How to get pregnant with HIV?

I’m HIV positive, and I’m trying to have a child with my husband; we both fit to have a child, but lately, I’ve been feeling sick, I’m vomiting, I don’t want to eat, and I’m losing weight. The doctor said the is nothing wrong, and my pregnancy test came back negative. Please assist with what I can eat or drink to gain weight and to conceive.


Im not sure what you can do to feel better cause I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I just wanted to let you know that it is completely possible to have a baby while hiv positive. Just stay on your meds like you’re supposed too so that you’re undetectable. Is it possible that it’s stress that’s causing it for you?

Hi.I have HIV almost 22 years ago.I get from my exhusband and the doctors detected when I was pregnant with my first kid.That time I didnt have to much information about HIV.I said oh my God I will die.But after I said stay strong because of the baby.So I get the tretment and finally my daughter born healthy and negativ.After I had 2 more kid.All of them healthy and negativ.So dont give up.Just relax dont stress yourself.When the time arrive u will get pregnant.But if u dont feel good maybe they have to change your mdicine.Talk with your doctor

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant with HIV?

You should consider adopting, because you can give the baby HIV and that’s not fair at all.


Lots of fruit and veggies. If you can’t eat it make it into a smoothie. Protein shakes for sure. Try eating eggs it’s good protein. If none of that works then (and I know a lot of people are against this) talk to your doctor about trying out some edibles (make sure to read the instructions on the package. A little goes a long ways). It’ll increase your appetite, help with nausea, and it won’t harm you or have any negative effect on your chances of conceiving (some strains make certain people even more horny increasing sex drive and possibility of pregnancy). Plus you can continue to use it while pregnant to help with symptoms and it won’t harm the baby either. Just keep in mind that you could pass HIV to your baby so make sure to have them tested every so often after they’re born.

My guess is it’s the HIV, idk tho.


I would suggest talking with your doctor to see what you can do to get pregnant. I’m sure they have a better idea and option for you when it comes to getting pregnant. <3


I would see adoption as a safer alternative you wouldn’t wanna pass that along to your baby would u?


Try the keto diet love. It took me 3/4 months to get pregnant every time I go on it. :heart: good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

There are some scary uneducated comments here. Yikes!! Do a little research, ladies. To the OP…speak with a medical professional.


Find a second opinion !

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Why would you want to bring a baby in this world knowing it could also get HIV not fair to that child . Are you going to be around long enough for the child why don’t you all adopt a healthy baby instead of bringing a child that will have HIV aids people don’t think about that an it wouldn’t be fair to your children an its selfish of you to want to have a baby knowing it will have Aids.


Find the group Royal Yoni on FB and thank me later :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a Dr question not fb.


Well first of all definitely dont listen to the negative people. They have no idea what they are talking about If your Numbers are undetectable and or very low you can definitely have a child. Second if your blood work t cell count and viral load are all normal range there is definitely something else that is affecting your weight and what not it very well could be stress. Talk to your IDS and your PCP to see what can be done. Good Luck

Get a referral to a gastroenterologist. They specialize in tummy troubles and with you having a compromised immune system, a specialist should probably take a look.


Take prenatals , try mucinex , vitamins And try on the days u are ovulating or the most possible day for u to get pregnant


Talk to your doctor/gynecologist


Wow there is a ton of fucking ignorance in this comment section? Where is an admin.

We used ensure shakes as suppliments when my gran was loosing weight from cancer…


I wouldn’t solicit this type of advice on Facebook hun, I would consult a medical professional. Best of luck :purple_heart:

I would go to a gastroenterologist. I had this same issue and was diagnosed with gastroparesis. You might have some type of stomach issue going on.

For everyone on here commenting negative stuff. I’m a therapy support worker working with patients with HIV. Mothers DO NOT pass on their HIV to their babies via vertical transmission if they take their medication daily and their viral load is suppressed!!! Educate yourselves :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


And that is the problem with posting a question like this in a forum of NON MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. PLEASE, ASK YOUR DOCTOR!

I feel like this is fake and that this only for research on how ppl act.

