How to get rid of canker sores?

My nine-year-old daughter gets canker sores inside her cheek by her lip inside. She has got them ever since she was younger. Her pediatrician doesn’t know why she gets them, nor does her dentist. I give her flintstone vitamins. Since she is a picky eater, she does love candy and sore things. But as she has a sore, she can’t eat anything really. She has numbing medicine she put on them to help her eat. Other than that, does anyone else, child or adult, get these? They are miserable for her; I’m at a loss at what to do for her!


Mix equal parts of mylanta and liquid children’s Benadryl and swish around mouth. spit out do not swallow or rinse.

Oranges and orange juice caused mine, gave both up over 30+ years ago

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of canker sores?

Have them run an auto immune panel on her. Lupus is one auto immune disease that causes mouth ulcers. Thats how they started testing me!


Lick the tip of your finger and pour salt on it and then push it to the canker sore. Will dry it out and it will be gone in a day or so


No more sour things. They cause them for me. Swish with super salty water twice a day, when she has one or feels one coming in.


I used to get them regularly when I was younger, now my 10 year old does sometimes. Have her rinse her mouth with salt water a few times. A couple times a day. It helps super fast!


I used to get them all the time. Especially if you bite or chew your cheek a lot, you’ll get them because bacteria gets inside them. That’s what my dentist told me. I don’t get them anymore and I’m 100% healthy and no autoimmune disorders.

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My daughter had this a few weeks ago & the dentist said it was some viral infection… her doctor gave her amoxicillin & a mouthwash that was benadryl mixed w maloox to coat the sores with. It went away after a week


I endured these my entire life. After a celiac diagnosis 2 years ago, I know now they were one of many ways my celiac manifested. I only get them now if I’ve come into contact unknowingly with gluten. Good luck to your daughter :heart:

Mix equal parts of mylanta and liquid children’s Benadryl and swish around mouth. spit out do not swallow or rinse.

Yeah I was gonna say they’re caused alot by left over sugar in the mouth. I’m not really sure how to completely make them go away but warm salt water can keep them clean and from getting worse

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My dentist told me that candy and sugary things can cause canker sores.

Stress used to cause them for me when I was younger… I used to put peroxide on a qtip and rub it on tge sore. It would be gone in a day or two.


Wet the tip of a qtip and dip into salt, hold directly to it until it stops burning, and do it again. I usually do it twice in a row, 3 times a day


I get them whenever I eat raw tomatoes.

My cousin has Behcet’s disease and that was one of her symptoms.

Last time I had one, using Listerine helped get rid of it. Also used the numbing gel on it. Apparently putting salt directly on it will get rid of it faster, but it burns like a B.

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Yogurt! Works wonders.

Salt on it it’ll help with pain too afterwards but hurts like a beyotch during

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Growing up my mom had me put a piece Hersey chocolate bar on canker sores. They went away. Lol

Salt and warm water swish around in mouth few times a day. It will clear right up! Swear by this

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I never had a canker sore until last year. My dentist said it can happen when holding your mouth open too long…Like when I was getting a root canal. He gave me some mouth wash stuff and it went away within a day or two.

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Hydrogen Peroxide swish in mouth after brushing

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As a child being kissed on the mouth, herpes was my diagnoses. Yep.

Salt!! Wether that be just getting her to eat Potato chips, gargling salt water, anything salty really will help clear it up.


They told me eating too much sour candy caused mine when I was little

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Do not give anything acidic like juices fruits tomatoes put on honey where her coldsore is and swish salt& water 2 or 3x a day it will go away!!!))


High amounts of citric acid can do it.


We finally got rid of my daughters - almost completely by switching toothpaste. She’s 12 and has suffered with multiple canker sores all at once almost daily since she was a toddler.

Find a toothpaste with no SLS… sensodyne kids is one.

Sodium Laurel sulfate is what you want to avoid. Or some version of those words, sometimes listed slightly different.

I get them when I’m stressed, I subconsciously bite my cheek/inside my lip (even in my sleep if I’ve had a bad dream when younger) and I would get them…but now I’m more aware and wake myself up



Lysine pills over the counter supplement, Alum in spice isle, hot salt water. Get water as hot and salty as possible and rinse several times. With clean finger use alum powder on sore, it will sting some but will immediately kill all pain. Take the lysine as directed. Research all ingredients and make your decisions. I’m no doctor, just live with these since I was preteen.
For me stress, illness and too much sun are causes for me. I do have an autoimmune disease. Hope it helps. Good luck


It’s sugar that is left in the mouth. Dentists know this. Brushing more helps. I wish I knew the medicine my grandma used when I was younger. It was a brown liquid. And it literally went away the next day.

