How much money does the tooth fairy leave your child?

How much money does the tooth fairy leave your kids? my sister left her child a 20 and now my child expects to get this but i feel like this is an absurd amount for a tooth…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How much money does the tooth fairy leave your child?p

We do a quarter for each year old they are.

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Tooth fairy can only carry coins. We always got change.


First tooth he got a tenner. 2nd tooth on a pound…

I leave mine a $20 too. For cavity free, plaque free teeth only. Its so worth it.


I give mine change and glitter in a fancy cup lol

We used to leave a quarter when they were younger. Now we usually leave a dollar if we can afford it.

I left a glittery dollar each time

10 for the first tooth and if they brush really well 2 times a day and take care of their teeth then 5 a tooth after that then 20 for the last tooth

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$10 for the first tooth and $2 each for the rest

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Depending on how much cash I got

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For my daughters first tooth she was 6 years old when she lost it so I left $6 and a note saying a dollar for each year she took care of it after that $2

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Firs tooth was $5 every other one has been $1-$2.

My sons first tooth I did 20, and every tooth after is 10. Just all depends on your preference and what you are comfortable leaving your child.

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Our tooth fairy only leaves behind coins, quarters and dollars, that add up to anywhere from 5-8 dollars. Sometimes we say that depending on how clean they keep their teeth is how much it’s worth once it falls out. Just to encourage them to clean better😁

We did a 20. But we are also ne and done. So he gets a little more.

gold coins for good teeth and silver coins for teeth that haven’t been looked after

A gold coin and a new toothbrush. :sparkles:

$20 and $5 thereafter.

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20 wow!! we did different amounts like 4 here 6 there but I think the most was 10 and that was mainly bc we had no change lol

I did quarters until they got a little older, then switched to dollars. Baby teeth lost in teenage years got fivers directly from me.

$5 for first, a gold coin for each one after, so $2 or $1 depending on what I had in change at the time

$2 NZ Dollars each tooth.

We usually do 20. We did $100 one time towards the end of the tooth fairy cycle and our kiddo was ecstatic. It’s the memories that count for us :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t allow fairies in my house. I do offer a quarter per tooth if they would like to sell them to me, but NO FAIRIES ALLOWED. They look cute but really they are scary, gross creatures you don’t want invited in. Hellboy has a tooth fairy that will assist :wink::smirk:


I leave anywhere from $5-$20

20$ or gifts around that

I recall getting 2 decorative pillows and tank tops that match the color one time

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$20 for the 1st tooth. $5 every other one.

5 bucks first tooth then 2 bucks after that! Bigger teeth we give 3 bucks.

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$1-$2 per tooth. Doesn’t matter what size.

My sons tooth came out yesterday and he threw it away lol. He’s always known the tooth fair ain’t real he gets money but he knows it’s from me lol


Are they really good at brushing? If not, Maybe you could use that and create some kind of letter about how the cleaner the teeth the more money :joy:


My sons last tooth that fell out, I forgot to put the money under the pillow and when he asked I had to pretend it fell on the floor and went under the bed and I had to go find it. I gave him 10 cuz I felt guilty lol

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Omg. The tooth fairy leaves $2. How times are changing. It’s enough to buy lollies or chocolate to rot more teeth lol.

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None there is no tooth fairy


Well one time when the tooth fairy was on vacation (I kept falling asleep, and he kept waking up before me) the tooth fairy felt guilty, so she left $10 on the living room table while he was gone to school, with a note that she was behind because she was on vacation and her sub got lost, and it was sprinkled with fairy dust (glitter).

Have y’all read any of the Pinkalicious books. There is one about the tooth fairy. AnywY,

You do what you want to do, and make it an plain or magical as you want.

Damn I know inflation is crazy right now but holy hell my kid got like a dollar or two! :rofl:

My dad… I mean fairy gave me a 20 lol

None bc the tooth fairy isn’t real

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1st tooth was 20 with a note about how special it was but the next time it won’t be as special. Then they got 2 or 3 bucks covered in glitter hairspray


A gold coin… unless the tooth fairy forgets heaps of nights. Then they leave 5 bucks haha

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Lol way too much. I used to leav $3-5 and some change but thats it

My son got $32.50 for his first tooth. Thanks to his dad. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
I only got $3.00 for the first one

They got $5 for the first tooth, $2 for every other tooth and will get $3 when they lose molars.


Pretty sure I got like some quarters lol

Obviously the tooth fairy isn’t real. But some parents do it. If you didn’t and have no help in answering the question move on :roll_eyes:


Gold coin, like it was when I was a child

My daughter has lost her first tooth I told her the fairy gives you $5 for your first one and $2 for the rest , her cousins get 5 dollars each tooth and told her she would get 5 dollars.


10 pound for first baby tooth lost and then 2 pound for each tooth after lol

I left prizes most times. Unless it was unexpected. For the girls, a bracelet or nail polish. Maybe a lip gloss. Like 1-3$ in price. For my son it was a car or stickers. Something like that. I very rarely gave cash. If I did it was maybe 1-2$.

