How long does it take to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

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I’m curious to know how many women have experienced a miscarriage and then had a successful pregnancy? How long after the miscarriage did you wait to try again?

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Can you still have sex while miscarrying? My hcg levels are 208 I’m not bleeding and I really feel like I need my partners comfort/intimacy right now.


We miscarried last July got pregnant in November and I’m due in ten weeks with a perfect healthy little boy !

I miscarried my first pregnancy. I waited about 2 years or so to have a baby. And carried to term no problems…

I had a miscarriage in October and now 13 weeks pregnant

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I lost my baby boy at 21 weeks and 3 years later i got my :rainbow:. I also already had 2 boys before the loss.

I had a miscarriage in May of last year and I’m currently almost 21 weeks with my rainbow baby

I had 2 kids, one in 2006, and then again in 2007. I miscarried in May of 2011. Was pregnant again in August and had a healthy full term baby boy in May 2012.

3 miscarriages 1 successful pregnancy over a 5 year span.

I had a mc at 16 and got pregnant again right at my 18th birthday. Had another last August and was pregnant again that November.

:raising_hand_woman:t4: got pregnant 2 weeks later and had my rainbow baby in October of 2016

4 angel babies 2.18.14, 6.27.14, 9.20.14 12.26.14 Two :rainbow:10.14.15 & 11.07.17
Another angel 5.2.18 and currently pregnant and due 12.14.19

I had a miscarriage jan and got pregnant that following may and found out in june. we werent trying but it happened and he was very healthy the whole pregnancy and after being born.

Misscarried October 2016.
Got pregnant with our beautiful little boy at the first part of july 2017 carried to term. He is now 14months.

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I miscarried early with my first pregnancy. I miscarried in June and I got pregnant with my angel baby in August. That pregnancy I had no problems and she was born 2 weeks ago healthy and with no issues. I would say start trying when you’re emotionally ready. :heart:

I was pregnant with twins and miscarried one of them at 12 weeks. The other made it full term! Also got pregnant two years later and had a healthy baby girl!

I had two miscarriages in 2015. I had a baby boy in september of 2016! He was 35weeks, but he did great!

I miscarried at the end of July, and got pregnant again in October. 7 weeks til I meet my little boy! :rainbow:

2 miscarriages and we didnt wait. Mine were due to low progestrone once that was fixed with pills we went on to have 2 more and now I’m pregnant again.

I got pregnant 2 weeks after our miscarriage.

*I had a baby 11/2016
*Got preg…had a MC 4/2017
*Got preg again 7/2017
My babies are now 1&2

I got pregnant on my first cycle after my miscarriage but a friend of mine is still struggling to conceive after hers. I have 10 weeks until I meet my rainbow baby.

I had a miscarriage Feb, 2010. By Nov that same year I was pregnant with my oldest.

Miscarried Mar 2015 normal at home miscarriage no procedures or medication but my HCG did move up and down a bit so for 4 weeks I did weekly blood tests until it was completely down (meaning no longer pregnant) waited 2 cycles per dr request started trying in May 2015. Positive pregnancy test in Aug baby was born at 39 weeks 4 days April 2016. His pregnancy and delivery were normal but always that thought in the back of my mind. After him we got pregnant Dec 2018 miscarried Jan 30,2019 at 9 weeks had a D & C. Have yet to try again. Each one varies I’d continue to treat yourself as if you were pregnant no alcohol etc keep taking prenatals etc. My condolences for your loss praying for your Angel baby. And baby dust that you conceive again :heart:

My friend did. Within i think 2 months she got pregnant again and now he is a healthy 9 month old

4 miscarriages and then my 2 year old little girl. It took me 3 years of constant trying to have her.

Pregnant 6 times including now. Miscarried 3 times. Successful 3 times with 2 healthy boys. My pregnancy now is also healthy with a boy.

Miscarried June 2017 got pregnant in January 2018. Had a healthy rainbow girl in October.

