How to gain weight?

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I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Pre pregnancy weight was 97lbs and currently weigh 100.8lbs. Take in also I’m only 4’9 inches tall. My doctor says I’m not gaining nearly enough weight for myself and the baby and has asked me to increase my calorie intake by an extra 650. I just don’t feel myself getting hungry! What kinds of foods can help me increase my weight fast so that myself and the baby don’t suffer?


Protein shakes are a life saver!! Tons of calories. You can also drink ensure and make sure to eat breakfast everyday

I have the same issue. I am in my 40’s and weigh less than 100lbs. Ensure protein drinks helped a lot. The Chocolate are great. Try granola bars and oatmeal

I started at 138 and I’m 142 now at 32 weeks. I would ask your doctor if the baby is growing on time. Some people just don’t gain a lot. I don’t have cravings and can’t eat as much in one sitting. So what I do is eat small portions throughout the day and eat healthy foods. I refuse to eat junk food just to gain weight 💁🏻 I have oatmeal, salads, chicken, lots of fruit , red meat once a week.

Protein shakes and peanut butter

I only gained 3 and half pounds. Im almost 25 weeks. But i was 194 pre pregnency. So idk if thats different. My main cravings have been healthy food soooo.

Ensure nutritional drink I even added protein powder to it, and fruit and Put in a blender

I had this issue with my second baby, I’d strongly recommend Ensure drinks (I know it sounds ridiculous, I’m only 30) but they really help and have so many vitamins/nutrients - it also really helped with my energy ! Good luck!

Healthy fats like peanut butter and avocado :slightly_smiling_face: congrats :confetti_ball::tada:

I’m 4’11 and my pre pregnancy weight was 90 lbs and by the end of my pregnancy I was 115 lbs they never commented on my weight and said I was gaining fine

Ok, I started my pregnancy at 202 and ended it at 177. I lost weight but my son gained and grew just fine. My weight was never brought up after the initial scan to make sure my son was fine.
Not everyone gains weight.


I was 92 lbs pre pregnancy at 20 weeks I was 98-99 lbs
Protein shakes is what my doctor told me. But they were so gross :mask: I ended up making a big peanut butter banana smoothie everyday.

I’m tiny and have GERD, my gal bladder has also been removed and i had HE lol you should try to find an infusion center near you!! I feel like my baby wouldn’t be here if i didn’t go! I was 87 before being pregnant and actually lost ten pounds in my first tri. With the help of the infusions, i gained the 30 lbs we needed :sparkling_heart:

I gained a total of 17 pounds my whole pregnancy but I didn’t start actually gaining weight until I was 30 weeks…

I’m plus size and 26 weeks so I do not know what to tell you but I have been losing weight because this is the healthiest I’ve ever been

My doctor asked me to gain more weight so I started drinking Ensure and Muscle Milk.


Listen, to your body. I gained 11 lbs with my first the whole pregnancy and had no issues. Unless this is causing you or the babe problems not everyone gains alot


My hunger didn’t really start until I was like 28 weeks pregnant then I started eating everything in sight lol… Up until 6 months I actually lost weight I started gaining at 6 months I was 145 from beginning of pregnancy to 6 months I’m almost 34 weeks n I’m 177 now lol :slight_smile: u will get your hungry but try milk shakes :slight_smile:

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Fruit smoothies with peanut butter. Protein drinks. Breakfast essentials. Anything with peanut butter. Milkshakes. You can eat protein bars.

I have the same issue. Started at 92… finally up to 124. Evey few hours even if you’re not hungry drink a glass of milk (or chocolate milk if you’re like me) or eat a spoonful of peanut butter. That way it’s small enough not to make you feel overly full but you’re still getting the calories. And they are healthy calories.

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I’m 5’2” and only gained 12 pounds during my pregnancy, my son was born at 32 weeks though too, but he measured right on track.

Yes. Lots of milkshakes, or protein shakes.
I struggle with weight gain and I get a protein mix that can be mixed with either juice or milk. (I use full fat milk, so that added extra calories also)

I was told weight gain wasn’t a huge concern as long as baby was growing and progressing correctly & was healthy.

Fruit smoothies made w ice cream, and I add spinich to everything- smoothies, omlets,omelets, salads. Nuts. Don’t get overwhelmed by quantity, just try and eat a lil something every 2hrs. Just make the food as nutritious as you can, and please tell me you’re taking prenatal vitamins- cannot stress how important they are! Believe me, when that baby starts telling you it’s hungry- you’ll eat :wink:

protein shakes love, you can message me if you want help. i went through the same thing.

