How to get rid of lice?

Hey mom’s I need some advice. My 19 month old has lice and I have tried the tea tree oil and the leave in conditioner. I know he’s too young for the lice treatment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

He can use the treatment. Just make sure not to get it in his eyes


Your pediatrician can call you in a cream that is safe for your child. It works better then any over the counter anyway.

Oh yikes. As young as he is and as much as I would hate to do it, I would shave his head and then put the oil on.

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Mayonnaise as a shampoo
Bag all fabrics to kill whats not on their head


Or they have a new vaccum comb as well

Being that young id shave his head…


Coconut oil or Coca Cola

Listerine wash and then baby oil

Normally id say pick it but they don’t hold still at that age

Google Cetaphil for lice. It’s what the doctor suggested after the over the counter things didn’t work. Cetaphil worked awesome for my girls with thick, long hair. My youngest had just turned 2 at the time.

Saturate hair with baby oil, leave on hair about 30 minutes then comb with a lice comb. You may actually need to use a lice shampoo but be careful with it.

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Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil

They have a brand of lice treatment especially for kids called Ladibugs.

you need the comb and do the work

Lice ice is chemical free and works get gets hard like gel then you just wash it out with your regular shampoo.

Shave his head… no hair no lice


I fostered a 6month old. She had lice, and hospital said it was ok to use the nix treatment

I remember putting mayonase with a shower cap on for about 2-4hours and they DIED.

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Mayo or olive oil. You can also wash his hair with dawn dishwashing liquid. Baby oil will also work. Apply any of them then put a shower cap on. It suffocated them. Then just use a lice comb to comb them out. May have to repeat more than once and make sure you treat your house as well.

If it was me personally I’d just shave his head and use oil … He’s hair will grow back fast.

Mayonnaise! It was recommended to me by the health department when my son was younger over a chemical store bought treatment & it works.

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Mayo and a plastic shower cap… leave it on as long as you can. My brother in law did this with all three of his kids and it worked well. And alot cheaper

My sister in law swore by dog shampoo. They contain one of the active ingredients in lice shampoo. Never personally tried that though.

Listerine and a bag or a bonnet for the shower. Leave on for an hour or so and wash. Falls right out

Mineral oil and vinegar mixed

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Dr told me prescribed me nix lice shampoo so my insurance covered it

Miracle whip, plastic wrap or plastic grocery bag, another hair in and wrap tightly for an hour with the bag. It smothers the lice, softens the eggs for easy removal, and conditions the scalp and hair at the same time. Make sure to strip covers off furniture and all bedding and wash on high heat and dry on high heat. Bag any soft plush toys and stuffed animals in black trash bags for 6 months and then run them through the dryer in high heat as well. Repeat every 3 days as new eggs hatch until they’re gone.

Hes not too young for the treatment…

Sunlight dish liquid kills them :slight_smile:

Boy. Shave his head. Olive oil under a shower cap. Of course tea tree and peppermint. And wash and cover anything soft in tea tree


Coconut oil with a shower cap on for like an hour or do it before bed and let them sleep in it and it work good and it keeps them away I do it with my daughter

I use green dog shampoo it has pyretha so becareful. But it works

Coconut oil works well

Mayonnaise & wrap plastic around his hair. Leave in for 3 hrs.

Apple cider vinegar soak and then rinse… then coconut oil. Acv kills any bugs and nits, the coconut oil let’s the dead nits slide right out.

Mayonnaise is what my mom used to use but we stayed with lice. When I finally got rid of it at 15 when I moved out myself I didn’t use any shampoo or chemicals. I got one of the good metal combs cause the plastic ones suck and I just combed it numerous times a day over and over for weeks until I wasn’t getting any bugs or nits out anymore. And for the fabrics just bag up everything you can and leave it bagged until you don’t see anymore and just put his sheets and blanket and pillow in the dryer every other day or 2 for like 60 minutes on high heat. And even once you stop seeing lice or nits keep doing it for like 2 weeks just because if you miss even 1 they will be right back. But you don’t even need the chemicals and honestly they don’t work anyways they just paralyze them for a little while they don’t die.

