct terms for everything.


I knew everything by the third grade…I eould just tell them correct terminology and let them ask questions


It’s science! You need to have the egg and sperm talk. They make books with pictures! Kid friendly of course. They need to know the truth, correct terms and body parts.


I’m laughing so hard at front bottom.

I think children should be taught the real names for body parts. Less confusion and laughter.


Teaching children the words “front bottom” “front butt” is only confusing to children as they honest,where babies come from is not disgusting or bad.i simply told my children (7&4)that babies grow inside near my belly and a doctor helps them come out when they are ready.Teaching kids the basic of life is not awkward…until they ask HOW babies are made lol


“It’s not the stork” book. Its the best for this!

My middle child (he was 10) was in the birthing room with his father and I. Although he was towards my head, it was a crash course into where babies came from. His brother decided to come on a very bad winter night and he came so quickly, we didn’t have time to call anyone to stay with him so he came in with us. I wish in hindsight, we would have talked to him beforehand, but it’ always best to discuss these things with them before another child does.

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I think they are probably old enough to know the truth! My 4 year old wants to know too but I just tell him that God put the baby in my belly as a gift for our family and the doctors are going to cut my belly open and take the baby out for right now. I’ll tell him how it really works when he’s old enough!

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What the hell is a front bottom? It’s a vagina it’s not a bad word

I just recently had a baby and I told my 7 year old son the truth and I let him ask questions we also went over hygiene, good touch bad touch and what will be happening in the following years. Use proper terms and let him ask questions. It’s only weird if you make it weird!


My daughter knew at 5.5-6yrs old the whole 9yards. She learnt about how babies get into your belly at 3 or 4 (Beethoven, eggs swim down the river and make a baby in the mummies belly) she knows about contractions, she knows where they come from. She has seen a csection and a natural birth (you can find “kid version” meaning a cartoon edited version on youtube. Or books can be very helpful but not too graphic!)

Be honest with them, they want to learn and are intruiged. Don’t think they are too small or it’s icky, if they don’t want to know anymore they’ll tell you, it doesn’t traumatised them at all. It juse makes them aware. I know women who have had their children at their siblings birth and a little girl who caught her little brother (water birth)

The more honest you are the less you need to re-explain later in life. It saves confusion and time!

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My 7 and 9 year old asked me one time and i told them mommies vagina. I immediately refreted that one. They told everyone.

If you don’t tell them, someone else will…


Bc c sections are a thing I told mine the doctors cut baby out of tummy. They asked how baby got in there and I told them we asked god for a baby and he implanted a human seed in mommy’s belly using the Holy Spirit and then boom baby.

My daughter asked a few weeks before turning 2, I told her she was in my belly & came out of my vagina.

I’m probably going to catch flack but I believe in complete honesty. No they may not process it completely but they are better off knowing the truth. The more they know the better the decisions they make later on. Nothing is more embarrassing than being a teen and realizing your mother told you something meant one thing and being laughed at by your peers for being completely wrong. Lol


I think I would wait till they get older than eight.

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I have kids those ages. I wouldn’t show videos. I’ve told them very honestly that 1 came out of my vagina & the other was cut out of my stomach. They know it hurts more than getting their hair brushed. That was enough for them so far.

My kids have known since they were like 6.

We have four kids (11, 10, 8, 6). They all know where they came out of. I just said they came out of my vagina. We have also talked about sex, and what it is. That came up when one of our kids was in 2nd grade and a kid mentioned sex to him. So we had that conversation. They also know having sex makes babies. I’m not sure my youngest one really heard or grasped all of that. But he definitely knows where he came out of.

I started a basic education with my kids when they were 5, using proper terminology and very basic drawings. As they got older they got more information. There are great books and videos out there that show the development of the baby you could use as well. There is no need to get pornographic with the details. All they need to know is it takes a man and a woman to come together in a special loving way that can make a baby, until they are starting puberty then they should learn more details.

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My oldest son was a year an half old when I was pregnant with my youngest an I took him to all of my appointments for ultrasound an what not an then when I went into labor my oldest son was in the room with me an he wanted to watch his brother be born an I let him… It never gave him nightmares an has a very close tight bond with his brother!

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Vagina is not a cuss word

If they ask the question they are old enough to know the answer always give your children the truth if they ask


Michelle Columbia Smith

Kids raised on a farm get first hand info from the time they go outside. Never hurt them in the least. No acquard questions

What is a front bottom? :joy: let’s fix that first