How is it going from a stay at home mom to a working mom?

What was your experience going from being a stay-at-home mom to working? A little background to add. I have been a stay-at-home parent since my husband, and I had our first child when I was 19. We know we have three, and it’s ten years later. Before that, I had only worked at a call center and a retail store. During my stay-at-home parenting, I completed a graduate program. My youngest is three, my oldest being 9. I have been selected for an interview with the local elementary school. I am both extremely excited and extremely nervous and doubting myself. How do you go from living basically ten years at home with the babies to working full time? So who better to ask than the moms who have all done it. What was the experience for you? Stay at home parent to 3 kids is not easy at all and can be very lonely and isolating yet safe. I’ve felt lucky to be able to do it. However, the thought of beginning a career is nerve-wracking, and all the self-doubt is settling in. How to be social with other adults for dummies might be my next purchase, lol.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How is it going from a stay at home mom to a working mom?

I think if you just get out and do it, you may enjoy it. I’ve been a stay at home mom.and a working mom. I like working better lol I have a job now where my kids come with me and learn structure. Taekwondo center. Be patient with yourself when getting back into the working world.

You will be fine just stay confident and don’t let your nerves get the best of you good luck

Honestly. It was easy for me. You just have to work out a routine and stick to it. And dont be hard on yourself for being tired at the end of the day. Its okay if the kids eat a happy meal for dinner. Its okay if the laundry isnt folded and you have some dishes in the sink. Dont spread yourself too thin and over the corse of a couple months. Work out the kinks in your routine. Plan to do specific things on your days off. And dont forget to make time for yourself too. Getting the littles down 30mins earlier for bedtime gives you time to check homework. Do those dishes. Take a bubble bath. Read your book. And also. Make a chore list for your kids. 3 year old included. Make it fun. My littles like feeding the dogs, helping me fold wash rags and stocking the fridge with water and juices etc. everything will run smoothly eventually. Best of luck to you. I think youll do great!

I was a stay at home mom with two daughters for 7 years. This past November I was offered a job working for our local school district, doing after school childcare for the staff in the district. This was a temporary position put in place because of covid. I worked Monday-friday 5 hours a day. At first I was nervous to be changing my daily routines. having a job meant I was tied down to daily responsibilities outside of my family. I quickly found that I loved the stability and my kids enjoyed time away from mom. Haha. It was an adjustment, but i was very happy with my choice to return back to work. Currently I am back to stay at home until I can find a full time permanent position somewhere.

I was stay at home mom for 7 yrs and it was nothing but a struggle… it was hard at first but I always make time for my boys and they know it that what I’m doing I’m doing for the family

Hunny you’ll be fine, just keep positive thoughts and say a little prayer. It’ll all work out.

I was a stay at home mom for 10 years , I went to work teaching and I loved it …being with adults is fun :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a hard transition but it’s also rewarding working out of the home. It’s nice to work with people outside of your home and build relationships. I wish I was two people some days though so I could go to work and be home with the kids.

Go for it, you will love​:rofl::rofl:

I was a stay at home mom for 7 years, do it! It’s nice to be around other adults and not just be mom all the time.

Finding a new routine is the hardest part. But after about 2 weeks and you know how new life is gonna go, you’re going to enjoy it! A personality will shine through that you forgot existed.

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I don’t really have an answer to your question but I just wanted to say you rock and you got this girl. :heart::+1::grinning:

It will be hard at first but its good for you.Also it’s good for the children to.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How is it going from a stay at home mom to a working mom?

I think it will feel great to get back into society. I know how isolating being a stay at home mom can be. Your little one is pretty small still. As for the job, a job at a school is so great because then you don’t miss out on things with your kids. You get all the holidays and breaks your kids get and your hours usually don’t take much time away from them. I say go for it. You will feel great and accomplished being able to contribute financially. BUT one thing I must warn is that I think it’s very important to delegate some home chores. You shouldn’t be having to do EVERYTHING in the house still if you are working full time as well. It should be a team effort!


Its nerve wracking but its actually fun! I quit my job of 11 years when my twins were born! Then went to work part time at an elementary school and I loved it. U will soon get to know everyone! Good luck

What is the job and do you want to work outside the home full time??