I had three miscarriages with my ex husband 2 years ago. And now my fiance and I are expecting a little girl in August :blush:

I had a molar pregnancy in 2017 and i am currently 26 weeks. It took a long time to get my body back on track

Have 4 kids vut vetween my 1st and 2nd i had 3 miscarriages

I has two miscarriages the fall and winter of 2017. We kept trying. We finally got pregnant again Oct. Of 2018 and I am now due in about 5 weeks with a healthy baby girl! Everyone’s body is different. Don’t lose faith in what’s to come! It was when we about gave up and didn’t try so hard is when it happened :wink:

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I have always miscarried and then a successful pregnancy. Last miscarriage was 2016 and we waited until this year to try for another.

I had my son in December 2016, miscarried in July 2016 and had my daughter in May 2019

I had three miscarriages. We waited a full cycle between each try. We went for fertility testing, and I was found to have a uterine septum. Once that got removed, I got two beautiful boys.

I miscarried my very first one at age 18 I was 8 weeks along when I had formed a blood clot in the cord they said it was lupus anticoagulant. Then after that I wanted to become a mother so bad that I tried off and on for ten years but with all the wrong boyfriends. Never happened. Turns out I didn’t ovulate correctly, met and fell in love in 2015 with my current man. My fiancé and now I’ve got a healthy mean little boy I tracked my ovulation and was on letrozole.

I miscarriage in 90&had my beautiful baby girl in 92 now she is 27 now she was small when she was born 6lbs.3oz.19 inches long then waited four yrs later to have her brother

I had a miscarriage in April 2017, conceived in June 2017 and my rainbow baby was born March 2018. I had a D and C with my miscarriage. Pregnancy following was uncomplicated. :rainbow:

Had a tubal pregnancy with my Angel Girl almost 4 years ago in December​:two_hearts::broken_heart:

Currently 26 weeks & 1 day with my Rainbow Boy​:blue_heart::rainbow: Due in August!


I lost my first baby pretty much right after I found out I was expecting in March of 2013. I got pregnant in April with my son and told my family on father’s day :grinning: had him in February :heart_eyes:

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I’ve had 7 miscarriages, one baby that passed away after being born 3 months early and I have two healthy beautiful little boys 2 and six. Both were born immediately following miscarriages, my younger son I got pregnant with before I even had another cycle. Good luck :black_heart::black_heart:


I had a miscarriage in August 2017 then ended up pregnant again by October.

Miscarried Dec 1st of 2012 and then was pregnant in Jan of 2013

Right after a miscarriage you have a ton of leftover hormones and it’s really easy to get pregnant

About four months after my first miscarriage I got pregnant with my first daughter

I had a miscarriage in March got pregnant 3 weeks later found out in April and had a baby boy January 22nd he’s healthy and Is 4 months! :purple_heart:

I watched a girl who’s mom had a miscarriage and got pregnant the next month and is now 24 weeks pregnant!

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After 6 miscarriages, and being told that my body could not carry out a pregnancy…my angel baby is almost 4 years old!


8 miscarriages total. 2 successful preganancies. I have 2 miscarriages before my now 13 year old, and 6 between her and my 9 year old daughter. After the last one I didnt even have sex with anyone for at least 2 years. And when i did get pregnant it was a high risk, full of almost losing baby and mom issues, but we stuck it out and now have an awesome 9 year old smart ass lol

I had to have a d and c to have a successful pregnancy. I had 4 miscarriages and two very healthy babies.

I had a miscarriage February of last year. I wasn’t trying, was actually on birth control to prevent it but I got pregnant again in July and had my little girl last month :blush:

I am currently pregnant on my 3rd child this have lost 5 in total never give up trying. X

I miscarried November 1, 2013 (8 weeks) and I got pregnant December 27, 2013 with my youngest daughter and went on to have another successful pregnancy in 2016. Xoxoxo

Lost a baby in December 2014 got pregnant July 2015 and had a beautiful baby boy 6 weeks early in February 15,2016

I was told it would be next to impossible to get pregnant and if i did my body would have a next to no chance carrying to full term. I got pregnant ( huge surprise!)and miscarried with my first just after the 3 month mark (I told everyone at 12 weeks thinking it “safe” miscarried at 14 weeks)… 4 months later was told I was expecting, carried to full term a beautiful baby girl. When i stopped nursing her I conceived my boy and carried him to term also. They are 13&11… Best surprises/miracles ever!

