How long did it take you to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

How long did it take to conceive after a miscarriage?? My husband and I are ready to start trying again after a recent pregnancy loss.


So sorry for your loss, I had a D and C and got pregnant right away only 2 months later. Think positive thoughts! :blush:

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3 months after for me.

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Got pregnant 2 weeks after

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Only 2 months later. Wasn’t planned but definitely the biggest blessing.

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A year but I was too devastated to start again right away

I miscarried April 2011, got pregnant August 2011, had my son may 2012

They say to wait, after a few cycles to try again. Had a miscarriage, last October. Found out, I was pregnant in Feburary. Due with a baby girl in October.

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You’re extremely fertile right after honestly, make sure you’re emotionally healed tho.

1 month wasnt really trying but hes defiantly the biggest blessing

1yr and 7months the first time. The second time about 10months the second time. But since having my first successful pregnancy when I was ready to try for a second child I was pregnant within the first month of stopping birth control.

I had miscarriage in April was told to wait one cycle…so we started trying in June, feels like FOREVER…still trying

Had a miscarriage in April waited until bleeding stopped and had 1 period after now I’m 11 weeks

I misscarried in October of 2016 and was pregnant by May of 2017 had my first little one in February of 2018 and currently pregnant with number 2! Sorry for your loss and best of luck! I wish you well!

I would definitely wait a few months before trying again. You need to let your body heal

Had 3 miscarriages over 5 yrs , and then the same yrs would get pergnant with healthy babies… my last miscarried last yr now pergnant 3rd trimester due the 20 took about 6 months for me

I miscarried in the beginning of November and was pregnant with my rainbow baby by the end of December :blush: good luck on your rainbow baby!

I had a baby got pregnant 4 weeks after. Was 4 months pregnant had a miscarriage, then 6 weeks later had a healthy pregnancy

About 4-5 months. Both times :cry:

Had a miscarriage 3/19 and got pregnant again 6/19.
Had a healthy happy girl!

6 weeks for us. They are no longer recommending that you wait. That’s is information. Now adays once you’ve had a period, you’re able to try again. They say only to wait until you’re mentally ready to do it. And results have shown better chances of conceiving if you try again sooner rather than later. Good luck

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The waiting time depends if you had a chemical, ectopic, dnc, etc. The dr is the only one who can answer that part of it. I tried from Dec to Apr, miscarried in May, tried again after I stopped bleeding, pregnant by July, miscarried in Aug, waited til the bleeding stopped and was pregnant w a healthy preg in Dec.

A year and a month. It will happen mama! And now I’m pregnant again exactly 2 years later!

It took my husband and I 4 years.

It took my husband and I 4 years.

3 months…she’s 20 now and buying a house

God bless to all those who have lost and are healing. And congratulations to those who have been blessed!

Last year misscaried March then fell July then misscaried August then fell end Oct now his 9weeks a boy💙

I miscarried in December and was pregnant by june.

I lost my daughter in March and was pregnant again in end of April beginning of May

Just depends on how fast you and your body go back to start ovulation

Wish you luck sweetie

i had my first miscarriage early september 2015 & fell pregnant a couple weeks later.
My second miscarriage june 2017 fell pregnant again july 2017.

I got pregnant the same month I lost my first. I had 2 losses after that at different times and took us a few months to get pregnant again. It really all depends on how you feel & if your ready. My dr never told me I couldnt not try whenever I wanted too after my losses.

it took my husband and I 5 years to have our rainbow baby. we finally gave up trying n then boom we found out we were pregnant.

I miscarried in January at 7weeks 5days. I had a lot of bleeding still in February. May 6th I became pregnant again and am having a c-section Feb 3rd. Our little one is 13 weeks and doing great.
It’s so tough and feels like forever to get pregnant again. While it wasn’t that long the emotional and mental toll was exhausting especially with the pandemic. Stay strong momma!

Had two miscarriages when trying for my first.

One in July 2016, and one August 2016. Pregnant in November of the same year and he was very healthy all along.

It really depends on the individual though and some get pregnant quickly while others don’t. I’m sorry for your loss and wish you the best.

It took 4 months after my first loss and then 5 months after my second loss before finally getting pregnant with my son. Including taking 1 cycle off before trying again. So 3 and 4 months of actually trying.

It can take a healthy couple up to 12 months to get pregnant though. You only have about a 20% chance each month of getting pregnant if you and your partner are healthy.