$5 first tooth and maybe $2 after that…

Between $2-$5 is best in my opinion!!

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Gold coin for me. 20 bucks is excessive

We gift our daughter £20 a tooth, but its what ever you feel is an acceptable amount. She is our miracle baby though and its all about the memories x

I only had a $5 last night so that’s what was left under the pillow :woozy_face:

$1 or 2 but half the time I forgot because I didn’t have coh and if you do this for like 5 days…they will forget too​:rofl::joy::see_no_evil:

Depends, she’s grandpa’s girl and grandma’s world so they will usually leave however much they have in $1’s and $5’s. I’ll leave $5-$10, more if we’re on vacation.

Handful of pennies and a few nickels lmao

Honestly depends on what I hv in my wallet…5…10…20

He’s such a good helper and secretly I think he knows it’s mom cause the tooth fairy writes him notes … lol
Just give what u think is best…doesn’t matter the amount just the thought that counts…

I Leave $5 For The Two Front Teeth, And $1 For Any Other Ones.

2$ that’s it that’s all

I On the other hand was lucky if I got $.50 when I was a kid

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I left a toothbrush and a note that said “If you brushed your teeth more often, you wouldn’t be loosing teeth”
She’s 11 now and doesn’t need constant reminders to brush. Lol


$1-5 in foreign currency

I do 10 for the first tooth lost. After that it depends on how well they have done on taking care of their teeth. They think that the tooth fairy will only leave .50 cents if they haven’t been brushing after I tell them to. Also they get less if they pull the tooth out before its actually ready to come out. Normally they get $5 .00 if they have been brushing, flossing and don’t pull it out to early.

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My kids got a small toothpaste and new toothbrush and a Thankyou note from the tooth fairy

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I didn’t lie to my kids… they knew there was no such thing as a tooth fairy…

I give up $10 for all teeth except the 4 front they get $20.

$5 front 2 bottom or top and $1 or 4quarters for others.

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I feel you on this and she reading the money these people give their kids for a tooth is crazy and I’m a low baller lol

I always did a $1. That’s what I got

Gold coin donation lol

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Our home tooth fairy leaves a little toy a polly pocket both times :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I told mine that the cleaner the tooth the more the tooth fairy pays for the tooth :rofl:


My daughter never bought into the tooth fairy so we didn’t push it. Doubt my son is going to buy into it very long if at all, either.

Gold coin, whatever the tooth fairy has in her wallet at the time lol :laughing:

$1 per tooth is more than enough!

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5$ a tooth, for my kids. I only got 25 cents to a dollar when I was a kid. But that was the 90’s

With my kids I used Kennedy Half Dollars as "tooth fairy "money. It wan’t something they had ever seen before because it’s not in normal circulation, so they were convinced it was from the real tooth fairy!:tooth:

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$1 but the gold dollar coins

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Just depends and if I remember :rofl: the last time the fairy just gave us the money and what she owed him and we took him to pick out a video game lmao

My dad just gave us different forms of money, like $1 coins, half dollars, $2bills, coins from England, or Mexico etc.

Depends on the tooth if it’s rotten 5bux otherwise 10

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$5 first tooth and then $1/$2 after that

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Mine gets a dollar per tooth…and sometimes the tooth fairy has a hard time trying to scrounge that up.

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We didn’t get anything but a scary superstition story that the tooth fairy is actually not looking for teeth but rather to come take your soul
I don’t give my kids anything if their teeth fall out I’ll give them a high five and say wow another tooth huh

I think 20 is too much. When my kids were little, they got coins. Usually 50cent pieces.

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First tooth 20 after that 5

I got 20 for my first tooth but then it was a dollar after that

I give him 5$-10$ for a good nice clean tooth this made it easier for me to have him brush and want his teeth super clean he would even brush it once it fell off :joy:

Excessive much! Usually 5 bucks for the first tooth then they lucky to get $2 lol especially if is not clean lol I.e rotten :rofl:

1st tooth $5 any other is gold coin

$5 for the 1st tooth, 1 or 2 dollar coins for the rest

I did $20 first tooth, $5 for the rest But I only had one kid. If I’d had more I would have done $5 for the first a $2 after. Lol

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SA based. Told my kid baby teeth get coins so I give her the highest coin currency and she immediately saves it cause she always saves coins

$20 for the first tooth bc that’s all I had for the oldest. It’s a dollar after that.

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here is what I do I get 1.00 dollar bill then use glitter hair spray to spray it and get a little bit of glitter and use the tips of my pinky finger to make foot prints I just make it special it’s not all about the money but the imagination of it all


Thats your sister’s amount she is allowed to give whatever amount of money she likes to give to her child from the tooth fairy. You can give what ever amount you think is affordable for you.

I gave my oldest £60 plus I went out and I got him toys from myself because he had 8 teeth surgery removed.

I gave the same amount to second child I gave £60 plus I went out and bought toys from myself as well because she had 14 teeth surgery removed. I stay in the UK

So £60 in United Kingdom but its $74.93 in the United States Dollars

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$20 first tooth then $5 after that

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