How to get rid of head lice for good?

Hey ! I’m in desperate need of tips from my fellow moms concerning head lice. For the past few months I have been battling lice in my daughters hair and I still can’t get rid of it. Endless hours of going through her head multiple treatments home remedies everything. Hours spent cleaning the house; bedding, couches, chairs ect. My daughter is a clean freak to the point she would shower three times a day plus if I let her so please no comments on anything being “dirty” because that is not the case. The daycare and play program she has attended is aware of it and I was notified that other children have it also.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of head lice for good?

Put tea tree oil in there shampoo. That’s what I do for my kids.


Rosemary and tea tree oil


Put a few drops tea tree essential oil in shampoo they hate it!!

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How I’ve done it is I would comb through my kids hair as much as possible then put oil in there hair do a bunch of little pony tails as many as you can with gel then hair spray the crap out of the entire head and braids and leave it for a few days and repeat.

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Mayo and alcohol spray diluted with water. Mayo for person. Alcohol mixture for bedding mattresses clothing. Stuffed animals

You have to make sure not to leave even 1 nit (egg) behind. As long as you get them all you should be good.

If it’s coming from the daycare you can treat all day long your wasting your time if daycare and other parents are not doing same thing.


Teatree oil and tell the not to share hats hairbrush or put heads together

Tea tree oil. You can even buy it pure and just pour into their shampoo bottle for continuous use. Stinks to high hell but it works! I also use it for scalp psoriasis.

What are you treating bedding stuffed animals blankets etc

Actually lice prefer cleaner hair, the more greasy or oily the hair is the harder time the lice have attaching their eggs to the hair shaft


First… headlice prefer clean hair and everyone I know has had them… including the rich family that I used to nanny for. Second when we had them, I went to a local boutique called Rapunzels Lice. They heat treated my daughter’s hair and guaranteed the results. So if any showed up again, they would retreat. Plus they gave us ouls for our hair so that we wouldn’t get it. It was $200 but it was well worth it. Look for something in your area that is similar!

Tea tree oil put a little in their shampoo and wash their hair in it every day it non toxic and I have 7 kids and and then when you get rid of it you can still use it like once a month to keep from getting it again

Mayo I’m hair overnight with smother them! Use dish soap to cut the grease to wash out- will likely take multiple washes. Tea tree oil in shampoo

Go to a lice clinic!

Find a lice clinic close to you. It ended our 4 month battle with it immediately… costly, but worth it

Tea tree oil spray ,apply it to the hair before school. Tie the hair up.

Make sure you wash pillows too

I use a mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil. Put it on the head and hair, let sit at least 2hrs and retreat within 10 days. I remove the nits with an electronic comb. This has always worked for us. You can also use coconut oil instead of olive oil, but you definitely need the tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil. Ads a few drops to laundry too. That’s what I did when my daughter brought home lice. I also went and purchased lice spray that I sprayed on mattresses, pillows, furniture etc. I also would do a water tea tree oil mix spray to do with clean linens and make the beds.
Stuffed animals, everything thrown in bags and washed. It took me 1 week to go thru everything and wash it all. We haven’t had it since. Good luck. Some of them stick around forever I feel like.

Take her to have it professionally removed, it’s roughly 100$. They have a product you can buy that you spray on the hair that will repel the lice after removal. When she goes to this daycare tell her to put her hair up and spray it for a few weeks until it clears out if the center. She is probably getting reinfected continuously if he’s around others who have it and aren’t treating it.

If the children around her have lice, she is going to continuously get reinfected.

I have extremely thick hair and as a child my mother had to cut my hair. I had too much to go through and get rid of it. She cut my hair short like a boy, I’m not saying do that but maybe a short haircut will make it easier

Fairy tales rosemary repel shampoo
And comb out too

Cetaphil lotion on hair overnight(12 hours) covered with shower cap smothers them.
Spray bed, wash linens in hot water & dry on high heat, put stuffed animals in garbage bag outside for at least 2 weeks, then wash & dry

Coconut oil… let her rock oily ponytails till all the other kids get it taken care of

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Pet flea and tick from dollar general will kill them. Can’t leave on your head very long but it works. That lice crap you buy like at Wal mart only stuns them. Our vet told us about this when my kids got it at daycare.

