How old were you when your mom stopped saying I love you?

How old were you when your mom stopped telling you “I love you”. I think I was about 7 the last time I heard my mom say that to me.

My mom told me that she loved me every day of her life!!! I have told my boys i love then every day also and i will until i die!!!

27 and she tells me several times a phone calls. :sparkling_heart:

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My mom still tells me she loves me. I’m 34.

40 years old and we never miss a day without saying it. Ever

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My mom still tells me she loves me…I am 49. I tell me kids every time I speak or text them…almost daily.

My mom never stop telling me she loved me. Until she passed when I was 37 years old

My mom never told me she loved me I tell my daughter every time I talk to her

She never stopped until she died.

31 years old, on April 25th 2012. The day she died was the last time I heard those words from her. RIP mamma.

My mom said it to me today like 5 times.

She hasn’t ever stopped and I’m 35. She’s 57. As long as we are breathing there is always a way to tell someone I love you. And if no ones told you today; then just know I love you; and so do so many others.


My mom still tells me every single night before she goes to bed, and whenever I leave her

28 and my mum stil says “i love you my baby”

My mom kids and sister do not ever leave or hang up the phone without saying it!!!

I’m sorry you ever stopped hearing it, but that cycle can stop with you. If you have children, you can say it til the day you die and you’ll never regret it.

Never! Sweetheart you don’t have a Mother, you have an egg donor!


My mom didn’t freely say I love you but would say it if we said it first … It was because of how she was raised … She showed it though … I tell my children every chance I get … They are 26, 23 and 21

My mom never told me that. Ever. My Dad did when I was 51.

This post makes me miss my mom cherish that woman while she’s still around you will miss her when she’s gone

Only when my mum passed.always here it from my loved ever

My son is 16 and I still telll him multiple times a day

Never and she died at 88. I still tell her and believe she still tells me!!:pray::heartbeat:

She has never stopped and I’ll be 40 this year


So my step mom everytime we talk. My dad every single time we talk. BioOven can die in a hole

I still tell my mom every day…the day she passed, almost 15 years ago was the last time I heard it from her.

Emma Colquhoun i still say it :heart::heart::heart:

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I’m almost 40 and we still say it to each other.

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My mom still says it daily and I’m 37

My mom didn’t tell me she loved me for the first time until I was 18 and giving birth to my daughter. I tell my kids several times a day.

my mom never told me that growing up. it was not till my grandmother passed in 2011 that she told it to me the first time and I was 24 years old.

Mine hasnt ever stopped saying it. We both say it in person, on the phone, and in a text.

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I’m 63 and as long as I breath I will tell my kids I love them

Going on 32 and she still to this day tells me, thats sad ur mom doesn’t tell u


We never hang up fone or leave w/o saying love you. My kids & nieces nephews & cousins are all the same

I don’t recall my mother ever saying that to me

Just asked both my girls when does Mummy stop loving them, both instantly responded never :slightly_smiling_face:

She told me I love you every single time she talked to me. Makes me sad that I won’t be able to hear that again, she passed away almost 2 weeks ago​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:, I miss her so much


I dont remember my mom saying I love you. I always thought that everything she did for me was her way of saying I love you

My sons are 25 and 21 and I still say it. I will say it no matter what age they are.

I maybe heard it 2-3 times my whole life from my adopted mom who raised me since I was 2 she wasn’t affectionate whatsoever. I tell my daughter every day I love her and I’ll never stop!

My family wasn’t affectionate. No hugs, kisses or I love you. My mother died 17 yrs ago. I don’t remember her ever saying it.

I am 42 years old and the ONLY time those words ever came out of that womans mouth to me was at my dads funeral on March 28th,2019…my body filled with rage and I ran out in tears.

I dont ever remember her saying it.


This is so sad :worried::pensive:I miss my mom so much, but I knew how much she loved me. And I tell my babies several times daily. Will never stop as long I have breath in me!!

All the time and I am 49.

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27 and she still tells me she loves me.

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I was 43, she passed away 2 days later…she couldn’t talk the last 2 days of her cancer…she told me all the time so it meant so much to hear it the one last time. She died 5 days after my birthday :cry::cry:

Every single day…even when they piss me off and I swear I hate them in the moment…three sons and I love them unconditionally :heart::heart::heart:


My mom and I go weeks without talking. When we do talk it’s like walking on egg shells. I have to watch what I say or I’ll be judged but she still tells me she loves me.