I don’t have much advice but I’m jealous lol! Im 19 weeks and have gained like 16 pounds. And that was with morning sickness up until 15 weeks and not eating but maybe once or twice a day.

I only gained 13lbs with my 2nd he was 7lbz good and healthy u will start gaining more u dont have to gain a hole lot of weught while pregnant as pong as baby is okay thats what matters

I was 85 lbs before my pregnancy and only get up to about 115 as my MAXIMUM final weight by the end of my pregnancy. Don’t worry about any of it. You’re healthy, you’re normal. Listen to your body, eat when your hungry. Don’t stress.

My Dr nvr once said I wasnt gaining enough I lost alot in beginning bc of sickness was hrrible

I absolutely love how all yall talk about wanting healthy foods … I mean for real, I craved FOOD. Good bad and ugly. Lol. And with my first two, I gained stupid amounts of weight (like close to 100lbs each kids) now, I did eat fruit and veggies, but I also wanted a bag of chips, and box of doughnuts, and jelly beans and and and you get my point. Lmao.

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I was 87lbs before I got pregnant with my daughter, and by the end of my pregnancy I weighed somewhere around 190lbs. I’m also only 5’1”

Afterwardsu want to lose the weight so it easierthe less u put on just being healthy is important

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Eat small healthy snacks for fat calories granola bars, yogurt, peanut butter crackers,oatmeal drink friut smoothies, u can also try protien shakes or ensure mixed in with that. I know its hard to eat when you don’t feel hungry but you have to feed the little they are like parasites , leaches my Dr told me and very resilient and will keep taking fat and calories from us if we not putting extra in that will cause you to loose I suffer from a digestion disorder so I feel the no hunger thing . keep trying

Carnation instant breakfast in a glass of milk in the morning

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I gained the most weight in my last trimeater, mostly the last 6 weeks. I was underweight, too, but eating like I did the last month helped me gain a decent amount of weight.

DRINK SOME PEDIASURE!! There is one with high calories

I am currently 36 weeks and just started gaining weight about a month ago i barley eat but i know breakfast is the most important as i blacked out with my daughter from not eating breakfast

I’m 5ft2 I dropped from 13st7lb to 11st while I was pregnant and my baby boy weighed 7lb, you and your baby will be fine

Lots of fruits and veggies and proteins. Smoothies with the powders for weight gain. Carnation shakes. Protein shakes. All kinds of weight gain products out there just make sure ur Dr approves

I had 5 pregnancies an 6 children an I lost every time 50 to 65 pounds. After baby came it came back. Grrrr

I was 105 pre pregnancy and I’m 4’11”. I think i was around 120-125 when I had my son. You definitely need to try to increase! I always wanted cheeseburgers and mt few- I think I had that almost every day. My doctors said it was fine to have soda since my body was use to it. Eat what you want just be considerate as to portion size. I think I only out ate my husband like twice. Once I reached 8 months I quit eating basically because I just didn’t have room.

I’m very small normally around 110 and I stay small until about 5ms… My Dr’s always worry about my weight gain but my babies are born 8, 9lbs. I’m just small and don’t really gain weight easily it’s always been a struggle I’ve been hearing eat a sandwich my whole damn life. Like seriously I’m barely 5ft I’m clearly just petite. It’s more concerning during pregnancy but some women just have small babies. I have friends who weigh 180ish outside of pregnancy and get up to 230+ pregnant and have a tiny lil 6lb baby that my babies would eat if we put them in the crib together. I wouldn’t worry too much if your baby is growing and gaining normally.

Eat small portions more times a day. 5 meals in total. Example:
Meal 1. Oats and honey with milk or protein shake
Meal 2. Rice or pasta with protein of choice, vegetables, and coconut yogurt or avocado.
Meal 3. Protein of choice with sweet potato and vegetables
Meal 4. Cashews, almonds, or two boiled eggs. Or you can do a smoothie with vegetables and fruits.
Meal 5. Protein of choice with rice or pasta.

The baby will always come first! Your body will make sure the baby has whatever it needs and you basically get what’s leftover. I was super sick with my pregnancy and lost like 50lbs, but my baby was perfectly healthy and grew right on schedule.

