How to get rid of roaches?

I’m about to have a newborn soon, and I have roaches everywhere. I have tried everything from natural to sprays to bombs. I don’t know what to do. Can you please add this, but I want to be anonymous? Thank you in advance.


Don’t leave food out, ever. I am sorry this is tough

Following the under part of our house stays wet and no matter how clean my house stays we still have roaches we had someone come out and spray but it didn’t help at all. We have used bug bombs and all. :disappointed:

I think you might need a exterminator


Advion is best and you will see hundred dead the next day. It’s amazing. We had to use it at a site I worked that they were so infested they were huddled on ceiling. Absolutely disgusting situation.

Call a professional hun asap


If you tried ortho x and that didn’t do it , you need an exterminator


Call an exterminator anymore than 25 roaches is a heavy infestation u need a professional, bombs and over the counter etc dont work it’s just a waste of money

I got some
Stuff from
Amazon that worked!

Talk to ur landlord or move

Honestly, I had them one time and used the bait pads. They take the poison back to the main source and it kills them off. Put them everywhere you can. They’re drawn to warm, moist places so under sinks, under fridge, under stove top and bottom.

May not be your problem, but a neighbor. Which there isn’t much you can do about it you rent. Talk to the landlord. If it’s a house, then call an exterminator


Tell your landlord if you live in an apartment and call the health department on them if they don’t do anything. If you own your place exterminator is the best option


If u own the house than call an exterminator! If u don’t than contact landlord and ask them to rid of the issue!


Diatamatious earth its a powder


There’s a milky looking liquid called REGENT and a gel called COMBAT

Advion roach gel bait on Amazon is wonderful stuff we moved in a house that was infested within one month they was all dead

Mix boric acid with powdered sugar, they love the sugar and the boric acid kills them! WORKS WONDERS!!
Also Diatomaceous Earth powder works great!!


A professional exterminator.


Burn the whole house up :woman_facepalming::weary: then mufkers built like robots now days stomped on one In my friends apartment complex tell me why that summabish was still moving like he had the audacity to still wiggle tf around smh I’m sorry gurl I’d move and leave all that stuff behind yo ass better strap up like you on call of duty lol :joy: #girljustmove

Roach doctor off amazon it’s all I ever buy again and not expensive I bought one tube and never seen one again

Throw horse apples under the house.

Combat 10 gel bait … Amazing … Place where u see roach activity … Dont clean up messes …until all activity is gone … Takes about a week

callthe landlord ,and ask for exterminator asap

With being pregnant I wouldn’t use any powers or sprays. Call exterminator…

Bay leaves!!! Open a packet of bay leaves and put them at the back of cupboards. Clothes, kitchen, garage etc… seriously! It works and no chemicals


& again…WTH does this have to do with nails? :joy: Think Im gonna have to leave this group…yall trippin.


Boric acid or exterminator

Give them a manicure bc this a nail group not extermination group.


Hey professional to do it monthly. Alot of money bur it’s worth it. Don’t leave food and plates out in the counter. Clean daily at night n leave it spotless so they don’t come out

Tempo. Tempo is good …oh &
I brought some asian roach gel about a year ago from WISH…I used it and haven’t seen 1 road since. It came in a orange suringe…

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Combat Max Roach killing gel …it works fantastic and not that expensive Walmart #$8 - 10

Exterminator, I know that can be pricey, Combat roach traps works pretty good, or this spray called Hot Shot. I live in the city and these damn bugs are pretty common they come with the territory I guess. But I sprayed my house along the baseboards and I swear I haven’t seen a roach in 6 years or more. I sprayed once a year for the first 2 or 3 years and Iguess it work6because I don’t have’em anymore


This one worked 1000% HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


D-con the best in less than a week they be gone

You may have to fumigate or some shit. Id be calling an exterminator not asking for advice on a nail page.


Call orkin. They got rid of mine when I moved into a house that was crawling with them.

