How to get rid of head lice?

You have to wash everything blankets sheets bedding clothes stuffed animals car seats. Everything and anything. Use hot water and the highest setting in dryer. I would shave their heads… no way I’d let my baby have head lice for 3 weeks


Bag up all stuffed animals, pillows if you can’t wash them, in garbage bags for a month. Wash ALL bedding, including bedspreads. Use Rid on all hair, and remove ALL nits, even if they’re supposed to be killed with the shampoo. Use a bright light, have their head on your lap, use your fingernails to remove nits. Combs don’t necessarily work.

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Vinegar and mayo leave in about an hour…wash everything in your house…use a lice comb divide their hair in small pieces and comb… wait 1 day and repeat…i work on mines daughter the vinegar suffocate them and mayo makes the egg lose good luck

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Only thing shave the head

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Prescription medication called Lindane shampoo. Just go to the pediatrician and tell them the shampoo from the store isn’t working and you need a prescription. That’s what I have to do for mine and my daughter’s hair if we catch it due to the thickness and length. Thankfully she hasn’t had in in 7 years!!! (Knock on wood)

The lice stuff in the chemist works it’s just a very long process follow all instructions wash everything they are in contact and they will go then use tea tree oil shampoo all the time for washing their hair

If your using a shampoo formulated for that very problem, then also wash your pillormws,and bedding in the hottest water you can!! Also try covering every thing in plastic that can’t be washed and set it in hit sun and let it bake!! Good luck!!

Shave it. It will grow back


You need to take any stuffed animals , fabric ( like curtains) and put them in a bag for at least a week. A bug can’t live without a host ( a head) for more then 24 hours. But, eggs can still hatch then will die. Wash all bedding after that. When you vacuum empty the container outside in a bag then do there hair. If no chemicals are working I know someone who used mayonnaise (2 people) and that worked for them. Both were girls with longer hair. Got through it everyday and take out any bugs and use the comb specifically for knits. I worked in chlid care for 7 years so you learn alot about these things. They also have sprays. Wash their hair everyday cause they don’t like clean hair either .Good luck.

If you’re not shaving their heads get a flea comb a metal one. Brush them out and kill them on a paper towel. Next scrub hair I shower, next section and blow dry and use the flat iron they can not live through heat. Wash everything!!! Repeat for a month .

Make sure you deliver bedding pillows stuffed animals car seats and headrests clothing carpets hats

Shave their heads, and wash all bedding. Also get some lice spray and spray all beds, couches and rugs

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you could also iron their mattress. if i am correct lice bugs cannot live off of the head for longer then12 hours . you need to do treatments lots and spend hours picking the nits and bugs out . if it cannot be handled i would suggest shaving his head and using tea tree oil shampoo .

Olive oil on hair every night. Sleep in night cap. Comb them out in the Morning. Repeat till they are gone. Wash bedding daily and spray the lice spray on non washable items.

The dirtier the hair, the quicker they go away. Wash EVERYTHING in your home. They have specific shampoos and treatments. Mayo has a tendency to work. If you cant wash something, buy a heat bag, and bake everything.

Mayo. Put a THICK amount over the entire head. Wrap it well with that ceran wrap stuff, and place a shower cap on top of that. Do that over night. Wash out next moring, use TONS of conditioner…blow dry HOT (as hot as the kids can handle). Make sure everything they own gets bagged up for 48 hours (toys, linins, area carpet in their room if they have it, any material things. After the 48 hours,wash whatever u can in hot water and hot dryer. Make sure u have a metal lice comb…while their hair has all the conditioner…comb through it big time. Add more conditioner and scrub…comb again and again. Lice suck. I personally would shave their heads. Get a spray for couches use an iron if u have to,just be super careful, and the mattress. Good luck!


Shave there hair will grow back

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I can’t believe how many people are saying shave their heads.

