How long did it take you to get pregnant with PCOS?

I want to know if any other mommies have PCOS and how long it took them to get pregnant with it.


Not trying to be funny, but Macy from teen mom has it and is a great source of information

I have it and have had it since I was a teenager. I couldn’t get pregnant on my own with either of my children. Both times it took over a year with fertility drugs with a miscarriage in between them. I wish you the best of luck.

After I found out I had pcos it took 2 years. But I found out after my second son was born and the drs told me I would never conceive naturally. He even argued that i couldn’t already have 2 children.
I went on to fall pregnant while on the depo injection.

I am currently pregnant with my first child. It was unplanned and shocking because I thought I couldn’t get pregnant. But nonetheless, I am very happy being pregnant. Pregnancy is definitely possible with PCOS.

Six yrs n finally then another seven again done :white_check_mark:

7 years first time. 12 years second time. But i wasn’t trying trying…just never prevented it.

I have PCOS but got pregnant super quick each time. It honestly depends how severe the case is and how your body reacts.

Every time they put me on the pill I got pregnant. I have 4 !! And it was pretty fast .

I have it and I got pregnant pretty fast. The longest was like 4 months.

It took me 9 years of no real prevention, finally decided to try metformin per my PCP then did approximately 7 months of Clomid. Finally had my miracle baby, and after him pregnant again within two months (no meds) but miscarried at second trimester then a year later had an ectopic pregnancy :disappointed: very hard journey

I have had 4 total pregnancies. Miscarried my first in 2009, I have an 8 year old that was born in Jan 2012, I had a daughter that passed away at 5 months in Nov 2013, and I have an almost 7 month old daughter now. I was told I wouldn’t have a healthy pregnancy after my first miscarriage due to PCOS. I tried A LOT to help speed up the process. What seems to help me every time is if I’m not stressing out about it. I also take metformin and a two or three cycles of BC pills and then just stop them. I have gotten pregnant with my last 3 kids that way within 2-3 cycles after stopping BC. I was only actually trying to get pregnant with one of them because most times I had lost hope of it happening. The reason I started and stopped BC so many times was because sometimes I have to regulate my cycle with it.

First time 3 years, second time 6 months, and this time first try. I also have endometriosis on top of pcos i think after you get that first ome knocked out they come easier. But i had to get really healthy the first time and lost a bunch of weight and was eating right.

First time was 6 months and second was 4 years x

I had it since I was 9 I’m 27 now and has weight loss surgery last year and now pregnant with my first baby without any medication

with my first I tracked my ovulation right when I stopped my bc. Took 2.5 months. second time was within a month. was on metaformin.

With my first it just happened. Then the 2nd happened 4 and a half years later. And my 3rd and last happened a year and a half later. :blush:

Already have one kiddo (11 years old now) from a previous relationship and have been trying with hubby for five years now no luck yet

I was told that I will never get pregnant without some kind of treatment because of my pcos… wasn’t using any protection at all and got pregnant in 2 years time,was pretty shocked about it because didn’t want any children at the time,anyways oldest son is 6 now. Had a baby 4 moths ago with my current partner ,we tried for roughly a year.

I got pregnant while on the pill. I have had documented cysts since I was 14.

3.5 years. Three miscarriages. Finally got pregnant with twins through a fertility clinic

Married 2011 pregnant at the end of 2015. Complete miracle. Weight loss helped tremendously

Got prego within 3 months of taking metformin

I didn’t get pregnant until I was 34…and I wasn’t trying lol

I am going on 12 years no pregnancy of any kind. Completing my IVF transfer Oct. 6th, it’s a girl according to the genetic testing. Praying it goes well. My PCOS is so bad weightloss and weightloss surgery did nothing to help. I just fail to ovulate at all without medication. I also got ovarian cancer which you’re at higher risk of getting with PCOS and have 2-3 year window to have any kids I want before they pull the rest out permanently. Metformin also did nothing. Each case is super unique if you haven’t learned that from the various comments. Wishing you a much easier time and best of luck.

I got diagnosed at 15 I finally got pregnant at 31 without even trying

First time a year. Second miscarriage after 8 years and still waiting for it to happen again my baby is 18 years old

When I went off birth control I got pregnant first month and miscarried. 2nd time took 18 mos and 3rd time took 11 months.

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I was diagnosed at 17 married young and never conceived. Spring of 2018 I made drastic life style changes and started the keto diet and conceived December of that year. Changing eating habits and being more active can make a huge difference. I tried everything outside of iVF and major medical interventions. Part of pcos is insulin resistant and lowering your sugar intake can do wonders for your body. It may not work for everyone but it worked for me. There is some science behind it if you do a little research.

