How to get pregnant?

My husband and I are trying for a baby. Any advice on what I can do to help the process? I’ve tried pre-seed lube and multivitamins for women, but it doesn’t seem to be helping us. I also use the app glow to keep track of everything, and I feel like I’m doing something wrong … am I


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Don’t stress!!! That helps. I know its hard, and it’s a hard process. But relax. When you’re doing your thang!!! Relax. Have an orgasm. Or two or three! Enjoy the baby making. cleans your body. Take your vitamins. And wake up everyday with the thought of “today is the day”

Period tracker and watch for highest day of fertility! Worked for me in a homemade sperm donation😉 best of luck!

Stop trying and stressing over it and just have fun. It will happen when your body is ready.

The more you think and ‘try’, the less likely you’ll be to fall pregnant. Put it out of your mind.

On another note, if it’s been a long time, as in years, of trying, it might be worth speaking to GP for some tests. Xx


When we stopped trying we got pregnant. Stop trying and just have fun with your hubby

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First talk to your doctor. Relax and have fun. Try changing the routine.

Don’t over think it, all the planning and numbers can be mentally overwhelming and have your body totally stressed out. Be spontaneous and enjoy the process

Your over thinking it… Just relax and just let it happen



Keep track of ovulation. Get ovulation tests and use an app that helps keep track. Also make sure the guy is taking vitamins too. Women are supposed to have a good level of folic acid and men are supposed to have a good level of selenium. Got pregnant in less than 2mo once both of us were taking the right vitamins and drinking plenty of water. I also had him stop drinking so much soda and energy drinks and I cut down on coffee

Take prenatals, talk to a doctor about your struggles, know it may take awhile (I was told 1-2 years) and just try to have fun with it! Easier said than done, I know. We stopped preventing when we wanted to start “trying” and just had fun with it

Forget it and enjoy each other’s company the stress of trying takes the fun and less likely to work and not have sex often it takes 3-5days for a man to full replenish and honestly it’s lovely having babies but enjoy life while they not there cause after you lose a little self life I have 4 we do date day when there school we learnt the hard way you need time each ither


Stop trying. 100% and it will happen. For years I actively tried to get pregnant and nothing, stopped trying to pursue college and was pregnant by the end of my first year. Or try not to get pregnant. That’s how I had my daughter.

Hair skin and nails vitamins. Worked both times

Try having sex it works for the rest of the animal kingdom.

Most of the time it is timing and relaxation. Try using ovulation tests as well as the app to be sure… and make the trying part special. You know, massage, ambient lighting, lingerie etc
Also speak to your doctor in the meantime.
Good luck!

Es just relax, it’s come natural
My doctor told me ,it would be hard for me to get pregnant
Than I got pregnant four weeks after we got married


Definitely don’t stress. We had been trying for 7 months before we decided to make an appointment with a fertility specialist. I decided to try the “turkey baster” method the next month before the appointment and boom. It worked. I now have a week old baby boy.

Stay stiil for a couple of hours after with hips up. Sperm doesn’t start moving until after about twenty minutes.

I’d be off to see a gyno. . Lots of people (men and women) have fertility issues they dont know about until they try for a baby

And for everyone telling her to “relax and stop stessing” thats really not helpful, its like telling someone to stop bleeding after they’ve been stabbed :woman_facepalming:


I once read that when a woman orgasms it sucks the sperm up. So try simultaneous climax hehe. Always worked like a charm for me

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Take prenatals and track your period super closely and look into fertility kits

Both Ur partner and urself take vitamins bd on days 10,12 and 14 day 1 being first day start if Ur period make sure u leave the 2 days in between and try and relax and have fun while doing it! 14months of trying we followed this for 2 months and gt prefs

Don’t stress. There are so many couples who try n try n can’t get pregnant then adopt a child n fall pregnant because they’re not stressing about getting pregnant…

If that doesn’t work go see your GP he might have fertility issues… certain foods n herbs can also have an impact of fertility such as papaya n chase tree…

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I know you said u tried vitamins, but have u tried the seven seas conception ones? Loads of ppl swear by them, i was taking them when i fell pregnant with my 2nd (we had only just started trying).

I been trying 2 and a half years for my second tried everything nothing working now seeing a fertility specialist to see why I’m not getting pregnant.

Stop trying your body senses it and is stressed. Try your hardest give yourself a break from it for 6 months or a year and see what happens.

I never tried to have a kid. We have 2. When it happened it happened. We never actually wanted any it just did when it was suppose to I guess


I got pregnant both times without trying one time I was on birth control and had a ear infection and ended up pregnant because of the antibiotics everyone is different but I have heard that if you are trying your more stressed so it doesn’t happen as fast I agree just relax stress makes it worse

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Do the app for ovulation and for two weeks everyday hump during the ovulation. Worked for me

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:bangbang:Look into Enclomiphene a reserch chemical fertility drug which is getting all the benifit of clomiphene citrate without the horrible side affects.:bangbang:

:bangbang:If yiur husband is concerned with fertility he should run HCG at 250 IU every other day
And if it’s really bad add in enclomiphene‼️

Looking into diet and lifestyle especially if your suffering with being over weight or health conditions as well

Depends how in tune with ur cycle u are. If ur in sync with wen ur period comes and wen ovulation takes place as some women experience ovulation pains, its a good indicator to predict ur window. Once deed is done lay on ur back with ur pelvis tilted back. Put ur fists under ur hips to help. Lay for at least 10mins.