Now I started out obese, but I only gained 20lbs during both of my (full term) pregnancies. As long as you and baby are healthy, and baby is growing as they should, don’t worry so much. Not everyone gains a ton of weight during pregnancy.

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Eat lots of protein and increase your carbs

Fried foods helped me like pork chops potatoes lots of fried meat

Eat oatmeal and your goid healthy breads. Avacado with steak is delicious. Eat bowls of cereal and ice cream.

I understand completely I’m 4’10 pre pregnancy weight was 87lbs I drank fruit smoothies with extra peanut butter flax powder and chia seeds, also ate 3 main meals over 1600 calories per meal a day plus 4 snacks like baked potatoes or sweet potatoes or the smoothies. I gained 40lbs doing this. Good luck momma

But at 20 wks im kind of surprised your drs concerned.


You dont need to gain weight fast, 25 pounds is usually pretty normal but that happens a bit later in the pregnancy when the baby is putting on pounds and tissue and the amniotic sack is bigger. As long as you’re earing healthy and taking your vitamins and having your calcium you’re fine. Not all womens bodies do the same thing at the same time

I don’t even know how to relate to this. Pregnant or not :joy::joy:.

Maybe try an ensure type drink?

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I drank the Ensures to help with weight gain during my pregnancy. Drink one a day. It’ll help.

I only gained 17 pounds with my first, 18 with my second and 25 with my third

You and your baby will not suffer if you don’t gain weight. Many women don’t gain weight and some even lose weight. Eat healthy. Watch out for nasty ingredients in protein/weight gain shakes. All the sugar in them are so so bad for you and baby. Sounds like you need a new doctor.

Lots of milk and protein foods.

Do not over eat fried and junk food to gain weight. That is literally the worst idea ever. Eat healthy stuff, add in smoothies, eat multiple small meals instead of 3 meals a day.
Honestly though, your body is guving baby everything it needs, you do not HAVE TO GAIN, i only gained 6 pounds with my last kid, dr was pushing me to gainn and more, because baby was going to be small and not have what she needed… she came out 9 pounds and healthier than my other 2.


I had to make myself eat with all my pregnancies because I had NO appetite and so many food aversions!

There is a concern for women who weigh that little because with the lower BMI you are at increased risk for miscarriage or fetal injury. Just not enough fat or cushion to hold the baby safely. I recommend not necessarily increasing food but instead changing your diet to higher fat. Lots of eggs, cook your food in butter or coconut oil, eat more dark meat, and red meat, add peanut butter or almond butter to your fruit. Add nuts and seeds for snacks. If you can tolerate burgers, pizza and pasta, that’s and easy way to build fat too. This will help add a little more cushion and safety when your baby starts to grow rapidly.

I struggled with gaining weight as well. In the end what I had to do was force myself to eat SOMETHING every 2 hours. Stick to it. Dairy products are great, peanut butter, fruit… anything until your body get naturally hungry, which will happen. I’m now in my third trimester and I get super hungry every 2 hours and am finally gaining the weight I should be

I was only 128 lbs when I had my boy at 38 weeks!

As long as he or she is healthy don’t worry too much. My thyroid is what caused mine - ensure definitely helped but just try to eat real meals instead of snacking!

I lost 25 lbs with my pregnancy because I was sick everyday up until I gave birth. Baby was a little underweight but is healthy and thriving now. She is such a happy 1 year old.

Whole milk (if you do/can drink milk), small snacks throughout day, Ensure is great and packed with nutrients, otherwise just feel free to eat whatever you want

I was really small prepregnancy and didnt gain weight until after 20 weeks

Eat healthy fats, avocados, peanut butter. Etc. Also, high calorie milk is a good option (3/4 whole milk 1/4 half and half). Also, try ensure shakes

I would get a second opinion. Your petite and as long as you are eating normal calorie intake and putting healthy items in your diet so you are getting proper vitamins and nutrients these are being shared with baby. I only put on 6-8 pounds my pregnancy and I didn’t even start putting on weight until week 36. Mind you I also carried for almost 42 weeks.