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Ur lucky there boys u can just shave there heads

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You have boys not girls. The answer is simple, shave their heads

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Take them outside and cut that hair off, it will grow back but that’s the fastest way to get rid of them and wash all linens in hot water and dry them on high for at least 30 minutes, spray down all furniture and vacuum carpets a few times so they don’t spread to you or others. This happens with kids in school so don’t freak out just deal with it quickly.

Shave it…We didnt shave his head bc of lice though, he is just difficult with haircuts, this way I only have to do it every 4 mo. I would shave their heads and wash everything!!! Treat the carpets and rugs even bc if your kids are anything like mine they play on the floor a lot as well.

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Dr will give a script 4 kwell shampoo

People need to understand by shaving the hair off doesn’t mean the lice is going to not come back.


mayo! soak their heads in thick thick mayo for a good hour

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vamoose get it at Walmart it’s cheaper there. usually 1 application will kill both the eggs and bugs.

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Make sure you’re washing all of their blankets, sheets, pillows etc after you treat them with lice shampoo.

Cut their hair short and use tea tree shampoo and conditioner

They have lice shampoo it came out easy for my daughter

mayo, put globs of mayo on it and then put a bag over it for 30 mins to an hour then comb it out. wash. it leaves your hair soft as well and works

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You have to make sure you wash everything in hot water. All pillows sheets, pillow shams, any pillow laying on the couch, spray the lice spray on your furniture. Repeat that shampoo.

Mayo make them sleep in mayo wash all sheets any stuffed animal pillows that don’t fit in the washer tie them in big garabage bags & suffocate them

My kids family doctor gave us a prescription for a special shampoo. Used it once and washed everything in house and they was gone

Everything soft needs to be washed and anything soft that cant be washed should be frozen for at least 48 hours. Shave their heads as well and then treat with the shampoo again.

Fo to urgent care tell have tried every thing and need something stronger. They have a Cteamy type shampoo that will have it gone in 10 min

Definately use an oatmeal bath or shampoo!!! Idk how else my mom ever got lice out. I always was forced to get oatmeal baths

Mayo and dying my hair black go rid of mine and never got it since. They like light colored hair. Or :scissors:

Every person that lives in your house needs to go to a picker to he checks and have them removed. They will guarantee it works and give you a discount IF all members of the household are present.

All pillows, bedding, stuffed animals, etc need to be put in the dryer on high heat for a certain amount of time.

Licefreeespray works instantly and its like 8 bucks at walmart

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Don’t wash your hair!! They hate oily hair, their eggs won’t stay in it that way. They also hate heat. It’s not so much of washing everything, unless you’re washing with hot water. Shoving your bedding in the dryer for a bit every day will help…
My sister had the same trouble with her daughter, nothing was working.

Shampoos. Hand pickingout all eggs and combing… baby oil saoks and a hhot air dryer after ever shower also 2 times a day heat kills there hair every 5 to 7 days also rosmary shampoo or tee tree oil .als they sale a lice preventive shampoo and treat ment on amazon and e bay…my kids go lice and this is what worked…also hot wash and hot try everything.bedding pillows toy stuffed animals and the spray evwrything…hope this helps.tee tree oil in shampoo this was the only way i got rid of them.u also jave to do everyones hair…not just theirs and ur bedding as well.they live 7 days off the scalp

Shave em down and use tea tree hair paste

You can get a script from the doctors it’s a medicine you will have to take tablets and your kids will have to take a fluid I think you take it twice a day and it gets in the blood stream so when they go to bite it will poison the nits and they die.

Hero lice clinic in my area , they say they can do it in one treatment

You don’t only need to treat their hair but you have to treat your home. If they’re keeping it, its because it’s in the home. My stepdaughter brought it to our house last summer. She was the only one that had it or got it. I cleaned my house top to bottom and none of the rest of us had any issues. It was pain to get out of her hair. I used everything but when I used mayo and the lice comb, and I combed every inch of her hair, it was gone!

