How to get rid of roaches?

Omg you HAVE to try advion !! I had tenants that had a 3 year roach infestation, and by infestation I mean the moment I walked into the house I had roaches falling on my head. I bombed the house 3 times and NOTHING ! I used advion and within 24 hours I never saw another roach again… its been 4 years and none of my other tenants have ever seen a roach. Literally all the thousands of reviews on Amazon are positive

I LOVE seeing how many people know about & use advion :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

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But would not recommend being pregnant…


Best thing is to call pest control. You’ll be free from them for a few years


Evo Pest Solutions he’s the best in town

Hire a professional company to spray.


If u live in an apartment you will need a professional to come back regularly because they will leave and when coast is clear just come back. If not boric acid powder everywhere they are works

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Theres some stuff on Amazon called Advion it works amazing … Within 1-2 days u will start having to sweep them up cause they are dying…


Professional company. Most aren’t that expensive and with a lot of them it just takes a good once over


Combat bait strips they sell them at Lowes

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I would try the advion but if its super bad a professional company and maybe even more than once. They are extremely hard to get rid of especially when you have a lot.

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Boric acid
Put it along the walls, corners, cabinets behind the fridge and stove.
It helps ALOT trust me I used to clean for a construction company and a housing complex they owned was INFESTED and this killed every last one

Borax along the edges of ur walls. It’s nontoxic & safe for pets…u can find it in the laundry aisle. :wink:

We have rental property, and while 95% of our tenants are great, occasionally you’ll have to clean up some really nasty places. Combat Gel in the syringe is the ONLY thing we’ve found that works and it’s relatively inexpensive.

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Professional! Roaches carry diseases. Best get everything handled by exterminators to be ready for baby.

You’re best bet is call an exterminator. No over the counter products will work.

This is gonna sound absolutely crazy but it has been the ONLY thing to kill them and keep them gone and I’ve literally tried EVERYTHING including professionals ORTHO FIRE ANT KILLER it’s a powder, sprinkle it in all the hot spots areas and watch them vanish, you will thank me later I promise.

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Pf phantom 2. You can order it online. It’s what a professional company would use. It’s the best stuff ever.

You don’t have to have a dirty house to get roaches. The neighbor can have them and you can get them. They come in on boxes and paper bags. If u have any boxes or paper in garage or around get rid of them. The boric acid works and is non toxic. Get a little pump bottle they sale to spray a thin spray of it even behind pictures.
Don’t pay attention to the rude people on here.


Anyone saying professional DO NOT I repeat DO NOT hire Orkin. My neighbor owns rental properties and thier a rip off. Also she uses a place called PestMall online you can order what the professionals use and do it yourself much cheaper

Go buy the professional stuff and spray yourself. For some reason I can’t post the picture of what I used for my mom. She moved into an apartment which was really just a huge house split into 3. There were hundreds everywhere all hours of the day. I went and got a bottle of stuff that was like $90 and sprayed several times over the course of several months. She moved in there in October and hasn’t seen a roach bug since. I also sprayed the other apartments there as well with permission from the tenants. Message me and I’ll send you the picture of what I used.

Professionals. Call about and see who has the best prices. Clearly you have a huge problem if you see them everywhere.

Also people who think only dirty homes have roaches are ignorant. I moved into a house several years ago that had roaches. My house was absolutely not dirty or nasty but Nothing killed them. I tried everything for a year and they would not die. I ended up taking keepsakes only and left everything else in that house.

I used to have roaches in my old apartment. Tha complex was infested. My apartment itself was clean. I also used to work for a printing place many years ago, we would get boxes of t shirts from other countries. One box from Haundouras came with a giant hissing cock roach and it was still alive :face_vomiting:

Advion cockroach gel bait. Works great!! It came from Amazon

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If the bombs don’t work, I recommend calling the pros.


Ortho fire ant killer really works. It comes in a powder and smells, but it works!!

