How to get pregnant?

I have an anonymous question. What are some tips to help get pregnant besides obviously having sex? We have been trying for over a year. I’ve been off birth control for almost 2 years now.

We went to my gyno after a year and a half of trying to see what we could do. She told me my cervix was backwards/tipped and that normal techniques to get pregnant would never work for me. We did what she suggested and boom. Next cycle I was pregnant. I also used the Ovia app to track my cycles. Good luck mama. Have fun! :heart:

Me and my partner were trying for 18 months before falling pregnant with my youngest (oldest was from a previous prelationship)
We started taking his and hers pregnacare vitamin tablets for fertility/trying for a baby, and I also bought conceive plus pre filled applicators of fertility lubricant.
We both started taking the vitamins the day my period started, and then once my period had ended, we had sex during that week, but from the following week we were having sex every 2-3 days. Each time I would insert one of the lubricant applicators just before we did the deed itself, and then not move from the bed for at least half an hour afterwards too. It wasn’t sexy doing the lubricant :see_no_evil::joy: but we wanted to at least try. I fell pregnant on my first month of doing this, which we were not expecting after trying for so long.

Honestly, stick your legs up in the air for 20 minutes after sex with a pillow under your lumbar and teak your ovulation. Anything up to a year is normal as a struggle to get pregnant but the first time I did this after a year of natural trying bam pregnant.

Take a multivitamin everyday I found I always got pregnant faster than way. Also use ovulation tests to be exact when your ovulating.