After trying for 11yrs we lost our first baby at 11wks. My dr said to see him after I healed in 3mo. He put me on clomid and got pregnant on our first round the next month. He didn’t want us trying for years again and have my eggs age.

We got pregnant in Feb(2015). Mc early March. Found out was pregnant again end of March. We didn’t wait… We treated the mc as a regular period…

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Both my children are rainbow babies…I had 2 months between with my first loss and my son…with my daughter…I never got my period after the miscarriage…after 6 weeks i took a pregnancy test

Miscarried in Sept. It was very early. Pregnant in October. Miscarried that one as well. Then got pregnant the following September. Be patient. :relaxed:

Wait until your body has officially stopped the miscarriage. My friend is in month 2 of her miscarriage. Once you know it’s done and over with, wait until you have at least two to three periods and then try againz

I got pregnant with my oldest literally right away. I was pregnant again when I went to get back on birth control a little over 3 weeks later.

I had a miscarriage the night before new year’s eve and got pregnant again January 24th. I will be 28 weeks tomorrow! Prayers for you and your husband

We waited until I had two regular periods. Lost our baby in Aug and found out early Feb I was a few weeks along

It took us 6 months. We lost twins May 22nd, 2019 and found out about our daughter Nov. 30th. She was born 8 days ago :heart:

It took me 7 months… 6 months of just trying and one month of tracking my ovulation. My first baby would have been born in December I found out December 1st I was pregnant. :blue_heart:

Had a miscarriage in December started trying in March got pregnant in july

Was about 7-8 months after my ectopic miscarriage. Was June/July last year and fell pregnancy this feb

I was pregnant 3 months after we lost our son at 15 weeks

I hear it’s good to have 2 or 3 cycle before trying again <3

3 weeks but Dr. Doesn’t support doing it so quickly

I literally got pregnaunt 2 weeks after my stillborn

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Your body is very fertile after miscarriage. If given the go ahead by your doctor no reason not to try again if you are ready. I have had two miscarriages and got pregnant again within a month of each

I had my first miscarriage in july of 2018 then got pregnant end of oct 2018 lost that one dec 2018 and got pregnant again april 2019 had a beautiful healthy baby girl jan 2020

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Never happened to me personally but my friend had one and was pregnant almost 2 months later.

I had my first miscarriage very early first term. 3 years later I got pregnant again and had a second term loss and got pregnant again 5 years later which resulted in another early first term loss. 2 weeks after that, I was pregnant with my son.

I got pregnant on my very next ovulation! Never even had a period between

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I found out I was pregnant again 6 weeks after my last miscarriage. She is now 6 months old.

I had a miscarriage 2/26/20 at 11 weeks was pregnant again right after am due in 12/2/20

I had a tube miscarriage so I had to get a shot to make sure baby was all the way out. Got pregnant 6.5 months later I’m now 34 weeks with my rainbow baby :rainbow:

Everyone is different :blue_heart: sorry for your lost mama :pleading_face:

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I lost one in august and by september I found out I was pregnant again. We basically didnt take a break after I stopped bleeding. It’s been a rough pregnancy but we are gunna make it to term with help

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Pregnant at 44 years old and miscarried and was pregnant again a month later after DNC. Had a healthy beautiful little girl 2008

Every woman is different

So I had a miscarriage 4 weeks later got pregnant didnt believe it didn’t even know knew i was so sick. Wanted to go to hospital bf wouldn’t take me bc his grandparents were in town. Called best friend. I said no way just had a miscarriage. Took a test now have a 7 year old.

My doctor recommended i wait two cycles, i did that and I conceived 4 months after my 1st loss, and lost that baby. I conceived again 6 months after that and I’m currently 26 weeks with my rainbow.

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Had a miscarriage in November (2012) (no D&C) then got pregnant February (2013) another miscarriage but had a D&C that time and got pregnant again July of that year with my rainbow baby born March little early started contractions at 23 weeks… I think let your body heal and get a good to go from your doctor

Miscarriage around Christmas and then pregnant in February

I miscarried on march 13th, got another positive march 20th currently 35 weeks

I was pregnant after a miscarriage b4 I even had a period same situation as you miscarried 2nd child.

Got pregnant 5 months later

6 weeks, unintentionally

Yes very fertile

Two miscarriages ( one at 6 weeks and one at 10 weeks) got pregnant after second one without ever having a period and live birth all within one year times… this is my second cycle after chemical and hoping to get BFP this week.