Use Lice free weekly. It all natural nuts. kills lice and nits. Literally just spray it on and let it dry.

Check her car seat if she is in one still and the upholstery of your vehicle! They like to get into that fabric too! Also, they prefer cleaner hair because it is easier for them to move around in instead of dirty hair. Tea tree oil or a shampoo with tea tree oil in it will help immensely as well!

One thing is overwashing actually attracts lice even moreso. If she’s constantly washing her hair that’s something they like. Tea tree oil repels lice.

Crisco lard in hair over night. Use dawn to get out. Wrap a towel around child head for night. Brushes with lice comb

Tea tree oil in shampoo and conditioner

Alcohol … high percentage … soak hair … let sit and they climb up to surface and then comb them out … my daughter was constantly getting lice at a daycare and I could afford the store stuff … I swear the alcohol was the cheapest and best way for me

Coke and Mouth Wash, that is what I used as a last resort when we dealt with head lice and the kits didn’t work. I soaked the hair in coke for an hour, rinsed then used strong mouth wash and let that soak for an hour, rinsed it and it worked. The only complaint was the mouth wash, stung the scalp a bit, but was tolerable and the strong scent of it kinda bothered the eyes, but it worked.

I also add tea tree oil to a pray bottle of water and dampen hair every morning before school with it.

Lice actually like clean hair but if you talk with your doctor’s (also depends on state). Doctor can prescribe much stronger headlice medicine then u get at the store and medical card will usually cover it if u have medical.

Also get her fairytales haircare products with lice repellent

Cover her head in mayo and put a plastic bag/cap over it over night. Do that every day when you get her home from day care for a week. That should do it!

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Okay so it’s super expensive and idk if you’re set financially, or where you live but in Maine (Portland) we have a lice clinic where all else fails with insurance it’s 120$ and without it’s like 180$ or close to it and they will treat the hair in 2 hours. My daughter and I both had it done because it seemed neverending, and I ain’t noticed so much as a nit in her hair. To me it is was completely worth it and I’d do it again if I had too. You think all that money you are spending for treatments and everything it’s completely worth it in the end. For sure! Also buy peppermint extract and dilute it with water and use on her hair every day!

Other parents aren’t doing their part or you’re not cleaning properly

We had to bite the bullet and get our kids professionally treated. It was the only thing that got it to go away for good.

Olive oil soak her head in olive oil then wrap it with plastic wrap leave it set long as u can over night if possible wash it out use the lice comb after then repeat if needed.

I treated my child’s head and she wasn’t allowed to go to anyone house and I would change day cares if you could.

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Tea tree oil mixed in shampoo

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Lice prefer clean heads, so that’s a total myth.
I have very long thick hair, and I use a lice comb and some cheap conditioner to get them all out. Then I put tea tree oil on everything. That’s it.

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Blow dry her hair. Put her stuffed animals in a plastic bag tied up for 10 days and put pillows in the dryer for 1 hr on high.

Look on amazon and get a “twisted lice comb” and use regular conditioner instead of all the chemicals. The only efficient way to get rid of them is to get them out. Wash bedding in really hot water basically every night :roll_eyes:

We strip absolutely everything an wash it. Then get a whole mess of lice shampoo and sprays spray the couch, beds. Vacuum everything . I had to shave my boys hair to make sure they didn’t get it I sat in the sun for 2 days with head lice shampoo an combs an hand picked her head till I didn’t see any more then we have used the fairytale shampoo

I battled with this with my girls they have super thick hair I went and had the both professionally treated lice like clean hair some hair spray around the hair line and maybe gel that’s what I did and kept there hair up and in a tight braid or a bun

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Definitely don’t wash as often as you listed

Tea tree oil will repel them some and it gives you more time to treat the home, which is the harder part imo

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Rinse her hair with alcohol and then change her bedding. Then spray her bed and room with alcohol. Change her bedding every night. Alcohol is the only thing that can actually DRY OUT the exoskeleton of lice, fleas and bed bugs.

