How to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

Conceiving after miscarriage.

How long did other people wait to conceive after a miscarriage? I had a missed miscarriage on July 11, 2019. I was 12 weeks and had no signs or symptoms. I even had an ultrasound at nine weeks and was told everything was great. It was a total shock and honestly sent me into a depression. I am feeling better now, and want to start trying for my rainbow baby. I’m wondering if my chances of a healthy pregnancy would be better if I waited longer? Looking for other moms who had a successful pregnancy after miscarriage and how long they waited. Thank you!


I would wait until you get the clearance from your doctor.


I had a miscarriage last year in April got pregnant same year in June I had a healthy pregnancy and my rainbow baby is here

I had a miscarriage in March 2018 and got pregnant in July 2018 and had my baby boy February 2019

I had a partial molar,lost my baby at 12 weeks they recommend you wait a year our doc did but i fell pregnant 6months after and have my rainbow baby now

Its possible to conceive the very next cycle after a miscarriage. I say if you’re ready emotionally and physically, go for it. I know the pain of a miscarriage and infertility, so I get it. I hope to get that rainbow baby!

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I miscarried in July 2016 :sob:
We conceived my rainbow baby girl the following November. She arrived in July 2017 :heart::heart::heart:

My obgyn told me after I had 2 normal cycles I could start trying again. I miscarried at almost 12 weeks and had to have a d&c. About 3-4 months later I conceived my rainbow baby

I miscarried in March, and we got pregnant the same year in August. We weren’t necessarily trying to get pregnant again, but it happened. He is now a healthy rambunctious 3 year old!

Hun there’s no way to 100% know or if any female that gets pregnant will have a healthy pregnancy…but I know plenty of people that have miscarriages and have beautiful rainbow healthy babies! My SO lost his first baby when he was 17 and I am now carrying his rainbow baby due next Wednesday and our baby is healthy and measuring perfectly and Good luck I hope you get your rainbow baby dust!

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I miscarried on 7th April this year I’m currently 24 week’s pregnant and all’s well. I conceived straight away

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I got pregnant with my second so 3 weeks after I miscarried at 16 weeks. Didn’t have a period in between.

I had my miscarriage in October of 2014, conceived my rainbow in September of 2017 and had my son May 2018. Now preg with my daughter. I am so happy I waited

It’s really hard to say. I miscarried in 2008 and didn’t conceive until 2012. Depends on your body. Good luck :sparkling_heart:

I had a miscarriage early December this past year. After I had my dnc I was told to wait a month before trying again, which I was given the ok late January. I got pregnant in February & I’m currently 8.5 months pregnant due next month.

Had a very early miscarriage on thanksgiving last year, and conceived again on New Year’s Day, delivering on Monday. Honestly, as long as there’s no medical reason to wait longer, and you feel emotionally and mentally ready to try again, you should go for it! Good luck mama! :heartbeat:

I’m so sorry this happened. I conceived the very next cycle after mine and everything was perfect.

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We waited about 3 months but it took us 5 years to have our rainbow baby. But it took us 2 almost 3 years to conceive our 1st. My miscarriage was early like I found out I was pregnant and 2 days later miscarried.

I had a miscarriage in august of 2018 at 12 weeks and waited for a year😭 it was so hard but now i am 22 weeks into a perfect pregnancy!

Even tho it was EXTREMELY hard to wait. I feel as if it was so much healthier for the rainbow babys growth to wait

Had a miscarriage last September. After finding out in the August and we fell pregnant again for our rainbow baby in November and he was born healthy on july 10th xx

I miscarried in May and was pregnant by July with my daughter. Then 2.5 years later was pregnant with my son… it’s not uncommon (you didn’t mention) for your first pregnancy to be a miscarriage. Just keep track of your ovulation and keep trying

I miscarried in Feb 2013. We waited I want to say 4? Or 6? Months to start trying again. I didn’t get pregnant again until Jan 2015. I had my rainbow baby son in October 2015. I agree though no timeline, just wait until you feel your body/emotions are ready for another pregnancy. Good luck! I hope you get your rainbow baby soon!

