How is it getting your tubes tied?

I’m wanting to get my tubes tied .
I’m making and appt . To discuss my OB bc I was gonna do it after I had my last baby and I put it off bc of financial reasons I had to go back to work . Can anyone tell me what it’s like? How long I’ll need help ?
Anything is really appreciated .
My hubs works out of state and I’m gonna have to set up for him to be home to help with the kiddos .
Thanks !


Horrrrrible periods. Worse everrrrr


I healed up pretty quick I think it took me only two weeks to be able to bounce back from it

The actual recovery was not bad at all. They did it laproscopic on a friday and i was back to work monday

It all depends on how well you handle pain. The worst part (in my opinion) was the bloated belly pains. Also, I wasn’t able to fill my prescription for 24 hours after my surgery. But, after two weeks I was fine!

My period cramps worsened but, I’m Breastfeeding as well.

Everyone reacts and feels pain differently.

Isnt it a same day surgery now? Are you getting them tied or removed?

Everyone handles it different got mine after my youngest was born and was up and moving around right after. I get the baby blues and miss that I can’t have more but had no issues.

I’d say be prepared for ANYTHING!! I just had a partial hysterectomy in January. The Dr kind of laughed it off when he told me that 1 in 200,000 women need a blood transfusion. Guess who lost 3 pints of blood and had to stay a few extra days in the hospital and required a second surgery to suck the blood out of my abdomen? Make sure you plan ahead for sitters and such.

I have mine clamped and I’m currently having such problems that I’m facing a full hysterectomy as a result. Get them cut not clamped. Currently I’m in so much pain from the damage the clamps are doing that I cannot have sex. Periods are agony. To much physical activity causes severe bloating bleeding and shooting pains. I have swollen lumps around the clamps the size of eggs. Research lots. I wish I had never got clamps.


I actually had mine removed completely and was fine about 3 days later. My stomach was tender for about a week but other than that it was fine.

I had mine tied 30 years ago. Best decision ever! little sore for a couple of days but wasn’t worse than cramps.

They did mine one thurs n i was back to work on monday. Was still a little sore but not bad. First couple days sucked but i have 2 Little ones under 2 so I needed help for a couple days

I had mine done the morning after I had my son 2 years ago and I wasn’t allowed to drive or lift over a certain amount for 2 wks. My biggest issue was bloating and gas pain because they pump you with air and then they wouldn’t let me have gas meds I had to walk and move it. I was okay coming home and could do mainly everything except drive and once I drove it hurt because my incision was still sore but I was able to do it.

Like, 3 days to get back to reg. activities
Except for yoga & sexy times and what not lol that took I think 2 weeks
I’ll say, I had to fight to get mine done, it took 8 years nearly so if you’re young (under 30) be prepared to fight for it

Mine was an outpatient procedure. I was back at home around lunchtime. It wasn’t painful but I felt pretty bruised and stiff. The key to any abdominal surgery is getting up and moving around as much as possible once you’re steady on your feet. And be prepared to have some walking farts lol all that gas they use for the laparoscopy is kind of a pain in the arse :joy:

Mine was same day. No worse than cramps. They gave me some good medicine for it and i was okay. Youll be fine

About 2 weeks and i was back to doing everything

I was fine within a week of having mine done. I went in 2 months after a c section to have it done.

I had it done when I needed laposcopic surgery to removed my iud and I had it done while they were in there had it done on a thurs and was back to work on Monday

Mine was out patient procedure you cant lift anything and yes just like some the ladies have said on here horrible cramps ever and gas. But if you can deal with some pain you can do. By day three i was back on my feet was still a little sore but get it done on a Thursday by Monday you should be fine… Give you the weekend to rest

Maybe cause i got mine done via csection only 2 and half months ago, but i feel great. My periods feel the same to me, i healed super fast. i was walking just 5 hours after my csection though, which had the nurses and dr impressed. I think depends on the individual. If you tend to take longer than some to recovery, obviously youll have a harder time. if youre like me who heals quick and has a pain tolerance, it wont be really a problem. Oh and i had mine cut fyi

Daft question but can the hubby nt get the snip. Less hassle and quicker?