Diatomaceous powder is great. There is also a gel that u can buy its what some proffessionals use. We had a roach problem after we moved from apartments to a house and we tried everything and my husband talked to the exterminator that his job uses (he works for an apartment complex) and they gave him a tube and it worked wonders. There is no oder. You place it where u see them at. Before using we moved our refrigerator out side and sprayed the under side with the hose and they were hiding there once it was dried we put some of it along the edge of it and put it back in place and plugged back in. U can buy it on amazon 4 tubes for 27. advion 383920 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Inse, Brown

If you got them that bad you will have to call an exterminator

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There’s these syringes that are sold in Amazon I forget the name but a few years back I did some research for my mom because her house was so infested as well to the point that I wouldn’t sit on her couches, yes that bad and once she purchase them and began using them believe it or not her house has been roach free ever since and if she sees one or some droppings she with do some light prevention treatment and it has worked for her home and it won’t break your bank. Good luck because they carry diseases and I’m sure you rather spend some cash on getting rid of them roaches than on any type of medical treatment.

The best way to get rid of them is to cut their water supply. Are you leaving any areas wet? Do u mop with alot of water? Roaches need water to survive above all else. First eliminate that than you use a gel, like nitro vendetta or Avion and that should help.

Combat roa h gel in every corner, cabinets, just dot and thin straps of it in all the areas you can think of!

Try this Combat. You can get it at any Homedepot or Target. It terminated all of roaches at my old apartment. Hopefully it can help.

Use raid fummigators…they go deep into cracks and crevices…but being pregnant you need to let someone else set them off and spend the day away from there, then someone else besides you need to open the houseup to air it out beforeyou go back in. You need to read and follow the directions carefully and these work where others do not.

Nothing really works .Get roach motels

When my kids were little I lived in an apartment building. The landlord would have them come in and spray but for whatever the reason he wasn’t able to do certain apartments. It was the same ones every time so the problem never went away. I had none. A friend told me to use lemon :lemon: . I bought the squeeze lemon. I put it around all openings in my apartment doors/windows/light switches/ plug outlets/ gaslines. Inside my cabinets and along all baseboards, I also added some to my cleaning bucket. Once you get rid of them it’s easier to keep them out. Anytime you clean add a bit of lemon. Its simple and natural

Advion gel in cracks and crevices and boric acid powder stuff everywhere else… clean clean clean!!!


I work for a pest control company. If you have roaches that bad u need a pest control company. When they are that bad they are prob in your electronics, in the walls and God knows were else! U wont be able to get rid of them in one treatment.


Exterminator for sure.

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and this has to do with nails how??


Boric acid …Put it all along the borders of the house leave it for a week sweep it up put new powder down… They should be gone in two weeks …works in New York.


At this point u need to move end of story


I’m so sorry! We live in an apartment complex and when we got new neighbors a few weeks later they took over! We buy roach control off Amazon and the complex has a pest company ever 2 weeks

Once you have them the house needs to be totally fumigated/tented.

Demon wp on Amazon… Works WONDERS! I moved into a house and was devastated once they started coming out but that definitely worked!

The baits cuz they take it back to the nest. They say if u see one roach u have on average of 200. And birth control at the pest store.

Call an exterminator. Anything but an exterminator will only make it worse or just kill the live ones and leave eggs to hatch. Call Orkin. They are reasonable and the stuff they use smells like peanut butter and is safe around pets and children.

Exterminator or leave. I had a newborn and fought my landlord and still had to go the problems was too much

Boric acid best 3 dollars u can get it at dollar tree


Indorex from Amazon it’s actually flea spray but a swear it kills everything that moves in your house and for up tae a year !!! Amazing stuff anything on windowsills edges of carpets they won’t move they just die !!

I’m from the North and moved to tx in an apartment and without my control I automatically had them. I put all my food in plastic baggies, that’s including rice, take the macaroni out the boxes and pour into baggies, chips, cereal. Any and everything. Pour bleach down your sinks and tub every night and shove rags in the holes. They like warmth so move your fridge and stove and get combat gel and line it along the wall. Pour boric acid under there as well. Take everything from under your kitchen sink and pour boric acid under that area as well. Seal off with a child proof lock. Put all your kitchen appliances on top of fridge in a tot that seals really well. For awhile I’d use a garbage bag. they will live in your toaster, coffee pot, anything electric. Put fruits in your fridge or sealed containers.