I had a miscarriage at 8wks. Then we really weren’t trying but 5 months later ended up with our rainbow baby. Give yourself time. Don’t necessarily try for it just let it happen

I miscarried in October and became pregnant in December and my daughter is now a year old

My little rainbow baby girl just turned two last month, I miscarried 3 months before she was concieved. I had one scare through my entire pregnancy with her, a huge bleed at about twenty weeks. Still don’t know what caused it. She was born one day before due date and weighed a perfect 7lb 9. She is literally the happiest little girl in the world and I can’t imagine life without her! Xx

I had my first son mas at 24 weeks and he didn’t survive I had him 12/27/11 then I got pregnant in may 2012 without trying and carried that baby full term had him 1/28/13 he’s now a extremely health fun crazy 6 year old boy :slight_smile:

I had a missed miscarriage in June of 2018…ultrasound at 7 weeks, baby was fine, then at my 12 week appointment baby had no heartbeat and only measured 9 weeks. I also had no signs or symptoms. I chose to take the medication instead of waiting for my body to realize I had miscarried and I stopped bleeding after about 2 weeks and my husband and I started trying shortly after. We got pregnant with our rainbow baby in August of 2018 and she is now a beautiful 5 month old :rainbow::heart: best of luck to you mama, sending baby dust your way!

Missed miscarriage January of last year. Blighted ovum chemical pregnancy in the end of June. And now I have my 4 month old rainbow baby :rainbow:

I had a miscarriage 17 February 2019 and decided not to have sex with the intention of getting pregnant. I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and baby is doing very well. Its all up to you and if you believe you’re ready. GL!

Had my miscarriage 2017 of july 7th. Was just a sack. Had to have a D&C. An now im 9 weeks pregnant. I go today for my big ultrasound. Hoping everything goes well

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Awe sorry for loss hun. My rainbow baby is almost 5 yrs old & had 2 more babies after my rainbow baby.

Had one at 12 weeks January 2017 was pregnant again April 2017 baby was born January 6th 2018 ( 2 weeks late)

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I had a miscarriage when my younest daughter was 11 months old, she just turned 2 August 23rd and we still haven’t conceived

My rainbow baby is 15 years old :blush::heart: I had my miscarriage in March and pregnant by Oct

It took us a while to have a health rainbow.
So I’m going to do a word of caution. This can be a hard road. Don’t expect a healthy pregnancy immediately. Allow yourself to live, don’t focus on “having to have a baby right now”. Stress can make it harder.

We had numerous miscarriages, even a missed miscarriage between my 12 yr old and my 2 yr old. We saw a fertility specialist that looked at my tubes with a dye and then we took his advice and honestly just had sex for fun.
When we got pregnant, we checked the human growth hormone two times a week and my
Progesterone levels. I have progesterone cream I had to use daily until 20 weeks.
Because of that we now have a healthy human. (Actually two)

They say you should wait at least 12 months to allow your body to heal from a miscarriage. My sister had one and then got pregnant within weeks with her rainbow baby. Her baby was healthy still. Best of luck mama.

I had a miscarriage aug 18th after a tubal reversal and started trying again right away. I have a feeling we will never get pregnant again. This is so depressing and considering now my cycles are thrown off idk how to track them.

Just put ur trust in God

I had a miscarriage December 2017. Learned I was 5 weeks pregnant early April 2018. My son is now 9 months old.

I had a miscarriage and was not told to wait. But we did just because mentally I had a really hard time. I would ask your doctor but I don’t think they recommend waiting too long. My rainbow baby just turned 2 :rainbow: :blue_heart:

I had a blight ovum miscarriage in December 2018. Conceived in May of this year and am now 20 weeks pregnant😊

So sorry for your loss. My rainbow baby boy was born on July 11. I miscarried on May 2nd and was pregnant by October. My ob/gyn suggested we wait at least 3 months for my body to heal properly. I wish the best for you and your future baby, don’t give up! I know how hard a loss like that is. Don’t over think it. Just relax and heal and start trying when you feel that you’ve healed and aren’t stressing about it.

I was told to wait 3 months for my uterus to heal. I miscarried in early july and got pregnant late november and carried healthy twins to delivery in early august.

I am sorry to hear of your loss.
One thing to keep in mind, all pregnancies are different.
Some of us go through multiple losses before our rainbow baby.
There is really no idea why we had our losses, and even with the top medical care, the next pregnancy may go on to be successful, or it may not.
It’s all very emotional, especially since there is no way to know.

Best bet is to work on the mental health and try to stay physically healthy. Be prepared for a possible loss. Be prepared for the emotions that come while carrying your rainbow baby after loss. And hopefully, your rainbow baby will come with no complications

Much love to you, and much baby dust your way <3

Miranda share your story

I’m a rainbow baby… my mom got pregnant w me 2 months after her miscarriage.

