How long did you wait to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

I found out I was pregnant on August 5th, and they told me I was a high risk of miscarriage or preterm birth if I made it further into my pregnancy since it had only been 11 months since I had my daughter. I had a miscarriage on August 28th. Everything I’ve read online says that you should space your pregnancies 12 to 18 months apart. I don’t wanna replace the baby I miscarried, but my husband and I just really feel like we wanna have another baby. I’ve read online that they recommend 6 months from the time you miscarry before trying to get pregnant again but that there have also been studies that say if you get pregnant within the first few months after a miscarriage that you’re more likely to have a successful pregnancy because your body is “primed” to accept a future pregnancy. I’m struggling with should I wait or should I not because it still hasn’t been 18 months since I had my daughter, but I also know so many ppl who didn’t wait that long between pregnancies and he successful pregnancies so I’m not really sure what to do but I definitely don’t wanna wait longer than I need to! Advice?


I got pregnant 2 months after my miscarriage and he’s now 3 :grin:

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Dont try but dont prevent it either. Just let your bodies do what they need to and a pregnancy will happen when its supposed to :pray::green_heart:


I got pregnant 2 months after and miscarried a second time. Another 3 months later I was pregnant again and successfully carried. Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I miscarried in February of last year and got pregnant again in April. Baby boy is almost 8 months old now. I was told to wait until i completely stopped bleeding and had 1 period before trying again.

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I got pregnant a mpnth after having surgery to remove a tubal

I got pregnant a month after having a miscarriage and she’s now 5 years old. Totally normal and healthy pregnancy

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I had my miscarriage on 4/26 and fell pregnant after 1 period and got my first positive on 6/16 So far so good I’m almost 16 weeks

I miscarried in April 2018 and was pregnant October 2018. Gave birth to my baby girl June 2019. January 2020 I found out I was pregnant again and just had my son in August.

Everyone is different. Every family, every life, every pregnancy. Follow what you feel is right for your family.

Sendinh love your way for you and your family.

I miscarried January third and got pregnant again at the beginning of March

I had a miscarriage and I’m pregnant again. You should defiantly let your body have a few cycles, before you try to have another baby. But hey, I’m no doctor.

I got pregnant 1 month after I had my daughter and I was 39 both are fine and so am I.

My OB advised we do bloodwork until my hcg levels returned to normal and then we try again. Took 3 months for my hormones to level back out and got the all clear to try! I know someone who miscarried and got pregnant within a month and carried to term

I miscarried on Valentine’s Day of this year & fell pregnant that next month, I only had sex once & caught instantly I wasn’t trying it just happened

I got pregnant one month after a miscarriage and he is 5 now and my 2nd is 15 months younger. No issues with either pregnancy.

I got pregnant about two weeks after a miscarriage and she’s almost two now

I got pg with my oldest 2mo after my miscarriage.

I had my first miscarriage this year and got pregnant less than a month later. Currently 24 weeks.

I was told 2 cycles but I got pregnant the very next cycle.

It is different for every body and every pregnancy. Best to consult with your ob/midwife and physician if you are having concerns or are unsure of what to do. They can give you the best medical advice for what’s healthy. Ultimately, it’s your decision on what to do.

Got pregnant 2 ½ months after my miscarriage last year and had my son in April. Hes almost 5 months now.

Had 2 sons (youngest was 2) found out I was pregnant in July and a few days later I miscarried. Waited until my next “normal” cycle and got pregnant again in September but miscarried as well within a week of finding out. Went to Drs to find out what was happening and we did tests but no answers as to why I miscarried. Got pregnant in December and had a healthy baby girl the following October. Ending up having 3 successful pregnancies after those two miscarriages

My friend had a miscarriage and got pregnant a few weeks later. She is now 17 weeks and her pregnancy is thriving.

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The first thing you should do, is consult your OBGYN. I know there are plenty of ladies in here that can share their experience (I’m not one, all of my kids are 5 years apart, because, well, just when I thought I was done, SURPRISE) but your body/health is different from anyone else’s. What worked for someone else, may not work for you. But ultimately, it’s your and your husbands decision together. Look at how many people have (I believe it’s called) Irish Twins. Baby’s literally born in the same year, 9 months apart. Your body knows what it can and can’t handle, but at the same time, you want to give your body time to heal. Delivering a baby, no matter how you do it, takes a toll on your body. My suggestion would be to schedule a well woman and have the OBGYN check you over, then make a decision.

