How much would you pay a high school student to watch your kids?

What would you pay a senior in high school to watch your three kids 8,6,4 for 1.5 hours on Wednesday-Friday? She would get them off the bus at four and hang with them until 5:30 when my husband gets home. She would be driving to me. (She will start in November and work through September)


I pay $3 per child per hour

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I would do what your minimal wage is. But I think $10 a day would be good.

I paid £5 an hour. I’d maybe suggest $20-25 a week? I don’t get this per child thing.

15 depending on her experience

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$15-$20 a day. Going rate here is $10/hr for the first child, $2-$3 more per child.

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She is driving to you an home? Pay the gas mileage an $3-5 per kid per hour :woman_shrugging:t2:


At least $15 an hour.


Would she be helping with homework, snacks? Do you have any pets she would also be helping with? How far will she be driving to get to your place? I think $30-40 a week would work. So thats $10-13 a day.

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I’d pay her at least $15 a day


Don’t forget her time to come and go from your house. Especially when so convenient for you! Don’t think know high school student would do it for less than $20. It’s a commitment!


Kids here in CT get between 12-15/hr and many charge an extra $2 per kid. Id say $20 ! Day is fair.


I would say at least $20 bucks a day if it really is only 1.5 hrs. Don’t take advantage just cause they’re teenagers.


In my area going rate is 20-25$ for one child up to 8 hours a day. That averages to about 3$ an hour but cus you have multiple children I’d say 10$ be fair

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What are your kids worth?

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$400 a month plus mileage


Yikes… not an easy job… at least $20 a day make it worth it and she will keep coming back.


We pay 20 a day for our high school nanny to pick up our 6 and 8 year old from school and watch them from 325-5 every day. We think $20 is fair to cover gas and her time.

Make it worth the drive. $25 a day at least

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$50-75 a week since there is 3 children. That’s roughly $3.70-$5.55 per hour per child.


When i was a freshman in college I nannied 3 kids M,W,F, 6 hours each day, $15 an hour

I’d probably give her $50 a week. That’s reasonable and covers gas. I don’t live in the US though (,not sure where poster lives) so that’s normal for my country.


I would pay $100 a week.


Idk where you live but I pay $3 an hour for daycare

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I would do $30/day to make it worthwhile.

$15-$20 it’s not a long time but if she is getting them started with homework and after school snack plus the gas

$20 a day is fair. I would pay my babysitter $35 a day but I’d pay even if she didn’t watch them on a particular day


I’m a freshman In college and I babysat quit a bit for close friends and family members and even some people I didn’t know all through out high school. I would get $10 an hour or sometimes just $40 for the night because they wanted to go out a lot of those times were for family more but I say about $15 a day because it’s not that long unless you expect her to help with homework because thats kinda tutoring as well and it’s more effort from personal experience


After school care is about 25$ a day. For each child. So pay her 25$-35$ a day. And your still saving about 50$ a day and don’t have to pick them up on your way home.
The can govt subsidy for 3 b&a 1 hour up to 4 hours is 250$ a month. :woman_shrugging:. Ask her what she expects. She probably already has an idea of what she wants.
Honestly I would pay her 25$ a day for childcare and 5$ for gas and give her a receipt. And keep one for yourself. Also that way she can’t in a few months complain about how much gas costs off her wages it’s already there. Hugs. It can be complicated.

I need to go into the baby sitter business I used to only make 2.00 a hour

Geeze…I paid $125 a week for full time for a baby! I would say like $40-$50 per week is fair…

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$50/60 every Friday seems fair

Minimum wage. That high schooler can go get a job somewhere else for better pay otherwise. Make it worth their time and make their first job a good experience.


Depends on what state and area. Also depends on how easy your kids are. When I was a young teenager I babysat all the time. Easier kids where cheaper. I ended up watching one kid, that not enough money in the world was worth it.

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$20 a day seems fair

In Aus the going rate for a qualified baby sitter is $25/35 per hour. Because they are in high school i would go around minimum wage per hour or a flat rate of say $75/$100 week

I think 15-20 is fair

When i was in high school i got paid around 15-20 an hour + gas coverage. that was only like 3 years ago!!

Shit y’all. 3 kids for an 18ish yo?? Fuck pay her decently so she treats your kids decently geez

I would want to keep consistency and happiness if she/he is good. I would pay no less than $25 a day. This is taking up their afternoon after their school day and a big commitment.

$15 then her mileage from her house to your back to hers.

I usually charge a flat rate of $20/day per child. For a high school student who is driving to you (using gas) I would expect you to give her no less than $20/day.

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Yup. 20-25 bucks a day

Flat rate probably 75 a week. 20-25 a day.

I feel like this really depends on your location. Here in the Midwest 3 kids daycare would be maybe $8/ hour. But some places it’s a lot higher.

No less than 10 an hour but with her driving to you I would say 15 and hour

I think $75 a week is fair, it is only 4.5 hours a week. And everyone drives to their job and most employers don’t pay you to drive to your job.

$15 an hour. For three kids, you’d actually be getting her for a steal.

If she’s driving I think $20/hour so $30/day.

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What is minimum wage? She should get no less, plus mileage for those few hrs.

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20 a day, that includes the cost of driving.

$50 a week would be plenty for 3 hours of work


Depends on the how mature she is and doesn’t sleep on the job

You could ask what she wants to charge you and if what she asks seems a little low then go with the $20 a day and after a few weeks or a month if she’s doing a good job get her like a $10 gift card to show your appreciation for her work.

$20 each day and extra on gas


I’d say 20-25 a day if she is driving to you and watching 3 kids.

Will she be helping in any other way i.e homework, snacks. If so I would say $100, especially if she drives to you.

She did not say she was taking her to work , the babysitter would be driving to her house .

It’s only an hour and a half, but it is 3 young kids and how much do you want to keep her? It also depends on where you live. Maybe $50-60 per week. I think you should be asking around locally.

40 bucks a day especially if she if she taking you to work.

I’d gladly pay $20 a day for that kinda service.

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10 per kid per hour.

Total $60 is reasonable!