I got my tubes removed 4 weeks after my 3rd because I knew my body couldn’t take another pregnancy… healing was a few weeks… i was used to having bad cramps from just dealing with my period before having babies but I had the worst cramps and pain all the time… dealt with it for 3 years and finally told my doctor either you do something or I will and he said birth control or removing my uterus was the only options… I had my uterus removed 2 weeks ago and other than surgery pain I feel great now…

I had mine done almost 19 years ago, wasn’t even down for 24 hours, didn’t even take any pain meds after I left the hospital, mine was an out patient surgery was home in about 4 hours. Gotta walk to help with the gas absorption but other than that it wasn’t bad at all, best thing I ever did, my daughter had hers done right after her c section, but she’s had no problems that I know of since

Cut, tied and burned here. I didnt need any help. It was uncomfortable but nothing major. They give you pain medicine.

Mine was a breeze. My doc said I could do whatever I felt up to. Also said it would feel like I did 100 sit-ups and that is still the best explanation of it for me

By the next day you should be fine. The worst part is the gas they fill you up with

Little operation, 6 wks after last (3) pregnancy…Up and going few days later…almost 39 years ago…No problems, no regrets🙂

I got mine done last month… worst pain I have ever been in. Qorse than recovering from child birth. The doctor told me to have my mom stay 2 days to help me with kids because I would be groggy… she ended up staying almost a week because I was in so much pain.

Mine was a breeze and that 18 years ago up and moving the next day

No big deal! Just some ice and ibuprofen for a couple days.

I was fine the next day to do almost everything

I had my tubes removed a month ago, 2 months after having my last baby. Whole procedure took about 10-15 mins. Never had much pain. When the gas started to move, their was a little discomfort. No lifting anything over 10lbs for 2-4 weeks so you don’t get a hernia.

I had mine done 3 weeks after I had my son, and the first two days after were the worst. It’s now been 4 weeks since I’ve had it done and it was the best decision ever.

I had mine done during c section of my last child

Had mine after c section 10 yrs ago. No problem still have period few cramps sometimes

I had mine done, but i got part of my Fallopian tubes removed, so they aren’t tied. the only part was the 1st day, you’re having surgery. No surgery is easy and every surgery is a big thing, so make it a big deal. After about 3days I felt better a bit sore but the incisions are small. I can’t see them at all now. Periods for me are normal, I don’t have cramps and I feel just as normal as I normally would.

First off, if you can, get your fallopian tubes removed. It lowers your risk of ovarian cancer and you can’t get pregnant. I had mine done when my youngest was 8 weeks old. They did it laparoscopically. I was 24hrs of rest no lifting, normal after surgery stuff. The hardest part was the gas pain. When they perform the surgery they fill you up with gas. That takes time to leave your body and can bother your diaphragm which can cause shoulder pain. I dealt with that every time I laid down for about a week. Other than that I have no complaints. It’s been 10 months now. And the best decision I have been when it comes to birth control. My body doesn’t handle hormonal birth control well

Had mine done during my last (#5) csection and it didn’t really change much as far as recovery. The gas pain though… that hurt like a bitch, I couldn’t figure out why my shoulder hurt so bad, and I honestly took pain meds for that pain instead of any pain from the surgery. I think it just depends on YOUR pain tolerance. Mine is pretty high, so it wasn’t all that bad

Not bad at all, I had my tubes tied on October 29th, on Halloween I was walking around trick or treating with the kids. Didn’t even need the pain meds they gave me.

I had mine done 2 hours after I had my last child and she’s 43 yrs. old now. I had no problems whatsoever. Back to normal in just a few days. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I only needed help for 2 days after that I took it easy but still did everything

Why has everyone else had such an easy time of it and not me? I usually heal very quickly, but I’m still bleeding after 2 weeks and am in so much pain. I’m regretting it already.

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Now a days they do it with a small incision through the naval and done with a laser so the recovery time is none at all really just maybe a couple of days just make sure you don’t pick up anything heavy for a couple of weeks

I had my tubes tide during my c section of my last son 13 years ago I then eventually had to have a partial hysterectomy but I believe every woman is different and heals differently I hope this helps some👍

It’s way easier for a guy to get “snipped”


I had mine done with the last baby exactly one year ago. Baby was c cection and between that and the tubal and me being ten years older since my last baby - well the amount of pain was unbearable- my other kids were c cection too. So I’m not sure what the kicker was- age or the tubal.

Tell the hubs to step up to the plate and get a vasectomy.


I had mine done immediately after giving birth to my 3rd child. I did fine…only about 3 days to recover. And no pain pills.

