How often do you take your kids out?

How often do you take your kids out to do things? I feel so bad that we dont go out much but i just dont have the energy…


When they were little it was daily, they had swimming lessons and dance so they stayed busy. Now they’re teens and we go out maybe twice a week.
I highly recommend swimming… you just have to show up and they are extremely tired after :joy:


We don’t do much because of money… my kids seem fine with it, we play games or arts and crafts


Not as often as I’d like cause I’m broke, work third shift and do a lot of ot just to pay bills


We don’t go out much unless we hike or walk places or excersize as my kids have no ears anyway at home; so no way would I dream of taking them out in public with that attitude :joy:


I take mine to the park to play, on hikes or sometimes we walk the dog just to get out. They go to the store with me and I let them get one snack a piece. (We count that as a outing lol) it don’t have to cost money. I have a 8 and 10 yr old


Everyday no matter how tired I am. I find fun free events near me. We explore parks, playgrounds, the library and so much more. They are only little for such a short time.


I was a single Mom so we did alot of nature walks identifying plants n bugs also star gazing and learning the constellatio s


You don’t necessarily have to go out or spend money. We do Movie Night every Friday and my kids look forward to that every week. You could also do Game Night or a Cooking/Baking night. There’s plenty of activities that don’t require much energy or money. It’s the time that you spend together as a family what counts.


I do activities at home. Go to a park, Crafts, board games, video games, cards, scavenger hunt, I will read a chapter of a book to them (mine are past picture books) in the end your kids just want your time. Pintrest is where I get alot of ideas. Spending money doesn’t need to be part of equation😁


We bought yearly passes to the zoo. It was $100 for out family 5, so we go there. We also have a membership to the trampoline park that is $18 for all 3 kids . Other than that we go on hikes, walks at the park, anything free lol. We usually eat before we leave and take our own snacks.

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We do a walk every day when I drop off/pick up my daughter we will sometimes go to the park for a bit but my son is very hard to handle at parks lol then every weekend we visit my grandma and we try to do something else if we have time. Don’t feel bad everything is expensive and running around with kids takes a lot of energy haha


It depends that park for us is the easiest because it’s free we’ll do that at least once a week depending on weather. But like movies and activity places maybe once every two months ish depending on money. But my older kids hang out with their friends alot during the week

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A lot. We like getting out of the house and choose a lot of free options. But we also do a lot of playdates both at our house and others houses.

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Activities are expensive and it’s still too hot to do much of anything. I do what I can when I can. My son (16) and I have movie night at home on the Fridays he’s with me (50/50 custody). He doesn’t complain, so I don’t feel bad as often as I used to.

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Everyday I do something even if it’s just to the park they need fresh air and to burn off the energy so they sleep and eat better


Pretty much every weekend. Some weekdays too. We do dates with our kids for one on one time. Last weekend was me and my youngest daughter. This weekend is my husband and my oldest son.

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even going to the grocery is an ‘outing’.
My 3.5 loves it and it’s her fav place lol
But I try to take her out once a week, I’m tired because I’m pregnant. But I try to do little things often.


Not as often as I would like. I work a lot and so does my husband and we never want to go anywhere when we do have time off. I take vacation once a year with the fam.

Does sports count ? Once to twice a week. If it feels like too much or I’m tired we adjust accordingly

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i take them to sports obligations but because their father is disabled we don’t really get out of the house to “do things” that are for fun or leisure because we don’t want to leave him out. luckily they have three sets of grandparents to stay with on the weekends on a schedule that like to take them out to do things that i can’t.

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Before I had my son and just my daughter and I we went out a lot and even went on vacations and amusement parks all before she was even 5 she’s 8 now but since having my son ( he’s autistic) so it makes it harder to do things but over over the summer we went to Virginia Beach and I took them over to my moms a lot since she had a pool for them and we also have splash pads close by so we went there a lot .

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I normally take my daughter outside at least once a day; a walk around the block, to the grocery store, splash park, playground, a bike ride, the backyard.

We do bigger outings like the swimming pool, play group, play cafe etc every 2+ weeks or so because my car is broken and the bus is annoying.

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I used to do way more with the kids until I started working again, after having a wnd child. 2 step kids that I’ve done a lot with and now that I work, I also am taking classes and it’s A LOT. there’s hardly anytime for me or alone time with their dad. Time gets away from you! I hear you when you say you’re too tired because I 100% FEEL THIS!!!

5 times a week. Go for a walk, to the playground, splash pad, library, play catch in the backyard, etc… Saturday we don’t, I catch up on housework and Sunday is church/Sunday school

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When he was in nursery he wouldn’t go on a Thursday so every Thursday we would go somewhere… park, farm, safari park, soft play…
now he’s in school he goes to his dads every other weekend, the weekend I have him we do something on the Saturday and Sunday, 2 weeks ago we went to soft play on Saturday and a farm park on Sunday, this Saturday we will do flip out and then probably park on Sunday…
i think it depends if you can afford it and how much time you have :slightly_smiling_face:
I do it because I don’t work on the weekend I have him and I can afford to do the things we do…
but if you can’t don’t feel bad :slightly_smiling_face:
Things that are free- walking, park, feed the ducks, x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How often do you take your kids out?