I am gonna be 61 this month and We say Everytime we speak. On other hand I got a lot family I dearly love and tell them, I just don’t like them…


Sadlly i heard it very little growing up. Im 42 now and on the rare occassion its thrown out there (usually when she needs something) :sob: it weirds me out!!! Because of this ive always told my own children i love them. Even late teens and early 20s boys still tell me they love me daily. :heart:

Never stopped loving me

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I’m 46 n my mum tells me everyday…I tell my kids n grandkids everyday x

My mother used to return my I love you with, yep. I started saying, that’s not the correct response. Let me hear you say it. She would laugh then & started saying it. I think she just had trouble showing her emotions for a while. I’m sure it hurts, try to talk about it. Some people think we know and they shouldn’t have to say it. It’s always nice to hear though & sometimes we do need to hear it.

That makes me sad to hear that. You are loved!

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25 and she says it every single time we talk on the phone and when I leave her house or she leaves mine. I’m sorry :cry: this really makes me sad it’s crazy how we take so many things for granted.


My mom died when I was 14 but we always said I love you

I’ll be 27 in April… my mom just said it earlier.

She never stopped. All my family expresses it whenever we leave each other’s presence.

I’m 28 and my mum still tells me regularly. I’m very lucky :heart:

I never heard her say it,till she was dying


I am 63 Mom is 82 we still say it every time we talk


I’m almost 51 and my mom always says I love you. We both say it in person or on the phone. I’m sorry that’s sad you don’t hear it. :frowning:

I am 58 years old and both my parents say I love you every time I see them or talk to them. My son is 32 years old lives with me and we say I love you every time one of us leaves the house. We even say it with our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and my best friends and I also say I love you to one another. :blue_heart::heart::blue_heart::heart::blue_heart::heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

35 and me and my mom still tell eachother often!!

The last time I spoke to her, 2 days before she unexpectedly died.I was 50…:pleading_face::pleading_face::purple_heart::blush:

My kids are 36, 38 and 41; we say it every time we talk.:heart:

Im 30 and my parents still say it and my dad still calls me his baby around anyone and everyone!

So sad im 36 n still say it to my mom n will tell my daughter at least once or more a day i love her no matter what

My mother has never said those words to me…but today I have a husband who tells me he loves me daily

Don’t think she ever said it to me


32 but only because she died. My mama would have walked through fire barefoot over broken glass for me.

I’m 48 years old and we still say I love you everyday


I’m 32 and my mom has told me she loves me every day of my entire life💜

This makes me sad. My mom and I both say it every time we talk and see each other.

My mother always told me she loved me till the day she died I still do the same for my kids and they are men and women over the age of 21 and 22 n23 my father was the one who never said he loved us but he showed it

I’m 48 & Mom is 72. She tells me everyday she loves me. We talk at least 6 times a day​:heart_eyes::heart:

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Parents say they love you ? Lmao :joy:


37 she passed away at 59


Hear it from both parents everytime we speak… Whether one two or 3 times that day…


I tell my kids sooo many times a day, my oldest is 17. I will forever.

My mom told me she loves me cause I’m her daughter but that she doesnt like me

2002 when my
Moms dementia/ Alzheimer’s was in full swing she didn’t talk and if she did she’d say” who are you “ she was 55


I am 40 and my mom still says it, my son is almost 15 and I say it to him every night

My mom always did and still does everytime we see each other or talk, I am 40. My Dad only a handful and he passed away 3 years ago.

My mother started saying it when I was in my thirties

I’m 40 and she tells me everyday :heart:
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I was 46 the day my mom passed away she told me she loved me. I tell my girls all the time I love them.

I was in my thirties and she remarried. She became very jealous of younger women. Even me. :disappointed_relieved:

My mom stoped saying it 3 years ago after she had her major stroke… Before that she told me everyday multiple times a day for 48 years… Then it stoped… Her stroke left her unable to talk or walk…:frowning: I miss it and I miss my mom’s advice and I love you’s horribly :frowning:

I am 36yrs old and my Mom still tells me she loves me every single time she see’s me, or talks to me.

I’m 51 and she stills says it!! You should never ever stop telling your kids you love them!


I don’t think I have ever heard that come out of my mothers mouth.

My mom has been gone 17 years but right up to the end she said I love you and i will say that to my family right up until I’m gone

I’m now 33 and my mom still tells me.

I’m 49 and my mom is 71. I hear it almost everyday… as I tell my daughter almost everyday as well. #familyiseverything. #:heart:

I’m 50 and every time I see or talk to my mom she tells me she loves me , I have raised my kids the same way.

That would be February 10th, 2000…after that she was in a coma for 2 days before she passed away from cancer… I can’t believe it’s 20 years since I’ve heard her voice


About an hour ago… every time we talk.

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