Put dye on her hair, same hair colour
Wash her hair with dog/cat shampoo

I heard if u wash their head in head and shoulders that it will keep em out…

Add tea tree oil to your shampoo and conditioner. Use it in your laundry also

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Do you have wicker anything? Growing up we had a huge issue with lice. We had a wicker hamper. Turns out that was the problem.

Wash with tea tree soap, it will help deter lice too from what I’ve heard.

Go to a lice salon. It’s expensive but worth it. They will get everything out and check you and the rest of the family also.

I was told to put olive oil in the hair in a shower cap or something like it over night then shower it out the next day. Treat all porous surfaces as well. Like with fleas I use DE powder. Tea tree oil repels them. Throw all linen in the wash. That’s what I was told by a hair dresser outside burning it all down lol. Good luck!

First of all lice are hard to get rid off. You need a lice shampoo preferably a prescription shampoo. Follow the instructions. You need to
Redo this treatment in about 10 days. You will not get rid of them with just anything like tea tree oil or Chrisco. Doesn’t work that way. You need something stronger.

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Also I might add keep her hair up an put hair spray in it an it should help keep them gone

A) Let her hair stay dirty! Lice like clean hair best because it’s easiest to hang onto.
B) She’s probably getting them back AT DAYCARE. Either switch centers or you’re going to continue to fight it.


We use tea tree and rosemary oil in my girl’s hair, we use a preventative shampoo specially made to use after treatment. Also use hair product like gel, mousse, hairspray etc (not all of course) in her hair and put her hair up in braids or a pony.


Take her to urgent care or her doctor they can prescribe a medicine that will kill it all then make sure her hair is pulled up and put product like gel and hairspray in her hair. And at daycare they need to be wiping the mats and washing everything everyday.

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Lice actually prefer clean hair ! I’ve learned this from my hairdresser so it has nothing to do with dirty

Dye her hair and keep it dued as needed it works.

Lice LOVE clean hair because it’s easier to clean to. Add tea tree oil to shampoo and conditioner to prevent. Mayonnaise always worked for me. That and olive oil and vinega


probably from constant contact with whoever she got it from at daycare . they are supposed to make all children stay home for several days while getting their hair treated at least twice in a 5 day time period. So if the other kids are still at the daycare around your daughter who
all should be at home , then you’re never solving the problem


Lice LOVEEEE clean hair.

Put a couple drops of tea tree oil in her shampoo/conditioner and or detangler spray and it will deter the bugs

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I buy the most expensive shampoo at Walmart and it kill instantly

Don’t forget to treat the cars if they have fabric interior

You have to check her hair daily. Skip one day and they’ll come back. And use lice shampoo. It works.

Go to the doctor or urgent care etc an get a prescription treatment stronger then over the counter for everyone in your house then treat your house an blow dry an straitening hair to kill eggs

I’ve heard tea tree oil really works

22 years of being a mom to 4 children… the best thing and only thing I’ve found that works… kills the eggs too

Get a prescription lice medication from the doctor

I had this issue as every mom several times… I was told by my children’s doctor to add tea tree oil to their shampoo. It’s been 5 years since we have had any issues.
Just your regular shampoo and a entire bottle of the tea tree oil… shake well each use tho as it will separate.

My dad poured beer on my hair and combed it out. I thought he was crazy at first but it literally worked and never got head lice ever again

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What I found that worked for us, treat it every 3 days for a week, and go through it every time, and then for 2 weeks after, or until you get rid of it… I had to pick them out of my kids’ hair, only way I got rid of them for good. Good luck

Get a nitty gritty comb

I would try a Lice Removal Clinic. It’s $150 where I live. My poor nieces have had lice for 4 years!!