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Keep all foods off counters
Keep your house as clean as you possibly can
If you’re in an apartment tell the complex to get an exterminator
If you have neighbors right next to you it could be their roaches but if it’s solely you the keep the house clean and set off the roach bombs and leave the house

Roach bait traps
But a professional is always best bet.
Get rid of any cardboard that arrives like that from Amazon or anything in mail. Store Cereal and pasta or really any open snacks in Tupperware.
Despite what many think they prefer clean over dirty. Mostly found in walls and moist areas

Also big one is your keurig- roaches are found in k pods and coffee in general. They love to get into the water well and heat mechanism as they prefer warm moist areas
Keurig actually offers a program to disinfect their equipment if you find roaches becasue it apparently is an ongoing issue.

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Diatomaceous earth… if it even touches them, they dry right up and die… you can get it from Amazon or home depot… its food grade so it’s safe for pets and kids.

I live in am apartment and I bought the large bottles of spray plus a sprayer… and I spray the perimeter of my apartment on a regular basis

Peppermint oil in vinegar…roaches hate Peppermint


I live in a 5 story building with neighbors on 4 different sides. I tried everything from baits, to roach motels, to sprays and gels… I finally decided to try the plug in ultrasonic deterants. I haven’t seen a roach in over a week. I found a 6 pack on amazon for $26.00


Boric Acid. When I was little we lived in an apartment that was full of roaches. My mom finished the roaches with that stuff. Other people’s apartments had roaches, but we didn’t because she used that.

If you rent then contact the landlord! It’s their responsibility to get rid of any kind of infestation if it isn’t your fault that you have them. I rented an apartment once and it had roaches. I tried bombing the place and it didn’t work. The landlord said it wasn’t his problem so I called an exterminator and had the bill sent to the landlord


Orkin is $85 dollars their first visit

The sticky traps everywhere it really worked for me

Roaches are tough, we got them from a neighbor who borrowed our vacuum. Fortunately this was 30 years ago and not in our house now.

Trust me when I say this works. I had a problem a few years ago, tried everything but they kept coming back. Mix boric powder with egg yolk, until paste like. Roll into balls and dry. When they turn hard throw them in the corners and crevices. Replace every few months. This is all I do now.


Orkin !

I tried everything , it’s literally the only thing that worked ! I only had to have them come 3 times , and trash my birthday bag , trash bag , old lady collections or put everything in plastic totes . ( just clutter paper and things like that , cardboard ect… )

Gone for 4 years now ! I do combat gel in all the cracks once a year.

It seems pricey at the moment but it’s so, so worth it !!!

Please call someone else to do extermination and LEAVE while it’s being treated. You shouldn’t be around those chemicals while expecting. 🫂


Your landlord should be having pest control come in. Nasty things are not good for you or baby. If you move chances are they laid eggs on your stuff and will follow you. I hope you can get it taken care of before baby comes :footprints:

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Phone an exterminator

Combat Max Roach Killing Gel, Indoor and Outdoor, 2.1 oz ( Syringe) try this you might need more than one syringe.

Start investing in a flamethrower

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Get an exterminator and then the bill the landlord since they’re required by law to take care of it. Go to them first and document it. Documents their response and then call the exterminator and have the landlord billed.

Professional Exterminator

If renting, contact the landlord and get them to contact an exterminator. If they don’t, hire one and take that out of the rent money and show the receipt for services you had to get because of the problem. If they won’t fix it, I would start moving. It will continue to be a headache. Also, make sure you have a clean outside area of your home, because they could be living in leaves or moist area that they are breeding in.

This stuff worked in less than a week, never had another problem since. ADVIAN ROACH GEL


exterminator ! it’s going to take treatments every month and you’ll take them with you when you move unless you just piece by piece pack your things outside as you load them. went through this with my significant others moms house.