Everyone is different,do what works for you&your family. You can’t be replaced at home,but they won’t think twice to replace you at work…

You will love it once everyone gets use to the routine

I was a stay at home mom for 11 yrs before i got another job. I was nervous and afraid i wouldnt get the job because i hadn’t worked in so long. I aced the interview and got hired on the spot. It was tiring at first but once i had a routine it was a breeze.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How is it going from a stay at home mom to a working mom?

Before I was disabled I preferred working. I missed my baby, but I needed the break work offered and the adult socialization. Do NOT let anybody push you to do it all yourself.


Once you get into the swing of things, it’ll be okay. I had 3 kids of my own and a bonus daughter by the time I had my masters and started my career. Just give yourself grace and cherish the time you do have with your kids.

Working at a school makes the transition easier… plus lots of days off with the kids unlike most jobs! Also great to work/be around educated adults


I was a sahm to 3 kids for the first 8 years. Then I had to go back to work when dh lost his job. For me it was a big realization that I was totally burnt out on being home with the kids. I loved going to work. The key to success is having a strong partnership with your spouse and a network for support to be sure the kids’ needs are meet because it is a big adjustment. But it’s very rewarding.

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In some ways it’s good. It feels good to work outside the home, but in some ways it’s more difficult. It’s hard to get the day to day things done and be there when your family needs you. But if you have a good partner whom shares all the responsibilities, it can be pretty awesome.

I was fortunate that I went to work at a place where my soon to be boss was very understanding I could not work 8 to 4:30 so he said we will try 9 to 3. I was able to drop kids at school and they where only home about 1 hour till I got home I forever thank him & appreciate him I lasted for 5 years until I took a job closer to home forever grateful


Get a good routine going and stick with it! You will love it.

Don’t be afraid of the future, new experiences, you’ll get acustom to the changes, it will take time, don’t quit, give yourself time, your becoming a new you, life will be better for you and financially for your family.

Loved it. We switch off on and between who stays home bc of daycare costs but we both Hate being stay at home parents. its not for us :rofl:

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You’ve been working. There are so many transferable skills. Real life crisis communication, multi tasking, home management, remembering appts, etc.

Go slow with a big change, allow yourself time to adjust, and have extra self-care.

If you can get up with a screaming baby, while cleaning up a diaper blow out, signing permission slips while trying to keep tiny people alive…you can handle any change thrown your way.

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I hated being home I love my son but I can’t do it. I crave work so going back was amazing


My biggest problem transitioning was finding a daycare i trusted and then my daughter’s very obvious change in behavior because she was used to having me there 24/7 and was/still is quite spoiled but eventually everything worked after adjusting my schedule a few times to make sure she was getting enough mommy time and trying out a few different daycares (not gonna lie that part was a pain)

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Give it a go! You’ll enjoy it, having adult conversation and outings will be a positive change- I give it up to you for being a stay at home mother for 10 years- something I couldn’t do- I have always worked part-time and stayed at home so I had a great balance of work and home life :slightly_smiling_face:

The school schedule is the best when you still have young kids at home. You’ll be fine.


Having a work schedule that fits your kids schools schedule will be plenty of incentive. Take a deep breathe, and own that SHIT!

I hear a lot of self doubt, but you will do absolutely fine! Always remember that your religious beliefs come first, family comes second! Keep priorities straight. You will be very successful

I was a stay at home mom for 10 year’s also. With 3 kid’s. Their father left in 2012. I’ve been a single mom. Doing it on my own. Now, I do get social security for 2 of my boy’s. For legit reasons. So I was able to be home with them. But recently, I wanted a job! I wanted out of the house! I wanted a break! So now I do work. But I work part time. Monday- Friday, 6am-11am. So I’m still home with my kid’s. And it works for us. And gives extra money as well. It just depends on how you feel about it, and what you wanna do. It will definitely be some getting used to. And getting into a routine. But it is possible. Whatever is better for your family as a whole. You will be nervous about it. Until you get used to it.

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I like it then again I miss my babies I’m working 12 hr shift I get tonsee them in the am for liken20 ton40 min and they are asleep when I get home I’ve been taking extra hours but I’m taking this weekend off

I honestly find the transition sucked. My son was so used to having me there 24/7 the separation anxiety was unreal.

