How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Someone please tell me the tricks to get a baby to sleep all night, my daughter is almost 11 months and gets up 5 or 6 times a night. Co-sleeping is not an option but Shes on a schedule, but nothing I’ve done helps, I’ll just end up staying up all night bc I get tired of getting in and out of bed, my first wasnt like this at all, I feel like I’m gonna pull my hair out!!!


Try lavender calming lotion. It did wonders for both my kids and helped my youngest stay asleep. Also you could try background noise. My kids always slept better with a fan on the other side of the room on low or something that soothes them.

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My second just turned a year in December. She still gets up two to three times a night

Also if she is starting to teeth, that could be why she is waking up so much…or gas.

I do white noise, and a nightlight for my 1 year old.

She is in a habit. You need to break it. When you go in to help her dont talk, dont look into her eyes. Leave the lights off. Have a night light and maybe music. My daughters sleep thur the night but they are weird they love three days grace playing the entire time. You might have the room to quiet. I did the cry it out method at 9 months old. But it only took 2 nights. You might wanna start finding out what your daughter needs vs wants.

Sleep is developmental. She’ll sleep through the night when she’s ready. You could try a sleep sack.


Look at your bedtime routine.
What time do you start ‘getting ready’ for bed? Most parents don’t know, but they are putting their little ones to bed too late.
What do you do as you prepare for bed? A relaxing bath, lotion, story time, bottle/nursing, etc. Lights low, tv volume low, relaxing environment.
How long does your routine take? 3-5 steps is enough, if longer your baby might feel its dragging on.
Does your child self-soothe? When waking up in the night, do you give it a few minutes to see if they will put themselves back to sleep?

My son got up at least four times a night until he was three and a half years old. White noise helped a little. Room darkening curtains helped a little.

I know exactly how you feel my two-year-old is exactly the same way in co-sleeping is not an option my opinion either I’m literally up all night with my daughter and then when I finally do get her to sleep she wakes up about 7 times and I’m up and down up and down I get so upset and start crying cause how tired I am and then I’m pregnant so that dont help at all I feel your pain and she has her bottles or sippy cup in her bed with her and still I have to get up an help her get it it’s just a battle I’m sorry your going threw this

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My girl was the same, we NEVER co slept, but she slept in my room. The night I moved her into her room she slept 13 hours :expressionless:

Mine is 2.5 still up at night. Sadly they go on their own schedule not ours. Some kids just aren’t good sleepers


Ugh. I’m in the same boat! My son is 4 months and has yet to sleep through the night. My 2 year old daughter gets up all throughout the night. Then during the day they are on opposite sleep schedules. Its infuriating. Feels like the only one who gets somewhat of a decent night’s sleep is my husband.

No naps after 3:30p.m keep her active and playing and if she starts to fall asleep engage her in mommy and me play time to keep her awake


My daughter was up about 5 times a night for the first 6 months, then til 9 months once maybe twice a night. And one night when she woke up crying like she always did, i just let her cry for a few minutes and she went back to sleep. Ever since that one night shes been sleeping through the night, usually 10-12 hours every night. Good luck to you!

Honestly my daughter is gonna be 14 months on Sunday and she isn’t on a routine yet she gets up 2 times and I don’t think a 11 month should be on a bedtime routine but all babies and mothers are different and I won’t put my daughter on a bedtime routine until she’s 2

Sleep when you can. You still got years of sleepiness night. My granddaughter is 4yrs old still up 4 or 5 times go potty. Her doctor says she grew out. Some kids really don’t sleep through the night till older

I have used melatonin gummies with success on my now 3 year old. I started out on the lowest dosage gummy and went from there to see what helped him sleep. Gave him a half dose of whatever I gave him at nighttime roughly 30minutes to get him to take a nap then roughly 30minutes before bedtime I gave him a full dose. It’ll take a week or two but it’ll reset their sleep schedule. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay on schedule for mine. If I don’t have the melatonin he cannot sleep that well at all :confused:they have liquid melatonin for younger kids. I started mine when he was roughly 18months old.

My daughter got up 2-3 times a night until she was about 13 months when we sleep trained her to put herself to sleep. I used to rock her to sleep and so when she woke up in the night she had zero capability of self soothing and putting herself to sleep. We’ve always had a good routine. Bath, book, bottle (before she was a year) and bed. We cut out the bottle… did bath, book and bed. Put her in her crib and did the Ferber Method. She was trained in 2 days. She’s 2 now and sleeps through the night still. Of course there’s the occasional off night. But I always keep the room dark, reassure her I’m there, lay her back down and leave the room. Don’t engage too much.

Music or whitenoise
Lavender in the room

When you go in, see if she needs changed, if so, do it in the room, lights off. Then tell her night night, love you, and put her back down amd leave the room. If she cries after you, give it a minute, literally, go back in tell her night night, and put her back down with paci if you use one. Repeat, however long it takes. I did this with my daughter and she was sleeping after 2 nights. Took 4 hours the first night, and 20 minutes the second night.