Shave there head’s and you will get rid of them, wash everthing in hot water and dry on high heat. Make sure that you get them out of there bedrooms

After treating their hair again. Treat anything their hair comes in contact with. You need to use special comb for getting nits out.

get spray for furniture a.d wash all bed clothes. hot water. bleach if possible

There is a place in McKinney that treats them. They guarantee they will get rid of them. Your insurance will pay to cover the cost. My great granddaughter goes to school in Bonham. It works. I. W. Evans Elem.

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Oil. Olive oil works great put it heavy on the hair and then put a shower cap on and leave on over night. While you wash bedding in hot water and bleach.

Steam clean your entire house…Drying pillows an such on high heat.

Tea tree oil on them and in shampoo its safe for all ages

The shampoo goes in dry hair. Follow thoe insfructions really well.
Comb small sections 4 directions.
Flat iron to kill eggs on the hair
But you gotta comb the scalp to be sure you got them all.
They probably die on theor heads but pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, mattresses, couches, even carpet, eggs can be layed and take up to 2 weeks to die so if the kids come in contact with a single one the process starts all over.
Black garbage bag anytjing plush for 3 weeks. Wash all bedding on super hot and dry on super hot. Iron sheets, iron the mattress, steam it. The heat kills them.
Throw away anything you can.
Im sorry it has gotta be rough.

And put it in a spray bottle and after washing spray it on all furniture

Get that gel that black people use it works and u will never see them again

I think it comes in blue and black

Get them boy haircuts!! :wink:

there’s a new breed of them f*ckers called super lice. Drs say treatments at store aren’t strong enough. There’s actual lice treatment facilities around so maybe check if there’s one near you. It’s been proven that you don’t need to treat house linens etc as they need a human host to survive and die too quickly usually to find one.

Lice free works really well. And its cheap. Get the spray and spray your car and jackets and couches and toys and beds and pillows and sheets and pillow cases

Wtf. If they’ve had lice for THREE WEEKS, you’re better off shaving their heads.

To be honest, you should have done that the first day they got it.


Wash everything they have been in contact with, give them a haircut first apply head lice treatment that also kills the eggs then use lice comb until there is none left

As your dr for prescription strength lice kit. Cutting their hair is also a good idea.

wash all the clothes also keep clean from coming in contact with dirty ones , ( if they hung a coat or jacket in closet then the little things jump from one to the other

Shave their hair!! It will grow back!

Baby oil, shower cap, 12 hours. No more lice. Wash with dish soap after to get oil out. Add tea tree oil to shampoo/conditioner. Wash, bleach, vacuum, bag EVERYTHING YOU OWN!


Vamoose at Walmart it’s like shaving cream you put in the hair that’s works best

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Cutting hair won’t make a difference unless you shave it…dealing with this crap and my grandsons hair isn’t even a half an inch long!! Shit is driving me nuts!!

I found the hair dryer on high kills them and the eggs wash hair with the lice shampoo make sure it says that it kills super lice yes it’s a real thing and it’s definitely the only stuff that works because they are immune to the regular poison

And after you put it in the hair dry not in shower you do it on the couch rub it in it’s like oil and scratch it into scalp let it set twenty five minutes then get in shower and wash it out good with hotter water better then blow dry the hair til it’s bone dry now comb with lice comb and conditioner to help slide that fine comb through it and then you must wash all bedding in all rooms spray bedbug spray on beds pillows walls around bed headboard and also spray couches and vehicles if you’re serious about it do this and I promise it will be done first time or definitely by second then they sell spray to prevent recurrence use it for few weeks and then they will hatch back out every few weeks so vacuum a lot and spray your beds

They’re boys shave it off come on it ain’t rocket science

I was told Gillette shaving cream or vinger

One, cut their hair (all of it off. They’re boys anyway and it will grow back). Two, put conditioner in your own hair with a shower cap and leave it over night. Three, have a shower and comb through your hair thoroughly with a fine tooth comb. Four, wash all bedding, pillows and stuffed toys in hot temperature.
Repeat steps two and three the next day and then again a week later. Shave your own head as well if you don’t wanna do steps two and three. Don’t forget to also do dad’s hair and anyone else who lives in the house.