Going back to work was great. I LOVED my time off with my girl… but adult interaction is it the same when you stay home.

Working is so much easier :rofl:

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Congrats on this next chapter of your life! Just try to find the right balance so you’re not feeling spread thin, as mom duties don’t suddenly disappear just because you go back to work. Always make time for yourself. & be proud of yourself! Speaking from experience, it is challenging to get back out there. Give yourself time to adjust. I’m sure you’ll do great!

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I’ve always been a working mom

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Love it. I went back to full time this year, more out of necessity but its been good. My child is older but I’m learning that a routine is helpful and once we are back in our home it will be even more important. I also have learned to delegate to my husband more and prioritize what I can handle and what can wait. Being a stay at home mom I ALWAYS had stuff that needed to be done but working has given me the chance to balance out stuff. You’d think it would be the opposite. Also make sure to give yourself some time and a break. Your husband is a teammate who can help (even if, like mine, he might not do it how you like lol) You got this mama!

You get organized pretty fast.

At first I was so emotional & worried, spending so much time watching through the day care app camera. Run to my phone for notifications from her school (worried) even though they’re never bad :rofl: I had to fully engulf myself in work to stay busy. Slowly you adjust and it all gets easier. Good luck

So I just had the similar experience with you stay at home mom 10 years my kids all school aged now so we don’t have to pay daycare so I got a degree I’m a medical assistant and I been working now for 6 months I love it love my job love having my own money and independence I felt as though as I was going to be socially awkward rooming my patients but It all fell into place but my only complaint is my house is messier and cooking after work sucks and we been turning to more takeout but… I’m trying now to meal plan week ends I have to do so much cleaning and restart the week lol but it’s so worth it congrats on new chapter to your life

The first few days you’re going to be a nervous wreck honestly. At least I was. After that it gets easier. Just make sure you spend time with them when you get home and do things together on your days off

There will be LOTS of anxiety

Simple: you adjust you learn to adapt and welcome social skills on a whole new level. Don’t bring work home…You got this

It’s certainly not easy , but you can do it ! I stayed at home for 16 years and then returned to work as a single mom with 3 kids . My folks helped a lot and we all survived ! Organization helps a lot !

Girl I feel you, the anxiety is unreal lol. My daughter is finally fixing to start school, so I am going back myself. Never left her side for more than a few hours.
So many thoughts running through my mind like, “how is she going to do without me?” “How am I going to do without her?” “How am I going to find a schedule that works with hers?” “What if some thing bad happens & I’m not right there?!” Endless thoughts lol. We got this, momma!
It’s comforting seeing all of these positive comments, so thank you for this post & thank you mommas for your comments. :blush::heart:
Y’all are rock stars!

Never be so comfortable in being a house wife, men change. Get a maid to help out with the kids. Imagine after a breakup and you have completely nothing all in the name of being à house wife.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How is it going from a stay at home mom to a working mom?

You are now leaving one of the hardest and most demanding job you will ever have. Out side work will be so good for you, Adult people to talk. It will change the lives of your children. They all will have to pitch in at home. More chores and responsibility, they can do it and so can you. You are, an amazing women. You will find your inner strength, relax, Now Go for it. Good luck. God be with you,


Do it and enjoy keeping your own identity
In a place of work you won’t just be mom as one day your children will fly the nest and then you won’t know who you are and that is a really hard thing to adjust to
Best wishes x


It’s quite an adjustment and your life becomes 10x busier! Been doing this stay at home mome thing for 7yrs now. I really miss working in the medical field, but it’s been so nice to be there for all my kid’s and watching them grow. This year my youngest starts preschool :sweat:

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My advice is don’t be social with co-workers. Keep it all work related or generic weather chat. People are freaks.


Don’t worry about being social with other adults, that’s not why you’re there. Focus on the job. Why doubt yourself? You’re qualified or you wouldn’t have been hired. The hardest part for me was being away from home when I felt I should be there, but I was a single mom with no help. Confidence really boosts when the paychecks start coming in.


Take one day at a time…you’ll be fine…things work out as you go along…


Be friendly with people, but remember they are your co workers and not friends, although some may become so. You would not be considered for a position, if the people did not feel you were qualified. Trust yourself and believe in yourself.Just because you have been at home does not mean it didn’t teach you people skills.I would bet it taught you a lot.