My friend gave up after 10 yrs, 15 yrs later she had 2. Of course I called her a liar, but she did have 2. Could be because she didn’t worry about it anymore. She used to say she didn’t want any, but that was a cover story.

My gyno told us baby dance 5 days before ovulation and we got pregnant

Lookup Gabriela Rosa she has helped thousands of couples figure out exactly why and then work on to improve the problem. Everyone’s journey is not the same. Get help from her

Look into how phthalates are causing reproductive harm… there’s a lot you can avoid to increase your chances of fertility but it’s very interesting to read about.

Have sex every 3 days. It’s not just about your fertility but his as well. It takes his body 3 days to recover all his men lol. This has worked for many babies

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Legs up for 30 minutes after sexy time on your ovulation day

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It took me about 1 year but it happened

Were you on any birth control prior to trying to get pregnant?

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The best way to help the process is called sexual intercourse.
Have sex every other day

Have you tried acupuncture?

Stop worrying about trying to get pregnant and plan something expensive and non-refundable :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

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Get partner vitamins also

Folic acid every day

Just relax. Babies come whenever they want to. And cosult a doctor.

Don’t keep track of nothing! Adds stress and people are less successful. Relax. Multi vitamins, folic acid & raspberry leaf tea! X

A lot of girls in my high school got drunk. That always seemed to work :joy:. Seriously though, good luck. My ex put her legs up the wall while laying on her back after 2 years of trying. First time she did that, nine months later we had a daughter

In my opinion i feel like doing allll that just makes it less likely to happen, cuz ur trying different things in ur body, ive never personally done any of those things but i feel like itll just prevent from u getting prego, my friend has tried all those things plus more, and it messed up her uterus idk howwwwwww but it messed it up and she couldnt get prego even if she did it medically, maybe stop doing those things for a while and try again naturally, i hope it works out for u mamas i really do, theres ppl out here who desperately want babies but cant for god know why, and ppl who dont want or mistreat or kill there babies end up having 20 of them smh the world is messed up, im sorry ur having trouble and i hope god blesses u with a baby or 2, Theres always adoption but i feel like you may want to feel the pregnancy and birthing and stuff so i know how u feel about that, God Bless u My Love and Hope u get what u want :heart:

Try ovusense. Really helped me

Lie on your back with you legs up the wall after sex!

I struggled for yrs t get pregnant but i just let nature take its course (this was before i finally found out this yr i have polycystic ovaries) all i can say is t keep trying n it will happen wen u least expect it good luck x

Stop Planning that’s done for many couples with unwanted babies :man_shrugging:t2:

Try agnus castus (chaste tree berry supplement) to normalise hormonal levels. Sometimes oestrogen dominance can cause non conception. Get it from the health food shops.

Stop stressing out over it and stop scheduling sex…

Maybe your man is sterile

Have lots and lots of sex. Forget about your ‘fertile’ days and just have sex every day. Twice a day. Whenever.

if it doesn’t go in few months, you need to go to doctor

Go to the doctor and make sure that you’re not sterile or he’s not.

Has you partner had a sperm count?

Black panties and vodka.

Stop trying and just have fun and it will happen

Luck of the draw. :rofl::rofl: Older you are harder it gets. People will tell you to try this way and that and oh how this worked for them but truth of the matter is it’s luck of the draw. Just keep at it. And at it. :rofl::rofl: Now THAT worked for me. All the way up to 34. Lol. Good luck though.

Your trying. Don’t. Just let nature work her wonders. Have fun, take time out. Stop thinking about for a while. Maybe a weekend away just to chill and enjoy. All the stress and pressure doesn’t help. Then if nothing happens have some tests. But most of all stay chill.

You’re worrying about it and trying to hard. Relax, drink some wine. Enjoy the moment. Get involved in a project. When you least expect it and when you’re more relaxed BOOM it will happen! I’ve told that to 3 ppl that tried for years, even on fertility drugs and when they bought a house or did a big project they got pregnant. Your stressing so it’s not happening. :heart:

Are you both using apps and starting at your phones? If so, you may need to put them down and errr have sex.

Forget all that stuff. Just put hid penis in your vagina. He will know what to do. ENJOY!!!

Relax and enjoy each stroke.

Quit trying!!! If it’s supposed to happen it will!!! Good luck!!!

Have sex about 3 or 4 days after the last day of your period. Continue having sex everyday for the next 7 days. During this time is when you’re ovulating. Do this every month.
I have a friend with 8 kids who used this technique.
The best part about having kids is making them.
If all else fails, consult a doctor.
If that still fails, adopt.
Good luck!