3 years…
2 miscarriages
3 rounds of Clomid only
3 rounds of Clomid with IUI
Finally 1 successful round of injectibles with IUI

Wetried for 3 years and then 2 years. Currently trying for another one

I got pregnant while using condoms and I hadn’t had a period for 6 months. And then I got pregnant while using condoms immediately after I quit breastfeeding I did not have a period between pregnancies. I now have an iud.

We had 4 miscarriages and then saw a fertility specialist. 2 cycles of clomid & metformin and now we have a perfect 3 week old daughter. This all took place over a 2 year period.

Oh lord… I had 7 miscarriages in three years before I got pregnant with my son. Then had two more miscarriages in between 4 years, then had a stillborn due to PCOS/inability to stay pregnant… And had one last miscarriage before getting pregnant with my daughter almost 2 years after my still born. So… A total of 3,4&2 years in between each “to term” baby. Son was still 6 weeks early. Still born was three months early. And last pregnancy was the ONLY normal one. Carried to term. Vomiting 24/7 everyday of it.

I was diagnosed at 16 yrs old with pcos told id be lucky to have kids. 5 days before i turned 21 i got pregnant with oldest and 13 months after her i had my 2nd daughter. 2 months before getting pregnant dr had put me on metformin. Wasnt even trying to get pregnant at the time

I was diagnosed with it years ago and told I’d never get pregnant without ivf. I’m now pregnant with my third baby and at the time this baby was conceived, i hadn’t even had a period for 2 months i was so irregular and we had one “accident” and got pregnant. Hopefully this gives you some hope🙂

Have sex when you have a creamy discharge. You are ovulating then

I was put on metformin for my pcos and it only took a couple months for me to get pregnant. On my second pregnancy now

It took me about a year (but i didn’t know I had until after I had my son). The doctor probably what really helped was the fact that I went gluten free. Apparently many people who have PCOS have more success with their health and pregnancy while gluten free.

I could get pregnant very easily, within a month or two, but with our fail, I would miscarry within the first 7 weeks. I had 8 miscarriages and dr. Put me on clomid, progesterone and extra doses of folic acid. After about three months of that I was preggers with my second, rainbow baby. He is now 9 :smiley:

I have a severe case so after 3 years we had in vitro. Sometimes losing weight helps but not always. But its always a good idea to get healthy before getting pregnant ( eating right, exercising). I wish you the best of luck!! :heart_eyes:

I have pcos didnt get diagnosed till I was 29…had my son when I was 31…had to have a D&C my uterine lining was to thick and took metformin for 6 months along with diet and exercise…and that did the trick! Wasn’t able to conceive again but I got my baby boy…whos not a baby any more he’s almost 10!

I have a friend that had her 1st son in her 20’s-Dr’s said it qas impossible, but she did. Then 16 years later she had another and about 1 1/2 years later another. Science says as you get older you drop more eggs at a time-regardless of pcos-because your body is getting ready for menopause (which is why apparently many people have twins at a later age even when they don’t run in family’s). It appears that this scenario of later in life births in people with pcos is very common.

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I have pcos and the birth control my Dr prescribed me, actually made it worse so he told me to quit taking it. He also told me it would be a miracle for me to have another baby.

I rubbed cypress oil from Doterra on my abdomen twice daily for 2 months prior to getting pregnant. I have severe PCOS and several other health issues that caused it to be difficult to get pregnant.

I was told my chance of having a baby would be slim to none! That I would have to do years of expensive fertility treatment. I got healthier and happy. I did experience early miscarriages. This past Christmas though I got pregnant and the doctors were in absolute shock. They called her my miracle baby. Getting induced in 4 more days. My best advice, stop stress in your life, work on your health, eat better, work out your body and mind. I was put on BC at a young age because they were trying to regulate my period since I would literally bleed for 1-4 months straight. 2 years ago I completed dropped BC and all medicine I was on and my body and health changed drastically for the better. Best wishes to all women going through PCOS. We are all strong :heart::heart:

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Definitely be more healthy I had my first child IVF and they told me that was my only chance but I had the gastric sleeve surgery 6 years after my first child and started on a healthy lifestyle and I got pregnant with my second child within a year


I had a child in 1994. I was diagnosed in 1996 with PCOS and it took 15 years later to have my surprise child. Then 13 months later for my second surprise child. To this date I still PCOS but it’s under control with Metformin.

After several years of trying and a vertical sleeve gastrectomy I finally have 2 sons. You just get your weight in check first if that is also an issue.

Was diagnosed while trying to have our second. Tried for a year, did one dose of clomid, miscarried and then got pregnant on our own a few months after miscarriage.

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Two and half years. I was able to sustain a pregnancy and have a healthy 9 year old boy thanks to clomid and metformin. After my pregnancy I changed my diet to low carb which helps maintain my weight.