Once a week if I can. And sometimes more if it’s a walk around the little pond by the house


Actual events for them as the main focus. At least once a month. We have 5 kids and with c*vid and inflation, it’s just that much harder.

We get take outs does that count lol

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Maybe twice a month? They come with me to groceries and stuff, and they go to karate twice a week, but like out to dinner? The mall? Jump park etc. Maybe twice a month if that

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I cleaned up my eating and got on a good track and got my energy back we do things in the yard daily weather permitting little walks etc. we go camping a few times a month in the summer and go for hikes and things often as well. As far as like a paid or more expensive activities we do them 3-4 weekends a month. Especially In the summer

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I would take my babies out at least twice a week and when I began working it was always one weekend day we went out and went on an adventure and did something. But with teenagers involved in so much stuff its different now. We just took a family vacation and we try and go on weekend trips and stuff when sports and activities allow.

We go out and about every weekend. Even if it’s a park, the woods, family grocery shopping or visit relatives. Unless something stops us from doing so.

I would say 3 weekends of the month we plan fun most of the weekend. We are always taking them out. And thru the week they are in 3 activities

Maybe every other weekend one of the weekend days…maybe

About once a fortnight I work fulltime and they go to their dads one of those weekends

I have 3 kids. Ages 6, 4 and 1.5 Once a week we at least go to the park after school (usually Wednesdays)
They usually have at least one day off school a month and we do a zoo trip or childrens museum trip. Or we take sack lunches and go to a park “out of town” we live in a small town so we occasionally go to the next town over or the city to have a “different” playground to play at and then grab groceries!

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At least once a week week but usually to the park or our outside mall which has a water area for kids to play in

I do it when money allows and I have the energy. I (try) for a couple times a month, but that doesn’t always happen.

For all parents out there though, I use this a lot. Of course some of the activities cost money but there’s other stuff on here too! It’s a great resource. Especially if you’re new to the area etc

My kids love the park so they go at least 2 times a week
On Sunday we always do an activity that’s family time
We do maybe 3 big events a month . But my kids love the park they ask to go everyday so I save money :joy:

Mmm ima say never. I gotta work so long just to feed them ffs lol

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Taking them out will increase your energy….js

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We go out on the weekend since all week they are in school

My girls have activities everyday, dance, arts, science, photography anything that i can find and i am there with them all the time

We try every weekend

If weather permits everyweekend we try and get out of the house even if its just a walk to the local park. We both work full time so weekends is our only time we get to do anything

As much as I can afford to. Over the summer I took them to Great Wolf Lodge for 4 days. We also do small day trips as we find things sorta local.

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We have not been out and about for the past 5 years due to no transportation, illnesses, heat, Covid and financial instability. So. In this case, We let the kids hang with their friends and sometimes they get to go with their friends places.

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Every single weekend. I’m a stay at home mom and that’s my time out the house too lol

Not enough . but we go for walks, park, spends time with grandma & they do things like church , & grocery trips. But will be putting her in more activities once I can pick up full time hours again.

Whenever we can depends on money and time

We usually have a day out once a week to a park and for ice cream or the zoo or something fun. We also have four kids total so it’s a lot lol

3-4 times a week maybe. Wish it was everyday, but we just get too tired sometimes lol. We just keep it simple, a walk to the park. Let him get some energy out. He loves it.

I work Monday to Friday so I like to go out on weekends with the kids and make the most of it

Lots of things to do that don’t cost $$$

Almost every weekend. Actually, I’m pretty sure every weekend

Summertime… everyday. Wintertime… never I hate the cold… :joy:

Everyday even if it’s just to the park or for a walk

Once a week on Sunday and no need to spend there are lots of free things to do

Maybe once a week, but we’re trying to save so we can hopefully get out of this pos apartment in January

We go skating 1-3 times a week Worlds of fun/oceans of fun(amusement/water park) on weekends during their open season(season passes that I buy at the end of the season and pay monthly til its paid off). Pool atleast once a week during summer. In fall we go to the pumpkin patch atleast twice. And they have their sports and other activities and hanging out with friends. I’m always go go go. It’s exhausting. And we don’t always have the money to do what they want but I try to make sure they get out as much as possible. The teen is doing virtual so she stays cooped up in the house so I try to get her out of the house a few times a week even if it’s just to drive around for a little bit.

My oldest is 9 and in the all activities…
I feel guilty my 5yo needs some…
But we try and camp every other weekend…but besides that not much…right now they have earned a ChuckE Cheese trip…trying to figure out when…

Definitely every weekend on Saturday and Sunday even if it’s to the park only. 

Since covid we haven’t been able to do as much bc finances are not the same. We try to do as much as possible outside on the weekends, but I can only tolerate so much bc I’m allergic to the sun. My youngest is 10 and my oldest (at home) is 16.

We try to do something at least once a weekend

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Every family and situation is different. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Quality over quantity

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I take my kids out at least 1x a week to do something fun. Shopping, a walk, a movie, to the store, to the park, walk the dogs. We always do something :wink: plus you should always stay active to live a longer life :heart:

Only time my kids go out are to grandma’s, school or Dr. :woman_shrugging:

We don’t have the money. Everything has gone up so much.

