How to get rid of head lice?

I seriously need help.
My boys have somewhat longish hair n they had lice n such for 3 weeks now. Shampoo doesn’t seem to work n I don’t know what to do anymore. I recently got them they and I’m just not sure how to get rid of them permanently. I need something that’s going to work


Tea tree oil in your shampoo helps !


My mom used mayonnaise when my siblings and I had them and it worked well. Make sure you’re washing everything the lice can get on so they don’t keep getting them in their hair.


Tea tree tea oil, remember to treat cars/ beds, couches etc

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Get you some Lice MD the rid never did anything for me!

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If nothing else, buzz their heads. They’re boys :woman_shrugging:


Coconut oil & vinegar rinse

Olive oil to treat the hair leave it on over night with a shower cap rinse and wash in the am. U have to get the eggs out to or u will keep getting it. Also tea tree oil in ur shampoo.

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Call dr & get prescription plus u have to pick every nit out

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Wash hair and condition while conditioner on hair come through or you can buy a a electric lice zapper

Call your doctor and get them to call you in a cream called sklice. You need to treat everyone in the home at the same time and wash all sheets, stuffed animals ect.

Be thankful you have boys and shave all their heads! Hair can grow back. You have to treat your entire home and bag everything as well as vacuum and spray all furniture etc. Tea tree oil in shampoo and use that shampoo about twice a week.

Did I think it is or mayonnaise. That’s what my mom used on us as kids

Question your doctor…he can give you a prescription.

Licefree Spray is the brand that I found that worked on my girls (hair to their butts) when they brought it home from school several years ago. Coincidentally, it’s also the easiest product I’ve seen on the shelf. I sprayed it in and left it over night with a shower cap. I had my doubts so I laid them down in a bath to rinse it out the next morning to see if it actually worked and I was shocked!

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Also make sure you’re taking care if EVERYTHING in the house! Bag up everything

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If over the counter doesnt work, the doctor can write you a prescription

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PROFESSIONAL TEA TREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER DAILY BEFORE SCHOOL. you need to treat the house too. The bedding. The backpacks. The carpets. The couches. Stuffed toys. Etc! Or they will not go awayyyyy! Mayonnaise too! Leave it on their head for an hour or two and rinse it out. It suffocates the lice and kills them.

Also use flea and tick shampoo on your cat’s or dogs if inside with kids and you. Most people dont realize sometimes lice will travel to your pet and then back

Nix. And throw out hair brushes and hair ties…

Flea and tick shampoo also shave their heads.

Gome remedies in most cases do not work. Get the actual medicine. Rid or whatever. Then you have to comb the nits out after you have washed. You have to treat all soft surfaces. Steam them. And bag all bedding and stuffed animals. Nits you may have missed could hatch in 10 days.

After shampooing with the medicated shampoo, you have to go through the hair with a comb and pick every single knit out.

Hand sanitizer. Put conditioner in their hair after the sanitizer dries and you wash it out. It will kill the bugs within 2-3 washes.

They’re boys, so just shave them, then treat the house. Hair will grow back.


Tea tree oil. And for the future if you don’t mind putting a little bit of product in their hair lice don’t like hair spray so if they have a light coating of it they won’t jump in their hair

If you aren’t treating the rest of the house properly they will just continue to come back. Make sure all removable pillows, blankets, sheets ect are being ran through the dryer on high heat along with all stuffed animals. Wash all your brushes and hair accessories & vacuum really well and empty the canister. Make sure you are getting between couch cushions and all too.


Go to a salon for kids. They can do it

Olive oil and a shower cap the oil stops the lice from breathing and suffocated the eggs

Buy bed bug foggers at home depot

And yes a hair place does take care of lice

Call the pediatrician they can give you a prescription for when over the counter doesn’t work. There are resistant lice my daughter had them. And lysol everything!

And such? What else they got? And just shave their head.

Mayo and leave it in over night. In the morning wash it out and comb through. Then before school just put a few drops of tea tree oil in their hair. For females same thing but straighten your hair all the way to the scalp. Lice hate heat. That’s how I got rid of it when I was a kid

Cut their hair and clean everything in your house

Most people dont realize you have to retreat. No matter what method. Treat once a week for a few weeks. One missed nit can cause reinvestation

Clove and peppermint oil worked for mine the last time we had it and comb them out

Coconut oil for 20 min, comb through, then apple cider vinegar for 20min.comb through, then wash as normal but add a few drops of tee tree oil . Coconut oil helps kill them, Acv help loosen the glue that holds the eggs. Wash everything they have used in the last week, all their bedding

You might need to take him to the doctor and get a prescription for the lice killing shampoo… We have super breeds now we’re only the prescription will kill them

Use a straightener in your hair every day … it will burn the nits and kill the lice

Just washing hair won’t make them go away. You have to comb them out. Cut their hair if it’s not a big deal. You will need someone to comb out your hair and pull them out.