Use alcohol in a spray bottle first n get a good combo then use vinegar to unstick the nits. Do this every 3 days until gone🤗

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Isn’t it 6 months and up can use it? The doctor can prescribe you a strong treatment it works well. Try that.

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This is safe for all ages, and worked the first time for us.

Shave his head. Put all toys and pillows in deep freezer for a week…wash bedding and clothes in hot water.

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When my daughter got it at daycare I used olive oil. Put it all over hair let it sit then wash out. The oil can be a little tough to get out takes a few washes but it worked. Never had lice again and her hair was to her butt. Good luck

Coconut oil & apple cider vinegar

Id talk to a dr. I have family n one time over summer we all got it and we used it on everyone including the littles they were like 2 and almost 2.

My girl caught lice recently and she’s in the terrible 4s stage :laughing: tried for a couple months when we almost got it all after using the treatment and combing, she would give me a hard time the next day. Finally decided to just shave her head. I think she looks cute with a shaved head :blush:. But all these tips are good for the future.

This stuff works the best! Non toxic, safe, and kills eggs and bug immediately! My family always struggled with lice growing up with so many girls. And back then this stuff wasn’t around so when my daughter came home from school with it I was freaking out! She has long thick Mexican hair! One of my old co workers told me about this. Of course I was skeptical but it worked! Over night! You drench the hair from the outside in, Incase any bugs try and run out… then let it completely dry (I recommend sleeping on it) and then rinse it out the next day and it’s all gone! Just gone! And then I use tea tree oil in my girls hair detangler everyday. But yea tree oil doesn’t kill them just repels they. Also, you have to remember to get a couple cans of RID and spray all bedding that can’t be washed and dried with high heat… and couches, also stuffed animals. This was an over night success. You literally don’t even have to brush them out. My older sister didn’t believe me that it was so easy when her daughter got head lice so I brought her a bottle and she took a bug out put it on a napkin and sprayed it and it was dead within a second. It blew us away because of course we struggled growing up. Hours of my mom picking through our hair one after the other. But this stuff is AMAZING! Really a game changer for lice!

I’ve read pouring coke on their hair and letting it dry then wash it out is supposed to work never tried it though

I use this in my daughters hair everyday before school and she has not had lice. You can get it Walmart or Target and I believe any grocery store. I get it at Walmart it lasts me about a month to a month n a half.

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I mean I know you probably don’t want to but cut it! Be thankful he is a boy because if he goes to school it is guaranteed to happen again! Girls are tough because you have to comb through with a tiny horrible comb and worse the longer the hair. No judgement here though do what you feel is less traumatizing to him.

Paw paw at all natural stores! Worked awesome!!!

A boy? Shave his head without the guards it will grow back. That is my solution or you will be picking, pulling, using lice meds, lice combs for months to come!

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There is a spray you can get at Wal-Mart or any dollar store. It’s not as harsh as the other treatments and make sure you get the bedding spray to spray down house and was everything you can.

There is organic lice treatment. And all you can do is shave his head or use the nit pick until it’s all gone. It’s easiest to just shave

My. Doc said spay some mouth wash with apple cider vinegar let it sit repeat a couple times a day for three days put coconut oil and cover keep the head covered

Vaseline will smother the eggs and lice. Very safe for babies and kids only down fall a little grease ball for a few days

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My dad put me on her hair I don’t remember how long he left it but it supposed to suffocate them and the eggs

This brand is 100% safe for all littles

Just use conditioner as some chemicals in the lice treatment can burn babies skin

Vasoline in hair shower cap ovet night. Scrub head next day. Works great


When I was younger I got lice all the time. My mom did the Mayo method.

I still did treatment at that age and she was just fine. I also let her fall asleep in my arms and then I would pick them out.

Don’t be dirty jk use listerine and cove it with a bag should do it

I used to work at a group home for children with behavioral disabilities. There were around 26 kids on campus and a ton of staff in and out. We tried everything.

The only thing that finally worked was vaseline.