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I got pregnant 2 months after my miscarriage

I miscarriaged mid March. Found out we were expecting end of June. My rainbow is now 6mo

I was advised depending on why u miscarried and how many u have had consecutive. I had 4 consecutive so I was told to wait 6 months or until my testing all came back. We waited about 4 months after testing came back and told us the issue and we rhaving our rainboe baby girl due oct. All though she is expected to come early still safe early. Currently 34 weeks

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Miscarriage may 30th, found out June 21st pregnant. Not on purpose.

I was pregnant the next month after a miscarriage.

I got pregnant immediately after miscarriage 3 times and had healthy rainbow babies each time.

I miscarried just after the 3 month mark, after being told chances of getting pregnant were 1 in a million and chances of carrying were even more slim. 5 months later I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, carried her to term-2 weeks(high risk pregnancy), stopped nursing her at 18 months and got pregnant with baby #2(high risk pregnancy carried full term). They are now going on 15 and 13. When your body is ready it is ready is what i was told…

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I miscarried in June of 2012 and found out I was pregnant again Labor Day weekend 2012. Our daughter was born 3 weeks early, but was and is completely healthy. She is 7 now and a tremendous blessing.
I wish you much success! :heartpulse::blue_heart:

2 months would have been sooner but hubby was gone for those 2 months…

Need to talk to your GYN… they can answer your questions better than anyone. Also my GYN said it’s best for your body to wait 18 months between pregnancy but that’s not realistic for some people. Also when I had a miscarriage they said it all depends on how far along you was.

3 months I got pregnant after I miscarried. Now I’m almost 30wks. My OB said it was fine though.

I got pregnant with my Second child about 3 weeks after miscarrying…at a Funeral no less…she is now turning 5 on the 22nd of September

Miscarried thanksgiving of last year and conceived sometime in February so threeish months for us. My Obgyn said after I had a normal cycle it was ok to try again so we did.

I just had the same thing happen. But we are just gunna try again after all the bleeding stops. And if it happens for us again it happens. But we’ve tried two years for this one and it took 3 years to get pregnant with my first.

I was told to have a normal period first Basically waiting a month

I got pregnant after 10 weeks of having my second child and my pregnancy was fine only issue was she had placenta restriction… so she was really small at birth 4 pounds 8 oz 37.5 weeks along… they monitored her threw out my pregnancy and she was health with no issues at birth… good luck mama

I miscarried on 12/18 and got pregnant on 12/25. My perfect boy is 5 now :blush:

My first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks. I was heartbroken so gave up trying as such but never used protection. I fell pregnant again 6 months later with a very healthy, now 5 year old. 9 months after, I fell pregnant again, with my now 4 year old. Dont put so much pressure on yourselves and it will happen. Good luck xx

I miscarried mid July. Found out I was pregnant again beginning of September. Sadie was born in May

i miscarried in jan of 2019 and conceived my now 10 month old son in march of 2019.

I miscarried in Aug 2019 and became pregnant again in Feb 2020, 6 months apart, it just happened that way we didn’t wait for a specific amount of time, when I miscarried my OB said I can try again as soon as I’m ready after my first period. Baby is perfectly healthy now and she’ll be arriving in Nov :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My doctor told me to wait about 3 months I think it was after mine. My thoughts on the waiting time recommended by the docs is to let your body heal, and your period returns to a normal cycle.

I waited a year for my body to heal properly lost my baby girl in 2012 had another baby girl 2013

I got pregnant within three months after my miscarriage

I miscarried and got pregnant 3 months later. I have a healthy 2 year old daughter now.

My fertility doctor said to wait 1 cycle before trying again. I had a miscarriage January 2019, another July 2019 and then got pregnant with my daughter the beginning of October 2019 and had her in June. Good luck! :sparkling_heart:

Not a replacement. Don’t feel like that I know it’s hard. My doctor told me having a miscarriage after one doesn’t increase the chance she didn’t give a timeline and that was 9 months after having my son. If y’all want more keep trying :heart:

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I miscarried in oct 2014 and got pregnant with my happy healthy daughter feb 2015.
Good luck xxx

I had a miscarriage at the end of November and the Dr said to wait to have intercourse for 6 weeks. we got pregnant the one time after the 6 weeks.
I was shocked and very happy. I in no way felt my son was a replacement.