They have lice salons around that will help you

Pert shampoo mix with tea tree oil

2 oz Coconut oil. Melt it down. Add 15 drops tea tree essential oil and 5 drops peppermint oil. SATURATE hair and scalp. Shower cap it overnight. Wash and rinse out in AM. Blow dry HIGH heat. Comb through with Robi Comb. Wash EVERYTHING and tumble dry on high heat. Vacuum everything that can’t be washed.
This does work. I’ve done it before successfully.
The other option is to just shave their heads.


They’re boys. Shave their heads


They make special combs you can use

Coconut oil. Leave in for 12 hrs. Then wash with shampoo and conditioner twice… then pick all the nits and bugs out of their hair.

We use this and works wonders! My kiddos have had some a few weeks ago. We use this every 3 days to avoid them coming back! Once done fog the rooms and throw what you can in the dryer on high heat. Bag everything else for 2 weeks (large stuffed animals).

Literally, treat head lice the same way you would bed bugs. If their hair is long, it might be easier to just buzz their hair and let it grow back after you get rid of the lice. But however you choose to treat their hair, make sure you wash and spray EVERYTHING. And this might sound weird, but sprinkle Gold Bond medicated foot powder all over your carpet. It’s a drying agent, and the eucalyptus in it is a deterrent. Make sure you let it sit for an hour or so, and then vacuum it up really well. Couches, chairs and other shit that cant be taken apart or washed, spray with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the room is ventilated‼️ Disclaimer: it’ll make your house wreak of alcohol, but once it dries and airs out for about an hour, it’s gone, and if there were any bugs in the furniture, they’re also gone. We live in an apartment. Well, the neighbors brought bed bugs and didn’t tell the landlord or anyone else for over a month. We ended up getting them over here (I was PISSED). Stayed up all night doing this, and I haven’t had a problem since.

They have a live kit at Walmart. You wash their hair with this stuff then come it and the lice should come out. Then you have to physically pick out every egg and nit in their hair… the comb can’t get to it because it sticks like glue almost. If you don’t want to do that then shave their heads. When that’s done you should take their toys put them in a garbage bag tie it up really tight so air can’t get in and leave it some where for a couple weeks. In the kit there should be a bottle of spray that you put on your furniture and everything. And also wash all blankets pillow anything like that. Its a long process. When my daughter got it it took me almost a whole day for the cleaning and spraying and over 2 hours just on her hair alone

A mom friend of mine said to get rosemary shampoo as preventative. Or rosemary oil, put in shampoo or on scalp.
Also I had lice as a kid and instead of box if u don’t wanna keep using chemicals on it. Try olive oil. Drench hair in it put up in one of those shower caps for like 30 or so min. Then comb out the lice/eggs. Then shower.
It helps suffocate them and drown them and the oil helps them glide out of your hair too.
I’ve heard of people doing this but with mayo… idky… I’ve never used it myself but I’ve heard of it. Wishing you luck lice are not fun.
Also. Throw out the comb after ur done using it. And get it out of the house. Don’t want any survivors crawling out lol
Dollar tree has combs for cheap. Always handy in a lice problem.

I’ve had experience with a product call lice free. It’s good to use on 6mo. Babies and up. U come through their hair and use the spray and comb through agitating to get as much eggs and lice out. U leave in their hair till the next day n do ur regular wash routine.

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Shave it!! Treat it. Treat a week later (probably wont need too) because when you shave it most of them disappear. Wash EVERYTHING in HOT HOT water. (I use the laundry mat so its faster) things you cant wash put in trash bag (spray with live stiff first) leave sealed for a week. Good luck

Fairy tale products. Get them online or at Wal-Mart. Treatment stuff is expensive but more than worth it. It’s a little bottle of mouss stuff but we treated 5 children 2 with thick long hair and we still had some left over

Mineral oil and vinegar mixed together but a shower cap on their head for at least a hour oil kills the bug vinegar helps loosen the nit if you dont get the nits out they will keep coming back

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Its summer shave it!! Then put some Coca-Cola on it.

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And wash everything in hot hot water

Baby oil in the hair, leave overnight, then wash out in the morning. Every other night. You can use mayo too, but the baby oil smells better & works just as well.

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Prescription I used to teach that’s the only thing that helped with the students that got them over and over again was worse in winter

You need to do they treat once then 7 days later I think is what it says then Use tree oil shampoo and I use drops for my daughters hair it has lavender in it.

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My mom used mayonnaise on us kids when I was younger.

When I was a kid I had them, used head and shoulders for dandruff in my hair the one with the menthol. Used a crapton of it, left it in my hair for almost an hour till my scalp started burning. Washed it out and never saw them again.

My parents had this issue with all of us, 5 kids and couldn’t ever get rid of the lice. I kid you not they put actual gasoline in our hair. Burned like hell and I’m pretty sure that’s not safe at all :joy: but never got lice again. Please don’t put gasoline in their hair though.

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Do Not use tea tree it does not have the right components to remove them we have ladybugs at great clips that will get rid of them also you will need to clean everything in your home that is designed to get rid of them

I use tea tree and rosemary oils to keep love away. But Also I had this problem with my boys and nothing worked. I ended up going to a place called lice clinic and they take care of it in one session. And they are 100% guaranteed. It worked!

