How to clean a diaper rash?

Any advice for diaper rash? My 2 year old has a bad one. I’ve been putting a lot of A&D on it every diaper change and bathing him frequently. Sometimes I put a lot of Vaseline on it. He cries every time he poops and he won’t let me wipe him. Right now I’m about to give him a bath and then put a lot of Vaseline on it and then leave him diaper free. I just feel so bad I don’t know what else to do to help him.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to clean a diaper rash?

Clean room temperature water

Egg whites iv had 5 kids and my last 2 suffered severely, u sperate the eggs n dab on clears in hour or so x

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Cornstarch in his diaper would hopefully help. I’d put it in my sons before bed & he’s wake up and it would be pretty clear! But to clean it, damp rang.


Oatmeal baths work wonders!


vaseline isnt good to put on an open bad rash it doesnt allow the skin to breathe and holds the burning on the skin or so i was told


It may have turned bacterial. Doc can give rx for it.

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Check to make sure it’s not yeast


Calmoseptine is 100% guaranteed

Aquaphor works wonders


Let him sleep without a diaper. Place a towel or old blanket underneath him. This is the only thing that ever cleared up my daughters. 2 nights of this and it was pretty much healed.

Put some regular flour in a frying pan, on medium heat, and stir it until it’s brown. Let it cool and cover his butt in it at each diaper change. It’s something they used to do way back. My grandmother did this for my oldest two daughters the first time they got really bad diaper rash. I used it each time each of my kids had diaper rash.

Dry him out… Use some corn starch

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Fill a sock with oatmeal and tie off with hair tie, if you have breast milk add it and oatmeal sock in a luke warm bath. Also let him run around naked for a bit. AND last but not least, switch to aveeno baby wipes. They solved majority of our diaper rash issues.

Naked time! As much as possible & oatmeal baths :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Cornstarch at every diaper change

Give him a bath in baking soda to sooth his skin then air dry. We found that Aquaphor or Destin worked best for our boys.


Corn starch will clear it up…powder him and just put cloth underwear on him so it can dry up…

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Silvadene cream works amazingly well. You may need a prescription from your doctor for the good stuff. Or you could try Manuka honey ointment.

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Use butt paste. Clears it up quickly

Same thing happened to my baby , it might be fungal and they have a cream for that ! Everything else is just a barrier and won’t heal it … you can get it over the counter , i would try that , it worked right away for us … good luck !

I use calmoseptine on my babies diaper rashes and then some. It’s in the pharmacy or you can buy it on Amazon.

Our Pediatrician said to wipe with wet rag or towel no wipes and put lomitrin (anti fungal cream) and then your diaper rash cream on top of that. I use Bordeaux Butt Paste.

Desatin blue one helps my kids quickly . it is the best one I used and I love it

I always used aquaphor, I still use it not the diaper rash cream but the regular baby aquaphor, it helped with her roll rashes and her diaper rashes

Corn starch and use washcloth with warm water to clean poops don’t use wipes at all they burn

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Oatmeal bath and let him run around diaperless for a couple hours here and there. Potty pads for pets on the floor and sitting places for him will help with the pee if he goes.

Antifungal cream twice a day and a barrier cream like desitin. My pediatrician told me to layer it on like icing and only wipe when I need to and keep the desitin on it every change.

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Alcohol free baby wipes and cornstarch to dry it out.


Probably a yeast rash. You need cortisone cream. Or lotrimin.

Let it air dry. Let him run around naked for a bit.

Soak him in aveeno bath

He needs something else you need to get a diaper cream with zinc it will work fast than anything I know

Maybe take him to the dr. They will probably give you nystatin because I remember my daughter having one and that’s what they gave them

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Corn starch worked great for my little one!

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use cornstarch instead of vaseline

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May be a yeast rash.
My girls get these sometimes.
You can try putting anti fungal cream on the area (won’t hurt them at all).
Do it for one day and if it starts to look better after that then you have you’re answer. One tell tail sign of a yeast rash is if it’s raised at all.
This is pediatrician approved btw.

Button paste I good for that, even when there is t a rash I put it o. At every diaper change and it works

Bown flour in a pan, let it cool use like power… it will gone in hours


Zinc oxide + calamine. I dont know if something called Calmoseptine is being sold there but that’s what I always use every time my son has rashes, and it is a miracle ointment for me because if i put it today, my son will no longer cry the next day because of pain. I tell you, you should look for an ointment that has the above-mentioned generic names.

Let him sleep at night without a diaper, switch diapers??

Oatmeal baths, power, butt paste and letting him roam without a pamper if an option. My daughter just had a rash for two weeks blisters an all due to a viral infection

Vaseline is actually very drying which is why you constantly have to use more. Use something like aquaphor. If it’s yeast use otc antifungal/athletes foot cream.

This worked wonders on all of my kids

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Get some maalox liquid (generic is fine) Dab on with cotton ball. Let it dry. Cover with aquaphor once it’s dry.

Could it be a yeast infection? I thought my son also had a very bad diaper rash, but it wasn’t. I applied clotrimazole cream and it cleared up in like a day.

