How long did you bleed post-partum?

How long did any of you moms out there bleed postpartum? I had an all-natural birth to my third child on October 14th. I’m nearing six weeks postpartum and am still “bleeding” (my blood will range from a reddish/maroon color to brown, and by “bleeding,” I mean more of a secretion. I can wear a pad all day and have nothing really adhere, but when I go to the bathroom and wipe it is clearly there). This was my third child, so I realize it simply might be a matter of taking longer for my body to heal/recover. I had my postpartum checkup this past Thursday, and my doctor said everything looked/felt fine. My uterus was still a bit swollen, but he believes it will be back to normal within a couple of weeks. Did anyone else experience this kind of postpartum bleeding/secretion? If so, for how long? Also, do you think having an orgasm would postpone the healing process of your uterus and cause the bleeding to last longer, or? Any advice/knowledge/opinions are greatly appreciated.


Im 8 weeks pp and still having off and on bleeding

i’m nearing 4 weeks and just finished bleeding

Probably 6-7 weeks. Stopped a week then period :sob::roll_eyes:

When I had my son I bled until 6.5-7 weeks pp. I was doing a lot of moving, up and down stairs and was told hat was the cause. It may be because you have two other little ones your running after etc that’s cause you to have a range of colour

Full 6 weeks n still off n on bleed til got on BC. W my 1st born, was only 2-3 weeks. 2 different deliveries…my 1st was natural n pushed her out in 10min…w my boy, I budged for epidural n was pushing for 2hrs to just wind up w an emergency c-section.

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9 weeks with my first and 7 weeks with my second.

Orgasm contraction should be a positive thing for healing! Go for it!

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It sounds like ur bleeding is about to stop… if it’s that color that u described, I’d say ur close to stopping.

I stopped a little after 8 weeks and i had a csection. But then no period till after she was 1

Amy Jo Arseneau aren’t you still having clots almost a year later

I bled 7 months after, like none stop. Then doctor put me on low dose birth control to regulate my period and it stopped. I got on the nexplanon right after giving birth so I’m not sure what was causing it. But birtg control helped.

I bled about 8 weeks with my 3rd

With my first I bled for like 5 weeks, heavy for the first week and then like a light on going period until the 6th week everything kinda just went back to normal

I bled for about 8 weeks. Then got an IUD and bled about another two weeks

Yes I did to .took me a month to get over myself .even with a c section to

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8-9 weeks I was on the mini pill because I was breastfeeding and had to be put on a different pill (with hormone) so I had to stop breast feeding in order to stop bleeding

I bled about 6-8 weeks roughly.

I bled heavily after my 3rd. I had to have a d&c for retained placenta. I was heading toward septic. Mine always tapered off like yours is now


I was still bleeding at my 6 month PP checkup

Yes 9 to 10 weeks for several people

Every pregnancy/delivery/postpartum recovery is different. Just let it pass its course. unless if its exaggerated in amounts of blood loss, clots, etc.

6 weeks with my first, 4 weeks with my second, 3 weeks with my 3rd. I think it’s normal to bleed for a bit longer, though.

I bleed for 6 weeks with my first, and almost 9 weeks with the second, and I had c sections with both of mine…

I went from postpartum bleeding straight into a period. So I bleed for a straight 7 weeks

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I had a c section and bless for 11 weeks

My third c-section I bled 3 weeks and stopped and started my menstrual cycle. Seemed bleeding eased as every delivery I recovered from

With my first I bled for almost 9 weeks, I was still bleeding at my post partum checkup. My second I only bled for 2.5 weeks, then got my regular period 2 weeks later. Everyone will be different, and every pregnancy will be different. I ebf both babies, and got regular periods with both.

My first and second I bleed heavily for 3 weeks then suddenly stopped with my third it was like a heavy period for 2 weeks then spotting for a week. Maybe ask to have a scan to make sure all the plecenta has gone

A full 8-9 weeks with my oldest. Nonstop.

Really depends. It can be normal to bleed 6-8 weeks after any birth. After my third birth I only bled about 2 weeks but that was because I had a d&c and medication to stop the bleeding because I usually hemorrhage after birth. I was also told after every birth that after birth bleeding is usually more than the last, so Because I have a history of bleeding more than usual I get other medication to stop the bleeding.

6-8 weeks is pretty normal I know it’s annoying and can be worrisome but it’s normal

1 1/2 weeks with my first.

I had ac section and bled maybe 2 1/2 weeks and my period started up at 4 weeks exactly

I only bless for 2 weeks with every single one of births, i had 5 pregnencies.

2.5 months. I thought it was never gonna stop​:weary::roll_eyes:

I am 2 months and 1 day postpartum and I stopped bleeding at 7 weeks postpartum just to start spotting yesterday so but everyone is different and I breastfeed and got a depo shot before leaving the hospital

I bled for exactly 6 weeks. Vaginal delivery with a stage 1 tear. I had complications after and had to have my placenta manually extracted by the doctor, causing me to hemorrhage and require blood transfusions. I dont know if that prolonged bleeding or not.

I was the same remember body takes it time to heal so that’s what’s it doing but if you are concerned take a sample to your doctor and see what they say

I had all natural births and you sound normal to me. Don’t worry it will stop soon. Do you breastfeed?

6 weeks for my first successful pregnancy. 8 weeks for my 2nd.

1st csection 2 weeks.
2nd csection 14+ motherf*cking weeks! They had to put me on estrogen to “reset” my uterus. It sucked.