Baby oil will smother them. Just gets to be greasy and can stain some things with the oil

You’re probably better off shaving his head.

coconut oil and a lice comb…his hair should still be thin enough to just comb them out…

Mayo! And a lice comb

Vinegar I swear by it for my kids, you water it down with some water

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“Fairy Tale Lice Goodbye” for kids. available at target


I have a friend that swears by this method. She said her hairdresser told her a few years ago. It kills the lice and nits so they don’t come back. Coat the hair in cetaphil cleanser (use a generous amount until the hair is soaked) and blow dry the hair. It will take awhile to blow dry. Leave it for 24 hours and wash out. She has done it twice for her girls and they haven’t returned. She said the nits die and fall out on their own over a few days so you don’t have to remove them. Also wash all bedding and put away plush toys in closed garbage bags for a couple weeks.

Shave his head, he’s still little so it won’t be as awkward looking. No hair, no lice!

Fairytale kits work great. They have a hair mousse that you leave in and it releases the glue that holds the eggs to the hair, it comes with a really good nit comb.

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They have a natural lice solution for younger children you could use. Check out fairy tales products. That’s how I got it out of my 4 year old and 2 year olds hair. Or you could always shave his head, it’ll grow back.

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I was able to use an rx on my almost 2 year-old. We also soaked his hair with apple cider vinegar…which helped the knits slide out on the comb easy.

Baby oil will smother them

The homeopathic was is douse hair in Listerine blue one… Soak hair too scalp. Wrap in waterproof cap for 4 hrs. Rinse and EVERYTHING will be dead. Lice and nits and prevents further infestation.


Mayonnaise has ALWAYS worked for me! And it leaves your hair so soft and shiny lol


Shave head use tea tree again

Shave his head…hair grows back!

Shave the hair and is the child in daycare everyone there needs to be treated to

Baby oild or Mayo and olive oil mixed work


Listerine!!! Look it up wonders for compromised kiddos. Used it and it worked wonders! Lice comb after like you would a lice treatment.

Baby oil. It smothers them. Also as long as they are not sensitive skinned 91percent rubbing alcohol works great. Leave in til it’s dry… works great on oily hair as well. Those two things have worked better than anything else I’ve found. Repeat every few days in case any eggs hatch. Do thst for a couple wks and that should do it as long as I keep em away from the source.

Surprisingly, Mayo spread thick in the hair, and wrapped with saran wrap or a plastic bag as air tight as possible, works really well. Leave it in for about 8 to 10 hours. Wash it out and then use a lice comb to comb it out. Suffocates the lice.


Coconut oil and a plastic bag for about an hr then rinse

Listerine mouth wash in their hair

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“Lice Free” treatment. It’s homeopathic, and has wiped out entire lice populations for us. I’ve used it on our tiny rescue kittens for fleas, too.
It’s sold at Walmart for around $8.


Back in the day mom used Kerosine I know it sounds harsh but it eorkef5


Licefreee! It’s all natural and worked so fast

Olive oil…saturate hair put a shower cap over it for a couple hours then comb out. To prevent lice put peppermint essential oil and tea tree oil in water bottle (with water) spray kids, backpacks on the way out of the house.

Dilute some vinegar and saturate his hair, making sure it doesn’t dry. Then wash it out and run a nit comb through it. Worked with my daughter at detaching the eggs from the hair strands and killing the live louse.

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I went to exclusive lice hair salon your guaranteed lice and egg free in 2hrs

Tea tree oil works great n wash bedding pillow cases n do tea tree oil 2 days in tow or three lice live 24 -48 hours if they have somewhere to feed off;”( yes both kids pre school had them 2-3 yrs old uugghh was mad

They sell lice treatments for infants and toddlers. Some salons sell them but I believe you can get them anywhere.

Use coconut oil! Make sure you blow dry his hair! This is crucial! Blow dry his hair!

Mayo for a couple hours with shower cap hair has to be retreated in 7 days the nits hatch every 7 days lice can hold their breath for hours so leave it on a long time

Mayonnaise. Leave it in for a few hours to suffocate the lice. Rinse and remove dead lice and nits. Repeat within a week to kill any missed freshly hatched eggs

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My mom literally put mayo on our heads when I was little when nothing else worked. Somehow thats what got rid of lice lol

Probably get it professionally done :slight_smile:

Contact the pediatrician and they will help