Shave their hair. And get a strong kit.

Tea tree oil put in shampoo never get it again

My daughter got them from school. We treated her with lice treatment, then we sat and pulled the nits off. I smashed them between my thumb nails to kill them. If you don’t get all the nits off, they will hatch. Stuffed animals, toys with fur, put in garbage bags, and leave for 2 weeks. Bedding I washed in hot water, and dried on the highest setting. Vaccum your house and cars! My boys… I just shaved their heads, and used the lice treatment.

Why can’t you shave it? Then get the kit hair will grow back clean the home at the same time

Order this kit! order the full kit!!

Start putting tea tree oil in their shampoo and u will never have to worry about lice again.

Shave there heads if there boys

Lice Centers of Ohio 614-436-5423 If your not in Ohio they might find other locations for you. They are very helpful an guarantee their work.

Mayo really works. Put some all over the head yes its stink but put a shower cap on the head and yes sleep with it on then before you wash it out comb through it then wash out

Tea tree oil. A drop in your shampoo. You can also purchase shampoo that has tea tree oil in it.

Yellow listerine works great to kill bugs.
It’s the nits you have to make sure u get every one. If u miss even one, you’re screwed.

The Dr can give you shampoo that will get rid of it almost immediately

Pour rubbing alcohol on their hair. Have them dip there head dwn over the tub. Its stinky as hell so ventilate n use a fan. Use vaseline on their forehead and ears to protect from running into the face- have a towel ready for it.
Use the carpet powder and the furniture spray. Boil hair utensils. Put blankets pillows stuffed toys- any linen type of item in an airtight bag for 3 days. After the rubbing alcohol has set on the head for 15mins wash it out and condition well. Blow dry on the heat. Use the fine tooth comb.
Treating the head only works for so long before they come back on the head from a stuffed toy or bed or couch. Be sure to vacuum extra.

Gillett shaving cream or tea tree oil great stuff

Olive oil. Coat head just like shampoo starting at scalp. Seram wrap head and shower cap cover for atleast 6 to 8 hours recommended(although my younger kids lasted 3 hours). Overnight If old enough and feel safe. And then make sure you keep picking them nits out. Shampoo did nothing the bugs were still crawling. Applied oil and they were falling out dead.

Side note…make sure house, car, cars are if any…bedding…all of it gets treated washed. Bag up stuffed animals ect. Vacuum.

Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar!
Google it !.

Then go to the cheap shop and buy a spray bottle
Put a little tea tree oil in it and fill it with water …
Spray the boys and your hair every single day …

Good luck mumma it’s so irritating

Het tea tree oil and let sit on hair…get tea tree shampoo then come with lice comb.

Shave there head it’s just the easiest way and then spray everything with flea and tick spray and anything that can be washed wash in really hot water and then dry on high heat and any stuff animals bag up


go to the cheap shop and get some conditioner any brand and put it on your child ok put a lot on their head ok and put a shower cap on them ok leave it on for a while ok

Dye their hair and then comb all the lice out and check all the eggs

Maintain a routine of brushing with kutu comb every 2 days

Super Lice ~ go to their dr and ask for the prescription medicine. That should kill them. Also, if you give them a military buzz cut? Then the lice have no where to hide. Good Luck. But Prescription Medicine from the dr.

Get you a home permanent and you just like you’re supposed to accept don’t put any of the rollers in your hair and that will pretty much take care of all of them

I agree with the army cut followed by rub a lot of oil on the scalp so eggs fall off. Find a picture of a hero/actor/footballer with bald head and they will go for it.

Cut there hair it will grow back

Since they’re boys I’d just shave their heads.

Shave their heads only cure

Use a lice comb? Only thing that will work properly, time consuming but you have to do everyone