How to help my daughter get used to Kindergarten?

My daughter recently started kindergarten 2 weeks ago. She has really rough days in the morning. Not wanting to go, screaming and crying and won’t let go of me when I’m trying to let her teacher walk her into the school. The past 3 days she has been completely fine in the morning on the way to school with zero crying, but this morning was the worst day so far. She was screaming so loud that a guy across the street from the school came running out of his house making sure everything was ok. She does not want anyone else taking her to school but me. We’ve tried having her grandmas take her with no luck, even her papaw who she absolutely adores tries to take her and she is still not wanting to go without putting up a fight. She does seem to have bad anxiety. I am getting into contact with her dr to see if she has any advice for the anxiety. Just wanted some tips or tricks to help her more comfortable with going to school. I feel like I’ve tried everything already. She has already made quite a few friends. One in which she calls her bestie and even got her matching BFF necklaces last night to give her at school today. I figured she’d be excited to go in to give them to her, but like I said, today was the worst day so far. I know it’s only the 3rd week of school and they are all still getting into the swing of things, but she seems to be the only kid that I see in the mornings that is screaming and crying like she does. Before she started school her grandma was watching her while I was working. So it’s not like she has never been without me all day. I don’t know what’s up or what I can do to help calm her and make her more comfortable. Thank you!!

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See if you or someone else can sit with her during the day at least one or two days during the week just to try and figure out what exactly she’s having so much anxiety about. You know your child better than anyone especially better than the teacher knows her so maybe there’s something that you can see that the teacher hasn’t seen. Try to talk with your daughter and ask her what she thinks might be making her so afraid to go to school. Try asking before school so maybe you guys can talk out some of these anxieties and then also ask after so if something happened it’s still fresh on her mind and she can tell you about it.

She may have separation anxiety.

The question is, how does she act once you’re gone and she’s in class? Does she calm down and do well? Or is she constantly upset throughout the day?
Does she act like that when you leave her other places or with other people? Or has she ever been anywhere without you?
Too many ifs to give you a possible resolution…


My 2 yr old has her bad mornings at daycare some day are good. I try to make it quick but sometimes it’s better to give her 10 more minutes with me. Dreading her starting school

That was me with my youngest it literally lasted all year. It wasnt everyday, sometimes she would go weeks without crying then it would start again. She was just so used to being home with me it was a huge change. There were days I would have to pry her off me and I would just go to my car and cry because I felt terrible. Now she’s in 3rd grade and absolutely loves school. I wish I had advice but she really just has to get used to being away from you.

Not the exact same situation but my son went to daycare a couple years before starting school. When he started school, he hated it worth a passion. The teachers would have to drag him out of the car with him holding onto door handles and screaming for us to please not leave him. One day one of the teachers dropped him (bc he was kicking and screaming and hitting) and the principal had to finally get in the car wrap him up and carry him to school but once we left he was fine all day, he just was not all about going to school and being dropped off. I know my story isn’t going to help you with yours, just know your not alone! My son is now in the 4th grade and I swear him and the nurse have something going on(kidding of course!) he’s always in there “not feeling good” I always ask him if he has a crush on her bc he sees her ALOT. My kid just does NOT like school at all. Hopefully your daughter will learn to like it!! She’s going to be just fine♥️ maybe you could bribe her?(I know, not the best option) maybe y’all could play her fav board game that night if she doesn’t fight you while going to school. It’s a win/win but just my opinion🤷🏻‍♀️ I sure do hope she gets better for her sake and yours!!

Is there a way to have her bestie meet her outside to walk into school with her? Kids are little sponges they feed off of our anxiety. If you even have a hint of apprehension or anxiety about the morning she’s going to sense it. So you need to make sure you leave all of that behind before you have any contact with her. Don’t overhype the day too much either it may have create stress where it isn’t needed. Just treat it like a normal routine. Be in a good mood, be encouraging and make the handoff as seamless as possible for her. It will get easier until she eventually bolts away from you excited for her day. Just relax Mama this is all very normal. You got this.


My granddaughter cried every single day before preschool. It was really hard to even get her to walk in the room. And it broke my heart!! After two weeks my daughter went and found a “brave”necklace, gave it to her and talked to her about what it takes to be brave and why it is so important. She never cried another day as free that. It really was a miracle cure for her …. good luck!