I used to get them bad as a kid and only get them every once in a while now. I will gargle with mouthwash multiple times a day but it burns like a @#$&*! I do hot salt water as well as put salt directly on it, but you better have a high pain tolerance! Salt helps to dry it up that’s why I put it directly on it since our mouth is always wet. When I was a kid, the drugstore sold an antiseptic mouthwash and we used it but I no longer can find it. I found that acidic foods caused mine as well as biting the inside of my mouth. The last time I tried to use a canker sore medicine, it broke the whole area out! Never again. I hope she finds relief soon!

This toothpaste is SLS free and helps prevent them

My daughter takes Lysine to prevent them, and it seems to be working! She use to get them often.

And rinsing with this is magical to help heal them

Have her swish her mouth with warm salt water when she gets them n I’ve learned that spicy things and sour things can trigger the canker sores also

I never liked sour things and was always prone to getting them, my dad is too. Honestly the best thing I found is to just make sure when you have them you brush really good and use mouth wash. We use the pro health mouth wash (and tooth paste) so there’s no alcohol, but it will still burn. Keeping her mouth clean will help with the bad germs. As I’ve gotten older I don’t get them as much, but still a couple times a year. I hope she never needs braces…that is the absolute worse!! Good luck!!!

It hurts like the dickens but have her dip her finger in salt and apply it directly to the sore. I learned this trick when I was younger it clears them right up…. My aunt told me what’s worse a few seconds of pain or weeks of it while it clears on its own.


Alum in the spice aisle!!! Mix with a little bit of water to make a paste.

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And steer clear of things like sour candies - and acidic foods

Could she be biting the inside of her mouth?? I used to get them when I did that and they hurt

Give her zinc tablets Wal-Mart has tbem good for canker sores

Not sure that it can be used for a 9 year old but I’m sure you can talk with your child’s dentist about it. It helps me out tremendously! Within the first sign of pain I swoosh it around after brushing my teeth and the pain is gone. Takes about a day for the sore to be completely gone.

Yes- change toothpastes!! Tom’s strawberry for kids or desert essence for adults works in our family.

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My dentist told me to take my toothbrush an rub it over the the canker sore then use hydrogen peroxide to rinse everytime i get 1 i do this they gone by the morning

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Have her doctor do blood work. She could be Neutropenic. This could be as a result of a Nutritional deficiency.


My daughter’s doctor said it was because she was dehydrated. I had her drink more water and haven’t see anything ever since.


Does she chew gum? I get them all the time if I chew gum often.

L-Lysine, over the counter in the vitamin isle will get rid of them, and keep them away if you take one each day.

Listerine after every meal and right before bed

When I was younger I had these all the time ,my dr gave me a series of 3 smallpox shots and I rarely have them anymore.

Epsom salt mixed with warm water. Mixed about 1-2 table spoons until dissolved. Gargle in your mouth but don’t swallow. It works wonders. I have done this several times for my own mouth sores.

She needs Vitamin B-12 just give her B100 complex change her tooth brush frequently

So I read it can be diet changes that cause them. At least mine are. Its so annoying.

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I get them all the time if I eat pineapple a few years ago I went to Disneyland and had a doll whip and it ruined my whole vacation. I use kanca it hurts pretty good but it works really well and it makes them go away faster. I would kind of keep a journal of the things that she eats and kind of do process of elimination to figure out what she’s allergic to. I found out that I was allergic to pineapple and cantaloupe.

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Does she eat a lot of tomatoes? Anything acidic can cause them.

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My 8 year old gets them all of the time and they blame it on eating salty foods like ramen etc. She is anemic but they never implied that had anything to do with it

No help on medication but frozen gogurts could possibly help her get some calories and maybe a little relief at the same time. Good luck, mama.

Cover in salt. Let it sit for as long as she can. They go away fairly shortly after. This works for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use the orajel medicated mouth wash.

My daughter used to get them all the time turned out she had an under active thyroid since being on meds never had them again unless her thyroid levels are playing up xx

My daughter used to get them all the time. There is a medicine the dentist can prescribe. I cannot remember the name. It was a white paste in a small tube. Hers was caused by her asthma meds. She has since practiced better oral hygiene and rarely gets them anymore. She is 20 now. Was constantly having 2-5 in her mouth at all times. We did brust twice a day along with flossing and mouthwash. She is also not a sweets eater.

This actually works. Stings at 1st and stains but it has been effective for us.

Carmex or Herpacin

Cold sores are a form of herpes …

Both my boys got them bc they sucked on their fingers. Putting dirty hands in mouth causes it.

Warm water mixed with salt!! Swish it around couple times a day like mouth wash it cleared mine right up!!! And I would get them quite a bit!!


