How to get pregnant?

Pray about it and our God will provide


Have your thyroid checked.

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Keep taking that nut!

Praying helps and try not to stress

Drink tequila and have, fun both of you.

Chiropractic adjustments

I got pregnant right after my period. Maybe the second day we had sex and 4 weeks later my pregnancy test said positive

Stressing is usually the cause of not conceiving…my grandaughter has 4 kids from age 6 to 3 no.


Just stop trying, it will happen. And have fun trying.

Do not try so hard to get pregnant

Stop trying so hard and let nature take care of it

Quit trying. Have a romantic night and make love to ur s/o

Get a pet or adopt a child.

Stop thinking about it and you might be surprised

Don’t try it we’ll happen in god’s time

Relax!. It just takes time.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant?

How long were you on BC? I had a friend who was on it for a long time and had some issues getting pregnant for a while after. Her doctor said it could of been from how long she was on BC.

Use an ovulation prediction calendar or app

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Since you’ve been trying over a year, mentioning it to your doctor wouldn’t hurt.

Cut down on carb intake. Keto works well to help get pregnant, even those with PCOS and other issues.

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It took me 16 months to get pregnant when I got off bc miscarriaged that one then 5 months later I got pregnant again and am now almost 8 weeks pregnant

Pre-Seed, ovulation tracking, ovulation checking, prenatals.

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Professional massage & stop trying

This might sound weird but I swear to godddd , this is what I did , I was trying for a good year no luck and then after intercourse I put my legs up on the wall and let gravity do the work and I finally got pregnant. It’s worked twice for me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I elevated my pelvis for a bit

I think once it’s passed 12 months of trying you can get referred to a specialist. Happened to me with my 2nd child turned out I had polystic ovaries then I had surgery to clean my insides out then was pregnant 3 weeks later


Ask your doctor as you could qualify for free IVF if you dont have children and there is a problem to fertility, good luck

It took me two years

Don’t try so hard. Just do it and have fun.

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Weird thing, I got pregnant when I got sick with strep throat.

Start taking prenatal vitamins

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I used the menstrual cups and put in directly after sex and sat with hips propped on pillows and legs on wall for an hour.

Prenatal vitamins every day

Don’t think about it and don’t try

See a doctor and have your levels checked. Try taking an ovulation test to predict your most fertile days. :heart:

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Talk to your doctor. Everyone has a different theory here but they don’t know if anything is going on with your body.

Don’t think about it!!
Make it fun, not a chore.
For play!
The pre seed lube, a healthy diet, vitamins!
Good luck

Took us over a year the month we got pregnant i took Letrozol was doing preseed and did conceive plus pills! Took us over a year

I was trying for almost 7 months then I didn’t even think about it or try anymore now boom … 6 months pregnant

I took a supplement called vitex both times. I truly believe that’s what got me pregnant.

Start taking a prenatal vitamin daily

Take BC for a couple of months then get off. Most people I know got pregnant that way

Track ovulation with strips. They sell kits on Amazon

After a year see your OBGYN

Track to period, track ovulation, get ovulation tests. There are apps for tracking. Consider changing your diet. Talk to your doctor too

The keto diet is well known for helping, hence “keto babies”…


Prenatal vitamins and whole 30. Lol!

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Use a period app to track your period. Take ovulation tests to help pinpoint ovulation. Sperm can live in the body up to 5 days so it helps to have sex before ovulation too. You can always ask your OB about Clomid or Letrozole, both help stimulate ovulation. Good luck!

Yes I was fertility test and take them and be sure that that’s the days that you do something I also heard somewhere that the guy should do what he’s supposed to do and then the second time do it again because that makes it more potent sperm take vitamins and stuff don’t think about it anymore just do those steps I told you and relieve all of your stress cause stress will definitely affect it and I’m sure if you quit thinking about it it will come so be patient good luck

My friend took a low dose aspirin daily. It helped blood flow to her uterus and she was able to get pregnant.

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track cycle, have sex every other day during fertile window (which should be about a week long), take a prenatal vitamin, stop smoking and drinking, moderate caffeine.

