How much should a newborn be eating?

How many bottles should a newborn be eating throughout the day? My daughter is five days old, and she only drinks an ounce at a time every 3 hours. Is that normal, or should she be drinking more than that?


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totally normal for a newborn to eat 1oz every two to three hours

That’s totally normal

Sounds normal to me. If you feel she needs more you could always try to increase her slowly. My almost 5 month old only takes 4oz every 3 hours

As long as baby is gaining weight, they are eating enough.
My first baby was 6 lbs 4 oz and the nurses had me feeding her every 2 hours (from the time she started eating). It was hell, but once she showed to be gaining weight, I could move to 3 hours. For my second, he was much smaller but the nurses didn’t push as hard for the every 2 hour feedings until he didn’t show a weight gain.
The first weeks are important to get the newborn eating properly, so the every two hours sets them up to get into a ritual. There after, as long as they are gaining, let them tell you when they are hungry.

If you are concerned, call and talk to your babies doctor…


Your newborns stomach is about the size of a walnut. This is totally normal.


Different for every child and depends on formula ect. If you have any concerns call the baby’s physician.


All babies are different that’s normal unless she’s crying in between then she’s fine

It just depends on baby. My 3 week old eats 3.5-4oz 3-4 hours

I was always told 2-3 oz every 3-4 hrs

Try and do every two hrs.

That’s normal. Her appetite will grow as she does. I don’t recommend force feeding an infant unless she is losing serious weight. Mind you an newborn will lose some weight after birth but usually gains it back within a week or two


I would check with the babies doctor… My grandson had pyloric stenosis… So when in doubt always contact a doctor

Every baby is different.

My oldest had 3 oz every two hours for the first month.

My youngest was eating 5-6oz in one feeding and would only eat every 4-5 hours straight from birth.

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Every baby is different id speak to her doctor and do weight checks. My son would eat 4oz every 4hrs as newborn

Since the baby is a newborn I think it’s really important to discuss with the pediatrician.

The amount baby eats depends on if baby is formula fed or breastfed, but at 5 days old that is plenty per feeding

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Each baby is different.

The main things to watch for to see if it’s “normal” are (normal as in she’s staying healthy) …

•Keep a check on her weight.
•Make sure she is getting full, watch for signs of fussiness.
•Make sure she isn’t over eating, and vomiting or spitting up often.

My children always made their own schedules and ate their own amounts. We never followed the “supposed to’s”:woman_shrugging:t2:
3 healthy boys later who all has different eating patterns.

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Newborn bellies are only the size of a thimble. So one or two ounces per feeding is appropriate. As long as she is gaining weight, she is okay. But if you are really concerned, call her pediatrician! It’s okay to ask questions as a mom of a newborn!

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My little nb is 5 days too :slight_smile: he drinks 2-3 oz every 2-3 hours and sometimes only 1 oz and finishes the other ounce an hour later. Hope this helps


Definitely normal. She only 5 days old. On their first day they only drink a couple drops


Newborn stomachs are the size of a marble… they do not each much when they are that young!

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She is five days old that’s all she really should be eating right now just go off here Qs she will let u know if and when she’s hungry

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My son did 2oz every 3 hours at 2 days old. He’s stayed consistent with the 3 hour marks since just upped oz accordingly. He’s now 2 months.

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My daughter is 5 days old today too! She eats anywhere from 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours. Sometimes she’ll only eat an ounce or two at a time but then she’ll finish the rest of it within the hour.

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Her stomach is only the size of a pandora charm so they can only eat so much! Myn ate 3ozs every 3 hours but everyone is different just like you and me are going to be able to eat different amounts the same goes for all babies! As long as she is gaining weight and is at least back up to birth weight by her first doctors appointment she is eating just fine

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Following mines the opposite his 3 weeks eating 2-3 ounces every 1.5 to 2 hours and still is hungry he was 10 lbs and it formula fed and im worried its to much the hospital said 1.5 ounce was good for a newborn.

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My son would eat an once to 2 onces as a new born an now hes 7 months old an has only been eating 4 oz sense like 5 an a half months

As long as she is gaining weight and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers it should be ok. Their bellies are so small right now.


Yeah, if you have any questions at all ask your doctor. Our son only drank an ounce every few hours but all babies are different. Always feel comfortable asking your doctor anything if it worries you

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How much should a newborn be eating? - Mamas Uncut

By the time they leave hospital they should be drinking 4 ounces every 3-4 hours including through the night


My daughter was born early so that’s about all she could handle at that age up until about 1 month then she started drinking a little more. Even when she was 10 months old though she could only drink 3-4 oz every few hours.

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4oz every 3 hours is standard when they leave the hospital. Mine has a feeding tube since birth because he would eat enough.

Every baby is different. As long as they are gaining, having wet diapers and content. All 4 of my kids were different. I fed every two house for the first month. They all thrived and healthy.


Follow the table on the milk tin. Normally every three hours sounds right. Baby should be atleast finishing more than half the amount.

A newborns stomach is about the size of a bean. That is plenty. Your baby will let you know if they are still hungry and need more.