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Stay firm with her keep taking her I had the same issue with my 3rd child he got use to everyone at the school and now loves it he’s currently in 2nd grade. I hated dropping him off like that but I would call every day about 30 mins after I dropped him off and he would be playing and doing great. It’s just something they go thru. I’m having a similar issue with my 3 yr old right now he’s doing the same great all the way to school but sad when I leave him. I call 30 mins after and he’s doing good ask him after he gets home if he had a good day he says yes can’t wait to go back tomorrow

Heyyy momma with a kiddo with separation anxiety here! So I had her pick out a photo of me and her and put it in her backpack I also got her a chewy necklace of a mommy and baby dolphin somewhere to put that anxiety and we picked out a spot for her and I to meet after school but yes get in contact with Dr they know so much and helped a lot most of all patience and hugs and don’t be embarrassed momma!

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I know is is very young. But talk to her. Ask her why she is so upset about going to school. You might be surprised of her comments

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She’s having separation anxiety .my don had it bad when I left for work I made a game of it .I made him push me out the door all the way to my car and it worked. Maybe you can think of a fun way of separating like that.

Separation anxiety; my son had this in kindergarten. I ended up having lunch with him 3+ times a week and brought his little sister. By first grade it just became tradition to go have lunch with him, but I was lucky because we lived right around the corner, and was a stay at home mom at the time.

The best of luck, and I hope your little one has easier days ahead of her.

My daughter did this , it was separation anxiety. It didn’t stop for her until first grade. The worst year we had. It will get better. Try to explain Evey single child has to go to school. Maybe offer her If she does good you will give her points for each day and trade them in for something she wants special at the end of the year. Good luck. She will get better. Thoughts are with you. Maybe the teacher can have her walk in with her friend.

My baby started kindergarten, n don’t like it, oh,I felt like going with him , daughter got me crying

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Sometimes children act like that in front of the parents. Once the parents leave, the child is usually fine.

Have you tried an incentive plan. Like a sticker chart? She gets a sticker for every day she transitions well to school, 5 stickers= something she enjoys going with you on the weekend? 4 stickers something less appealing etc It doesn’t work for all kids but it works for some.

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She’s tired and overwhelmed, let her take a day off.

My son has had this since he started preschool. He will be going in 4th grade this year and we still struggle. Last year he missed 18 days because of the stomach aches and anxiety. In kindergarten I laminated a photo of us and on the back wrote “Be Brave I love you” he still has that picture all worn down and wrinkled from him holding it. This year we used tapping and essential oils. We have read books about it, we have tried everything. I want to say it gets easier and some kids it might. I am still struggling though. If any little change in the morning happens it is triggered and I have to leave for work with him screaming my name crying. I wish I had better advice. Working at an elementary school I do want to say that they do calm down once they are inside. Kids that age are so caring and always try to make that student feel better.

My oldest was that way. The best thing I did was drop and go. I always said I love you. By the third week, she was ok. The bigger deal you make it, the bigger deal she will make it.


Give her some time! I promise she will be fine. When my Mom and I took my second daughter Amanda to her first day of kindergarten she took off and out the front door of school. It took time but it worked out. If you need to bribe her for a minute do it.

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Going through very similar, got to the point I go through the drive up drop off and the teachers are super sweet in helping her get to class. She also has a locket with pictures of me in it she wears every day. Slowly but surely getting a little better.

Books! We recently moved and our 3 year old is struggling with some changes to the new school too. I ordered these books and it had helped to ease the struggle at dropoff. We talk the whole way to school about what we are doing and I reiterate that we have to say goodbye and I’ll be back soon to pick him up. I talk about his new friends and teachers and how he is going to have so much fun. Even when he is whining through the drive, I keep positive and tell him it’s going to be so much fun!

The kissing hand is absolutely precious and there are special stickers in the back. You’ll understand after you read it, but the stickers have made him smile every morning since we started. Hope this helps!

Everyday gets a little easier!


My daughter would do this when she went to daycare, we started sending her with a family picture and it really helped!

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Does she have a friend at school sometimes having someone else to walk in with helps

Kindergarten is a big change for kids, it’s not the same kindergarten it was when we went and it’s change so much even over the last 10 yrs.

She’s tired, over whelmed.,

Make a rewards chart
Stickerees for getting ready, Eating a good breakfast
Having my back ready

Etc that way she knows everything is ok and let her do the stickers

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It might not change everything, or anything but it’s worth a shot. I have seen parents everywhere buying mommy and me bracelets. They are some specifically for school. Basically it comes with a note explaining you each have a bracelet, when sad etc or just missing someone they have a small reminder. I don’t see it fixing all problems but when I went through one of the posts about them in a group I am in it has helped come children.