I had my daughter 10 years ago and tried for my second for 10 years until I finally gave up. I moved my whole life around and ended up losing 100 lbs and stopped trying. As soon as I lost all that weight it was like boom your pregnant. And this one will be born the beginning of September. Good luck honey. I definitely know the pain and struggle

Give your guy more oral. After about 2 weeks of getting extra oral my wife was pregnant. We had been trying for a couple of years but I wasn’t getting much oral


Take prenatals and just let nature take its course

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I put a ovulation app on my phone… tracked my periods for 3 months and followed the best ovulation times

Keto. 36 weeks now with a keto baby


Keto and acupuncture! Worked for us after trying unsuccessfully for 4 years

Stop trying! Every time I stopped stressing about getting pregnant and just relaxed I ended up pregnant. I now have 3 kids

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You should both see your doctor to determine if there are any existing medical issues. See what your doctor recommends.

Stop stressing about it and it would happen.

Take your température everysingle morning check out the day there is a maybe 0,5 higher. Do it baby. And do it everyday that it happens. Also be careful of hot bath before sleep for your man. Spermatozoid dies and are no good after. Good luck, dis worked for me. :innocent:

track your period/ovulation, take prenatal vitamins now, cut out soda/alcohol, relax don’t make having sex a chore

Super odd but its no joke! My boss told me to do this to help my dry skin… I am now currently 36 weeks pregnant. :joy:

Stop trying. Focusing solely on getting pregnant stresses your body out. Have sex to have sex! Not trying to be mean, just coming from a Mom who actually had to do in vitro but this is what our fertility specialist told us to do 1st. Works for most people!!!

If you’ve been trying for a year with no luck you should go see a fertility doctor :two_hearts:


stop trying, just be spontaneous and have fun

Try during 12-14 days before.your expected period.

Order an ovulation kit off Amazon and track your whole cycle. It will give you a better understand of when it’s the right time for YOUR body to get pregnant. Because everyone’s is different.

Have sex every other day so you don’t miss ovulation. If your man is masturbating that could also cause issues because it needs to build up. Me and my husband tried for about 6 months and finally got pregnant after doing these things

Best advice I can give is stop trying and stressing about it. When I quit trying and decided I wanted to go back to school first, I found out two weeks into school I was pregnant. When your trying and stressed about it it messed with your hormones…

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I always heard when you stop trying that is usually when it happens, when you try and have to keep trying and get the results you don’t want it kind of puts a damper on a person and can stress you out.

Yoni steam. :sweat_smile:
Did it 2 times. Was pregnant within a month both times. It was not intentional.

Stop trying and having sex to have a baby and just enjoy it and life

It can take 3-5 years after being of birth control. 2nd try the sex wedge. 3 gravity. {Doggy.}

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant?

If youve been trying for a year then its time to go and see your gp they will run some tests and should refer you to fertility clinic so they can see if everything is working fine or if you need help


There’s a lubricant called conceive plus - it’s on Amazon. I used this after 6 months of trying and caught my first month so I swear by this. And tracking your period/ovulation via an app - I didn’t find that ovulation kits worked for me was very stressful, but I deffo recommend the lubricant, my friend who tried to convieve for years told me about it xx

Enjoy yourselves while it’s just you two. Thinking about it every month and ovulation can cause more stress and do more harm than good. Be spontaneous and have fun. If after another 6 months you haven’t gotten a positive. Then seek advise from your gp or planned parenthood if age or other factors may be hindering your chances. They can offer you more advice.
But 100% try to relax and stay away from TTC groups as this affects your overall wellbeing


I would see an RE.
I couple under 30 “should” get pregnant with in a year and 6 months for over 30 … maybe it’s 35 now that I say that. Either way I would see a doctor.

I recommend getting the book it starts with the egg and following it as well as a fertility diet that works for you. Check out the fertility nut if you need help.