2 years of trying, 1 year with clomid 1 mc and then we finally got pregnant. Then 4 months after my 1st son was born we miraculously got pregnant without any help. Tried again 3 yeara later but was not able to again, had 4 more mc in 2 years before we just decided to stop, super blessed with both boys :blue_heart:.

Until I got my weight in check it took two years with my first. After 6 years of being gluten free and staying at a healthy weight, I’ve had 3 more in the past 3 years. Those were all surprises.

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I got pregnant the fastest when I was on birth control. I was told that being on birth control then quitting was the best possible time to get pregnant because when you have PCOS you might not ovulate all the time but after you stop the birth control it’s your best chance of ovulating. I found that out by accident with my youngest :joy:. That being said though I had 2 miscarriages before I had my daughter, I had my son after quitting birth control for health reasons, and I had a miscarriage after him then got back on birth control again, a different kind. I didn’t get diagnosed with PCOS until last year, I’m 29. I went in to see if I could have another baby and they found cysts on my ovaries. I’ve always had problems with periods and pain my whole life and for the past 3 years headaches nearly every day.

It took me 6 years, 3 specialists, several rounds of clomid and letrozole, 4 hcg shots. After we finally gave up I saw a doctor and got on phentermine (no judgement please) to control my weight loss. I lost 46 lbs and switched to clean eating, I got pregnant the first time 6 Months later. And they say it reverses itself after pregnancy, which I believe now! Our surprise baby came 17 months later!!

There were 45 days between diagnosis and positive pregnancy test. I instantly dropped all carbohydrates and started a ketogenic diet.

I have pcos and i have 3 kiddos. 9, 5, and 2. We tried for 2 yrs for my 2nd and only once i stopped trying and let it happen if it would did i finally get pregnant. I was resigned to only having one if it never happened because the added stress every month was too much. Just try to relax as much as you can.

I have PCOS, and I have had it for years. Metformin I took metphormin, and a double dose of folic acid and was pregnant in 3 months

My first pregnancy i was going thru fertility treatments for 5 or so months the last month I ovulated on my own and got pregnant then my next one came 6 years later, but I wasn’t “trying” for more than 6 months

3 years and a 70 pound weight loss. I was never able to get pregnant again. My baby is now 29 years old and getting married in 4 weeks!

1st child took about 2 months and 2nd took about 5 months. The key was loosing weight and keeping it off. Even if I gain 5-10 lbs my PCOS symptoms/issues come right back.

I had a kid before I was diagnosed and after I have been trying for 6 years with 1 pregnancy after weight loss that resulted into a miscarriage

Everytime i lost weight…but i also miscarried quite a few…

First time I got pregnant on our first try. Second time we tried for 7 years, gave up and I was pregnant within a year.

We tried for 3 months until I was diagnosed with PCOS and my Dr. put me on Metformin. Was pregnant 2 months later.

3 years the first time. 2 years the second time, after I lost 40 pounds and was taking a supplement to alkalize my body. 5 years the 3rd time, only after I had IVIG treatments (not related to getting pregnant, I wasn’t trying).

Took me 4 years then I got pregnant again (currently am) six months after my boy was born

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I was 32 when my first and only was born. I tried with fertility drugs for about 8 months with my exhusband and had no results. Ended up getting divorced and three years later after having 1 ovary removed I ended up pregnant a year after removing it.

I had to have surgery to remove all the scar tissue. I was pregnant when I went in for my post op check up

I was diagnosed after i had my 2 boys but I had trouble conceiving it took me 6 years with the first and 4 years with the 2nd then I got diagnosed 3 years after my 2nd born.

TRY KETO!!! There’s soooooo many ladies in my keto group that has pcos that are getting pregnant within months of starting keto.

18 years for my first son then literally 15 months later I had my second son

Has to do infertility treatments both times it took a year to conceive

11 years between my youngest daughter and son. Didn’t think I would get pregnant again so we didn’t try to prevent it lol.

First time with clomid… second time after 2 months after the birth of my first son all natural

A year first time and 8 months second time.

13 years and we did IVF treatment

3-4 years. A fertility monitor did the trick

2/12years, clomid, metformin, 2 miscarriages, and progesterone…

Had my first at 38 second at 43… multiple losses

1st time took 2 years and my son was conceived via artificial insemination, got pregnant naturally 6 weeks after my son was born (so my boys are 10 1/2 months apart) and then conceived my daughter naturally 8 years later.