Use fire ant killer very little under stove and fridge it smell like cabbage but will air out( use like a spoon full and sprinkle it under both) gone for good

Professional exterminator

Advion and gentrol roach birth control. Only thing that works.

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You will have to call an exterminator.

Combat gel in the syringe tube …also raid in the tube …and ortho home defense every 3 months keeps em gone …the combat gel i swear by …i live in fl roaches arent a dirty thing …lotta places have em …every time i used the combat raid combo i never had another problem it takes it back to the nest within three days …poof ! Roaches gone ! I swear by it …had a vehicle infested with them because of where i had to park …bombs didnt work at all spray either but the combat and raid gels dam sure did !

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See someone at your health department at council office

Have the place professionally exterminated on a regular basis.

You should probably call an exterminator


Exterminator is the only thing that will help . You’ll have to leave for a certain amount of time but it’s worth it


House or apartment? How close are other houses or apartments? Rent or own? If you rent it’s your landlord responsibility.


You get an exterminator company to come in regularly

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Borax!! It will do the trick!

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My neighbors had them so occasionally we’d find a few here and there.
I ordered this on amazon along with the powder stuff, and it helped. We haven’t seen a roach in YEARS.
But then again it wasn’t an infestation. But I put this around all the windows and doors and floorboards and what not.


The glue is your best option, an exterminator will come in and put it everywhere it needs to go

I used to turn off the lights at night an they all come out of hiding at my old house … my daughter used to run around jumping on them near our back door…

whenever we used a bug bomb I noticed they would all be on our ceiling to avoid the spray (they were smart annoying buggers).

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Use this …it really works …it smell really bad so use small amount but try n separate it …you will see the difference like the next day

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My uncle work for the college campus and that’s what they use

If you cant afford an extermination. Try this stuff. Doesn’t kill on contact but works 100%. They walk through it and it poisons them. You can find it on amazon or in your local hardware store.

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DO NOT use Outdoor fire ant killer inside the house. It can be toxic to humans. Call an exterminator.

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Call an exterminator…

If you’re in an apartment it’s pretty hard unless neighbors get theirs under control to. But this gel works! Best of luck!


get this stuff called combat. It is at Walmart in a white tube… DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON AN EXTERMINATOR! I moved into a house once (A single male pipeline lived there before me) and it was infested. The landlord called an exterminator and paid him hundreds to use this stuff in a tube that looked like caulking. He told me you can buy this stuff at Walmart for 5$ and it works. You buy the white tube called combat, squirt it by your trash cans, behind microwaves and any dark places where you see them… Dont leave food out on the tables and try to wipe everything down before bed. They drink water more than eat food so put the bait by all the sinks. It will work. It will kill them all within a week. I ended up leaving the place that had them but it was so bad that at night I would walk in the kitchen and turn on the light and hundreds would run. That combat stuff worked so well and got rid of them all.

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U gotta figure out what kind they are. We had this issue when we bought our house. We finally got rid of them .

A professional exterminator asap and monthly payments to keep them coming back out and treating so they don’t re-colonize

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Do you live in a wooded area with lots of wood/ leaf debris around the perimeter of the house? If so, you will have to rake up and move the debris away and spray/or whatever out around the perimeter as well. Also, check for any cracks or holes and fill with foam to keep them out. We have wood roaches, they are so damn annoying. They hide in the walls, behind light switches, under baseboards and crown molding🤦

I can’t remember the name of it but it looks like peanut butter and it’s a white container and it squirts out.

Move. :scream::scream::scream:

Sorry… I couldn’t do it.
I’d have to move.
Good luck.


I had to deep clean the inside of my house and get a pest control service to spray outside monthly. I also got Ortho Home Defense between sprays and it helped a lot

Those combat roach motels work great. You can get them off Amazon.

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The bombs!
They are the orange and get them from the dollar general.
Cover all your furniture with plastic wrap and set em off.

Have you tried taping a picture of your ex to the wall behind the fridge? Some witch told me that works wonders!