Now that I typed this all out it sounds a little silly. But it’s a small price to pay if it helps them become more comfortable.

Couple shots of whiskey every morning in coffee.


My daughter had seperation anxiety from pre k through 2nd grade. It may get worse before it gets better but it will get better. I made mommy and daughter bracelets and sent her with pictures of us to help. Just keep reassuring her that she will be okay and that you will see her as soon as school ends/work. My daughter also would meet with the school counselor and just play games and draw pictures for a bit then she would go back to class. Try not to show her your emotions on how its affecting you even if your heart is crushing. Hug and a kiss and drop and go, eventually she will get use to all of the changes. Calm cool and collective then cry like a baby once out of sight ( maybe that’s just me lol). Make it fun for her such as a scavenger hunt on the way like I spy just to keep her mind distracted. Hang in there.Momma, you are doing a great job!

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Just keep telling her “you’ll have fun baby and before you know it momma will be right here to get you, all your friends are so excited and wanting to play today, your perfectly okay there’s nothing to be sad about because school is fun, momma wishes she could go to school too” etc. along those lines. It encourages her to want to go and lets her know how much you love school yourself and wish she could go, they’ll tend to want to go and it gets better over time, and makes them feel good that they get todo something you “want “ todo but can’t and makes them feel a bit special. Or each day you can pick something she’d like or like todo and let her know before school so she has something to look forward to! I did this with my oldest when she was in preschool. It’s a huge change and they will adjust over time. The second year she went no problem at all!

If she wasn’t in daycare she may have social anxiety. My son was held back in k due to this

I never experienced that so all I can offer you is prayer.

You can try having her watch for you out the window, give her a wave and also leave some family pictures in the classroom she can flip through after you leave each morning. Hope you find a solution! Kindergarten can be such a huge change and so tough, they’re still so little :disappointed:

I can’t help you, but I cried in school til the third grade because I was home sick. The school gave my parents hell, sent cps to my house, everything. My mom took me to my doctor and they sent me to a therapist and she made clear to the school I had separation anxiety. Honestly my mom tried everything with me. I just one day stopped

Is she happy at thew ends puff the day? My little brother would go to school screaming and crying and come home happy as a lark.

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Tanya Butler any advice? This poor mama and baby😔

My 8yr old was like that through kindergarten and grade 1, last year was grade 2 and still needed lots of coaxing the first half of the year

My son did this almost the entire first year of school. We had to do quick drop offs and luckily he had a very patient teacher. He was so bad he would refuse to go into the lunch room. I had emails and calls all day from the school. He has severe social anxiety and we slowly had to work through it. It does it easier but it’s also so hard!

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Try talking to her about what is gonna happen and different scenarios before she goes to school

I had separation anxiety and would actually throw up.:sob: hopefully it will end soon. My mom said I did it for 6 weeks​:tired_face::sob: I’m so sorry you are both going through this.

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I kid you not, this was me as a kid. I had a Blankie that I loved (and still have a part of). My mom got me a little necklace pouch and cut a square of my Blackie and put it in there for me to wear at school and it made it so much easier.


I went through this with my son when he started vpk. I’m not sure if he cried more or if I did (after drop off, he never saw 1 tear, just a smiling face).

A few things I found really helped him

Showing him how to tell time. This way he had a general idea of when I was coming back (this helped tremendously)

A story I made up about big kids and wearing big boy pants to help him not cry. In the am getting ready we would “look for them” and make sure we brought them … turned it into a game…in the car when he would start to feel nervous I’d reassure him what time I’d be back and the mid way point etc…and reminded him he had his big boy pants to get him through it etc

Also never showing him anything but a smile on my face and excitement for what the day would bring him. I’d tell him it ok to miss me and that I miss him to when he is away but it’s only a short time etc

Good luck ! It’s heartbreaking I know :broken_heart:


My kids always rode the bus. If it’s her first time at school as in no preschool or head start… it will be hard for her.

Also… talk to her there may be something happening at school… a bully or a bad teacher. We had a teacher bully my daughter. Our principal didn’t believe savannah until the principal heard the teacher call my daughter “chatty fatty”


Earlier to bed. She may need a bit more sleep


My granddaughter was like that when she started and it turned out that a girl in her class was bullying her so she hated to go.