6 ish weeks the same i had a c section though and ended up with small blood clots left over in there. Thats what caused it to last so long.

7 weeks for my first Almost 9 weeks with my second.

Ive had 3 children all vaginal deliveries and bleed for 4 weeks everytime, I just think every girls body chemistry isn’t the same and what is considered “normal” for one woman may not be for the next

I bled for abiut 2 months, I went on the depo shot and continued to bleed. Im now 5 months PP and still bleeding

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6-8 weeks is normal. Have you had your 6 week check up?

I bled for maybe three weeks. I also took alfalfa capsules prior though to help clot up and make it shorter.

3 months. Its stopped for 3 weeks now

I bled for 3 weeks then started my period on week 5.

4.5 weeks maybe. I know I was done before the 6wk appointment.

I would go back to the doctor. Sometimes, a piece of the placenta remains and will cause you to continue to bleed

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Almost 7 weeks for me. Two weeks off and then first period.

2-3 weeks with my first pregnancy
1 month with my second pregnancy

I bleed for 2 weeks and then started my regular cycles weeks later

I’m 5 weeks post partum (technically Friday makes 5 weeks) now and I only bled about 2 1/2 weeks.

6-8 weeks. Then no cycle until I quit nursing

With my daughter, i bled a week pp. My son, was just under 4 months.

Like a month maybe 6 weeks

i bled fr 3weeks then after i started seeing blood stains(not daily tho) for a month.

I bled for little less than 2 weeks with my last baby. No tears in my lady bits. So maybe that had something to do with it.

You might of started your period right after your postpartum bleeding.

6 months later annnnnnnd still going. I had a one week break, last week and then bam, again.

2 and a half years and counting lol

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I was bleeding red blood about 3 to 4 weeks post partum. My dr said it was normal. Next day i started hemorrhaging at home and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. Turned out my dr left placenta inside my uterus and it had attached itself. I think every woman is different, but if youre really concerned, i say call or go see your ob gyn.

I think it lasted 6-8 weeks for me

7 weeks with my first
9 weeks with my second.

Mine only lasted 2 weeks :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hardly was bleeding when left hospital two days and only spotted till I got my first period around 5 weeks

Between 6-9 months. It was AWFUL!

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I dont think I had a period while I was nursing.

6 weeks with my first child and a week with my second

4 weeks then period returned 6 weeks PP

I don’t remember for how long I bled. But the changing of colors was a good thing. As long as you’re not feeling pain you should be alright. If you are worried don’t hesitate to contact the doctor.

6 and a half weeks then about 2 months later my cycle picked right up (even with breastfeeding).

My second i went 4 weeks. But was fixed at 3 weeks. I was done by the time i got fixed. My first i bled for over 4 months. But i hemorrhaged a month pp

2 weeks, then my period came back at 5 weeks. My girl is 3 months now and I haven’t had another period yet. I assume it’s delayed from breastfeeding!

I’m 9 weeks postpartum and still have spotting

5-7 days of light bleeding for me with all three of mine. But i also dont and never had normal periods which never last longer than a day and never had period cramps.

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I bled for 2 weeks and then stopped for a week and then started again and went almost to 3 months with my second… my doctor said that I wasn’t “resting” and started doing too much too soon so just try to take it easier than you are right now

2 days with my 1st
1day with my 2nd

Consistently for 6 weeks. On and off another month after that. So 10 weeks total

With my first I bled for 9 weeks after, with my second I bled for 2.5 weeks after

6 weeks. But I think the dark brown blood means your almost done

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Bled for 5 weeks pp then had like 2 weeks break then bam hit with a heavy flow for a week then stopped and havent had another since. Breastfeeding so my doc say this normal.

its normal to bleed from a vaginal birth til 10 weeks pp… black and brown blood r old blood red is new blood…

I stopped at 4 weeks

For my first it was everyday for 5 weeks and my second was everyday for 4 months.

Around 6 weeks with both.

Its weird. I had a miscarriage and bled for 45 days. Gave birth vaginal delivery and was only bleeding for like 2 weeks. Guess it’s different for every situation

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I have 2 kids & they were both exactly a month old when I stopped bleeding. With my 2nd, I started spotting again the day b4 my 6 week checkup & then bled for another week because I had an iud put in. Then I didn’t have an actual period until she was 5 months old (exclusively breastfeeding)n

3 weeks with my 1st
6 weeks with 2nd
4.5 weeks with 3rd

I bled foreeeeever. You need to bring it up to you OB though. Not social media.

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My first it was 2 weeks my 2nd I didnt at all, the 1st was very sick

I bled for 40 days straight its not abnormal it will eventually stop

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I’m at about 5 weeks now and have stopped the last few days.

My first was 2 weeks… my 2nd 4 months 🤦🤷 depends on your body

Bled for 5 weeks, it stopped, and then the first period hit the day after 6 weeks.

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6 months 1st! Delivered and went home same day with second had zero bleeding until my period came!

I had a c section but I definitely stopped bleeding around the 6 week mark. I would just check with your doctor if you’re worried.

I had this exact same problem! Mine had stopped for a week or two, then started back up and kept switching. After going to the dr about it (ultrasounds, and blood work) the dr told me to wait it out. If you feel its abnormal, call the dr and get an appointment. I had blood clots the size of my fist, and the doctors still said it was normal. It went away around 3 months pp.

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