Apart from those who are being pro active with their comments the rest of you should hang your heads in shame :pensive: - “why would you want to bring a child into this world knowing you have hiv” “will you even be around long enough” etc etc disgusting comments to be honest​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I hope none of you who have commented in a negative manner ever have to go through something that makes society pass judgement in a negative way onto you :+1:

Giving AIDS and HIV can be prevented during pregnancy you guys should do your research before judging


So…. I could be misinformed for sure… but can’t you pass that to your baby during birth? Like it’s a guarantee? I’m not going to ask why you would want to bring a child into the world but I am gonna ask why you would want to bring one into the world at a disadvantage like that from birth? I mean zero disrespect. I’m genuinely asking. Think about that humans quality of life being hiv positive from birth on.

Dude smh to some of these comments. She’s asking a question and most of yall are attacking her🖕there’s this thing called antiretroviral therapy or AR you can do to prevent it to getting to your baby. Witch can improve you and your baby’s health. Do y’alls research.


Talk to an HIV specialist. They’re going to have a better idea of what’s going on than everyone else. There’s treatments and medications for people with HIV/AIDS to help them live a comfortable life and prevent passing on the virus. People are going to have a lot to say, but if you guys feel ready to have your own kids then your next step is to talk to an HIV/AIDS specialist


You can pass hiv during pregnancy, labor, and breast feeding… I wouldn’t bring a child in the world knowing that!but adopting is always an option :heart:


:woman_facepalming: I really thought the 2nd time I seen this that maybe just maybe there wouldnt be as many ignorant people commenting. Boy was I wrong.
Dont listen to the uneducated fools.


I don’t know the answer to you question. But I wish you ever success in getting pregnant and having a lovely baby.


For original poster, I’m not sure what country you live in. In the UK we have specialist HIV dieticians who can advise you on what’s best for you if you’re trying to have a baby :blush:

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The virus can be passed to an unborn child. There are preventive meds a woman can take, but it doesn’t 100% guarantee no transmission.

Some of you really need to educate yourselves :joy::woman_facepalming:

Talk to a HIV specialist!


I hope all works out love

She didn’t ask your fucking opinions if she should have a baby. Some of ya’ll should just scroll along instead of coming with your irrelevant opinions that NO one asked for.

I’m so sorry for all these negative comments. People are assholes. I don’t have any suggestions other than what the good folks here have already said. I wish you and your husband all the best!!!

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Why are you ignorant, rude ass people even commenting?!? WHY? SERIOUS QUESTION?!

Good luck to whoever this is and I hope you get your miracle baby soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I say pray regularly and love your child. God will protect you both

If you have a baby wont they be positive as well? How scary :frowning: i hope you find some good resources and feel better!!


Not to get ur hopes up but I had 2 negative pregnancy test 1 at 4 weeks(hospital) and another at 8 weeks(doctors office) . I didn’t test positive a pee test till I was 4 months along with my first.


Y’all ppl on here r ridiculous. Some of y’all need to educate yourselves. This is somebody life we r talking about. It does not mean she can not live her life as a normal person. U can not pass it on to your child. Go ahead n make that baby u have a husband that is willing to be there for u n the baby. Girl god got u f everybody else. Live your life.


HIV is NOT a death sentence! Educate yourselves before responding to something you know absolutely NOTHING about! This woman can live to be 100 as long as she takes her meds!


Adoption would be a lot better!


Ask qualified Doctors not social media. You could do more harm than good.


Adopt a child . Don’t have one and risk his life. :pleading_face::woman_facepalming:t2: so sorry for such a hard situation. Blessings


Medical cannabis will help with nausea, loss of appetite, energy, and pain. But, always consult your doctor first. Stay safe, stay high, stay healthy. Good luck to you and God bless.

I wish u all the luck and so proud of you😘

HIV is pretty serious but as several people have said there are ways to prevent it from passing to the baby. It would defiantly be a good idea to talk to a specialist on HIV because HIV is already weakening your immune system and on top of that if you do have to do fertility treatments those can effect/lower your immune system. So you’re gonna wanna get your egg count checked and his sperm rate to see there is a possible fertility issue. If so and you need fertility treatments make sure you talk to specialists because it’s a big decision. Plus you’re immune system is effected during a pregnancy as well.


Detox your body drink all that nasty but healthy drinks. I wish u all the best good luck having a baby :pregnant_woman:t4:

How does this have anything to do about nails?