Organise a night for you and your partner to let loose. I convinced 3 times while drunk haha

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Temperature chart by recording your body’s temperature each morning - Google BBT…it’s a little confusing at first but makes more sense when you read into it :blush: I went to ‘give up’ on trying and thought about tracking my BBT and seemed to have worked for me, good luck lovely! Xx

Relax and enjoy it, forget about baby making and take the pressure off… It will happen… Good luck x


You could try pre-seed. A lubricant that mimics your own body fluids when ovulating so sperm can swim more easily to the egg.

Agnus castus worked for my first and metformin worked for my second :raised_hands:

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant?

Talk to a Dr :slight_smile: they normally recommend speaking to someone if it’s been a yr or more of trying just in case I got help after 2 yrs and I’m pregnant now but we found out I had pcos and that’s why it wasn’t happening, I’m not saying anything is wrong with you but I speak to lots of ladies who find that out.
Sending baby dust your way :heartbeat:

We were trying for a while, I mean WHILE, and the only thing that seemed to work was I focused on college and boom. Currently 1 month pregnant with our miracle.
Also, I was given a .0001% chance due to a hormone problem

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First of all,have both of you seen a Dr. ,to be sure there aren’t any reasons why it’s not happening? If there is a medical reason ,they can if it can be fixed and how. Sadly they can also.tell you.if there is no hope but at least then you wouldn’t be wondering anymore. If there is no problem maybe you are just trying too hard.


Take black haw bark capsules. I know 4 people that took them that was having a hard time getting pregnant and got pregnant within a few months.

See a gynecologist. If it hasn’t happened within a year, check for potential issues.


There’s a free apt I’m currently using called Glow. It tracks your cycle/ ovulation days. Each day has a percentage of getting pregnant with low/medium/high categories. Lots of tips such as tracking body temperature etc along with the support of other women trying.

Could be a hundred things. I tried for 8 years. I know it can be heartbreaking, but don’t give up faith. I have PCOS and lost about 20 lbs, changed my diet, had a fibroid tumor yanked out and BAM! Don’t stress over your unanswered questions and don’t google anything. Talk to a specialist and enjoy the time trying to make a baby with your S/O. It gets a lot harder to enjoy once you get your wish. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourselves. You are enough of a family, and worthy of love even if you have not yet created a miniature biological version of the two of you. All the baby dust​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Have a sit down with your partner and discuss this, make an appointment with your family doctor and ask to be seen by specialists to make sure both of your reproduction organs are working :muscle:. Next step is to find out when you ovulate each month and try during that time. Take prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Eat a healthy diet too (both of you).


Sometimes trying too hard will make it NOT happen. Relax, take a break and then let nature take its course. You may just be putting too much pressure on yourself.

This miiiiiight be a myth, but I think I heard that starting prenatal vitamins make you more fertile.


My boyfriend and I abstained for like 2 weeks or more, unintentionally we were just too busy or tired… then when we finally had sex I got pregnant… surprise! Lol best part was I had just told one of my best friends I had never had a scare with any of my exes, that I was concerned I couldn’t have babies, Mother Nature basically said “oh yeah? Watch this” after I had that convo. Baby was not planned but the best thing to happen to either of us.


Go to a fertility specialist. Until you do that, you will have ZERO idea what’s wrong. And OP, yes something is not OK. Reason I say that is because if you ARE trying and it’s been 1-2 years then baby is way overdo. Have you bought ovulation kits? Pregnancy tests? If you’ve done all of that then GO TO A Fertility Specialist! As strange as it may seem OBGYN have no clue about this area.


Change your diet. High protein, increase veggies, decrease fats.
Take an organic prenatal vitamin, powdered magnesium, iron, vitamin d3 with k2, and calcium.
Drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water (140lbs=70oz water).
Walk a minimum of a mile a day every day.


Buy ovulation test strips and have sex every day during your ovulation. I tried for over a year even using them and didn’t conceive. I was sad and gave up e adopted a cat and quit trying 3 months later I took a test I was 6 weeks pregnant! Sometimes the stress of trying doesn’t help we ended up having 2 more after without trying. We now have a 4 yr old 2.5 yr old and 1.5 year old. Good luck