I miscarried in March of 2017, got pregnant again in late July of the same year. My baby girl will be 17 months the 19th.

My 1st miscarriage was at 14 weeks In December of 13 and got pregnant again in April of 14. With my second miscarriage it was in October of 18 I was 6 weeks and we learned I was pregnant again in December of 18…just gave birth to my second rainbow baby 3 weeks ago :slightly_smiling_face: My doctor told me with both to wait one cycle and after that whenever I wanted to try again I could. Some doctors will recommend waiting a few months but ultimately it’s up to you.

Honey. No one can tell yoy how this next pregnancy will go. Look up Marissa Peer! Shes amazing at what she does.

I had a miscarriage in May of 2018 and got pregnant in August of 2018. Had a great pregnancy and healthy 8 pound baby in May 2019

I miscarried January of 2014 and have not gotten pregnant since.

I know somebody that had a miscarriage in sept of last yr and shes due anyday now with her rainbow baby

Start when your ready to start its never to early I didn’t stop trying after I had a misscarige in 2016 but didn’t fall pregnant until 2018 my lil rainbow baby is now 7months old

It all depends on you really. My first miscarriage was at 10 weeks in 2014, my second happened in 2016 at 3 months. Now it’s 2019 and I’m about to be 33 weeks pregnant. It all depends on your body! Your :rainbow: baby will come sweetie, just pray and keep trying like I did :two_hearts::two_hearts:

It took me over a year and with the help of fertility drugs.

I had a successful pregnancy about 6 months after miscarriage

I’ve never experienced a miscarriage (and hope I never have to know that pain), so please take this with a grain of salt. But I think whenever you’re ready is the right time to try. No one can tell you how this pregnancy will go, that’s up to your body and the baby. But if you and your partner are ready, go ahead and try. :blush:

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I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in aug and was pregnant again by beg of January, I’ll deliver him oct 3 (scheduled csection bc he’s breech) but overall he is healthy

I was told if you miscarry in the first trimester it was just a defect on a genetic level, something was not going to work. There’s nothing that can be done. It was never going to be a baby. So I don’t see why you couldn’t try again right away. Now if it’s farther along, maybe your uterus would need time to fluff up again? I mean, I’m not a doctor so… :woman_shrugging:

We conceived less than a month after our miscarriage. Now almost 24 wks and baby is great!

Just curious …have your blood type checked and make sure your not Rh-…
My sister had this issue …after she got rhogam shot got pregnant …delivered healthy baby girl …
Just a thought…

I miscarried September 2018 and got pregnant again November 2018… now I have a healthy 6wk old baby boy! & yes the doctor gave the okay to start trying again after everything was cleared out

I got pregnant the first day of ovulation after miscarriage exactly 14 days from when the bleeding stopped before I ever had a period gain.

It depends on you. My first miscarriage was may 30th 2016 (9 1/2 weeks along), I got pregnant with our rainbow baby that July. Our second miscarriage was last October. We got pregnant this January and are expecting rainbow baby any day

my dr had told me to wait atleats 2 months after the miscarriage for your period to regulate, we did a month but it still took us almost a year to get pregnant again. 3 years later we’re trying for #2 and its already been 17 months. very frustrating but having a miscarriage also means that you can get pregnant so thats a good sign. keep trying!

I had a miscarriage September 11,2018 and found out I was pregnant January 3rd,2019 and now have a happy healthy 18 day old little boy

I have had 8 miscarriages and my only child was born 7 weeks early. I wish I knew why

I had a miscarriage on Christmas Eve 2016. I got pregnant again in June. I had my son March 15th 2018. He was healthy and beautiful. He 18 months old now. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you get you beautiful baby soon.

It’s pretty common. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in feb 2015, got pregnant again in may and had an easy uncomplicated pregnancy. My daughters almost 4 now❤

I know someone who got pregnant with me. She found out first. Then 3wks later I found out, the day after she miscarried.
But she has a son only a month younger then mine. Drs think she got pregnant the cycle right after.
Our boys are now pushing 7.
So I’d say when you’re ready, try again.🤷

It took my body 7 to 8 yrs to b able to conceive after my miscarriage. But also had to b on medication bc during the process something happened to my uterus. But happily to say I’m 34 weeks pregnant

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I conceived less than 2 weeks after a miscarriage. My baby and I were closely monitored for high risk reasons but he’s now 3 years old.