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I got pregnant the very next cycle after miscarrying early at 5weeks. I now have a healthy 5month old.

i got preg only 2 weeks after my miscarriage ! didnt even have a period so was was not expecting it to happen … she is now a healthy beautiful 1 year old :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I tried after 1st atopic pregnancy took 3 years and had 3 more miscarriages so iv 2 beautiful girls i was told iv 50%50 chance so last November was my last miscarriage i gave up now am happy and not ready for more am
33 and have 13 year old girl and 11 year old girl so leave your body do what it needs to do best luck with it

I had my daughter in Oct 2015, miscarried twice when we started trying in 2018. Had my 2nd July 2019, & got pregnant again when she was 4 months and this has been the most easy pregnancy out of all of them. So I personally think it just depends in each individual pregnancy and person and you should try when your ready mentally.

Just breathe and let your body do its thing. I had 5 miscarriages last one was about 2 months before i fell pregnant with twins! Doctors scared me so much but my pregnancy was great (minus the morning sickness) my twins are now 7months!

I miscarried and got pregnant a month later and have a beautiful healthy boy hes 1 years now and he was full term

I miscarried in Feb and got pregnant in April. Currently 20 weeks.

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I would definitely wait at least 2-3 months before trying again. Give your body and mind time to heal.

I had a miscarriage January 2018 then had a tubal pregnancy that ruptured my tube july 2018 now I’m due for my lil boy January 2021. I also have a 14 year old and 3 year old!! It will happen when the time is right.

I miscarried with my first pregnancy, and found out I was pregnant again 6 months later. Had a perfectly healthy pregnancy & child.

I miscarried August 2008 and got pregnant again in October 2008.

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I was pregnant within three weeks of a first trimester miscarriage and had a healthy pregnancy and baby x

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I had a miscarriage and was told not to try again the month following so we waited and tried the month after that and got pregnant again right away. My rainbow baby is now a happy healthy 3 year old :heart::rainbow:

I have had four this year. Which is so much to deal with. There right after the other and one last month. But I’m assuming that’s only Bc I needed a d&c with the miscarriage in June. So I was pregnant January, February, May, and August. All differing times of loss. The d&c was 12 weeks. It’s really just a matter of choice whether you want to risk trying again so soon honestly. That’s what my doctor told me.

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I waited 3 months and now have a super healthy 5 year old little guy!!!

Everyone is different, there are women who successfully get pregnant 6 weeks post miscarriage and have a full healthy pregnancy then theres women who take time. It can take time or not. I would stop doctor google and go see your OBGYN

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I gave birth to my oldest daughter on 17th January 2017. I found out I was pregnant on 20th June 2017, had a miscarriage on 22nd July 2017, gave birth to our 2nd daughter 1 year later on 14th July 2018 x

Miscarried March 2019
Pregnant May 2019
I now have a healthy 6 month old rainbow baby (and a 2 year old)

I got pregnant on my next cycle!

I was never told I was high risk for miscarriage and I got pregnant 6 months after having my first. I feel like they shouldn’t have told you that. If you feel ready emotionally, mentally and physically, go for it.


I just had a baby and my girls are 11 months apart. I had her at 39 weeks no complications. She was a surprise baby number 2. My OB would like to see 18 months between babies. I have heard women get pregnancy after a miscarriage immediately! I would seek another OB that meets you and your husbands wants and needs , and be able to respectfully tell you medical advice with the risks ! But not scare you because no one said this to me at all.


I started trying again a few weeks later once I felt comfortable but I didn’t get pregnant until maybe 6 months later.

I had a miscarriage beginning of December 2015 and fell pregnant in January 2016 and had my girl in September. Didn’t take long at all

I lost my daughter as a still born at 22 weeks and three months later found out that I was pregnant with my son carried him full term he is now 4

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I had a miscarriage a few months ago. My doctor said i needed two full periods before i could start trying again for a baby :heart: hope this helps

I was pregnant about 6 weeks after. My doctor said they USED to recommend waiting but that is outdated info. He said once you’ve had your first period you can try again. He said if you are mentally ready then go ahead. There has actually been some research that said that doing it again with 6 months of a loss is supposed to be easier to get pregnant. I think it also has to do with how your body processed the miscarriage and how far along you were. Mine was a first trimester loss but I’m assuming if it was much farther along then you’d need more time for your body to recover.

I wound up pregnant 4 months after my miscarriage

I was pregnant within three months.