Take a deep breath… you will hate that you love it. It will be so worth it for you. Find an amazing daycare or preschool that you can check in on, or trust. As a mom it’s so hard to do anything for ourselves, but you will find that its actually better!


Planning and organization are key. Talk with your husband. You will no longer be at home to do the laundry etc. He will need to pitch in with chores, childcare or you will be overwhelmed and resentful. Divide chires. Don’t leave everything for the weekend. You and your husband need to decompress on weekends. Also, your kids deserve some attention too. Everything can work out. You need to plan with your husband how the household will change. Good luck.

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To be 100% honest, it absolutely SUCKED when I went back to work. But at least you are working in the school system so I don’t think it will be too bad in that situation. I went from being at home to factory work. 8-12 hour days 5-7 days a week all year long.

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Very very rough. My oldest is 21 now and when I was pregnant with him I decided due to the job and previous miscarriage to become a SAHM, my youngest is now 16 and going into her junior yr in highschool, my 18 yr old son who did sports especially wrestling which put us busy from oct into spring and some summer, well with him and his crazy schedule I decided once he graduated I would go back to work full time, I did some part time stuff here and there and even worked at a school which worked well since it was when my kids was in school. But a month ago I went to work full time in a factory, pay is decent for my area and I do enjoy that check, but oh my goodness I was not prepared for being so much on my feet, and using my hands so much as I deal with packing products. My back hurts and I am tired when I get off work, but my body is getting adjusted and come to house work others help out more, but it feels good to be able to take the money I made and buy my self something with it. Being a homemaker was one thing and I could sit down and take breaks whenever and watch tv whenever, but depending on the job it can be a big adjustment, and its nice to have other adults to talk to, but does seem weird when I call some coworkers kids as they are the same age as my oldest and middle child. Find a job you enjoy because if you hate it then you will be miserable and end up quitting and going back to being a SAHM. I tried one job and hated it so much I almost made my self sick thinking about going in, luckily the job I am at now despite being so much harder I enjoy some of the people I work with and actually I am getting pretty good at the job and its nice when the supervisor gives you a good review.

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I am a stay at home mom since 19 yrs.old too. My oldest is 17 and youngest is 7. Just recently been hired as a counter Attendant and recently enrolled for full time courses at my home town College. I too didn’t know were to begin so I just winged it. It’s gonna be a challenge but JUST DO It.

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I’m basically in the same situation though I did work part time in the mornings for 6 years, now I’m working full time and I’m exhausted when I get home and I have to make dinner, take care of the dogs, get groceries, do laundry, do dishes, etc. My husband has been helping out but the thing is her doesn’t do the house work how I like and usually leaves a big mess lol. Weekends are when I catch up on stuff but that sucks too because there is never any me time. Good luck on your interview and I’m sure you’ll figure things out eventually cuz that’s what us moms do lol.

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I loved working! I loved when school started! I love my children but to much togetherness isn’t good

I stayed home for 16 years. I too got a job at a school. It’s the best. If kids have a day off I have a day off (for the most part) summer vacation I’m off unless I sign up for summer school. I am a lunch lady. The hours are perfect. Drop the kids off at school work and off in time to pick them up. Honestly I think working for me helped my mentality. Mine are a tad older than yours so they don’t need me as much. Now I feel appreciated and made so many friends. Good luck at your interview.

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Just remember you can’t do it all i know we as moms try. I mean if something at home doesn’t get done or has to wait it will be ok. Don’t be too hard on your self. Its all gonna be ok.

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I absolutely love it. My kids are teens so I decided to go back to school and went back to work

I you will do great. It is like riding a bike, you never forget but just have to practice


Do your best to get all the laundry house work and yard work done on Thursday so you have the weekends for family life.makes a long day on Thursday but so worth it.

Women for years have done triple time. Home kids and work. You are not alone. And another thought No I don’t think it’s fair

Tell her to go ahead and call. They will laugh her off the phone. Don’t let her bully you. Put some distance with her and then she will not know what color of socks you kid has on.smh

You didn’t come this far to back down. Only way I would back down is if working outside is detrimental to my child.

