How long did you wait to get intimate after giving birth?

I am 3 weeks postpartum and just wondering when you waited to have sex with your partner again? I know they say wait six weeks or until your PP checkup for your doctor to give the thumbs up, but it’s been a while lol we stopped having sex my 8th month of pregnancy due to it being uncomfortable. So ladies, how long did you wait?


I waited until I got the ok from the doctor. They don’t tell you to wait for no reason, you are healing on the inside too.


OMG …after a hard labor and birth, I was a good 6 months after… i was scared to get pregnant again


I waited 3 weeks because i stopped bleeding… I now have 2 kids only 11 months apart lol…

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Wait until your check up.
You’re still healing. You’re at greater risk of infection. You’re at greater risk of conceiving again as well.
Just wait.
Find other fun things to do that don’t require actual penetration and enjoy the anticipation.


My ex basically made me have sex exactly at 6 weeks and RE-RIPPED my stitches. DO NOT RUSH SEX. IT CAN WAIT.


Wait until you’ve got the all clear from your doctor. You could get a serious infection. You have a major wound inside your uterus from childbirth and the placenta. It’s not worth the risk of a serious complication. Wait until you are healed.


I was 10 or so weeks pp and we tried. It still hurt like hell. I could feel exactly where I had tore and had stitches. We still don’t get intimate much because I can still feel it. If you didn’t tear or tear badly then it may be different for you.

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Oh my gosh…I waited 4 days :astonished::astonished:


14 days. When i stopped bleeding

I waiting until I was comfortable with it. I think maybe 4 weeks. If you feel ready go for it. Honestly it’s all up to you. Doctors only say to wait the 6 weeks because that’s the typical healing time frame.

I followed my Drs instructions.

I did 2 weeks after my c section. Noone told me i had to wait 6 weeks. I assumed it wouldnt matter as i had a csection. I now no this isnt the case. Hold off 3 more weeks


6-8 weeks is the wait time. You have a gaping hole in your uterus where your placenta was attached. Even if you aren’t bleeding anymore, if you’re feeling great. Please wait.


I had c-sections, at least 6 weeks, but everyone is different, if you feel like it, then it is prolly fine.

This is probably bad but we were intimate the day I came home from the hospital


After birth we waited till after my first real cycle. So to damn long.

After i stopped bleeding

Wait until your 6 week appointment! Your body needs to heal and can be susceptible to infection


I waited maybe a week

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I think I waited 8 weeks but I had a cs and got a bad infection in my wound so was in far too much pain to even think about it

So the reason they tell you to wait is because inserting anything can give you a uterine infection if your cervix isnt all the way closed. At your pp checkup, they check your cervix and give the thumbs up based on that.


I waited until the day before my appointment, I had a c-section though. Also, you are SUPER fertile right after giving birth so make sure you use protection!!

I waited 6 weeks. It’s worth the wait. We have many patients come in pregnant only 2 months after having their baby.


5 wks(got preg), 6 wks, 2 wks, 11 days

You literally have a gaping wound in you. The risk of infection isn’t worth it. Infection from that can kill you or prevent you from having kids again. Just wait.


I waited a week with my last two :woman_facepalming::joy:

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I waited the whole damn 6 weeks. There’s always alternatives

12 weeks both times. It still hurt. Glad I waited.

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I went back for my 6 week checkup and found out I was pregnant again!


I waited the whole 6 weeks. I wasn’t trying to get pregnant again and wasn’t thinking about having a penis in me when It just felt like I shit out a truck :joy::joy:

As for me personally I would wait the 6 weeks. Your uterus and vagina are healing and you can cause infection, more damage, and also get pregnant lol

I had no anesthesia and getting 38 stitches to sew up my vag was horrible I waited like 3 months terrified that it’ll hurt. My friend waited less than a month and was immediately pregnant with another one

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2 or 3 weeks for each bit took it easy and wear condoms to stop possible infections

I waited the 6-8 weeks getting an infection or your stitches ripped open just isn’t worth it.


At least the 6 weeks they tell you to, you gotta heal.