Cat nip along the back of the sink areas and counters worked well for me. Some hate that shit.

I can recommend a treatment that we used that works really well, if you follow the instructions and is consistent with it they will vanish. Just message me if you like an I can send you the product through there. I was desperate and was getting ready to sign a contract with terminix, until my friend whose roach problem was worse than mine recommended this to me. I vouch for this stuff always!

Boric acid. Sprinkle it everywhere

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there is a roach killer at home depot its in gel form u need to get the professional strength… its the one that the pest control companies use and it works

My skin is crawling just reading this. You definitely do not want them roaches crawling everywhere where your newborn baby is about to be sleeping!!! Unfortunately roaches mass produce and I hear they’re the hardest thing to get rid of when you have them that bad bc they’re all up in your walls and everywhere!!! You definitely need to call an exterminator, if you’ve tried home remedies and nothing worked you definitely need pest control to come out and do some treatments! Good luck mama

Bleach FYI kills roaches automatically. I promise you this is the number 1 way. Will get rid of them fast. Bleach the back of your counters. Along the floor board. And put food in storage containers.

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Call the an exterminator… That’ll be the only way… especially if your neighbors have them. You’ll have to do some very deep cleaning and vacuuming. Don’t keep cardboard boxes or brown paper bags etc… good luck.

Get this at home depot put them everywhere and everywhere and it kills them and slowly but surely you will notice within days


If there as bad as you say, they are In your walls!. Reproducing faster than we can imagine. A GOOD pest control company. Several treatments. Are you in an apartment, or multi apartments? If so , nothing will work until the entire building is treated. Good luck n God bless.

I used this I haven’t seen a roach in a year. Just put dots of it around your home.


Boric acid. Diatomaceous earth

If u move now they are moving with u cause from what I’m reading they are in everything they are packing up and moving too nails and pedicure all done they don’t get a f apparently.

Call an exterminator

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Combat gel… works great

Get rid of your neighbor.


We threw everything away in the house. Yes everything!!! We bombed the house they were in and there were thousands. We bombed 2 times and when we were still finding them alive i called a professional company. The cost starts out at 400 roughly!!! It is way worth it!! I knownthey have payment pland and such but if its that bad you need to throw it all out treat and then bring in new furniture’s ext.

Light a match babe and go.


Hire an exterminator


Why do people think because they have roaches to call the landlord… like I doubt the roaches were there when you moved in, so obviously you brought them w you, that’s your problem, you need to call a exterminator rather you rent or own :roll_eyes:

Go on eBay . Best thing ever . Put it in all corner . Within a couple hours all dead last about 6 months

If you rent ask your landlord to call orkin. They should be required to pay for it.


You’re going to need to call pest control. The stuff that REALLY kills roaches is very toxic to kids and dogs and needs to only be handled by a professional.

Tempo, you can find it at a Big R or Gebos or a store that carries farm supplies. Mix it with water and spray EVERYTHING, furniture too

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If they are house German roaches you will need an exterminator

Charge em rent… Really high rent. they’ll leave.


Pest Control person.

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Surrender ant killer.

I have had them and I used Avion roach gel it’s on the internet never seen another roach again

Hot shot liquid roach bait. Get about 30 of them. Yes it’s expensive but they work and spray the hot spots with raid any and roach spray. The door casings under the skin bathrooms. It’s tough but worth it. Good luck

There are program to help you break your lease for things like this. But i would not bring anything they get into everything and stay. But boric acid bomb your place.

Borax and bacon grease balls, hide where roaches are most concentrated.

Advion on Amazon. Or Max Force gel.

Want them gone, fast and affectively? Call an Exterminator. The only way to deeply get them gone.

Find bifen. It works!!

I was going to say diatomaceous earth but someone just posted it

Boric acid!! it’s safe for pet and kids, it cheap and its helped me with roach infestations a couple of times

Yessica Ramirez Yes! This does work!! Tried others, and this works the best!!

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Yessica Ramirez
YES! Advion absolutely works! Got rid of all of my homies in my last house.