I hope you feel. Better soon and I hope u have the little baby your heart desires :heart:


Oh my… Some of you are saying some very hurtful and IGNORANT things.
HIV research and development has come so far that with proper physician supervision, medications, diets, etc, numbers can become nearly undetectable in the host, making it safe to conceive, carry, and deliver a baby.

I dont have any information for you… but wish you the best of luck to you and your developing family! :heart:

Nothing is 100% guaranteed. So even with all the preventatives and medications there is still a chance and I think that’s what some people were trying to say.

That was NOT asked lol so to answer the question, I agree a fertility specialist is your next stop. If your dr said nothing is wrong it may be a fertility issue on you or your husband’s end. Surrogacy is a super safe option too as long as you’re both undetectable. Also wouldn’t batter your immune system but would still 100% be yours.

Wow some of you people are dumb. :roll_eyes: Girl consult your dr ask for help from their dietician Im sure they have one. In the meantime there are tons of protien and supplemental shakes on the market for kids and elderly that are loaded with sugar as well as essential vitamins made especially for nutrition and weight gain. Pedi-sure and Ensure come to mind. Id give that a try and see if it helps. Good luck to you and your husband.

Joey de Jong mmmmmbot

I cannot believe how many uneducated people are on here. As long as you take your medicine as directed the virus level will be so low that it can be undetected and non-transferable!!


Make a plan. Talk to your infectious disease doctor first, make sure you are on the right medicine for being pregnant and also make sure you are undetectable. As you are pregnant you have to make sure you stay on top of talking your medicine. Then if and when you get pregnant and you find an OBGYN make sure you tell him/her about your medical history and then those two doctors will work together pertaining your pregnancy and HIV. As long as you take your medicine and you communicate with your doctors things should go smoothly. And after baby is born, you will be given liquid medicine to give to your baby for 6-8 weeks and then the baby will have to get 2 maybe 3 blood tests done to make sure the baby is negative.


Please get a second opinion on why you’re feeling ill and losing weight and definitely look into a hiv specialist. Hope everything works out for you :heart:

If you dumbasses in the comments aren’t educated on the subject keep yalls two cents to yourself. :woman_facepalming: yall looking real stupid and rude as fuck telling her to adopt instead or asking her why she’d risk her child’s life. Not answering her fucking question just showing yalls asses

Isn’t this a nail page? I seen her post the same question in other groups and it makes me wonder. Smh

I have no answer for the question. But i do want to say this. I ADMIRE your Courage amd Strength to be open about your medical issue. The way you Asked and pronounced your situation put a smile on my face. I could feel the positivity through your words. I will keep you in my prayers for a soon safe pregnancy and that the lord grants you many many years as a mother. Have a blessed day hun.

Have her speak to her infectious disease specialist . If her viral load is undetectable and stays that way ( with proper care) chances of her passing on the virus to her offspring are very low. Also seek advice from a fertility specialist science has come along way we have to put the stigma aside …


You can defiantly do it i was going to terminate my pregnancy 11 yrs ago… I goy to undetectable before birth. Take all your meds and you’ll be fine my son is healthy and very active 11yr old and is negative…


Ensure PLUS helped me gain weight, but I don’t have an illness behind it so not sure what could work for you. No baby advice cause mine are all grown and gone. Lol…good luck w everything xoxo

My husband is HIV positive. We have been together for 19 years and have 3 beautiful girls. I was on antiviral medication. Myself and all three girls are negative. As long as you take your meds and fallow your doctors advice you should have a beautiful babies. I wish you all the luck in the world.

She didn’t ask y’all medical opinions!! I’m pretty sure she is doing what she is supposed to do for her health…yall so dumb medicine has come a lonnnng way…eduacate yourselves :woman_facepalming:t5:


Hello everybody she’s asking what she can eat so she could gain weight to have a baby. She needs advice not putting her down,people these days so judge mental.