Ambosel gel. Works great on canker sores. I get them all the time. Deep socket ones while pregnant. Only thing tht helped me.

Ive found that certain brands of tooth paste were the cause of mine. I switched to arm n hammer and dont get them now

My daughter has braces and gets them all the time. Our family doctor prescribed my daughter acyclovir for them and it clears her mouth up quick.

I have about 30 every month and they last several weeks at a time. But I just recently been getting g iron transfusions and I’m not really getting them anymore. I’d be in so much pain I’d cry myself tk sleep and I’m almost 40

She probably has anxiety does she have other anxiety related behaviors such as chewing at her nails or picking at sores biting her lip scratching excessively at her skin or scalp shaking of the leg things like that it can be a sign of anxiety it may not be a physical symptom it may be a mental or emotional symptom.
Anxiety and stress even low levels for children can sometimes create things like that as well as acne fever blisters so forth and so on

Is she eating too much peanutbutter?

I get them a lot one after the other so I know how your daughter feels :weary:, I started taking zinc recently and I’ve noticed that the sores go away quickly and don’t come back . I also buy from cvs these little tablets called canker cover you just put half on the sore and it turns into a gel it will help her eat better and it also heals a lot quicker

Take L-lysine DAILY. Find it in the Vitamin section…My son & stepdaughter had the same problem. L-Lysine helps greatly!!

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My husband gets them when the weather changes

My son get them when he is stressed out
Our dr gives him magic mouthwash

I almost commented like this was A Group Where We All Give ONLY Very Bad Advice 2.0 on accident and I’m just so glad I caught myself before I did cuz that could have gone so bad you guys…

Keep sugar away from her, they can eat it it more and make it worse

I get most of mine with mouth trauma. Accidently bites the inside of my lips in my sleep, 1 time my daughter and I bumped heads hers to my lip, and stress. When I feel like 1 is going to start I use vicks vapor rub on my lips it cuts the time and pain.

Stress and hormonal imbalance

Salt water. Swish it around in her mouth a few times a day it will help.


Magic mouth wash pharmacist can make it lidocaine, maalox, and benadryl. Swish and spit will help heal them up

Stress, I shit you not and acidic food like oranges. This happened to my son when he was about 9-11.

Magic Mouthwash to help with the pain and take zinc, folic acid, and iron as a preventative.

I get this if i eat limes, or if i eat too much of any citrus. Lole too much lemon or even too many oranges sometimes.

Try L-Lysine you get them in the vitamin aisle. They will work!!!

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Probably stress and the sour candy. I would cut back on the sour candy some amd see if thats helps

Use peroxide will boil the poison out. I get canker sores and they are gone in a few days

Wet your finger, dip it in baking soda and apply to the canker sore. Apply it several times a day. Best to do it when you first notice them to make them gone in 24 hours. Diet is to high in acidic foods.


I get them badly when I’m about to get sick, or from biting myself. For them I use gentian violet to help them heal and then curoxen for the pain! Also it could be herpes related and so she may need to have some Acyclovir prescribed to her.

Mouth wash multiple times a day and oral gel

My bf gets them when he eats to many suckers. I get them if I eat salty things like tortilla chips.

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I get them and it’s cause I’m allergic to citrus. If she eats too much she’ll break out with them. I had them inside and outside of my mouth when I was a kid. My mom thought I was sexually assaulted by someone. Turns out I’m allergic to citrus. Oranges pineapples tomatoes. All of that. And I love it all so much. But I have to stop at like half an orange or only like 1 citrus item a month or I’ll break out with sores in my mouth. Salt helps tame them. It’s painful at first but calms down the inflammation. My mom used to give me saltines and lays potato chips. If she likes sour things. That might be it. It’s worth looking into. Good luck.

I know that vanilla can work for cold sores I wonder if it would work for those? Worth a shot

I put one leaf on the canker and let it there until dissolve or I eat it, it works all the time, when my daughter bite herself or she has a canker she just go in the garden and put a couple on her mouth, also its safe and delicious.

I get them from eating sour and acidic things. Orange juice, apples, warheads, lemons. It’s super common!

My dentist prescribed me a ointment that helps it heal. It’s essentially a numbing antibiotic ointment for your mouth. :woman_shrugging:t3: Id inquire about that, because even still, as an adult, I go see my pediatric dentist to get the prescription. :rofl:

When im stressed, anxious or in my sleep I will suck on the inside of my cheek causing blood blisters and cankersores to form. To help with the discomfort I’ll typically suck on an ice cube but that’s about it unfortunately.

I am guessing that she probably sub consciously does the same thing causing it. I’d just try to pay attention to what she does with her mouth when she’s stressed or even just bored then you may know better how to prevent them