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Its all apart of being a mom. Unless you want to do the cry it out metjod

What worked for my boys was they would cry so I would get up, I would leave the light off, go to the crib and just put my hand on their back and rub their back. I would do a quiet shhhh to them. I would never pick them up and if they stood up I would lay them back down and start rubbing their back again. After a few nights they figured out I wasn’t going to get them out of bed and learned to self sooth. As long as they are getting a good amount of food before they go to bed then they shouldn’t have to eat in the middle of the night or feel the need to eat every few hours. Also a fan on is great too. Good luck!

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Soother? my daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was 6 months but we co sleep lol

Yikes, wish I could help. My littlest has been putting herself to bed since 2 months. At this point baby can cry it out

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Totally normal co sleep is my saviour :woman_shrugging:

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Our baby was the same way and we tried the Zen Swaddle. It worked amazingly! She’s is now sleeping about 6-7 hours a night, we’ve had it for about a month and my husband and I are both getting much needed sleep. You should really check it out

Just having my baby on a routine has helped him sleep through the night since he was about 7 to 8 months. Hes a year now and naturally gets really tired around 8 to 10. And he sleeps through the whole night, on occasion he will wake up once during the night but that’s rare. We also give him a bottle with alittle rice cereal in it before we get him ready for bed

I slept on the floor with my “non sleeper”.

My son use to wake up 5-6 times as well up until one year. We finally cut out his second nap of the day and that seemed to help. Granted he gets cranky towards the end of the day but at least he sleeps through most of the night now

Keep her up during the day and let her get 1 nap at midday…let her play outside… and do dinner and bath some mommy or daddy then bath,brush teeth, bed time make it the routine ever day…she will get the sleeping all night down… I work as a infant teacher and I get my babies to sleep all at the same time…cuz I have a routine … it’s lunch,diaper change and crib or swing what ever makes them happy. And they sleep for 1 --2 hrs…

Try rethinking her diet…cut out sweet juice or water it down alot…,it could be a caffeine ingredient hiding in her snacks, stick to fresh, well-washed fruits and veggies. Cheese chunks usually calm hyperactive kids, also plain water several times a day. makes them pee more, but it is ok, it keeps kidney function and also affects the neurotransmitters in the brain. contributes to detoxing the body correctly as well as healthy cell growth… little kids go through these mega growth spurts, their little bodies go through major changes as they develop, If something affects you, it also affects them, like environmental toxins in our,Air, food, water, clothing, additives, also forced into our lives. without us ever knowing, but getting sick and unhealthy stress on the body can affect our reasoning ability as we all age. I Suggest.outside play,or walks then naps, after lunch. and limit the length… never longer than 1 or 2hours. keep baby happy with low-stress calm activities, turn on some classical music. Color or read books do floor exercises together, That’s when your baby gets all that one on one time… What,.calms the soul, calms the baby …putting them to bed, after a bath and ready for bed routine, you kiss, hug and gently rub your baby’s back singing or quietly talking to them about all the fun things you can do together tomorrow… till they drift off to sleep… The baby will have adequate mommy time , I think sometimes they love you so much they want to see you every minute, … so you can’t run away, lol…

I feel you! Our second sleeps amazingly but the first was up every 2 to 3 hours for over a year. We started stretching the amount of time little by little that we would go in and soothe him. Also started leaving him in his crib and soothing him instead of picking him up and rocking him. Every kid is different. You’ll get through it! I know the stress of it all too well.

Sounds like you might wanna cut out a nap…

Keeping the schedule the same… keep repeating. Don’t ever give up. They will learn the route and form to it. Kids want structure even if the resent it :woman_shrugging:


There always has to be one that refuses the schedule. :joy:


Wow midnight, I couldn’t even stay up past 10 :rofl: keep a routine, my daughter has had a bath/bed milk routine since birth and goes to bed at 8pm every night.


Sounds like the move was too soon. However his wake time in the morning is the determination of his nap. As they get older they require more wake time. So if he is going to bed late and waking up at 8am, a 12pm nap won’t work. The late bedtime is probably due to being overtired. I would try to reset the schedule.
If he isnt in daycare right now you may need to wear him out and let him burn energy in the AM as well as in the afternoon.


Well honestly since he’s 2 he may not need that 12 pm nap anymore some kids just don’t need that afternoon nap. Get him busy during the evening n get him worn out. But you also gotta remember that he had his own space n now his space is invaded he is off his routine cause of it.

Cut the afternoon nap out; let him run around all day till his little heart is content. Then dinner, shower and bed at 8!

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You messed up his normal routine by putting the baby with him. You should have had them together from the beginning or waited til he was a little older. But stick to it. Wake him earlier, cut his nap time down or out completely and get him worn down

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Ahhhhhh I feeeel your pain!!! When my son has made his own schedule sense in my womb it’s so bad dr recommended melatonin at 15 month here we are 18 months and nothing works no nap still up wake up early still up go to sleep early still back up from 2am to 7am is when he will go to bed! It don’t matter if he plays all day hard we have tried so many things and at this point I just give up​:woman_facepalming::sob::woman_shrugging: he is the youngest never had this problem with my 12 or 9yr old! But when my granny watches him he will go to bed 10/11 that is the only person who can get him to go to sleep earlier! I can even fight with him hours and he will just scream and fight and not get tired :woman_facepalming:

Try taking naps away. My youngest daughter refused sleep at night when she was about that age, when I took her naps away she was so exhausted by bed time!