Our first pregnancy was ectopic and we conceived our rainbow baby 2 weeks after that loss. For us, we couldn’t let that egg go after losing another baby. Thank God, because that egg became our 6 year old son and he’s a miracle! Studies actually show that you’re more fertile after a miscarriage and more likely to have a healthy successful pregnancy the sooner you conceive after a loss. We’ve had multiple miscarriages and have always tried again as soon as possible.

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My doctor told me to wait 3 menstrual cycles. I think there will be different answers from different docs. I had to have two D&Cs due to miscarriages. I think that may be another reason he suggested to wait 3 cycles, to be able to heal.

I miscarried with my first in June 2014. I conceived my daughter that September and had a smooth pregnancy. My doctor had told me after my loss to wait 3 cycles before trying again and has always advised to wait at least 12 months between pregnancy’s though she would prefer 18-24 to assure the body has truly healed.

Miscarried at 11 weeks in March, was pregnant again in July— carried full term. My son is now 5mo and healthy as can be. I think everyone’s bodies react differently

I say stop stressing out about a timeline given to you by averages on the internet.

EVERY woman is different.

Talk to your doctor, trust that everything will go well, and you do you!!


*miscarried oct 31st 2015 and pregnant with my rainbow baby feb 2016.

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I had two miscarriages and I fell pregnant again straight away never had the two periods before n carried full term x

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You need to give your body time to heal…wait at least a year

I think it depends how far along u were, u want ur lvls to go back to normal first i would think. There are some great TTC pages and groups on facebook that might have more of the support u are looking for as alot of them have experience with multiple misscarrages at different stages they would know the best times to try again. :heart:iv got a friend who had her second 11 minths after her first so she would of fallen pregnant only about 6 weeks after her first.

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My kids would have been 3 and 2 and 2 if my baby would have survived in between my 2 oldest. I gad a miscarriage in aug got pregnant with my rainbow in late dec to early Jan

I think you just need to give yourself time to heal. Medically the statistics are pretty broad and opinions vary. So just do whats best for you. :sparkling_heart:
We lost a little one at 10weeks on April 20th 2018 and didn’t try again until November 2018. Then we got pregnant and had out now 1 year old little boy. :heartpulse:
Take your time and vest of luck xx

I had a miscarriage then one period before becoming pregnant with my now healthy one year old daughter then before she was 6 months I found myself pregnant again I’m now 36 weeks today with a healthy pregnancy so far by the way I’m 39 years old so I guess everyone’s different but good luck to another healthy baby

I have had 2 miscarriages (d&c after both) this year and my OB said to wait 3 periods before trying again after each miscarriage. Our bodies need to heal and the lining of the uterus needs to build again.

(Side noted: I am high risk as I have had multiple miscarriages and I am also considered “vast maternal age” which puts me in a separate high risk class of its own.)


Wow. My kids are 13.5 months apart, so obviously we didn’t wait a year. I was never told that I would be at a risk of miscarriage having them that close together. That’s unfortunate that it happened for you. I think that you should talk to your doctor about whether or not it’s ok to try again soon, or wait until later. I wouldn’t rely on the internet for my info.

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I miscarried December 15, 2019. I was heartbroken. I also did my research. Began taking folate and in March 2020 I got pregnant again. I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow. And so far I’ve had no issues whatsoever. The baby is healthy. I’m also 35 and high risk.

To each their own you can wait years and still miscarry. I had a friend miss carry and was pregnant in 2 months worked out find. I have another waited a year and lost two more. She did finally get her boy. Best of luck sorry about your loss I would have an almost 20 year old. Forever in my heart hugs

Mine naturally happened after IVF with my first when she was 13 months old when I had successfully weaned her. I had a great pregnancy. I can’t relay that to miscarriage and I’m so sorry for your loss. Just thought I’d add my experience with a pregnancy after 13 months PP.

I miscarried my first one, and I got pregnant again about 8 months later. Things happen for reasons even though we don’t understand those reasons. It took me years to realize that I wasn’t the cause of that miscarriage but if I hadn’t of, I would not have my rainbow baby.

Let go and let God. Don’t worry what others do and say. Just love and support each other.

I’m sorry for your miscarriage :disappointed: miscarriages are awful.

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I had a miscarriage and was pregnant within 6week after, your body does need a break however there’s no specific time scale its your choice and how you feel. Sorry for your loss :heavy_heart_exclamation: xxx