6 weeks. You’re open to infections and extremely fertile right after having a baby. Its not just about bleeding or discomfort.

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Wait until your doctor’s appointment! You literally have an open wound. You don’t want an infection.

I was still bleeding at 6-8 weeks, due to being separated 6 weeks before I had my baby, it was a few months after that again

6 weeks is when my Dr gave the OK

9 weeks with my second and 6 with my first

I waited 9 weeks with my first because I was terrified since he tore me …We’ll see this time…im 26 weeks…

why is this even a question why is it that you go online and asking people whatever your doctor ask you to wait 6 to 8 weeks or until your postpartum checkup? why is it that difficult to hold your urges so you do not get a infection?


I know they say wait 6-8 weeks, but my 1st pregnancy we made it to 4.5 weeks and my 2nd was just 4 weeks.

Doctor said no but I’m sure your dentist would be ok with it…


I waited until after I stopped bleeding - 6 weeks and 8 weeks.

Till I was cleared. I’ve heard awful infection stories from friends


We waited until 6 weeks (my dr. cleared it)!

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Please wait the 6 weeks, I know it must be hard but sex isn’t worth the possibility of infection or getting pregnant again that soon


Wait the damn 6 weeks. There’s a fucking reason why the doctor said that.

Ever hear of Irish Twins?

They don’t only say to wait so you can heal, but because there’s a really high chance you can get pregnant right away in that 6 weeks lol

It’s 6 weeks for a reason. Listen to your dr.


We did some activity but not intercourse on day 5 pp. But wait at least 6 weeks before penetration.

I never wait as long as they said but then again prob why i have had 6 babies 5 of them in the last 7 years and 2 of them are only 11 months apart lol… This time it was about 3 weeks after baby was born

All the women on here ignoring medical advice. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
This question should have NEVER been posted because the answer is LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR.
You have an internal wound the size of a dinner plate inside your uterus from where the placenta detached. Having sex before 6 weeks post partum is DANGEROUS and you risk serious infection and sepsis.


First pregnancy I waited 8 weeks maybe longer
Second I think two weeks maybe 3 weeks

They say 6 weeks because whenever the placenta detaches there is a wound inside your uterus the size of a dinner plate, and if you get an infection you can quickly turn septic and die. I ain’t risking my life and my child not having their mother because it’s been awhile.


If you waited this long you can wait a few more weeks till your pp check up

I waited about 4 months :joy: only because I had a 4th degree tear and I was too scared! But glad I waited because it wasn’t painful, just slightly uncomfortable.

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Wait until your doctor gives you the okay. They dont say 6 weeks for shits and giggles.

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Ma’am medical recommendations are for a reason. You are extremely open for developing infection. WAIT until you’re cleared by your doctor


Wait the six weeks. It’s just sex it’s not that serious. Let your body heal from the trauma it just went though. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I was 4 weeks with protection and took it slow.

6 weeks cleared and I added 1 more week just to be sure. So 7.


Dont do it! I did it, like 2 weeks early, omg it hurt so bad, and I waited a couple weeks after the initial waiting period

First time 10 weeks PP, I had episiotomy, forceps and stitches and was super nervous. That was uncomfortable.
2nd baby I was 5 weeks PP, I had a fab birth with only a slight graze so it was fine HOWEVER I got pregnant that first time (I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and my 2nd is 33 weeks old) so do bare in mind just how fertile you are. I was also breastfeeding and hadnt had a period but you can still ovulate without, it’s called a silent period. Another thing to bare in mind is that they do give time frame for a reason which is to reduce the risk of infection. I never knew, until recently, that the placenta leaves a massive hole inside :astonished: xx

  1. No pain or discomfort.

4 weeks. I had a c-section. I definitely would not have done anything if I was still bleeding. I was hesitant but he was ready :roll_eyes:

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Lol u really should wait at least 6 weeks, but i guess we live and die by our choices, but if you do happen to get injured during or get an infection then you’ll not be able to have sex for a long fkn time if at all lol risk it if u want youre an adult lol


6 weeks. I waited until I at least stopped bleeding and had a normal pap. But I also had surgery. So yea. Just wait the 6 weeks. You don’t want an infection in your uterus!!