We go hiking and fishing alot. We only go to the movies a few times a year. We’re outside often anyway bc of our dogs and chickens. Lol
Wven going for a walk and playing I Spy or giving them a Treasure List can work. If mine found all the items I let them pick a full dinner menu one night or ice cream for dinner on a Friday night while we watched movies and had popcorn. Lol It taught them to really look and pay attention to detail.

Everyday even if it’s just a walk around the block .

A few times a week. Sometimes a near by park or a walk. Anything to use up some energy & get them off the internet

About every weekend we do something fun and she comes with me to any errands I run. :hugs:


Go for a walk, neighborhood playground, play soccer in a field, make a picnic. I feel the same way.

Sometimes you don’t have to go out and spend $ to have fun with your kids! Here are some ideas I saw on IG …

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We homeschool so not super often. One of my daughters is in dance once a week. And I take both my girls shopping with me. Every now and then we hang out with friends. Don’t feel bad at all!

I take my kids out all the time, we play tennis, hiking, flea markets, ect pull up events in Facebook and see what is happening around you. There’s always something to do

As much as I can. Most days it’s just going to the playground after school and she seems really happy with that.

We do somthing almost everyday as long as it’s free.

We go out every other day…but it’s for walks or taking them to the park.

Get games they can play in your backyard.

Every weekend Sunday fun day

ALL the time. But they also have family that takes them out. Just in the last week, they have went apple picking, to an apple festival, 4-wheeling and mudding, went to a pumpkin patch and a storybook trail at a state park. They are constantly on the go and I swear they learn so much being out and about!

We like to try and do something once a month, but getting them out in the yard with some yard games or something is fun & we do stuff at home a lot like now that is getting chilly and holiday season we do fun movie days and make stuff or bake stuff, I have a 3yr old & 1 yr old

Some things are free so depending on what I can find that’s cheap or free. So just about every weekend if not every other.

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We go to Dinner once a week and also do other things together.

You don’t always have to take them out to do things, you can do things at home too. Stay home and do something that would be relaxing, like a fun movie night with special snacks or other things along that nature. But honestly if you just don’t have the energy for nothing, then do just that nothing. Just still hug on them to let them know you love them but that you’re just tired.

We always did family walks or roller blading. Either at the parks or nearby playgrounds. I would take them to the track at the junior high and they would play ball or Frisbee while I walked circles around them. We would go to our favorite park and climb up a hill and haves races rolling back down. Sometimes we would do exercise videos or have a dance party in the living room. Movie nights where we all camped in the living room. I had a clothing rack that held dress up clothes. Like fancy dresses or costumes. They had a lot of fun with that. They played school and would take turns being the teacher. We always had a lot of fun. We never had money for video games really so we had to use our imagination.

Couple times a week. During summer once / twice a day. Colder it gets it’s less. But on days there isn’t school

You can sit on a park bench and watch them play.

I have a 2.5yo and a 1 month old… we went to the city yesterday… went to two stores before I had enough… every time I tried to do something with my 2.5 yo the baby would start crying… and she has an awful cry… and since I’d get distracted with her the 2.5yo would throw a tantrum and lay on the floor! Ended up getting a hotel room and take out Chinese and watching cartoons for the rest of our time… then drive thru for breakfast and straight back home. Would not recommend lol and they were both THRILLED when we got back home so whatever, can’t say I didn’t try :woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes:. I did get my toddler a fish though so she’s happy with that and she picked out his house and decor :sweat_smile: it’s ugly and mismatched but she was happy with it.

Once or twice a week

It doesn’t matter if you take them out to do stuff
What matters is doing stuff with them
At home
For instance a movie and munchies day

Sometimes 1 * 23or maybe 4 or 0 every 4 days *me and her dad *partner does every 4 on and on for 12 hours so 1 always at work 1 always home so each other first day off is opposite first day back at work he is 6am til 6pm I 7am till 7pm … depending on money if I busy in house or loads jobs to do x

At weekends, one day out one day at home, my kids love a chill day at home with sweets and crap them a nice fun day.
In the holidays obviously more, weather depending obviously xx

It’s not about where time is spent but time is spent. Presence not presents. Kids don’t remember what you buy but the time you spend engaging

I try to take my kids out at least once a week. Even if it’s walking around the apartment complex we live in or to the gas station right beside our place or the little grocery store. Mine are 10 and 4. They don’t care as long as they get to get out. And if they are good in school all week I’ll let them get a special treat for good behavior.

It depends. In the summer, on my days off? We’re at the fair or fishing or swimming or going to the zoo. We’re constantly going when the weather I good. Once school starts up and the weather turns? We spend more time at home. We’ll go to the local football game on Friday nights. Around the holidays we get busy. But most of the school year we’re home bodies in our free time.

Rarely! Maybe 1-2 times a month. And I do not feel bad about it. They come to the store with me individually, my son plays football, and I have a park down the street but it’s getting chilly and wet now and they would rather stay inside. In the summer completely different multiple times a week.