Miscarried in October got pregnant again in the February :heart:

I miscarried at 10 wks last October. Ive had 4 miscarriages since then. I think every women is different but I would wait at least 3 months.

I found out I was miscarrying on April 20, 9 years ago. It was Father’s Day just 2 months later I found out I was pregnant again

This varies widely from mother to mother. The best thing you can do is rest, treat your body well so you heal, and let nature take it’s course. It may take a little time or a Little longer. You being calm in body mind, and soul is the best environment for your baby to finally come. Let your body heal, let your spirit heal. And know that you did NOT fail. Some pregnancies don’t come to fruition, for many reasons.

I miscarried on December 23, 2010. I had a D&C on December 24, 2010. I found out I was one month pregnant with my rainbow baby in March 2011. I was told that I was very fertile after the miscarriage and that’s why it happened so fast. I’m so sorry for your loss :heart:

I was told that I could try for another baby immediately after I miscarried and that I would be very fertile during that time but I didn’t get pregnant again until over a year later. I had a second miscarriage and got pregnant again just 3-4 months after that. That was my rainbow baby🌈

My doctor told me to wait until I got a regular period and then try again. For me I miscarried the end of September got my period late October and found out I was pregnant in January.

It took me 6 months after my miscarriage to get pregnant again.

I would think that would be something to discuss with your doctor.

I miscarried dec 26th
No dc
Ultrasound check to be sure
Was pregnant again by Jan 15
He is 24 years old now​:rainbow::baby:t2:

Sorry I have no advice but I’m sorry for your loss :two_hearts::pray:

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After my dr told me we were able to try again we did which was a week or so after I miscarriagd

I grew up hearing you are very fertile after a miscarriage.My best friend had a miscarriage at 6 months she was so sad as she had a hard time getting pregnant.I told her I always heard that it was now the best time and she tried got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy,her only child.

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It’s best to talk to your doctor about your fertility post-miscarriage. Some doctors advise their patients take time after a miscarriage to emotionally and mentally heal, as well as to physically heal depending on how far along you were. I’m sorry for your loss.


After my first loss, it took 3 years. Then I had a second term loss and it took 5 years. Then I lost that one very early, but was pregnant again 2 weeks later which resulted in my son.


After my daughter (fetal demise) I was 27 weeks when I lost her.
I was 21.
I got the IUD and said we will see where I am in 5 years.
7 years later I’m now married and pregnant with our first son :two_hearts: due in April. I needed time to heal and get my shit together.
The honest answer is you will know when your ready.

I wasn’t off my birth control a month and I got pregnant. :two_hearts:


Miscarried a baby that was around 10 weeks in March. Was pregnant again in July, we were not trying it just happened.

Some people can get pregnant right away and some take time (or choose to so they can heal).


I bled and then didn’t again. Got pregnant immediately after. My Dr put me on hormones (progresterone) because she wanted to be safe. (It was an early miscarriage) and now my baba girl is 9 months old.

I wish you all the blessings in the world❤

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I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks in May. I’m 7 weeks pregnant right now, hoping for a healthy baby :crossed_fingers:t3:it took me 2 years of trying to get pregnant with my miscarriage baby, and 3 years of trying for my 2nd child before her. So I’m not saying your more fertile after miscarriage but we just started trying again in august, and got pregnant at the end of September. :heart:

I too am miscarrying. I started bleeding heavily on the 7th, and now the last couple days is just spotting…

my doctor said wait for the 1st cycle because for the next couple weeks a pregnancy test will still say positive. but yes, you’ll be VERY fertile. I am sorry for your loss Mama. we are in this together :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


2 months, my OBGYN told me you are supposed to be very fertile right after because your body had already been in the process of “prepping” to carry a baby.


First miscarriage, I was pregnant 5 months after bleeding. Second miscarriage, I was pregnant 2 months after :two_hearts::upside_down_face: stay positive

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I got pregnant 3 months after my miscarriage. It really depends on your body and on you

Don’t ask how cause if but I got pregnant BEFORE I miscarried my first at 6-7 weeks cause not even 5 weeks later I was having symptoms of being pregnant again and we couldn’t believe it cause I had miscarries and we hadn’t done anything after that for a couple weeks.

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you are extremely fertile after a mc due to the womb scrape/vacuum done