How much did your baby weight at their last appointment?

How much did your baby weigh at his/her last appointment? At my daughter’s 6-month last week, she was 15 pounds 8 ounces. She has more than doubled her birth weight, but every baby I know seems to weigh a bit more, and I get comments on how small she is often. She’s also a bit short. The doctor said everything looks great, but I’m breastfeeding so still nervous about it.


I have 15 month old twins and they only weigh 18lbs

My son was, still is, a tiny boy. He’s gained some weight but still so short for his age. If doc says it’s good then it’s good. Everyone grows at their own pace. Don’t compare to others.

Breastfeeding gives optimal nutrition and the growth pattern often doesn’t match charts put out by formula companies. Trust your body, it’s doing a great job and the doctor is confident in that as well. When your child is older she will be healthier for having the natural growth rate for her.

My 12 month old weighed 19lbs and doctors considered that perfect weight

I agree, breastfed arent always as plump as formula. If she has wet diapers, and your dr is happy than I think you should be too. If you are concerned about your production you could talk to a lactation consultant.

Every baby is different. Some are bigger, some are smaller. No need to worry unless the doctor is concerned. If doc says she’s healthy, and she’s happy, then everything is going great!

Sounds absolutely right for a breast fed baby. You’re doing great. The best thing about breast milk is that it alters consistency during the meal. The only time you may have a problem is in a heatwave. You’re not in the Sahara are you?

I had 2 babies that were always in the 90% or more percentile and my middle one was always teeny. If the dr says baby is good then you are doing a good job!!!

All I know is that the birth weight must triple by 3 months, from then the baby should gain 2.5kg yearly. But babies differ

No 2 babies are the same and shouldn’t be compared. Your baby’s development depends on numerous things, genetics, nutrition intake, etc…u should NEVER compare your baby to another.

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That’s normal weight

Are you petite? Perhaps she just has genes that determine her height and weight. Relax, and enjoy your baby.

There all different dr happy that’s good

I don’t know if the advice is still given, but years ago the guideline was double the weight at 5 mos, triple at 1 year. Sounds like you are hitting the mark.

My 4th baby was 6 lbs 13.1 ozs and he is 5 months from being 2 and just now hit 20 lbs and is 31 inches and 1/4 in height. But his irish twin who will be 3 on Saturday was 6 lbs 9 ozs at birth and is 37 inches tall and 33 lbs in weight. They are both very different all around. And I’m not complaining one bit or worried. Both were bottle fed as well. And we always tell the doctor’s you can’t go by the growth charts. Myself the mother is 4 ft 9 and 110 lbs max. Their father is 5 ft 10 and 188 lbs. And i was 6 lbs 15 ozs and the father was 8 lbs 11 ozs. Both of us parents both also come from wide varieties of sizes in our families as well. Im the eldest of 4 girls and the father is the baby of 8 and the biggest baby in his family was a few lbs off of 13 lbs when they were born. My youngest of 4 also eats like food is running out of style and my 3rd he is very picky. And use to eat like my 4th. So i don’t judge anyone else’s children or child.

Mine still weighs 17lbs at her one year, as long as the doctor’s not concerned it’s ok. Every baby is on a different growth curve.

6 months: 20lbs, 30",tall. All babies grow differently. As long as they are following the same growth curve, its fine!

My 18 month old is 19.5 pounds. Barely gained anything since 12 months. As long as she is proportionate I wouldn’t worry to much. That’s what the doctors keep telling me.

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Dont worry about other baby’s. If she’s on HER growth curve and meeting milestones that’s all that matters


My 2 year old weighs 18 lbs

My little is 15 months and 21 pounds the pedi told me not to worry about

At 6 months my daughter was 18lb 5oz. She was born at 8lb 4oz. Her doctor said that was great back then.
She’s 21 months old now & 29lbs - which she said was fine as well. She’s super tall for her age.
If her Doctor isn’t concerned there’s no reason for you to be :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to keep YOUR growth curve. Not others babies.

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My babys 3 and half months and weighs near 17lbs now haha

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My almost 7month old weighed 21.8 lbs at her 6 month check up.

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My 6 month old is 13 lbs, I’m breastfeeding also and was concerned but he’s just a petite baby! His doctor isn’t concerned, she just said that he’s a small baby.