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Lice prefer clean hair. Braid her hair before sending to daycare to make it more difficult for the lice to hang on to individual strands. Good luck.

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Mat her scalp in coconut oil, the oil melts their exoskeleton and kills them. Her hair will look greasy for a few days because it’s difficult to get out first time unless you use lava water :joy:. It’s amazing for cradle cap too.

Mayo and a Walmart bag over night

Steam pillows & beding. Wash it all on hot. Wash any stuff animals/blanket. Tea tree oil/water in a spray bottle spray stuff & hair. Vaseline on the head behind the ears. & the lice kits & dont Wash hair everyday, they love clean hair.

RX shampoo called Spinocad

If the daycare isn’t addressing it properly you will never get rid of it because it sounds like you have done everything correctly!

First and foremost, you need to watch who she’s around frequently. Cause she may just be catching them over and over from someone else! If she goes to school, call them and have them do a lice check.

Secondly, what kind of treatment are you using? Because the “nontoxic and tear free” shit doesn’t budge them. Get rid or nix, and make sure it says it kills nits too! You can also get a dr to prescribe you some treatment. Treat her hair and thoroughly go through and get everything out… when you’re done, they have some lice repellent detangler spray that actually smells pretty good, put that in her hair and blow dry it, and flat iron (if you’re okay with that)- lice hates heat and if you blow dry it after every bath, they will more than likely stay away. Retreat it a week later, make sure you spray you furniture, car, wash clothes. And if you want to take an extra step they have lice repellent shampoo that prevents them.

I had pure hell with my daughter and head lice a few years back and I did every freaking thing, but come to find out, she kept getting it from a little girl that she was around frequently. Good luck, I know it’s a bitch

Silicon oil!!! There is a local lice picking place where I live (it’s called Head’s up) they use some stuff to loosen the eggs then silicon oil for 20 mins to suffocate any love bugs.

Throw all stuff animals and any toys with hair fur away and put vegetable oil in her hair wrap it up for hours and then comb out hair and very bath comb her hair out and even after you think they are gone keep a nit comb in the shower and comb through everyone hair if they have or not for at least a month or so 

Have you cut her hair short?

My son caught it twice from school back to back. I made sure to spray the car, wash every single blanket and stuffed animal anything that was in their beds. A lot of it was thrown away. I vacuumed 6x a day, sprayed all the furniture twice a day including beds and treated his hair every other day for 2 weeks. Now I put fairy tales lice prevention spray in his hair before school.

Tea tree shampoo and conditioner…
Lice treatment every 2 weeks pick out the nits make sure they are dead by cracking them on your nail brown ones in the hair are still alive and white means dead but still crack on nail .
Wash sheets n blanket In hot water
Put stuff animals in black garbage for 2 weeks then take them out throw in dryer for 30 mins.
But the spray to treat couch’s and bed themselves.

Most insurances will pay for head lice shampoo. No home remedy or over the counter treatments ever worked for my kids. If they get it, I call the doctor and they call in a prescription for shampoo. This is the ONLY thing that has worked for my kids hair.


Main and tail for horses ; works great

If anyone at the school/daycare has a family that isn’t taking care of it aggressively then they’ll keep getting it. My girls are 9 and 4 and we’ve had three rounds now. Once it is clear there is a shampoos and conditioner called fairytales that helps keep it at bay. I use it too!

My daughter had it once and I was told you use the Kroger brand brown Listerine mouthwash. At bedtime, have her get in the shower and drench her scalp and hair in it. Leave it dripping while you put a shower cap on her head. Have her sleep with the shower cap and stuff soaking in her hair. Wash it out in the shower. You dont have to pick anything out, it suffocates the live lice and kills the eggs. I had my daughter do this 3 nights in a row even though I was told one time was enough. I didnt want to take any chances. It worked!! Nothing else worked for her and we even bought prescription grade two times that cost us a $100 each time. I also put all of her bedding/pillows in trash bags for a week or two and then washed and dried in hot soapy water. We bought the lice furniture spray too.

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