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I had my son 7 weeks early and hes 2 now. we have tried since then I have had 6 miscarrages we havent tried in 3 months. its tobheart breaking all out pregnancy ended at or before 6 weeks with no explanation.

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I miscarried August 2nd and got pregnant again but end of November. So far very healthy pregnancy.

I’ve had 3 miscarriages after each one ive gotten pregnant and had 3 healthy pregnancies. I’ve got a newborn 2 and 4 year old.

I had a miscarriage in July 2015 and then gave birth the fraternal twins in September of 2016. They were premature born 30 plus 6

About a month after my miscarriage i got pregnant with my son who turns 10 months tomorrow. Currently 6 months pregnant with his brother


Can you still have sex while miscarrying? My hcg levels are 208 I’m not bleeding and I really feel like I need my partners comfort/intimacy right now.

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miscarriage october 15, D&C october 17. got my period on november 20th and pregnant right away. due in august

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I had a miscarriage in November and we weren’t trying… than i got pregnant the next year in may

6 years of trying. Two eptopics, two miscarriages. Last eptopic ruptured and one tube was removed. A year later I was pregnant with my rainbow baby. He’s two now

You can not have sex while you are miscarrying because you risk carrying bacteria into your uterus while your cervix is open. Most doctors tell you to wait until 6 weeks past miscarrying to try again.

I’ve had a couple miscarriages, but my last one was July 4, 2016 and I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant again October 2016 and had a healthy pregnancy to my son (first child) and now we’re having another son next month and have had a fairly normal, uneventful pregnancy. It’s definitely possible to get pregnant again and go on to have completely healthy babies. As far as sex after the miscarriage, I think we just waited for the bleeding to stop which was a few days. That’s not a medical recommendation though and you should consult your doctor

I miscarried sept 02 2019 and pregnnat the same month. Im due in june. Just keep taking ur prenatal vitamins

I got pregnant a week after I miscarried the first time I miscarried again 4 months ago and I’m not pregnant yet

I miscarried December 2014, got pregnant April 2015 and had a very healthy rainbow baby February 1, 2016. Then had 2 more, July 4,2017 and October 31, 2018.

I’ve had 2 miscarriages before my son was born I am now 24 weeks pregnant with my daughter. The last miscarriage before my son happened about a year before I got pregnant with him. I had no complications with my pregnancy with my son and so far with my daughter now.

I had 5 miscarriages total. 3 back to back through IUI, then got pregnant ‘on my own’ 2 months after. I had the other two miscarriages with a successful pregnancy three months after. :pray:

I’ve had 6 total. 5 then 3 boys then another loss and I’m 20 weeks now with my last.

In total i have had 11 pregnancies. I have 5 kids and have had 6 miscarriages.

I had a miscarriage and got pregnant a week later… delivered my healthy baby boy 2 weeks ago.

I miscarried on mothers day 2012 and got pregnant again in Sept and had a full term baby boy. We waited a few weeks after the miscarriage to resume sex I had also just had a baby in January

Friend miscarried a year ago next month (june2018)she was 5 months. She is due in July with her rainbow baby girl.

We were trying to convince for 19 months, had a miscarriage and then got pregnant again 2 months later (we purposefully waited one full cycle like my OB reccomended) she is almost 3 now :heart:

I had a miscarriage in Oct of 2003 would’ve had the baby in April of 2004. I had my son in Oct of 2005… I had a miscarriage when he was a year & 1/2 old then had my 1st daughter in Jan 2010, had my 2nd daughter in July 2012 & then had another miscarried in Sept 2012 my 3rd and that baby would’ve only been about 10 months apart… :cry:

It took 29 weeks after a DNC to get pregnant I’m 13.4 weeks. And yes we did have sex during the miscarriage but after the DNC I didn’t do anything until the blood and the body pain stopped.

