How to get pregnant?

I would make an appt with your doc. They can run tests to make sure you two are compatible as partners and it’s not an issue with blood work or something, and if it’s not that they will help you go from there. I started taking a prenatal vitamin daily before and it seemed to help me. My fourth pregnancy was my first that was viable and made it and it was the only time I started prenatals beforehand.


Definitely don’t try. I gave up trying and it happened naturally. Be patient with yourself aswell and stay stress free


The stress of trying and focusing on that can actually work against you.
Take a prenatal if you aren’t already, adjust your diet (limit processed foods - anything that’s naturally not something we can digest can inhibit your body’s ability to function efficiently), find a new hobby and dive into that.
Being aware of your specific cycle can help - I wouldn’t be hardcore tracking and planning specific days for intercourse etc though because that would stress me out.

Ok one would assume you’ve been monitoring your cycles and ovulation blah blah blah and nothing has come of it yet… So stop “trying”, do something spontaneous,go away for the weekend or night, have fun get a little tipsy, legs in the air don’t care. Don’t make it “work”. Like everyone else said get check ups for the both of you from your Doctor. Good luck :+1:


This is going to sound silly but when I wanted to get pregnant really bad, after my husband had ejaculated deep inside me, I laid on the bed so I was practically standing on my head. It worked for us! :grin:

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My hubby & I tried for 3 yrs. I went in for a check up. My OB did an ultrasound & found endometriosis. I had a laporoscopy done and was pregnant 6 months later.

The most simple thing ever… stop trying… honestly your putting to much pressure on your body when you stop stressing about it it will happen out of nowhere!! Good luck!


Go on a diet to throw your system out a the normal routine! Worked for me when I couldn’t conceive.

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Maca root :laughing: both of you take it. Its a natural herb from peru but sold in the US. I had a friend that tried for 5 yrs, one month after both taking this she was pregnant. Maca root is for reproductive health, it will/ should say it on the bottle. Comes in powder form and capsules. I would also consider both of you take multi vitamins. This is just an idea :blush: of course follow your Doctors guidance.

Depends on the birth control sometimes it can take longer for some to get out of some peoples body’s and it get back to normal. Have you checked your ovulation and done the dirty when you are ovulating. You could also check with your doctor and have him get a sp>rm check to make sure he’s all good to go.

We had to stop for a month because i came down with covid and once i got better and we started up again we got pregnant right away… were both 34 and had been trying for exactly 1 year once i found out… so maybe take a little break and let everything “rest”

PreSeed… tried for a few years with no success, then boom. I’ve got an odd shaped uterus so I guess it was to be expected to be difficult to conceive…

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A vagina log. (NOT sure what to call it) Track things DAILY for a minimum of 2 months. Include your temperature. You will identify ovulation a lot easier this way. To keep his swimmers strong, let him build things for 2 days at a time. I have no medical training and in no way, shape, or form has this been a proven method, unless you count my daughter. She logged for 2 months and by month 3 she was preggers.

I was off of my birth control when I turned 17 we weren’t preventing pregnancy but we weren’t exactly trying either I didn’t get pregnant till I was 20 birth control can really throw your body out of whack I never had a regular period from the time I stopped my birth control till 8 months after I had my son and I finally got regular cycles back.

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Track your cycles. Get ovulation kits if you haven’t already of course… if that doesn’t work I’d go see a doctor so they can refer you to a fertility specialist.

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I’ve known a few people that had trouble conceiving and went on strict keto diets and got pregnant.

It honestly takes time I know that’s not what you want to hear. Doctors thought I was infertile because I tried for 4 years the day I got my appointment for the clinic to see if I was infertile I found out I was pregnant . Good luck xx

My cousin was taking a vitamin that was prescribed to her. She said it was kinda like a prenatal or something. Ask your doctor.

Giiirl just stop. Like literally stop trying lol I know it’s frustrating believe me I cried over 2 negative tests. But once you quit thinking about it so much it’ll just happen.

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I had the same problem we were trying for al.ost three years nothing happened I was taking prenatal vitamins and so was my husband I finally said screw it and stopped trying and here we are with a two year old now lol

Sometimes the stress of trying can prevent it.

Pelvic floor exercise. Get a pap smear. Take prenatal and have the man take a multi vitamin. Add some wheat germ in yalls salad. It has folic acid and helps keep sperm and eggs stay healthy. Talk to the doctor. There may be a more to it. Also watch those videos of fetus growing in womb so you know what to expect.