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My baby didn’t even drink an ounce. It really depends on the baby. My doctor told me a baby’s belly is so small that most can’t handle a full ounce and it’s completely normal. My baby is 4 months old and still drinks 4oz every two hours. He’s perfectly healthy and gaining weight as he should.


You should have the contact details for your midwifery team, a quick call to them is better ( and quicker ) than asking strangers on Facebook. Every baby is different … your midwife will quite possibly schedule a check up and will definitely give you professional advice immediately :slightly_smiling_face:

Every baby is different. Me and my sister were like that. My nephew is like that. Don’t worry as long as he gains weight

I had big babies they were eating 4oz every 2 hours

I would say normal. But as the days pass she should be eating more. Also track how many wet and poop diapers

When in doubt, call their pediatrician and ask. Every situation is different and as others have said, as long as the little one is gaining weight and having enough wet diapers, then you’re probably doing fine

As long as they continue to eat more gradually and still eating very few hours I would say everything is ok. Every baby is different. You should have several upcoming appointments with a pediatrician but don’t be afraid to call them and ask questions if you need to. They work for you!

Mine did 2ozs every 3hrs she had an umbilical hernia and is up to 4ozs every three hrs at 6mons so all babies are different an if you’re feeling that they aren’t eating enuff call your pediatrician I’m sure they could help they always have nurses available for questions at your first drs visit tho your pediatrician will let u know if they aren’t gaining enough weight an give you advice or help on how to improve it

Had to change her formula before she actually started gaining weight :woman_shrugging:t2:

Normal. Babies bellies are the size of their fist and it’s average for one to two oz at most every two to three hrs. Every baby is different so they may eat a little more or a little less to a different frequency

Both mine were like this till week 2 then they starting drinking about 3oz every 3-4 hrs xx

Every baby is different. My first two kids ate less than what my third one does. The first 2 would only be able to handle 2 ozs for the first 3-4 months of their lives every 3 hours. If they ate more than that they would get a stomach ache. My third one is 2 months and she eats anywhere between 3-4.5 ozs every 3 hours. As long as she’s gaining weight like she should be, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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I’d say that’s about normal. As long as she’s gaining weight and filling up those diapers

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They should be drinking double their weight in oz during a 24 hr period. So if she weighs 10 pounds, she would need at least 20 oz over 24 hrs.

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My son was having 3-4 oz every 4 hours with abit of water in between he’s been in a routine since born 12-4-8 now 7 week old he’s having his last bottle at 11-12 and isn’t waking up till 6ish, so long as baby’s putting weight on, as every baby is different

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Normal. There will be times the baby will eat tons and then times not much at all. Just keep offering and burping.

My baby is 2 weeks old and drinks 25ml…all babies are different, I’d ask your pediatrician.

Take the weight and multiple by 2.5. That’s how many ounces are suggested in a 24 hour period however each baby will eat what they need. If she’s hungry she will tell you. For 5 days old an ounce is typical.

It’s normal. This is a good representation of how big baby’s stomach is


Normal , baba will drink more upcoming weeks she’s only few days , every baba is different congratulations :partying_face:

This is a question you should be asking your pediatrician not a public forum :roll_eyes: Everyones babies differ so therefore their replies will differ and make for more worry and confusion. Stick with people who are trained for these things .


That sounds about normal in my experience, but if you’re concerned give your pediatrician a call. If you’re in the US you likely have a checkup coming up at 7 days or 14 days old, so you could ask then as well and maybe have them give you more info on what to expect.

As long as baby is gaining weight and seems satisfied with what they are eating then I wouldn’t worry. Buy if you are should talk to your Dr about it.

That’s normal my kids were chunky monkies by 3 days old they were eating about an ounce/ ounce in half every 2 - 4 hours

Uhhh I’m sure you’re pediatrician would know. There’s also nurse lines open 24/7. You’re gonna hear all kinds of advice on here. Instead, take it from a professional😊

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I think you also go by nappy/diaper output. 10 nappies a day is also a good indication along with weight gain

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How much should a newborn be eating? - Mamas Uncut

All babies are different. As long as she seems satisfied then I wouldn’t stress about it, some are more greedy than others lol. My sons was eating the entire little single serve bottle at 2 days old. If she doesn’t seem satisfied or doesn’t seem full then I might call the dr, or just wait until her next visit.

My son was eating an ounce to 2 every 3 to 4 hours his first week or so of life. In the hospital they tried to get me to push for every 2 to 3 hours but he wasnt having it. I made sure he didnt go past the 4 hour mark. Itd take him 5 or 6 tries to take a bottle when we tried. He really liked his sleep. Needpess to say that changed. He is six months old today and is 20 pounds now.


Babys stomachs are tiny…like really tiny…and unfortunately its pushed to feed feed feed…I say let her eat what she eats, whens she’s hungry you know. If she is gaining weight( first appointment ask Dr about her weight) and all else is fine I wouldn’t worry…All babies are different


As long as the baby is having 4 to 6 wet diapers a day, all should be good. This will increase with time but 4 to 6 for now is a good measure that the feedings are appropriate.