6 years of trying1st pregnancy came with IUI miscarriage ended that one but then had another IUI 3 months later and had my first girl. Then tried after 18months 6 failed IUI and 4 years later we did IVF implanted 3 embryos and all three were there until 14 weeks we lost 1 but blessed with twin girls. Fast forward 9 years had a gastric sleeve and 1 year later a surprise pregnancy gave us a boy miracle. So i removes the only tube they discovered during my csection i had

I had to go on BC to regulate my period and then play around with skipping pills. I had also lost weight when I finally got pregnant but it wasn’t much, maybe 30 lbs but I was only like 170 at start. Took me about a year after starting BC. Started skipping pills after 6 months

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After taking one dose of Clomid, we got pregnant.

My sister has it and is 13 weeks pregnant! Definitley a suprise!:heart:

15 years and counting​:cry::sob::sob:

Couple months after I stopped birth control

1st time not until I lost 60 pounds. 2nd time I lost 100 pounds. Losing weight, in my opinion is the best “remedy” for pcos.


I lost several pregnancies and had my first daughter at 30, the dr said it was impossible…well, shes 11 now and i also had 2 surprises since then. I have a 3yo and 1yo as well. My miracle babies. The best advice came from my grandma…she said, stop trying so hard, its extra stress on your body. Best wishes to you love!


I discovered that I have PCOS July 2018, I got so bothered with my irregular menstruation so I went to my OB for a check up and that’s the diagnosis. She prescribed a contraceptive pills to make my flow regular, so I take it and surprisingly, it did!! November same year I stopped taking it since I always forget it anyway then January 2019, I got pregnant. Best unexpected blessing in my life! :heart_eyes: My baby will turn a year old this month.

For all 3 of mine I would lose weight and I got pregnant first try. I was always told I would have trouble and need help but losing weight and eating healthy seemed to help.

4 years then I miscarried. I had a D&C then I conceived 4 months after that. I carried him till 34 weeks then had an emergency c-section because he wasn’t growing and he had a hole in his heart. 2 years later I had my 2nd son and I was on bed rest with him but he was a repeat c-section at 41 weeks.

My sister and I both have PCOS but both are very different. I have 3 kids. Never had fertility issues. My sister has very bad fertility issues, even with weightloss.

I was diagnosed with PSOS in 2008. I tried artificial insemination with donor sperm.I was with my husband from 2009 until 2017 Dr. Told me I would never conceive. We got a divorce i was finally happy and stress free i met the love of my life 2018 we got pregnant after only being together for 4 months. We had our baby in July 2019 and I am currently pregnant with our 2nd.

My bestie and her hubby had suck a hard time and dr said check thyroid and go on metformin and sure shit guess what she got pregnant. Good luck. Damand all tests.

Abby Kirby see it can happen and will :heart:

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18 months first time and then immediate after comming off BC second time

I wasn’t diagnosed until after I had my son but actively trying took two years.

I got pregnant with my first the month after going off of birth control. For me, birth control regulated my cycles, and I had my best chance of getting pregnant the first month or two after stopping birth control, since it regulated my cycles. With my second, I went off of BC to try to get pregnant, but it didn’t happen for 4 or 5 months. I went back on birth control and the dr put me on Clomid, went off of birth control and got pregnant. With my third, I went off of birth control and got pregnant within a month or two. With my fourth, I had been on BC quite a while (if I don’t go on birth control I get crazy non stop spotting all the time) and when I went off I didn’t get pregnant. I stayed off for 6 months maybe and got tired of the irregular cycles. Started BC again for a year maybe. Decided to try again and went off, and got pregnant after being off for 4 months. We weren’t trying super hard, or I would have gone on Clomid again. With my 5th, I had been on birth control for 3 years, decided that God was telling me there might be another baby for us, so I went off and we decided to give it to God. It didn’t happen quick, and I was having such irregular periods and spotting all the time (at age 39) that I decided I didn’t think there was any way I could even support a pregnancy with my whacked out hormones, a couple of months later (just as I was contemplating going on birth control again and scheduling a hysterectomy) bam. Number 5.
I tell you all of that because there is hope. Keep trying. Keep learning. It isn’t the same for any of us PCOSers, but there is hope.
Also - 2 things I did learn that did help. Somebody above mentioned to try when you are having a thick discharge because that means you are ovulating. That is true, but I also learned to take cough medicine at that time to thin out the mucus (sorry if this is TMI) and that did help us conceive number 2 (along with Clomid) and number 3.
Also - super important - I spotted with implantation and what should have been the cycle a few weeks later, and my dr put me on a progesterone vaginal suppository during those 4 weeks. I used it with every pregnancy, and I swear it kept me from having miscarriages with them. Your dr has to order them, and you pick them up at a compounding pharmacy.
I hope this helps! Who ever thought that my weird PCOS Haschimotos body would have 5 kids.

I have two kids and it took a year with each despite pcos.