I had three total miscarriages, my last one was February 2019, and got pregnant April 15! And now I’m 24 weeks along with a healthy baby boy. Due January 5,2020!! Keep hope!

Miscarried January 2, 2016 at 14weeks found out we were pregnant again in March of 2016…baby born in October…it can happen that fast or not. Patience is they key and learning to accept the pain of what happened to be able to move on

I lost a baby on April 4th 2016 and after I stopped bleeding we tried again. My rainbow baby was born April 6th 2017.

As long as you have had at least one period you’re fine to start trying. Good luck on trying to conceive your rainbow baby :rainbow:

I had in mid Feburary and conceived in early september with a perfectly healthy baby, full term.

I miscarried Feb/06 at 12 weeks 4 days and was pregnant with my rainbow baby 4 months later. Funny enough i was told it would be near impossible to conceive and if i did i was high risk of miscarrying, they told me that my first pregnancy was a fluke 1 in a million… Well, i carried my daughter for just under 38 weeks… When i stopped nursing her at 18 months I became pregnant with my son! I carried him to 38 weeks! Both children(now 13 and 11) know they are my miracles my daughter is my rainbow and my son is my sunshine!


I had a miscarriage after 2 healthy babies back in 2017. It took me almost a year before I had made peace with it and was ready to try again. I got pregnant just over a year afterwards from the day and miscarried and we welcome our baby boy 3 weeks ago. Best surprise blessing in the world.

I had a missed miscarriage found out in November waited for it to pass on it’s own it finally did around January I had my first cycle again after in February got pregnant again in March. Had my rainbow baby on December 20th!

Usually once your cycle comes back after a D&C or passing naturally you can start trying then. I waited six months. My angel was due March 1st I found out I was pregnant March 12th. I had my rainbow November 12th 2016. Good luck!!!

I went to the Dr 3 days in a row and had ultrasounds. They told me everything was fine. The heartbeat was there and the baby was ok. 2 days later I woke up needing heavy heavy. Had to go to the ER to make it stop. I was 11w 5d. That was October 2017. Got pregnant again Jan 2018 and my son was born July 2018

I had my first miscarriage last april at 10 weeks… I lost the heartbeat. I then became pregnant of april/may of this year!!! Exactly one year later and now im 22 weeks with a healthy baby, it is possible! Goodluck and sending prayers your way

My first miscarriage was in 2015, I had another miscarriage last year tried for a baby right away after my second miscarriage and i now have a 9 month old healthy baby girl now. Every mommas different.

I had a miscarriage in Oct, had a D&C and conceived again 5 weeks later in November… which resulted in another almost immediate miscarriage. I waited one cycle, conceived the following month and that baby is now 15 years old :slight_smile:

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I had a devastating miscarriage with my first pregnancy in June 2007 and by Oct 2007 i found out I was pregnant again and had my first born child in June 2008. I’ve gave birth to 4 children after that first miscarriage. It’s really up to how you’re feeling and what birth control you might be on. You can try as soon as your next cycle if you want to but I needed some time to heal first. It’s a personal decision and I hope you get your beautiful baby when you are ready.

I’ve had four last year and I’m now 18 weeks and everything is going great. Gotta be hopeful. None of them were planned but every time I found out I was pregnant I only made it to 6 weeks.

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With my first, I miscarried in March 2005, and got pregnant again in July 2005. With my second I miscarried in April 2012 and got pregnant again in July 2018.

My doctor told me wait at least 6 months to get the lowest chances for another miscarriage

I found out i was pregnant exactly 3 months after my missed miscarriage

It took me 6 months to get pregnant after I miscarried

I had a miscarriage in the first week of August 2017 at 11 weeks and got pregnant with my rainbow baby in the middle of October 2017 and gave birth to a very healthy beautiful baby girl in July 2018

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I was 16 weeks along when I had a miscarriage July 26, 2018. Found out we were pregnant again three months later… our rainbow baby, Penelope Joy, was born July 2, 2019 :rainbow::sparkling_heart:

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1 week , got pregnant.

Honestly after my first miscarriage it took about 6 months but didn’t try until after 2 months

I had an early missed miscarriage and started trying right away, however it took me 6 months to get pregnant again. I’m now 15 weeks with a healthy pregnancy.

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Took me 5 months after I miscarried to get pregnant with my son, he was born 5/11/19 :heart:

Missed miscarriage, pregnant again the next month.

I had a friend that this happen to, she waited awhile then she got prenacy, everything went fine, but i guess i would ask the doctor.

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No go for it…good luck