It depends on the procedure… Mine was done vaginally and thru the belly button. A few days and I was good as new

I would say get them removed
You still have a small chance of getting pregnant when they just get tied

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With removing
They have to move stuff around so they go in you V
The through you belly button and to small holes on the side of your tummy. You also will be under so you will most likely have a breathing tube in your mouth.

Have him get a vasectomy, much less invasivem

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My OB actually told me the they just all out remove them now. That actually scared me out if doing because your ovaries is where all of you hormones are and regulate from, if you remove them you go in to menopause. I am not ready for that, I am only 32. I will just keep taking my birth control pills.

Why does everybody keep saying tell hubby to get snipped? She already said she is setting up her appointment and getting her tubes tied greatly reduces chances of ovarian cancer :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

No more than a week to as least as 2 days. Of you have issues beyond a week you need to contact your doctor.

I had it done over 30 years ago but from what I can remember it was a few weeks were it sore good luck

I had mine done 9 years ago. I have a couple little scars that were a little sore but I was fine the next day, doing normal things. No problems with hormones and my periods have been lighter and shorter

I was off work for 10 days, heavily medicated, bled a lot, and was very sore. Even after I went back to work, I wasn’t aloud to lift over 15 pounds for 2 more weeks.

Well I had it during my c-section an the recovery was fine. However, I now have longer, heavier more painful periods. Every doctor has a different opinion on whether the surgery’s does or doesn’t cause this. Also FYI it’s not 100% effective either. 1 in 200 women become pregnant after it every year. Most of which are ectopic.

I was back at work a week later

It’s not a major invasive surgery. It’s laproscopic two tiny incision and takes all of about 15 minutes. Minimal healing, I was up and out at the mall the next day.

I didn’t have mine tied I had a tubal ligation and was sore for a day and back to work 2 days after. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help

Honestly, just let hubby get snipped. Some women have no difference after, others have worse periods, mood swings, random pains…

I had mine done and ended up pregnant 9 years later with an ectopic pregnancy.

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I had mine complelty removed during my section in March. Recovery was no different.

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I had a tubal ligation with endometrial ablation which means they took out my tubes and I don’t bleed anymore. Best thing ever. Recovery was a few days and it wasn’t bad.

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If your husband is willing to get snipped, let him. You won’t have to worry about an extra procedure for yourself plus recovery after having baby.


I had mine done at 21 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I had both my babies within the same year. The IUD I had after my first born, fell out and pregnant right after. I’m so glad the doctor let me and I didn’t have to ask permission or wait until a certain age. Quick recovery. Normal periods still.


Have them tie your tubes after delivery. Thats how I did it… they said we would rather do it the next day and I said no. Everyone will be there and present such as anesthesia. Not paying double

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I had mine done after our third son was born. As soon as he was born I went to surgery. I had to have a lot of help for about a week moving around. I’m grateful my husband was able to be with me. I was in a great deal of pain. After that I was ok, able to move around better.

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I had a tubal ligation right after giving birth my periods have been super light and less painful

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I had my tubes tied and my period was insane. I bled so heavy that I’d bleed through tampons and my clothes. It was like that every month and it was so bad that I became anemic. I just recently had a hysterectomy so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Had mine done with my C-Section back in 2012. Recovery wasn’t to bad but then again, I was recovering from the C-Section as well lol. Periods and cramps have been rougher I won’t lie, but I can’t have any more kids naturally so this was a much easier alternative to do it then.

I got mine removed during my last csection. I’m 25 and want no more. It has been great. My periods got lighter and shorter. And I get no cramps! That’s just me though, I’ve heard the opposite from a lot of people


Had my tubes fully removed last Jan. Stomach felt like I did to many sit ups for a few days. Coughing was…ya…hold a pillow lol
Was bloated a few days from the gases they inflate your tummy with. But within a week I was back to normal life like nothing happened🤷.

I had mine done in 2006 seven years after my daughter was born. I was in horrible pain for days. Not to mention the several days of nausea and heavy bleeding. They said it would help regulate my periods more. It never help with how heavy it was. They came alittle more on time. But i didnt think i was going to make that first week after having it done.