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I eat potatoes and asperegus every morning for breakfast and have a bowl of cereal before bed. Potatoes eill help. Just dont eat sweets or candy or that stuff. It gives heart burn and sickness . Try sandwich’s . Cheese and apples . And crackers are my #1 go to. And trust me i I gain like 65 pounds even though i eat healthy as can be we are all built differently. My baby will problly be 11 lbs and my other 2 were almost 9 so it really depends on ur body and ur baby’s size . i am 30 weeks tomorrow and i I was 150 when i I started and 200 now . I usually get to 215 but my body gets big and then baby grows into it so honestly different for everyone . But go with potatoes and asperegus you will get lots of energy and good health plus it will sustain both you and baby. Once a day for breakfast

I didnt gain 1 lb until 22 weeks and they weren’t worried. I mean im not small framed but still. Just eat healthy and drink water. Weight will come when it will

Protein. I drank carnation instant breakfast high protein.

I gained 30 with my first & 15 with my second. Both are healthy boys.

More protein and higher fatty foods! You should ask her if protein drinks are ok like muscle milk. I used to drink them to gain weight

Avocados, add them to what ever you can. Peanut butter, add it to whatever you can

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I’m 26 weeks and only just started gaining weight.

Honestly just continue eating as normally as possible. Try snacking on anything. Dry cereal probably saved my life. Add some smoothies into the mix. Best of luck mama

Did your doctor make any suggestions or talk to you about consulting with a nutritionist or dietician? Sometimes it’s helpful to get a dietary professional’s input when you’re trying to drastically change your diet.

Good luck!

My prepregnancy weight was 108, Im now 20 weeks and wasnt gaining much weight so I make myself eat even when I’m not hungry, snack all throughout the day, and bought ‘Breakfast Essentials’ breakfast drink mix, it has tons of vitamins and protiens. Im now at 117 lbs

Chinese food , fast food. Mainly tacos and chinese food :joy:

I weighed 111lbs when i gave birth to my son, he was perfectly healthy. Some people just dont grow lol

I didn’t gain much until after I knew his gender (about 20 weeks). And even then it wasnt very noticeable that i was pregnant until closer to 30. I gained a total of 40 lbs with my son. I’m also petite, but a but taller. As long as you’re eating healthy, whatever nutrients you take in goes to baby. If you’re still concerned, def consider getting a second opinion.

My doctor said the same thing. I only gained 15 pounds with my first. Doctor always joked for me to eat hamburgers or drink milkshakes lol some people dont gain that much. If baby is healthy and growing i wouldnt worry about it.
I gained most my weight the last maybe 5-6 weeks

Choose, organic, grass fed, pasture raised, wild caught

While I’m nowhere as tiny as you, before or after lol…I only gained 7 lbs with my first baby, 9 with my second, & 11 with my 3rd. They’re all happy & healthy. Honestly every body & baby is different. I wouldn’t sweat it if baby seems good.

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Protein protein protein

Take some vitamin B that stuff is good for your hair and gives you the munchies.

My grandma drank a milkshake every night to gain weight once. Lol

Smoothies! Healthy calories are better than binging on crap.

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Make it a priority to eat 5 small meals or 3 regular sized meals. Pick your favorite meal and add bread & butter or peanut butter snacks. Comfort food comfort food comfort food! And remind yourself either eat or the baby will take all your nutrients away from you.

I was recommended Ensure shakes when I was losing weight during my pregnancy.

Big macs, pizza, fried chicken, French fries and plenty cake :sunglasses:

I was 100lbs flat I started drinking protein shakes I had bad morning sickness and losts of appetite those helped I’m 31 weeks and have gained 30lbs

Smoothies, protein shakes, make sure you’re eating some healthy snacks even you’re not really feeling hungry. I was 95 lbs when I got got pregnant and I’m 4’10. By the end of my pregnancy I had gained 31 lbs.

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Ensure or boost with high protein. I only gained 5-10 pounds each pregnancy and babies were healthy

With my second child. I was sick the whole time. I lost weight during my pregnancy. I was bigger so after giving birth it was 50 lbs I lost. I was fine and baby was fine she was 3 oz off from being 9 lbs. And was almost 22 inches longest

I ate literally everything when I was pregnant with my last LOL I gained 60 pounds.

I think you should be ok ,might be like me and not gain anything until you hit 7months. I am too 4’9 and gained only 6lbs from first month through 6 months , then once I hit 7 months I gained 53lbs from 7-9months lmao :joy:.

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With my first I lost 15 pounds and then gained it back and gained an additional 15 (started at 165 ended at 180). Second pregnancy I gained zero weight. (Stayed at 175 the whole pregnancy and loss 15 pounds immediately after birth) I’m still 160 3 months later lol

Drinks that have more calories like milk, juices, shakes, etc. Add butter and cheese to things.

Eat constantly throughout the day