With breastfeeding and formula, I’ve always fed on demand. If they seem hungry, I feed them. All babies are different.

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I was told whatever the baby weight is x 2 and x 2.5. Somewhere in that range of ounces. So a 10 lb baby should be somewhere between 20 and 25 ounces in 24 hours. But all babies are different.

This is a question you should be asking the pediatrician. Depends on weight and age and the previous information of the child. Fb isn’t the greatest place for medical advice especially when it is about infants.

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Speak to your baby nurse they calcualtw an amount a baby should have over 24 hours. When you track it over a few days you will see shes probably eating her right amount

The only advice I have besides monitoring her weight at the pediatrician office, and this is true of breast fed babies, is right before bath time, take 1 ounce of milk and pour it on your baby at the neck area so it covers neck and clothes. This is to GIVE YOU A REFERENCE for when you are telling the doctor they vomited or spit up A LOT.

There is NO normal every child is unique. Mother instincts take over and your child will let you know .

Congratulations! If you are concerned I would double check with your pediatrician. Babies usually go for a one week checkup and that’s a great time to ask questions.

Every child is different. You should talk to the babies doctor

Mine was eating half an oz in 2 hrs when in the hospital. When we got to go home his appetite picked up

No being mean but hospitals tell you this stuff after you have your baby or atleast ours did and they send you home with a ton of info papers about babies eat habits and what their poop should look like etc.

Baby’s less than a week old. Baby’s appetite will pick up really really soon. So no worries momma.

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Check with her doctor, someone may unintentionally give you the wrong information.

Breastfeeding or formula
My daughter drinks 2 to 2.5oz every 3-3 1/2 hours on formula. Every baby is different. Formula stays longer then breast milk. Has she gone to her 1st Dr appointment yet. Did they anything about her weight. When I took her to her 1st appt ( at 6 days) she only gain less then a pound but they was ok because she gain something

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If she’s making it 3-4 hours between feedings, she’s fine. Babies usually start out between 1/2 oz to 1-1/2 oz at birth. You’ll know they’ll need more when their feedings become more frequent. At that time, make a 4oz bottle and track what’s left and how much time between feedings. They typically have growth spurts every three weeks or so. All babies are different but what is consistent is they’ll stop when they’re full and cry when they’re hungry.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How much should a newborn be eating? - Mamas Uncut

My daughter was also not taking more than that in the first weeks!

Every baby is different that’s the biggest thing to learn. My son would also feed every 3/4 hours and the first couple of week’s he didn’t eat much maybe an ounce ounce and a half. If your baby seems content then I wouldn’t worry too much but as I always say if it’s worrying you too much don’t hesitate to contact your sons Dr/nurse


They should be eating 8-12 times in a 24 hour period. Amount varies by birth weight and by child, but for 5 days old I would say an ounce is pretty normal it should start to increase a bit day by day. Follow her hunger cues!


Remember their stomach is the size of a marble. It doesn’t take much to fill them up.
If you’re formula feeding, talk to the pediatrician at her appointment. You don’t want to over feed or will cause tummy issues.
If you’re nursing or pumping reach out to a lactation consultant- the hospital should have one free of charge.

As long as she’s gaining weight, peeing and pooping normally, then it’s fine. Every baby is different. My oldest ate very little as a newborn but my youngest was a little pig.

My second son was like that. Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding? I wasn’t producing enough. Is it possible you aren’t, if you’re breastfeeding. Your daughter won’t starve. If unsure ask your doctor at your next visit. If she doesn’t appear hungry, agitated, I’d imagine she is doing fine, especially if she continues to gain weight. My doctor called my son a “snacker”….he’s going to be 9 this year and he is no snacker anymore!

every baby is different! my son was 8lbs 2oz at birth and ate about 2-3 oz every 2-3 hours until he hit 2 months and then he was drinking 4 oz for longer time stretches.

One ounce at 5 days is just about right. It does vary with each baby. She should take 2-4 ounces by the first week of life as her stomach gets larger. She should also have 6-8 wet diapers per day and 2 or more dirty diapers if formula feeding only. Congratulations, and welcome to the mom club!!

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My 1st born was 5lb and he was drinking 1 ounce every hour but every baby is different if your worried speak to your midwife lovely xx

My son was 10.5 lbs at birth and was drinking 2oz every 2 hrs… our pediatrician said every 2 hrs until they (the baby) increase the amount they drink

My son was born at 34 weeks and was eating 2oz every 4 hours. He didn’t always finish the 2oz but most of the time he did.

That sounds about what my kids took in… it’s all going to depend on the baby… and baby will let you know when hungry

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Every baby is different my son was a week old eating 2 ounces every hour and half

Every baby is different. If you have concerns about the babies eating habits, it may be best to bring this up to the pediatrician. For a newborn that’s about average. As long as they are able to go to the bathroom fine and are gaining weight, I wouldn’t be super concerned, but again discuss with the pediatrician.

It varies from baby to baby. As long as they’re peeing and gaining weight :+1:

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