Mayonaise and slather head let it set for 15 to20 minutes comb with a nit comb. Make sure you launder everything they are around

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nit comb, gotts get them all out, eggs included… might take a few hours to do it… but don’t just rely on a prodict… spple cider vinegar and coconut oil

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A lot of treatments need repeated in a week or two because they don’t kill the nits and that is how long it takes for them to hatch and you have to smother them.

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I always glob some vaseline in my daughter’s hair. It’s a pain to wash out but we leave it in for a week after combing and they’re gone! And wash EVERYTHING! Put pillows, stuffed toys etc in the dryer and vacuume!

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My girls got it and I used the lice kit but didnt seem like the shampoo actually worked, so I soaked their heads in alcohol for 30 minutes (it’s not suggested because it can be dangerous but obviously I kept them far away from anything that could set them on fire, user discretion on that one lol) combed them with the lice comb every single day for a week and then blow dried their hair every day also. The heat helps kill any left over eggs the comb may have missed. The lice never came back but I’ve tried everything in the books to get rid of it in the past and combing every day for a week (yes it took a couple of hours and tested my sanity) but that works the best along with the blow dryer. The other option and this was told to me by a nurse, I’d your kids are older than 6 use the green dog flea and tick shampoo, it works better than the lice shampoo. I had success with that as well.
Also wash and dry on high heat pillows and blankets at least every other day until the lice are gone for sure.

Vamousse. Its a mousse you let sit in the hair then comb through. Then wash with vamousse shampoo for 14 days. Also they make a spray for bedding and other things that can’t be washed (like stuffed animals and such) also wash all bedding and pillows in hot water and dry on hottest setting. Also spray and vacuum couches and anywhere else they sit (car kitchen table etc)

Coconut oil. Drowns them. Apple cider vinager too

Make sure everything is thoroughly washed like sheets pillow cases etc… I washed everything 3 times the little buggers don’t wanna die!! The shampoos should work, there must be something bringing them back into the hair. Maybe clothing or bedding. But
Try brown vinegar and a steel knit comb

Shave their heads, it will grow back.

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You have to treat them and then comb out every strand of hair with a metal comb
Just using shampoo wont do anything

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NYDA lice treatment cost about 30$ but works good

My mom pre treated us with vinegar and we never had it!!

I’d be shaving some heads.


At this point the dr its probably infested

Call their doctor and get the rx kind. They usually give you an script for 2 treatments.

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Shave there heads that’s what I had to do

Dog shampoo… then use tea tree oil in their shampoo

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Shave their heads.its hair it will grow out or dye their hair.either will do the trick

Mouth wash or buzz cut…seemed to work for some of my family.boys are easier cause you can cut there hair short its summer time so less hair the cooler…

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Uh shave their heads.

RID tried and proven, wash the pillowcases etc every day so no reinfestation

Plastic covers for pillows and mattresses.
Wash and comb their hair with Dawn. Rinse, comb. Dawn their hair again and let sit for 30mins. Rinse and comb.
Oddly enough, use products in their hair. Lice don’t like dirty hair.
Or, shave it. :two_hearts:

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Have you cleaned everything that’s washable? And/or thrown stuffed toys in a plastic bag for atleast 3 days I believe… There are also sprays. Replace hairbrushes. Anything that they boys hair touched… hats, etc. Spray and clean everything.

Shave there heads then treat them

If you dont want to shave their heads, which could be the best thing to do but I know it could make them upset. Then make sure you are cleaning the entire house. And get a RX from your doctor for a more powerful hair product. That with everything above. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know Lice ingestion can be difficult esp in bigger families and also the kids at school could be reinvesting your kids. I’d recommend their classes get their heads checked.

For all of you saying “shave their heads,” would you give the same advice if she had daughters? Because boys can just as easily be attached (no pun intended) to their longish hair as any girl.

My advice to OP is - go to the dr and get prescription stuff. You have to wash, dry and/or bag everything fabric…sheets, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. You also have to be prepared to go thru their (and your) hair nightly for awhile. Vinegar dissolved the glue that holds the eggs on I have heard…but you never get everything in the first try unless it is a very small infestation.


What she said :point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3:

Olive oil with a shower cap for a while and a fine tooth comb to comb out the dead lice

SPINOSAD from your doctor or it’s also in certain flea treatments.

Comb every day with lice comb

Make sure you are combing th knots out after you wash thei hair

Use the all natural lice shampoo it works better n they have a spray thats a preventive. Cant think of the name of it but its in a green spray bottle n has purple on it i believe. You can also use hair sprays gels or mouse to keep them away bc lice hate clean hair

I didn’t get lice until I was 22 and stayed in a motel. I had hair down to my back. Nothing worked until I used coconut oil in my hair every night before I went to sleep.

Fairy Tale. They have a lice treatment and preventative shampoos and conditioners and spray. It works really well

U can go to the doctor and they will give u something for it. I had to get this stuff every time I got it as a child. It’s like 800$ without insurance tho… As long as yall have insurance tho u should be fine

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