I had to because of divorce. Was scary but I did it for almost 30 years. Met some amazing people people made a couple friends that are like sisters.

I went to work when my youngest started going to school all day! Best thing I did for myself!

Is going to be mayor adjustment I wish you luck you might surprise yourself and you we’ll make it work

Share the load. Be organized and if your partner is not supportive don’t even attempt it.

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Once you get home your still working… just a different atmosphere

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Just be yourself and things will work out well for you. Good luck

It won’t be as bad as you think provided you have a spouse that will step up and help with things inside the house. But I definitely wouldn’t pass up a job like that so you will mostly be home with your kids during weekends and school breaks.

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I started with volunteering at my kids school. 25 years later I work for the schools

As a stay at home mom from 1999 to 2017, I think it sucks. My youngest is 13 now. But I still want to be home. I feel like I’m missing a very important part of life. Very seriously considering becoming a SAHM again very soon.

Forgive yourself… dont hold onto the guilt and don’t let people shame you because your working. You do what you need to do for your family.

I always worked, but my kids adjusted pretty quick, in fact when I’d take time off like after birthing a sibling, my older kids would be like, when you going back to work, you’re driving us nuts.

It has pros and cons. I enjoyed being out. Getting ready for work. Having projects. I did think preschool was good for my kids and I was lucky and had the same home preschool for 10 years. I have 5 children. I stayed home a year each time. And I was as busy doing all the things I never got to when not working and busy providing all the things when I was working I paid someone else to provide, when I worked and who actually did better than I did at academics and so forth. When I worked I had systems. I never matched socks, I had the socks box, and easy meals, and the twice a year hire someone to scrub up things, and just stuck to basic house cleaning, the necessities only. I always spent an hour each evening being goofy with my kids. I kinda liked the challenge of being a working mom. I think it was good for my kids. But oh, I missed them. And I cried everyday dropping them off when they were little. Bigger wasnt as hard but it was hard when sometimes I picked them up and they were having fun and didnt want to leave to come home with me, lol. It’s hard. But it has it’s good points also.

Keep work life and home life separate.

I was a stay at home mom of 3 and I never worked until I was 26. It was an adjustment but it was the best thing I ever did. I felt depressed. I felt lonely and unappreciated. I loved staying home. I loved taking care of my kids. I’m thankful I got the time I did with them. I went from entry level to management within 3 years. Never doubt yourself. Make your babies proud. :heart:


I was a stay at home mum from 18 now 9 years later I’m back at home looking after my babies being 9yrs 6 yrs and 6mths old, I started working from when my baby was 3 mths and as nice as it was to get out the house for a bit I would advise only part time till your fully comfortable with it, I rushed straight into full time and have recently been diagnosed with postnatal depression :pensive: I guess mine a little different from your situation but I guess when your baby go into full time nursery you’ll find it easier for full time work, take it slow and steady your own pace :heart: congratulations on the job too :heart:

Hi. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years and my transition was not as bad because I transitioned to my kids school. It allowed me to still see them and work at the same time. I had to learned to not stress so much about the house work since I had less time since I was working. Now 4 years later I think I am doing very well and so are my kids.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for 8 years. I just finished my 3rd week of working full time and to be honest it feels way easier. I’m not spending all day stressing about everything I needed to get done and what mess my kid just made while I was doing something else. It was an adjustment but to be honest I get way more affirmation at work than I ever got in 8 years of working

Omgosh it’s hard but if you are getting a job with the school district nothing can be better… the school district understands how important your kids are… And ( at least the school district I work at) make all sorts of allowances for you to care for your children when emergencies come up…which is a godsend sometimes…good luck. You got this mamma… :blush:

I stayed home with my second and went back to college. It was hard going back to work with two kids compared to one with them being 8 yrs apart and going back to work but it’s just a new change that takes getting used to.

I’m thinking about going to work also! I been a stay at home mom/babysitter for the last 10 years!!! My youngest is now 4 and going to school n August I’m so nervous about trying to find a job and being gone from home. But also kinda excited to be able to not be stuck at home all the time.

First off congrats! Next, you’ll need to start a schedule and stay on it. Lots of planning and everyone in the house has to pitch in.