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My 18 month old is 40 pounds 34" inches tall :astonished: she gained alot of weight in 3 months but no diet change. She still wakes up at night for a bottle sometimes even 3 times she can’t go back to sleep if she doesnt have her bottle i think all that extra milk at night is the cause of the weight gain not sure how to stop her from needing the bottle at night

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1 year- 33lbs 32 inches tall

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It’s less about weight and more about if they are continuing to grow and hit milestones. Mine was only 13lbs at her 6 month, but like everyone else says, the doctor would let you know if you needed to worry!

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My baby is 13 months and already 22.7 pounds.

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My daughter is almost 10 months and she is 16lbs 8oz, 28 or 29 in long.

If your doc isn’t really concerned don’t be

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Mine 3 months 6 pounds 4oz…she was premature coming along just fine🙌

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My 1 year old weights 28lbs and my 4 month old weighs 17 pounds.

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My daughter is 5 almost 6 and is 43 lbs…shes always been lower that what she technically should be for her age but hey shes healthy just picky eater and hyper.

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My 8month old is 24lbs His 6 month old cousin is 14lbs! Both are happy and healthy!!

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At my daughter’s 2 month check she was 13lbs. Fat baby :heart:

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My son was considered small for his age for the first year, but everything was perfect in him. I breastfed for over a year, and now at almost three he stands taller than most 3 year olds. Every baby is different and your little girl is just perfect the size she is!


my boy is almost 5 months ols and is 15-16lbs

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Every baby is different. My children are small compared to others but so were my husband and I when we were children. The thing to watch for is that there is steady gain on your childs growth curve.

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Sounds like shes just in the lower percentile. If your pediatrician isnt worried than I wouldnt be either if I was you. The important thing is that shes growing and gaining . Kids are all different. That means they grow differently and they learn differently.

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At 6 months my baby was 13lbs 8oz. Breastfed babies tend to be more petite I’ve heard. Introducing solids will also change things. My daughter went from being in the 2nd percentile for weight to now being in the 49th percentile. As long as your baby isn’t upset/hungry all the time then you are doing a great job and giving her exactly what she needs.


Baby should double birth weight at 6 months. Tripple at 1 year. All birth weights are different my daughter was 7.6 son 10.1 different weights and sizes.

My doctor told me they should double their weight by 6 months and triple their weight by 12 months.

I’m looking at these weigh ins and wow. My daughter just turned 4 months yesterday. Went in and got her shots etc. 16.75…i guess she’s extra healthy

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They should tell you what percentile she is in growth. My son was 18 lbs at his 6 month, 7 lbs at his lightest weight after birth. He fell into the 60-something percentile for his weight. Right on track. But he’s bottle fed. If she’s below 25 percent or something? Not sure exactly, then they start to worry. If your doctor wasn’t worried, why are you?


I breast fed my son too and he stayed in the 10 percentile forever. He is about to be 2 and is doing great! No worries momma! Here is my son now :relaxed:

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My sons 5m and 21 pounds and 26 inches.
All babies are different. If your doctor isn’t worried don’t worry.

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My daughter was 8.1 when born and 20 1/2 inches. But she is a tiny thing, she’s 8 and still tinier than her classmates. But she’s healthy so all is good.

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My daughter will be 2 on saturday. She just hit 23 lbs.

As long as she is gaining weight and is happy and healthy, thats all that matters. Every child is different.

My daughter is a year old and people don’t believe me when I tell them. They says she looks like 8/9 months old. She’s short and chunky. She’s perfectly healthy. She weighs 22 pounds and is about 2 feet 4 inches tall.

At my sons 9 month checkup, he was very close to 20 pounds.

My youngest is 2, so I don’t remember what she weighed at that age, but your child’s doctor should be tracking her in percentiles. As long as babies are staying on or near the same percentile, there’s no concern. Just call and ask what her percentiles have been since birth. Usually they’ll tell you those at the checkup. I would ask for the numbers at her future checkups.

I do home child care and have had children the same age with totally different heights and weights. The percentiles determine what is normal for each individual child.

I breastfed my last baby until 18 months, so I know how hard it is when you’re getting started and how easy it is to doubt yourself. Nursing on demand is best. You should follow The Milk Meg here on Facebook. She’s a lactation consultant and has articles on her blog as well as Facebook posts that are great support for normalizing breastfeeding and learning to trust yourself and the process!