Like everyone said, talk to your doctor first. BUT for me, keto has been my secret fertility weapon for some reason. My son was a keto baby and then in March I started keto again and now I’m 8 weeks pregnant :sweat_smile:


My husband and I were together 7 years before we got pregnant. That one resulted in a loss but then 2 years later we conceived twins. We were not trying at that point.

Stop trying, stop stressing. Enjoy your “quality” time…
Sometimes the more you plan the less yours plans work out x x

Track ovulation, use preseed while doing the dirty during ovulation, also take mucinex the week of ovulation. It also helps to be focusing on your health and eating habits…create an optimal internal environment.

Track ovulation, preseed, and honestly… Don’t stress over it. We were trying for 10 months with zero luck. The one month I was going to test, I ended up testing once my period was 2 days late, and I had randomly cried over nothing… I honestly didn’t think I was pregnant. I’m now 12w5 pregnant.

Try prenatals! Took me over a year and then i went on prenatals and folic acid and i was pregnant…

When I got w my husband I swore I just couldn’t have kids and I went and got tested and there was nothing wrong w either one of us…so I quit trying and stressing and 8 months later I found out I was pregnant. After my daughter we wanted another and I tracked my fertility and just done the deed that week and we got pregnant but had a miscarriage so we are trying again. Best of luck. One of the hardest wants and waits ever❤

See a fertility specialist. They might try other tests and treatments to boost fertility and likelihood of getting pregnant.

I had a friend who was trying for years. Her and her husband sat down n finally said, maybe this wont work for us. Lets take a break. They didnt put any pressure on it, the next month they got pregnant!! :heart::heart::heart:

Diet… a lot of people who change up eating habits can get pregnant… you make be lacking nutrition that you don’t even realize… just saying don’t rule it out

Prenatal vitamins help get pregnant, but also sit down and talk about your diets. If you smoke, that lowers your partners sperm count. Try eating healthier while you’re trying to conceive as well. No more soda, or yucky foods! Especially Mountain Dew!

Try pre-seed!
Me and a couple of my friends used, all of us got pregnant. Took me around 3 months

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Ovulation test strips, tracking your bbt, prenatal vitamins and try not to stress too much.

Honestly, this worked for me, start the pill, get on it for a few months. After your cycle is over, don’t start a new pack, baby dance when you would typically ovulate and every other day leading up and after… goodluck.

Tracking ovulation and using Soren friendly
Lubricant. They have one called pre seed heard very good things about from other moms and it helped me conceive my fourth daughter.

Have you ever been tested for PCOS? I had not until my husband and I tried unsuccessfully for a year. My husbands sperm count was high but I found out I had PCOS which can cause issues getting pregnant. Your gyno can test you. You may not but just my experience.

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Try ashwagandha to boost fertility :woman_shrugging:t3: but I do agree that you should speak with a fertility specialist. It is recommended after a year of trying with no success

Pomegranate seeds one month before cycle starts and during the duration of cycle …also have partner eat some too… That’s what happened to me this time lol was only trying to shorten my periods (which it did cut 2days off)

My daughter hasn’t been able to get off for ten years but she has a TikTok telling about their journey with their fertility if you would like to follow! It tells what they have been thru and different about infertility

It took us 5 years and we didn’t get pregnant till we stopped stressing about it happening and we just had our first daughter 5 months ago.

Prenatals and don’t think about it!

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Stop trying as that will just stress you out, after sex lift your legs in the air and put a pillow under your bum…Good Luck

I used my period calendar app to track my cycle and my “flowering” days haha (aka most fertile fays). Also, I took Pink Stork prenatal vitamins a few months prior to getting pregnant.

Weight loss, aspirin and tracking ovulation would be my suggestions

I take prentals while ttc and for me its always worked. I know everybody is different tho

It took me two years to get pregnant. A friend of mine recommended eating pomegranate and drinking unsweetened organic pomegranate juice to boost fertility. I also took prenatals.

I’d go to a fertility specialist. After 2 years of trying with my husband we went and they helped massively.

I was on the implemon (rod) after my first for 3 years took it out to have another baby and took 4 years :roll_eyes:

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See your OB my husband and I couldn’t conceive for a year and half and then I was given Clomid and we were pregnant within 2 months.

It took me about that long to get pregnany after coming off bc.

Keep track of when your ovulating and then when you do it hasn’t your hips elevated when he cums and keep your legs up for 15-20 min after. Also try to wait as long as you can to pee after

Look into Anthony Williams books! A lot of healing information! Praying for you!