Wait the 6
It’s more than the bleeding or when you think your ready. We cant see the internal trauma and healing. 1st 4 weeks 2nd 8 weeks 3rd 8wks 4th 6wks

I did it after a few weeks and was perfectly fine.

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Wait the 6 weeks!!! Your body is healing.


4 weeks? I think for both pregnancies.

With my first 2 weeks, with my 2nd and 3rd, like a week. Lol

I waited 15 days. Sorry but that six week wait for bull crap.

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3 weeks the first time. The second time, I had a pretty horrible delivery and had stitches so we waited almost the full 6 weeks. The third time, 4 weeks

I waited until the go ahead from the doc. I didn’t wanna get an infection I wanted my body to heal;). Believe me it’s worth the wait!


Wow,!!! you can’t wait a month to get your groove on, that’s asking for problems with your health.


6 weeks. But use birth control. I had a friend get pregnant when her newborn was only 2 months old.

I’m almost 4 months PP and still haven’t tried anything… I ripped really bad and haven’t felt comfortable to try anything

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The 6 week recommendation isnt based off of pain tolerance or if you feel okay. It’s based off of wether or not you’re healed.

Your placenta leaves a gaping wound the size of a dinner plate in your uterus. It takes time for it to heal. Having sex early introduces bacteria before the wound is healed and can cause DEADLY infection. That’s why they tell you not to put ANYTHING in there. Not just sex, no toys or even something as simple as a tampon. It’s entirely too risky.

Wait until your doctor clears you. Otherwise, there are other ways to be intimate that dont include vaginal penetration.


Try,it may be ok,or it may be painful.Also get hands on if you get my meaning.

I waited the 6 weeks after I got the all clear but even then I wasn’t ready,still hurt very badly

They really suggest waiting the 6 weeks for a good reason 🤦


5 weeks but we got an ok since I had no pains after baby.

I wouldn’t suggest this, but I did 4 weeks PP with a c section. I waited the whole 6 weeks for the vaginal delivery though. I popped my stitches two weeks PP and that pain made me extra careful to wait 6 weeks.

3 weeks, I had a natural birth, with no tearing or anything, and it was really good, downside, he asked for it 24/7 after that, which ended up just pissing me off, especially as he didnt lift a finger baby wise, then would threaten to go get it elsewhere, so I said sweet, you go do that, and don’t bother coming home, which made me a whore who didnt put out. :tipping_hand_woman::woman_facepalming: needless to say he is now my ex.

My first I waited the 6 weeks. My 2nd n 3rd were c-sections so the 2nd I waited I think 4 weeks n my 3rd c-section 2 weeks

First I had stitches waited like 12 weeks second 5 weeks .

My mom went to her 6 week check up after having me and they informed her that she was pregnant with my brother hahaha so do what u want


Your doctor says a wait time for a damn reason.

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After my first son we wait until 4 weeks. Then my second son only 2 weeks. And after my third was the full 6 weeks because I had my tubes clamped didn’t work. And after my fourth son. it’s going to be after my tubal. Until the doctor can insure I will not get pregnant again.
Since I didn’t wait I have a 5,2&1 year olds my 2 and 1 year old is only 11 months and two weeks apart so I do recommend waiting until ur doctor clears you unless u want your babies that close together.

Think im gonna wait 10 weeks

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There’s a reason they say wait 6 weeks😐 so wait the 6 weeks before you end up pregnant again or get an infection


I had no complications or injury’s down there, I had sex after the 1st week of giving birth.

Umm. 6-8 wks… we didn’t prevent our pregnancies between each kids… 3 in 3 years :wink:

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The reason they say 6 weeks is because the placenta leaves a dinner plate sized open wound in your uterus when it disconnects. It takes up to 6-8 weeks to fully heal and abstinence helps minimize the risk of infection.


Personally I wouldn’t chance it… I didn’t wait after giving birth to my 1st born, had the worst bacteria and yeast infection and wow was it painful

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I waiting until I couldn’t feel stitches anymore