How should your husband treat you while pregnant?

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"This is our second baby & my husband shows no interest and in the last 6 months has never asked me how I’m feeling or if there’s anything he can do for me. He says me being pregnant is not me “doing anything” and says that it doesn’t take a physical toll on your body and I’m just making excuses to get him to do things. Whenever I make a point that my body is creating an entire human being he comes back with something stupid like, “well I’ve carried the baby my whole life..” says he’s joking but constantly says that. How would you guys deal with this? He was not like this with our first baby."

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"Tell him to start helping without the insults or get out. I couldn’t have someone like that around me especially while pregnant"

"Leave. It isn’t going to get any better. I learned from experience"

"I would pack a bag and take me and my children somewhere where somebody would help me. Nobody should go thru it alone. When he calls tell him you asked for help that you are struggling and since he can’t bring himself to help that you’ll find somebody who can…"

"Been there. Get on birth control as soon as you can after birth. And leave his ass ASAP."

"Just let my husband read this and he says “he’s lost interest and doesn’t care, he’s trying to cause a problem so he has an excuse to leave”."

"Shame on his damn momma and daddy for not raising a better man. Obviously, he needs to sit down and be taught what actually happens when a human being is being grown in a woman’s body."

"Like a god damn queen. Your husband sounds like a giant man child."

"Oh no, even if he’s joking he needs to stop. Men just don’t understand for one, but two, he needs to be a damn man, and be there for you. I’d pack a bag, take my child, and leave for a while. You got this. But no man should treat you like that!! My husband would go to the store for me if I was craving or needed something. Or let me nap, while he takes the kids. I wouldn’t continue to have kids with him if this is how my husband acted."

"Sounds like you take him to a place that shows him what’s pregnancy is like."

"What an ass! Couples counseling or leave. If it were me, I’d reevaluate my attachment to such a callous individual."

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