Nonsense I learnt from reading trashy chinese novels: You should avoid seafood or anything that has female hormones. Go organic and switch to organic Goats milk or plant milk. Avoid cold food stuff and aim for food stuff that warms up the womb and body. No more cold drinks. Warm Ginger Drink with Organic Brown Sugar is ok. Chinese Red Dates, Dried Longan Drieds with Wolfberries are fine. You might want to stop the lubes or the Douches. If your area has Chinese TCM. Go visit them but make sure you check with doctors and the Traditional Chinese Practitional on the medication and their recommend food stuff. Make sure it wont affect each other. The Chinese Dang Gui is very good for improving blood flow, but interferes with surgery causing execessive bleeding.

Slow down enjoy each other…

I can invest my last €200,000 with just one manager and that is Ricky he’s a man with a good heart Ricky Andrew

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If it’s meant to be…

Let him cum in your pussy. :wink: follow me for more contraception advice

Put peepee in veevee

Go to doc check to make sure nobody has blanks

Is the neighbour good looking ?

Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s him?

Get drunk and relax stop trying so hard


Ovulation tests
Ovulation watches
Conceive vitamins for both male and female
Don’t stress about it
Good luck!

Maybe baby ovulation kit. Only have to buy it once and can use forever. It tests the hormones via your saliva. No guessing

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Eating healthy, relaxing, and ovulation kits. I’ve read that the apps are never really accurate if you’re not the same as everyone cycle wise.

Sometimes it can take a bit! Not putting too much stress on it and just allowing yourself to have fun helps alot. I stressed hard about it and nothing happened, I relaxed, didn’t think too much about it and bam, now I’m pregnant with my twins lol


We looked up foods to help. It may not have actually helped but I was less stressed as I felt we were doing everything we could

The biggest thing that affects it is trying too hard, just relax… have fun and don’t just focus on trying to get pregnant


This may sound crazy, but I know several people who had success by seeing an acupuncturist. Best wishes

Celery juice. I bought my wife a juicer for her birthday. She has PCOS and there were times where she should’ve gotten pregnant but this year for her birthday we will have a baby boy. I swear by the celery juice 16oz every morning. It sure did the trick!!

Even if you have an app to track ovulation, it could still be off.
Have sex every single day. It will be work and tiring but if that doesn’t work for awhile maybe get your eggs and his sperm checked out.

Honestly the best advice I can give is to stop trying. My husband and I tried for two years and couldn’t conceive. The time when we just had fun and I didn’t think it was possible to conceive was when we did. Now I’m 22 weeks along with our little girl :heart: Sending baby dust!

Sometimes it’s not meant to be, me and my husband have been trying for 26 years now I’m to old to have children. You can learn how to live with out children now. it’s very hard to but you can enjoy other people’s children and nieces and nephews if you’re allowed to do that but I’m the black sheep of my family and are blackballed from see and getting to know my nieces and nephews. Good luck you can enjoy each other and if you really think about it do you want to bring up a child in this age of days!!! Things are bad and only going to get worse!!!


Get check make sure you don’t have cysts, fibroids or anything else. Good luck also when you stop trying so much that’s when it happens.

Go to Vegas. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! It happened to us :rofl::rofl: seriously tho, relax. I feel like the more stressed out u get with trying it doesn’t work. When u lease expect it, it will. A group of us went to Vegas. 2 of us couples have been trying and it hadn’t been working. We both came back pregnant. We weren’t “trying” or stressing over it or expecting anything to come of it… we were just having fun and it happen! Good luck with your journey.

So a natural remedy for both male and females is Maca Root. I use myo-insotnol and Inositol with Conception Plus. They’re natural and have been used for a long time to help treat pcos and fertility issues. It helps your body naturally prep for conception. Talk to your doctor if you’re wanting a more natural approach. If not talking to a fertility specialist in a consultation can help you get pointed in the right direction. I’ve used all three products above and conceived withing two months all three times. As well as several friends.


Don’t listen to people who just say “relax.” It’s very invalidating and trying for a baby isn’t relaxing. I’ve been trying for 3 years and we’ve tried to “relax.” It doesn’t work. I suggest drinking a TON of water, prenatal pills and mucinex is supposed to help with your cervical mucous. Also fair haven health has a ton of helpful products to conceive. Ava bracelet is supposed to help as well as Mosie Baby. Good luck!

Track for menstrual cycle with an app! Also track your V discharge that will tell you when your ovulating the best and when it’s easiest to get preggs! Good Luck!

Don’t try we wer trying for 5 years and nothing and we said look let’s stop trying if it happens it happens if not it’s ok and within 2 months I was pregnant, just relax dont stress about it x


Stop trying as daft as that sounds lol me and my partner tried for two years tried the vitamins the lube everything, got so disheartened when it never happened so said I wasn’t buying any more tablets or lube once it was all gone, and coz I stopped over thinking it, it happened I’m now 19 weeks pregnant