If you have any specific concerns or symptoms that you’re seeing and worry you, you should speak with a lactation consultant about them. Unfortunately, not a lot of doctors are educated about breastfeeding.

My son is 6 months right now, but was 15 pounds before he turned 6 months

Every kid is different, dont compare kids because you’ll keep worrying about it. My mom told me that

My almost 4 month old is 16lbs

My son was 7 lbs 12 oz at birth, he’ll be 6 months on the 30th & weighs 22 lbs

Birth : 9.3 lbs, 6 months 24 lbs, 9 months 27.1 lbs. A boy and he’s 32.5 inches long and 100th percentile across the board in weight/height/head lol

We just went to the doctor at 11 months for an ear infection my baby boy weighs 17 lbs 8 ounces. Every baby is different.

At 3 week check up my boys were 18 1/2, and 17 pounds. Doubled birth weight. But then again they were rollie pollies lol

Sounds like she’s just little :woman_shrugging: some babies are just naturally petite and stay that way for yrs or they grow into petite adults :woman_shrugging: the pedis track their height and weight on a chart, it’s more of a curve than a graph. So as long as they’re growing and gaining on their own personal curve, they’re fine. If the Dr’s aren’t concerned, just keep doing what you have been.


My son has always been in the 28-30th percentile. At birth he was 7 lbs and 11 oz. At 2.5 years he is now 32 lbs and he is 3 ft tall. Hes stayed on par on the growth curve for his percentile

Every baby and person are different sizes, weight and height. U could have a 5 lb baby at birth and sally has a 8 lb baby at birth and now 3 months later your baby is 10 lbs and Sally’s is 13. U don’t compare children. Doesn’t matter where they are at on their growth chart for size and height. For example say your baby is 18th percentile just as long as baby is growing and staying consistent growing on the chart and not dropping or going up hugely significant! My son was born with a large head always on the higher end of the growth chart. Was that the same as other baby’s , no! But as long as he progressed with age on his growth chart and didn’t drop significantly or increase then he was perfectly find and healthy as can be! He’s now 1.5 and smart as ever. If you have a great doctor who sits down with you and discusses these things with you then talk with your ped. If not find another pediatrician!

Mine was only 19lbs at his 1 yr… my first was 35 at 1 yr… they all grow different! If Dr isn’t worried then you shouldn’t be

The fact that u said she doubled her weight shows she is growing perfectly fine! Check out her growth chart from when she was born to now at the doctors! Unless she hasn’t gained or gained soooo much u shouldn’t be concerned!

At my daughter’s 1 year appointment a couple months ago she was 19 pounds

My 3 month old is 15 pounds 💁

my son was 17.5 at his 6 month visit. he’s a little over 19 now at 7 months.

Almost 5 months and 15lbs

My daughter was 3 months at her last appointment and she weighed 12 lbs 10 Oz’s

Don’t compare to other children. All are unique. You may just have a petite child, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. (:raising_hand_woman: petite person here.)

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My first was 15 lbs 4oz at 2 months and my second is almost 3 months and just barely hit 13lbs both were 8lbs 8oz at birth so all babies grow at their own rate

You can’t go by what other babies do cause they are all different. If the Dr is happy with growth and not concerned and baby is happy after feedings then they are getting enough from you. I’ve had 5 kids and nursed them all and not one of them was the same in birth weight or growth and they are all very healthy. My biggest baby turned out to be my shortest kid.

My sons always been a lower weight but eats like a pig. Hes currently 3.5 and is almost 41 inches but only weighs 35 pounds

Don’t compare her weight. It’ll worry you especially if she’s just naturally smaller. As long as she’s gradually still growing or gaining and not losing weight is all that matters. I was told this by a pediatrician because my son has always been smaller.

Our pediatrician wants double their birth weight by 5 months, I think she’s just fine.

As long as the pediatrician isnt concerned, I wouldn’t be! They track then on a graph, and as long as they are following their curve, everything is on course :slight_smile: my son was also small, at 3 days old he was only 5 pounds 11 ounces. Hes only in the 9th percentile, but hes following his curve and so the pediatrician says hes perfectly happy andhealthy! !

If her doctor said everything is good then everything is good mama. Doctors would be the first ones to tell you if your baby was under/over weight.