Y’all…it’s Definitely…not defiantly! Ffs


Should consult with doctors, not Facebook


Some of These comments😒
and we all women here


Speak to a fertility specialist if not consider adoption good luck

I don’t know much about this but I really hope u get to have a baby soon. Good luck hun

Take mucinex cold and flu. Not cause you feel sick but to get pregnant. Right before you ovulate and the week after :wink: good luck on the baby journey

I’m in the health and wellness industry and have a few products I would recommend. Phyte is a superfood and your daily supply of vegetables, it helps to alkaline the body. Seamoss is full of vitamins and minerals and has an array of health benefits. Techui is a natural spirulina that will help you to gain healthy weight. Matrix is our vegan protein shake that can be used as a meal replacement. If interested please inbox me. I’ll post links as well

All my test were negative with my first daughter But I knew I was pregnant! I literally woke up and everything looked, sounded, smelled different. I was also sick the entire 9 months !

Advice on the internet from random strangers for this? Listen to your doctor,get another doctor if necessary since they are the medical professionals.I wish you much luck and good health. Get your advice from the professionals though.

These comments are so disgusting!! It’s funny how many Negative Nancy’s had nothing to say after getting their asses educated by smarter people!! Shame on you idiots!!
But to this post definitely talk to your doctor more about it or see an HIV specialist. You just like any other person deserves to bring a child into this world & there are so many way to do so without transferring it to your child. Sending you positive vibes your way💖

Meca it’s a vitamin in Walmart . I tried for 12 years to have a baby took it for two months and was pregnant on the second month. Waited 10 months tried didn’t happen took meca pregnant the first month . To gain weight get u a good protein powder with full milk don’t do ensures they are toxic

Fb is not your local ogbyn


Y’all act like this is the 70s and 80s!! Good grief educate yourself! Use Google before making ASSumptions!!

My aunt was HIV positive and my cousin was born with HIV.
Her HIV wasn’t even detected until she was 7 months pregnant. It says dormant and doesn’t show up until there’s an issue with your blood cell count…

I get wanting to have a baby, but why would you risk passing it on to your child?

My aunt died of aids in 2012
Granted my cousin is on anti retro virals and numerous medications, but she can never just not be careful and she feels like shit more than she doesn’t.

But that’s my opinion & only my opinion.

You need to find an HIV specialist and work on getting your T Cells where they need to be. There are new medications everyday … Just everyone isn’t so lucky…

God bless.

Keep your back in line helps with pregnancy

Good luck on a baby sweeti fuck them rude ass people

I’m not sure what to say but ignore the ignorant retarded ppl making stupid comments, i hope you find a solution to your problem, and wish you and your husband a fabulous fute, hopefully with a child


Just track you’re ovulating and have sex at the right time. You having hiv doesn’t prevent you getting pregnant. I know someone who had 3 kids and was positive and kids came out healthy

Go get your nails done.


Absolutely disgusted with the way you women talk to each other.


Some of you people are so stupid , none of you know how where or why she is HIV and although this is Facebook people want and need advice from all sorts , so instead of being mean and opinionated be nice , my opinion don’t listen to the shit kickers they have nothing better to do than start stuff it entertains them , all the best for the future hope you get your dream .


One of my best friends (God rest her soul) was HIV positive and had a beautiful son. Matter of fact by the time she got pregnant she had full blown AIDS. It had to be in God’s plan because she thought for sure she couldn’t conceive and she did. She didn’t do anything differently and also had a drug problem. She was sick during her pregnancy though and for like the last 2 months of her pregnancy she had to stay in the hospital. Don’t lose hope and good luck

I just don’t know why these type of questions are on a Nails page.:woman_shrugging:


Please ask your doctor. Anything anyone here says will be a matter of googled information or personal experience that has no relevance to your medical history and background.


You need to discuss with your doctor.

Hi!! I think
It’s important to take-care your self first , check with your doctor to find out what is causing your symptoms. Thyroid problems, anemia, viral load , diabetes , an opportunistic infection… etc. Then when you gain health, start preparing your body for a future pregnancy . With folic acid , multivitamin, iron and of course your antiretroviral in combination with a healthy and valance nutrition. Wish you the best💕

I think you talk more about this with the Doctor. Here you will get a lot of ideas when we don’t know how your health status is right now. Please see your doctor.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant with HIV?

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Keto diet works for a lot of people trying to have a baby.


Get some protein in you. Start your day with a protein drink… sip at it until you get it all in. If you can’t eat do this 3 to 4 times a day.