This was my son in kindergarten. It’s an adjustment period, give it a few more weeks. Adapt to the routine. It’s hard but she will be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t know the first day of Pre-K my daughter looked at me and asked to make sure I knew I didn’t get to stay. :crazy_face:


My son was the same way. I was the parent that sat with the kindergarten kids in the hall before school started each day. Then I started going in when school bell rang. Said good bye and and said I would see him after school. Handed him to teacher and walked off. After about 3 days it was fine.

It is a tough transition for them. Most times they cry for their parents, but once they are in class they are fine. Hang in there!

Try staying with her if you can. Maybe that will help. Or send her next year :heart:

Bought this pair this week for our school counselor to use with some anxious little ones. Excited to give it to her! The monster has a little zipper mouth, so you can write or draw your worries on paper and give them to the Worry Monster so they’re gone.

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When my son, who is now 12, started kindergarten he use to be fine at drop off. About midway through the day he would start showing out for his teachers. And everyday they would walk him out to the car and tell me about how bad of a day it was for him. Finally the teacher got him to talk. He told her he just missed his mom. So from then on out when he would start acting out she would let him go to the office and call me just to talk for a minute and he would be an angel the rest of the day. Maybe her teacher could try an approach like this. Maybe it would be easier on her if she knew she could talk to you anytime she wanted to. I swear my sons office had me on speed dial.

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My daughter just started kindergarten and I also did the BFF necklace… it seemed to help. Maybe another thing you could do if she is missing you is buy her one of those necklaces you can put a picture in it. (Of you) and tell her if she is missing you thru out the day or feels scared she can open it and see you.
I also cried when I went to school lol (I say my daughter is giving me payback), my mother did that for me and it seemed to help. It’s a huge change for such a little person, give it time and I’m sure she will adjust.

Some kids do have separation anxiety …
U said ur daughter started off school fine the first 3 days were good until the 4th day she was screaming an crying then something Scared her in school either she is being bullied or someone frightened her or shouted at her u need to find out why she No Longer Feels Comfortable at School
Get her to open up to u by chatting with her.
Chatting with her everyday when u pick her up at school by asking her how was her day etc u can ask her alott of questions everyday when u pick her up at school , children tend to keep things buckle up an as Parents its our duty to chat with our kids to build an open communication between mother an her kids, this way ur child will always turn to u to discuss anything in life thats bothering them…


Have you tried getting her distracted when she walks in and then you bolt behind something so she doesn’t see you? That’s what I have to do with my son who is in kindergarten

Can you try to go to class with her for a day? If they even allow that kind of thing since covid… one of my boys cried everyday for a week. I went to class with him and his teacher was not acting appropriately, she was screaming at the kids, putting them in time out if they cried. I made a complaint and refused to send him back until he was switched to a different class. He was fine with a different teacher. Obviously, I do not know your daughter’s school or teacher so I’m not accusing but rather mentioning you might want to check out the classroom dynamics.


i’m having this problem with pre-k. today was day two and my son ran back to the car and said i give up. i can’t do this. i had to carry him back in kicking and screaming and hug and kiss him and give him to the teacher. we have a therapist we started seeing a few weeks ago. he hasn’t seen her since school started. but hopefully tomorrow she has some tips for us. i had matching bracelets made. we wear them on our ankles. i attached this note to them when i have them to him. it’s worth a try. the teachers say he has a great day and he calms after a few minutes. every night i go over his drop off. mommy will walk you to the door. they will take your temperature. mommy will give you two hugs and kisses and sign you in and mommy will be there to pick you up as soon as it’s time.

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I would ask her doctor about PANDAS or Vitamin D deficiency.

Poor baby. I think the bff necklaces are a good idea. I read somewhere to spray your prefume onto something so they can get the comfort from that. Maybe try stickers or some sort of award when she has a good day at school? I hope she gets adjusted soon . Its just as hard for the mom to go through this too :heart:

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You are sending her to a building full of strangers, with noone she feels comfortable turning to when she’s overwhelmed.

Maybe schedule a one on one conference with you, your daughter & the teacher to get a feel for how she is being treated.

See if you can come in before school one day & have your daughter show you around, introduce you to teachers, maybe have breakfast with her at school, so she gets put at ease that it’s a place you are comfortable with her being at.

School for the first time is overwhelming, & often mornings are overwhelming. Use lots of praise, patience & love.