That’s awesome! Baby should double weight by 6mos! Breastfeeding is hard but trust your gut! My 5 month old is bigger than a 14 month old! I think little girls can be smaller so theres never a comparison!:purple_heart: I bought a scale to keep track of his weight in between appointments too

All baby’s are very different my kid is almost 3 months old but he’s larger than most baby’s because my husband is very tall and that’s totally fine … my friend boys were smaller around this age they not develop the same there is nothing to worry about

18 month apt, 31lb and some change lol

At 6 months (3 weeks ago) my youngest was 15.7 lbs. My eldest was about 12 lbs at that age. She’s nearing 40 lbs now I believe and she’ll be 4 in two months.

Kids come in all shapes and sizes just like adults :slight_smile:
So if dr isn’t concerned, I wouldnt be.
See…my son is a beast lol(he’s now 6, but the size of an average sized 12yr old), yet my cousins have kids within the same age(one is 6mths older,one is 1 MTH younger).
The one is half the size of my son…small for their age.
The other is still smaller then mine but almost the same(average size of a 8-10yr old).
ALL are healthy and fine.
Kids just come in all shapes and sizes to…it’s just not adults.
But my son at 6 mths was around 18lbs or so. I know at a yr he was 30lbs lol

My daughter at 9 months weighed 22 pounds.
Always measured big. Even before being born

Just had our 6 month appt, 15lbs 7 ounces, 28inches long. He is tall and skinny. Doc wasnt worried because he is gaining on the correct curve, has little fat rolls in the right places and doesnt have any negative signs etc.

I can tell you first hand, we always worry about how our babies are developing. My daughter is chunky and people always say something about it, even with her being chunky, I always worried about my supply. Try not to worry and try to remember that your doctor knows more than random people. It’s hard, I know! :heart:

Mine by 6 months wore 12-18 month clothes lol but she is a giant

My 2 year old weighs 29 lbs.
When I had him he was 5 lbs .09 oz and I was told to feed on demand bc he was too small
We did 6 oz from jump street then at 2 weeks I was adding a tsp of cereal and at 3 months he was eating 9 oz and baby food. I advanced him quick and idgaf what anyone says hes healthy and hes not over weight. We have been reassured that.
But all babies are different. Just do ur part and feed them and they will grow and be fine! Jus make sure your doc is happy with their weight and your fine!:purple_heart:

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My son just had his 6month check up last Friday. He’s 15 lbs and 14oz

That’s a great weight to me. I wouldn’t be worried

Honestly, if pediatrician says it’s fine, it’s fine. She could be naturally tiny. My son was/is like that except he has always been 90th percentile height and 25th weight. So I always worried he wasnt eating enough. But he continued to gradually grow. So don’t worry mama. Shes fine just small.

My daughter came out 5.9 lbs and didn’t reach 20 lbs until she was about 18 months old. Every baby is different

We just had the 2 month check up yesterday. 12 lbs 2.4 oz

At birth my son was 7lbs 11oz. At an appointment last week cuz we thought he was sick he 14lbs 15oz. He’ll be 23 weeks old tomorrow. He’s bottle fed and eating baby food now. Doctor says he’s completely healthy.

At birth she was 6 lb, at 6 months she is 16 lbs even.
They should be letting you know what % she is in, as long as she stays steady or is moving up she is fine. Mine went from the 64th% to the 61st% from 4 months to 6 months (she only gained 1.5 lbs in that time) but the doctor said shes doing perfectly.

As long as they double their birth weight by 6 months they are good. Ever baby is different size and weight. Same as adults

My 2 and a half year old weight 11kg. She has always been smaller and skinnier than kids her age

My 6 month old twins are 18 lbs and 23 lbs. But they’re kinda off the charts because they’re so huge. :joy: I would say your baby sounds perfectly fine and normal Mama. :heart: Especially if her doctor isn’t worried.

My son is 9 and 1/2 months old, exclusively breastfeeding with adding solid foods and is weighing 23 and a half pounds. He’s been packing it on since he was born

Don’t compare your baby to other babies. If she is gaining weight on her growth curve and your pediatrician isn’t concerned then she is fine. A baby born at 5lbs isn’t going to weigh the same amount 6 months later that a baby born at 10lbs will weigh at 6 months. My daughter was small, my son is much larger. Both were healthy and on their growth curve.

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