Iv had one miscarriage and one eptopic pregency. However I have had a rainbow baby after each. With my miscarriage I waited two months before trying again and got pregnant on our second month of trying. With my eptopic I actually lost a tube but only waited a month before trying and got pregnant first time round of trying. My kids r now nearly 3 and 7th months

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Had amiscarriage dotor saud to wait a least a month a month later we conceived

I’ve had 2 miscarriages at 6 and 8 weeks and I’m currently pregnant with twin rainbow babies. Got pregnant 3/4 months after our last miscarraige

I had several miscarriages. I also have PCOS, endometriosis and other underlying fertility issues. My first loss was shortly before 20 weeks in 2002. The doctors told me to wait a year before trying again. I waited 4 years, miscarried at 12 weeks but this one was caught before I actually miscarried and I was told to wait to have intercourse until after it happened and had a checkup to make sure everything had cleared. More of this for 10 years. Had a baby and got pregnant again when she was 10 months old. Everything was great until 14 weeks, baby no longer had a heartbeat. Was told not to have intercourse until afterwards everything happened. Had severe complications and hemorrhaged. Had emergency D&C after baby had already come out. My water broke and all that when he did but I still needed surgery. A month later I had a chemical pregnancy. 1 month later I got a pregnant again and our second daughter was born. Both are rainbow babies, born 14 and 16 years after my first lost and with an angel baby brother in between.

I had 1 miscarriage last july then another in august… successfully pregnant as of February, currently 19 weeks :heart:

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I had a miscarriage June 24th 2017 and was pregnant again in August of 2017.

I’ve had 2 miscarriages and 4 healthy full term pregnancies and babies

Miscarriage in Dec 17 started trying again in May 18. Pregnant Sept 18 currently 39 weeks 3 days :slight_smile:

I had a MC in February 2018, got pregnant in March 2018 & hes now a 5 month old ball of happiness. Hes my 2nd baby. We werent even trying again, we maybe got intimate 3 times & I wasnt expecting it go happen so soon after lol

I had a miscarriage in November, dr. Said to wait until January to try again, I just waited until after my next menstrual cycle (early december) and I got pregnant late December. My son is now 9 months old.

I had a miscarriage waited because I didn’t know if I wanted to take the chance and go through that again broke up with my bf reconnected with my high school bf (who is now my husband) and began to try after waiting almost a year from the miscarriage. My baby girl is now 3 months old

I had a miscarriage Feb. 2017 got pregnant Feb 2018 had my daughter in November we waited 2 months to start trying again

I had one in December and got pregnant 2 weeks after. I’m not 16 weeks 4 days, due November 3rd!

Yes you can have a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage, these things happen it’s a part of life but don’t let it discourage you! I’d check with the doc and probably have your partner use a condom the first few times just to be safe

We started trying again after my first period lost my angel in February and conceived again in late August last year due date is this Monday. You don’t have to have sex to be intimate even cuddling and skin to skin contact can be a comfort but I don’t see any problem with it unless your bleeding but if you have 3 miscarriages in a row a doctor will look into it

Lost 2 in 2008. 4 years later I had a healthy boy and another one since then.

My doctor told me I could try again immediately, but I had a silent miscarriage and had to use meds to expel the fetal tissue, which caused me to hemorrhage and required an emergency D&C to stop the bleeding and avoid a blood transfusion, so we did not try again. That was two years ago and now we’re talking about giving it another go.

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I had 3 then carried my son 32 weeks he is happy and healthy and no delays i didn’t wait you are super fertile for 6 months after a miscarriage

I had my little boy 3 years ago, then I had 2 miscarriages within 6 months in 2017. I ended 2017 and started 2018 having a phantom pregnancy. I am not almost 40 weeks with my rainbow princess :sparkling_heart: we never really “Tried” after the miscarriages as it put too much pressure on. When we decided to just let it happen it did xx

I had a miscarriage last July and found out January 1st about our baby boy. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant. We waited at least 3 months because that’s what the doctors said, and I was too emotionally hurt to even consider a baby. I’ve been more scared, but just because you have 1… or even several miscarriages, doesnt necessarily mean you cant have a successful pregnancy. Blessings to you, and I’m so sorry for your loss. If you’re not in pain and you both are comfortable, I dont see why you cant be intimate with your hubby. It may even help the miscarriage to pass quicker. :blue_heart:

My mom had 14 miscarriages. One of which not even a month after she carried my sister to term. With me my rainbow baby is due in november. Lost our last one in september got pregnant unintentionally in February. Now my son and this baby is goin to have very close birthdays

Miscarried the first time in 2014, second time in 2016. Now I’m pregnant 16 weeks. I didn’t really wait, I just let Mother Nature run it’s course.