Over a year of trying with no success warrants a visit to See the doctor specifically a reproductive endocrinologist.

Stop trying. Everyone i know that was trying to get pregnant including myself just gave up on trying and a few months later got pregnant

I had bariatric surgery and three months later I was pregnant at 37 years old.

Do the baby dance the day before you ovulate, the day you ovulate and the day after you ovulate. You will get pregnant faster. It only took me a month to get pregnant. I also recommend a ovulation app and strips.

Get a check up with your partner and make sure your reproductive organs are working right and take prenatals and folic acid

I remember working at a ski field when I was much younger. I met a couple who (had previously) been unable to have children after repeatedly trying. They made the move to the country (ski fields) and she fell pregnant. They were convinced it was because of the pollutants in the city. However, I wouldn’t jump up and make a move based on one couple experience but might be worth looking into (research and other peoples testimonial)

Also try a dietitian.
Soda pop and other items can affect you.

Your birth control has a lot to do, I didn’t conceive after a year and a half of leaving my birth control. See a Gynecologist

If you have both been tested for problems and are healthy, relax. Switch coffee for green tea.

I went 3 years trying and once I finally got pregnant I had been ovulating and that night didn’t do my usual after sex routine. Fell asleep and shortly after I found out. But I’d check with You’re family doctor

I agree with the stop trying my auntie tried for years either not getting pregnant or miscarriage after miscarriage they gave up on the idea and then had 2 boys :wink:

What helped me, was to “stop” trying.

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Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Ovulation Tests

I swear i get pregnant everytime i had feet above head and when he finished id tighten an release a few times while in the position

He needs to get checked first. Easiest route. Then it’s all testing for you.

Take prenatals. I started taking them and 3 months later was pregnant.

My mom said, boxer shorts for him and wheat germ in a protein shake. They had 9 kids :wink::grin:

Legs up after sex. Don’t pee roght afyer sex. Don’t swallow your potential children.

I Did learn that sperm release is greater if the testies are cold.

My dr prescribed fertility medication after 1 year of trying. Might look into that! Good luck :heart:

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I got pregnant between the 14 and 17th day of the first day of my period :upside_down_face:

Stop trying. Sometimes the stress will prevent it

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Folic acid and prenatal every single day… Also after sexy time lay on your back and prop a pillow under you’re hips and lay there for Atleast a half hour let them babies swim!!! :joy::woman_shrugging:t3: It worked for me & my sister… Goodluck!! :pray:t2::purple_heart::crossed_fingers:t2:

Pre seed and there’s one more that I’ve heard works I forgot the name of

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I gave up trying with both my pregnancies and it happens right away. I swear by it lol.

Reach out to your doctor and tell them that you’re struggling to get pregnant. They can inform you of your options

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Consider unprotected intercourse. It worked for my ex and I.

I totally and completely gave up and it happened.

Increase folate not folic acid folate

STOP TRYING! Lol. Worked twice for me.

Talk to an obgyn, make sure your hormones are in check.

Maca root, good nutrition , prayer , vitamins. Less stress

Have you tried strawberry wine and the backseat of your car? It works for so many that are not trying. Also have you tracked your ovulation?


Just let it happen when you stop trying itll happen

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Go to a fertility specialist.

Get drunk it’s worked for many people!! Myself included once upon a time lol

Mucinex helps with fertility.

Quit worrying about it. Once you quit obsessing about it and relax, it’ll happen.

Folic acid worked for me after a year of trying!

Take prenatal vitamins

Talk to your doctor about clomid that’s what helped me!

You could check with a fertility specialist

Make sure he is producing swimmers and you make sure you’re ovulating. You could have PCOS and don’t know it. Or he could easily be the problem. It’s easier to figure out what you have that information.

Sometimes birth control can really mess up a womans body. Look into what depo does to the uterus. I’m not trying to scare you, but I’m just saying your body may not be back to “normal” if it’s only been a couple of years. I know someone who tried for years but because she had been on bc so long, it took a while. Also, having sex regularly will decrease his sperm count. Theres also certain things in his diet that may decrease it. Theres also a specific lube my sister calls “baby making lube” that helps the lil swimmers get to where they need to be.

Call your doc and sex every other day. Man in boxers !!

Take a Valium or two. Seriously relax. I had to have an MRI and they gave me two low dose Valium’s. Came home after and we had sex. I got pregnant ! I guess I was just so stressed out that once I relaxed, it happened.