I had a tubal and a ablation 12 years ago, no kids or period in 12 years. Best surgery ever!!! Had both done on Friday and back to work monday

I had mine done the day after my son was born.I was a bit sore but I really was too busy to notice.2 2yr old girls and a new born.My point is is that it isnt bad if you are sure you wont change your mind later. Ps you will still get your monthlys and no it wont start menapause…Good luck mama and Congratulations

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I had my tubes tied 9 years ago next month during my second c section. Honestly my periods have not been any worse but I can feel myself ovulating every month and that hurts! I had an ovarian cyst in my left ovary three years ago and I always wondered if that was due to the tying?! I’m always scared it will happen again :grimacing: My husband wouldn’t even think about getting snipped :roll_eyes: if yours will then let him do it and keep your tubes as they are! That’s just what I would have done had he done his part or parts :joy:

You sound exactly like I did 47 years ago. If you get your tubes tied after delivery, the recovery is much easier than any other time. If you are sure this is what you want, go for it.


I had a tubal and C-section 7 years ago today. Outta all 3 C-sections I’d say my 3rd with tubal was worse than other 2 I was supper sore n my belly button and I could feel where they gassed my tubes

I had mine totally removed and it wasn’t bad at all

Have them tie them after delivery. Easiest way


I had my totally removed 2 months ago during my csection

I delivered the babies, husband got the snip snip. I’m not understanding why you would get your tubes tied as well as your husband getting a vasectomy. The recovery time for a man is far less than a woman.


Its not that bad but I did come out pregnant 10 years later

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I had mine done after my 5th and last baby. No issues whatsoever. :blush:

Had mine tied almost 2 years ago after 2 kids. Only complaint I have is heavier periods & worse cramps!

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Had mine tied with my last pregnancy. A bit more stomach pain as everything will be tender. Other than the recovery goes hand in hand with delivery. Since my tubal, I have more intense periods and they were already pretty bad to begin with. I usually start cramping a week before I start. I also bleed very, very heavily the first few days. Like have to bring a change of clothes to work heavy.


My doc said if husbands willing to get fixed she would prefer not to do my tubes​:woman_shrugging:t2: just simply more risks was all she really said… I was thinking we both do it to be for sure FOR SURE! :rofl:

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My past experience is to think long and hard about it because I had my son and daughter before I was 20 then in 2001 I was with this guy almost 8 years he already had a vasectomy but he taught me into getting my tubes tied and that is the biggest regret I’ve ever had in my life I’m 49 years old now and am heartbroken that I can’t never have another baby I was all for it in the beginning but I wish so much that I had never done it so please think about what you going to want later on in life what if you get with someone else and they want children it’s just that that’s a permanent thing getting your tubes tied because probably 99% of the time once they do it you will never get it back to be able to have any more kids I just wish I had never did it I didn’t have mine done with a C-section mine was done just over surgery and I had swelling and pain couldn’t wear my pants had to wear sweatpants for a few days so think on it real hard before you make the final decision because you might change your mind down the road

Mine were cut and burned at 22 years old. I have had MULTIPLE issues since then - irregular periods, loss of libido, weight gain (lots of it - I just kept gaining and gaining and am over 220), digestive issues and a lot of regret. Honestly, I wouldn’t have done it but was pressured by my family and I would NEVER have done it had I known all the things that I would endure because of it.

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I did it after my 3rd due to complications from birth that lead to c section. I knew I never wanted to go through that again so I asked for it right before they took me down. I have much heavier periods now but the freedom of no pill and not worrying is AMAZING! (Till I saw a ladies comment earlier that said she got Prego 10 years later… I just threw up in my mouth :nauseated_face::woozy_face::flushed:)


had mine removed. had it done with my csection, recovery was normal, period tho are heavier than what I was used to, then again was on bc a lot due to pcos

Hysterectomy for me at 23 after I had my youngest. Best decision of my life, Goodbye periods. Some days I regret my decision & think I jumped the gun. But I’m 28 now and I love my girls, I’m blessed ! :innocent:

Best decision I ever made. I had a c section so doc did it right there after she was born.

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My husband got a vasectomy and we have our rainbow baby now so him getting fixed isn’t 100%. If you’re positive you don’t want more then both of y’all getting it done wouldn’t be a bad idea. I got my tubes removed after my last and haven’t had any issues. I’ve had two periods since and the first one was ok but the second one was super heavy and my doctor put me on BC to lighten it up.

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I had mine tied during my final c section. My periods after we’re much heavier and I had a lot more cramping. After about 6 months of it not getting better my doctor put me on the pill for lighter periods and less cramping. I’m glad I had it done but I didn’t realize there could be side effects like that.

8 years later im with a woman who doesn’t want ruin her body to have kids doesn’t have any of her own yet and I wish I wouldn’t have done it.