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Gold bond baby powder. My kid was allergic to milk fat and would get a blistering rash - he looked like he had burns. Gold bond cleared it up nearly immediately

Make sure it’s a light thin layer of ointment! I make the mistake of putting too much and making it worst

Ask your dr about Riley’s butt cream.

Crush tums then mix them in imodium to make a paste.
Yes it sounds strange but a pediatrician use to tell all his moms to do this and it works

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Aquaphor is amazing for diaper rash!

Balmex, thick coat. You will see improvement after 1 use

Air dry his little butt if it doesn’t work and it’s been going on for days and nothing helps try to call the doctors and ask them what can you do or maybe they mite have something for him to use .

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Tube of yellow cream from savers

Swap the Vaseline for an antifungal cream and try to keep bub nappy free as much as possible. Use a zinc based barrier cream with antifungal if you do need to pop a nappy on, eg overnight.

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Desitin or other ointment if you can, then cornstarch. Don’t wipe more than absolutely have to.

Corn starch is the best! Used it for all 3 of my kids and all 7 of my grandkids!! :relaxed:

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I always used Desitin and cornstarch baby powder after every change for my kiddos - that may help but it’s also wise, especially if it’s red and painful, to call your medical provider.

Suncream was a life saver for my little one but also let your little one have time without a nappy on to to let the air get to it & help dry it out , I never used vasaline as I was told that creates a barrier to keep the moisture locked in. I Hope you manage to get it all cleared up :blush:

Zinc oxide cream is the best thing for it. It covers completely and protects the bottom so it heals.

Sometimes babies and toddlers still wearing diapers get a yeast rash and they need something like Lotrimin or anything you buy in the store that men use for Jock itch. And also the one for athletes foot

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About 1/2 tablespoon of liquid antacid in the diaper will neutralize the acid in his urine and help with the burn

Or if you just moved up sizes in diapers it could be a chemical reaction. I went up a size on my daughter with the brand she’s used since she was an infant and during the shutdown different companies had to switch up chemicals in their diapers and she had a horrible rash to where she was bleeding.

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Triple paste is great. If it is yeasty though you can buy OTC yeast infection cream then cover that w/vaseline.

My son had horrible rashes no matter what I did for a long time because of sensitive skin. Found out he was allergic to some brands of diapers and wipes. Also the mix that worked best for him was a thin layer of aquaphor mixed with lotrimin and hydrocortisone cream.

The thick paste like desitin or even Boudreauxs made it worse. So did cornstarch… cornstarch when wet breaks down into sugars. What feeds on sugar??? Yeast. Boys can get yeast infections too. Found that out when my sons rashes kept getting worse when I added that.

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Could be getting chemical burn if doing too much too often. I found the best thing is warm baths and letting them run around commando for as long as your comfortable. The more air flow the better

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Use the yellow Dial soap in a bar. Wash him well and rinse well, pat dry. Apply corn starch. This has never failed. The vasaline can hold in bacteria.

Aquaphor works great on diaper rash!

Paladin or Dermocream

Try resinol, it’s for diaper raah and usually you have to ask for it at pharmacy

Are you sure it’s a rash of that type? Has he been on an antibiotic lately? Could possibly be a yeast infection? Just checking and giving ideas and maybe trying other options.

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Neosporin worked for my kids. Healed much quicker than diaper rash cream.

Aquaphor worked for my babies

I used polysporin, mixed with Iles paste , worked amazingly

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Triple paste and air.

Brown flour in a skillet, let it cool… sprinkle all over the rash and it’s like magic… lay it then so it’ll cool fast and or maybe fridge. Twirl your finger in it first to make sure it’s cool

try a baking soda paste made with water

It might need to dry out for a little while try no diaper for a little bit

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Make sure the skin is dry before applying a &d

Corn starch dry it out stop adding moisture my girlfriend says if you don’t have corn starch use flower and you have to brown the flour in a frying pan :fire:

Also don’t put too much on it because it could make it worse

Anti-Monkey Butt is the best I’ve tried healed diaper rash in 24 hrs

Scorched flour, helped my kiddos a lot

Remember too much ointment is not a good thing. Only a thin layer or it will cause a worse rash. A&d ointment has been the best I’ve ever used. You can also put corn starch on it.

Put him in the bath and stop using cream and use corn starch

It may be a yeast rash. Mix lotrimin with diaper rash cream. It works so fast healing it

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He may need an rx contact his pediatricians office.

Brown some flower in a skillet or 350 in the oven on a baking sheet. Apply after every change. It will be gone by morning.

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Lotrimin all the way

A&D after washing bottom has always worked well for me!

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Check for a yeast infection.

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Bag balm and corn starch

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Yeast often causes diaper rashes. Get some OTC yeast infection cream, mix it with really thick diaper rash cream and apply it.

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Pan fry flour till its brown

It could be a yeast infection and need antibiotics to go away. And yes boys do get them too :smiling_face_with_tear:

I use diaper spray for my son works bc the creams irritate him so I use the spray

When my son had a real bad one I let him dry it out. Don’t put nothing on it. I limited his baths (per doctors request) and when I did give him a bath I gave him an oatmeal bath

My daughter actually became allergic to all forms of diapers and pullups and it would cause a horrible rash that never went away.

This stuff is amazing, takes the redness away as soon as between nappy changes! Was a life saver when mine was a baby!

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