Go on eBay hey food grade diatomaceous earth it works wonderful


I went through this as well at my apartment, we had roaches for over a year and the first spray from the exterminator was just a couple days after I had my son. They wouldve been gone a lot sooner had they done it right from the first time🤦 but in my experience, I had to clean out all my kitchen cupboards, wipe them down inside and out with soapy water, pull all furniture away from the walls and yes I mean EVERYTHING, along with sweeping/mopping/vacuumning, don’t leave food out or anything with food residue, if you see eggs sacs, dead roaches, or the shells of roaches, dispose of immediately, roaches eat they’re own kind. I use raid to kill the ones I can see but repeatedly bombing will only make it worse as they adapt to poison and mutate (kinda like how lice turn into super lice). Honestly with an exterminator it’ll probably take about 3 months depending on how bad the infestation is and if it’s done right. And if you’re in an apartment, the whole building will have to do the same.

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Bengal it’s the best out there

Make a Play-Doh like ball with peanut butter and boric acid. Use gloves. Put them behind refrigerator, behind garbage can. In cabinets. Give it 2 weeks. They’ll be gone

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Exterminator. None of these home remedies are worth a damn. Call a professional.

Borax my sister had them in every room used borax and within a month she didn’t have any more

call an exterminator

If you have a landlord contact them. Otherwise a professional is needed. Best of luck to you and congrats on the new baby!

I’ve been paying an exterminator for 2 years when I moved into my new house. And even though they have been coming for 2 years, I still had them. A friend told me about this and it has worked. Finally got them gone.

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Banger spray/ bombs works wonders expensive but works

Landlord has to take care of it if renting. Or call in a professional

Pest control service

Regular pest control and it takes several months. German cock roaches are very hard to eradicate.

Honestly if they’re the small German roaches it’s best to get an exterminator to spray, and follow up a couple times. They’re super hard to get rid of since they multiply so fast. You’ll waste the same amount of money on store bought stuff that won’t really get rid of them.
Clean every cabinet/closet out and make sure they get every crack!

My mom bought a mobile home that was so bad they’d fall off the ceiling. I used combat roach gel in corners and creases in each room where no animals could lick or kids could reach. I did it twice the first week and went back the 2nd and I swear they were gone. I kept using it once every couple weeks to I knew they were returning and used it so about once a month. I had then once in my house and used that again and it got rid of them completely, I love it.

You need an exterminator SEVERAL times and you need to leave and let it be vacant from the fumes you should not be around them.

Bengal spray, diatomaceous earth (amazon) and cover the whole house in it. Its a MESS but the powder cuts into the exoskeleton and kills them. These take time though. A lot of time.
I remodeled a house and cleaned everything out (carpet and all) bombed the place, painted, and did the DE and spray…

Then there’s always pest control.

Also, if you live in an apartment, they will come back. They’ll just migrate to the neighbors for a little while…

In my experience, roaches do not leave… They migrate. Back and forth…

You have to buy it all sis. I had a BAD roach problem where I used to live. I couldn’t even leave a cup alone before one crawled in - we spent so much money on professionals and hotel rooms to fumigate properly…

I honestly pulled my hair out and broke down due to the stress of not being able to get rid of them.

I went out and bought every treatment I can find, roach chalk + roach motels + spray for the bolder ones + roach bombs + those little pasty dots you leave on the wall.

I used it all at ONCE. I bombed the house , came back the next day, bombed again came back 2 days later and scrubbed everything. I moved the furniture , put the chalk and paste dots, laid some roach motels to top it off. Put extra motels in the dark corners where I knew they hid, and used spray on the ones that came out after all that.

If even just one survives you have an infestation all over again so you have to kill every single one you see - dont let them crawl away to hide.

I was finally able to do get rid of them and honest to god cried with relief once I realized I did it.

I will never fuck with roaches EVER again. They are damn near indestructible and you can only get ride of them if you are ON IT.