We did this with my daughter before my son was born, she was just turning 2. The hardest part was getting her to stay in the bed and not nursing anymore (I was not willing to nurse two babies at the same time).

I basically started putting her right into her bed, patting her back and letting her have her tantrum. There are going to be tears when you change a routine like that but just be a comfort to her as she adjusts. I could never ferberize my babies. My second child has had no trouble sleeping on his own from the time he was born so I don’t think we’ll have to do this with him. But with my daughter it only took a few days for her to get used to it, maybe a week. But you have to be very firm. “Now that you’re getting to be such a big girl it’s time for you to fall asleep in your own bed”, etc. Don’t give in if you can help it, speak gently about it, acknowledge that it is a big change for her and she doesn’t want to do it. But if you cave and do the old way it’ll prolong the process.

I think getting rid of the sippy is a good step, too. Start filling it with water instead of milk so she isn’t so tempted to fall asleep while drinking it. It will be better for her teeth, too.


My daughter is 9 months old and is sleeping through the night. I’ll make her a 6oz bottle and put she goes

It took my husband and I a couple weeks to get our oldest in a toddler bed , we’d sit on floor rubbing her back or brow to cheek until she fell asleep first few days were rough with her waking as soon as we left to head to living room but after a couple of weeks she was fine good luck

Sometimes working them up to going to sleep in the crib includes a portion of cry it out. Just depends. Best to not be in the room. I have a 20 month old. I just lie down with him to go to sleep. But I also have a 6 week old I have to do the same with. It usually takes an hour . So it’s all about how long your willing to sacrifice to get that freedom .

I never sleep trained my son because of all the science against it, so we co-sleep and it’s going well.

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I know “cry it out” sounds awful, but it’s necessary for self soothing. I did modified cry it out for both of my kids. They were changed, clean, safe, and had their sippies. They could survive a few minutes in between checking on them. Both of my kids sleep trained quickly and easily.

Try letting her have some warm milk before you lay down and then brush her teeth. My son uses kids mouth wash too because he likes to spit. Google night time noises there is a UTube one for kids. He loves the plane :airplane: one and it puts him to sleep in like 10-20mins. I lay down with him and we talk a few while the plane is flying. Then I say “say your prayers and go to sleep”. He is out. Good luck momma. Each kid is different and we sleep with a night light cause he deathly scared of the dark.

Take nap away , keep bad time routine the same and consistent.

Cut the nap. Stay consistent. Do bath to relax. Start setting the scene for bed at 7ish. Quiet activities, no running no sugar. Soft music, turn lights low and read a book while he’s in bed. Above all STAY CONSISTENT

look at what you give child as a snack (if you allow same after supper). if high sugary food, may want to consider something different. if certain nap is the problem, depending on how long they sleep-- cut it in half. start bedtime process about an hour ahead of time-- getting bath if you give them at night, dressed for bed, etc etc, read book or rock them if that is your thing-- most important, you have to be consistent and keep up the same thing. they will both adjust–

Wow they both have quite late bedtimes, I’d be looking into getting them both in an earlier routine to be honest, the 2 year old maybe cut out the daytime nap, my 16 month old only naps once a day for an hour now unfortunately for me!
4 months old for the daughter may be a tad early to put them together, one may well be keep the other awake? Sniffles, snores or noises?
Do you use night lights or soothing sounds? I find my lil boy doesnt like either as they wake him up.
I’d go tea, bath, bottle (sippy cup) and bed for both to be honest! I aim for 8pm latest for my lil one and strive for 7:30pm.

At 20 months you will have some tears but both of you will get through it. I would switch the milk out for water so she can still have the sippy cup but it not be harmful to her teeth. I would also try a noise machine or play some lullabies on your phone to help calm down and like you said just sit next to her and let her know it’s okay and soon you both will be sleeping through the night. Good luck and blessings to you both.

i would personally take away the sippy cup of milk. give her a little before bed with a snack, then brush her teeth and only offer water in a sippy cup at night. any new routine is going to be rough for a bit. she’s going to cry and throw a fit but she will get used to it. you just have to keep the routine consistent and do not give in. sit on the floor next to her bed and read her a book or two every night. then once she gets used to it sit by the door and do the same thing. then try sitting outside the door where she can still see you and just keep doing it until you’re able to fully be out of the room.

Try a snack or mix milk with a breakfast carnations drink . My daughter had a fast metabolism and had to eat before bed( after dinner) and once in the middle of the night( Dr. Recommended)till she was 3. But once she ate she went right back to sleep for the rest of the night.

Till my son was eight …I got him a dog and then he didn’t care about sleeping with me anymore