It is a tough transition for some kids but it’s best just to drop off, say goodbye I love you I will be back after class and go. Some parents stay and the child catches a glimpse and the child will not calm down because the parents are around. Teacher’s will be able to calm them down after you go and I know its hard but your baby will be okay mama :two_hearts:

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Maybe she should be held back a year and let her mature a little bit, put her in preschool for a couple days a week.


For my son we had fits in the am about his socks which I thought was diverting his anxiety to that but I found socks he likes and it was a game changer. I also find if they have plenty of time and are reminded every 10 minutes as they have no concept of time we have 30 min until we leave 20 min until we leave etc and then if your able to walk them in that’s great. It had to be me in the am to send him off so I just made it work for it to happen. When he starts feeling anxious I just make jokes and get him laughing. It gets better :two_hearts:

I think it’s just reassuring her u will see her after kindergaren and distraction is a good one as well singing silly songs ect on the way there she will adjust she’s been around u constantly so it’s scary for them being somewhere strange but she will get used to it

When my son acted like that it ended up he was being bullied and threatened. Try seeing if she will tell you. He had to be reassured that he could tell mom and mom will fix it.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to help my daughter get used to Kindergarten? - Mamas Uncut

She might have a sensory disorder, i would talk to her pediatrician to be sure this is not a medical reason- some kids get SO over stimulated by the noises, the class size, all the colorful items in the room, and they shut down by crying screaming etc. i wouldn’t rule anything out just yet like said in an earlier comment, adhd/borderline autism is also a possibility, not saying that’s what’s going on but it’s best to check every Avenue before making any decisions, talk to her teacher, have the teacher come out and walk her in, assure her you’re coming back and she’s safe, if things do not get better Id say this is more of a sensory issue


I let mine but something in her jacket pocket for comfort. Her’s was a small panda bear and she would wear the jacket and put her hand in her pocket until she was ready to face the day.


I was so that way. I remembered being terrified. But now looking back, I realize what I was scared of was my parents not coming to get me. It wasn’t about school, it was about the instability of my home life.


Maybe you can give her something small of yours to keep in her bookbag? Spray a little of your perfume or body spray on it. So it smells like you somehow. So she has that security of you with her. Or send a small picture of you in her bookbag. Then she can maybe see your face throughout the day. Something like that to make her more comfortable. I would be so upset if my kid’s were like that to go to school. That I personally would walk into the classroom with my child every day, if that’s what it took. Until I knew they were calmed down and comfortable to be there. But that’s just me. In today’s world, I have no idea why my child would scream about going to school. And I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending them in so upset like that. And not know the reason why. Good luck to you!!!

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Please follow Big Little Feelings on IG they have the BEST tips to prepare kids for unknown phases and events in life. I have a similar situation if I leave my house at all, and I now follow all their prep steps and I swear it works. Just patience and preparation. You got this! I know the feeling, sending a hug! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


My daughter is same way still the same way. She is borderline autistic ADHD, and has social separation anxiety. She’s now second grade still struggles. One thing we have found that works. We let her choose her clothes even if its a crazy outfit, we give her a choice to pack lunch, she also has a sister in high school, so her sister taught her something that is completely made up, but it’s sister mind reading only ciblings can do this lol, but it works. She puts her hands on her head closes her eyes and sends sissy a message, it won’t work when older but still works. We also do hearts. We get a sharpie draw hearts on are arm not hands cause washing hands it’ll come off, we both kids each other hearts and wish them well while at work and school. She also loves pop it’s, I let her choose one for her and one for a friend to share with and we try and turn that into redirection of getting her excited. For example she chose a unicorn pop it and a dog shape pop it, we talked about how she and a friend can play vet with the animal pop it’s. Maybe take her favorite stuffy and let her put it in her bag, it also take good communication with not just her teacher, but principal and counselor, and if possible other peers. the best thing to do is redirect her mind concept, and keep it redirected until she’s at school and your not,

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Nicole Clements McKeon is right. My daughter was same way shes now going into the 3rd grade. Let her teacher walk her in eventually she will figure it out. Put ur foot down let her know ur there but also let her know she’s gonna be fine. And walk away. The more u feed into her crying and screaming she’s gonna know she’s in control of the situation.


No offense, but my girls both did that until I put my foot down and not argue or reason with them. Start now or they will run all over you. Mine are 18 and 24.


My daughter was/ is like this. This year we have done things differently. I have made sure I am up an hour before she is up and I am fully dressed and ready to go to make sure everything is packed and ready to go and my full attention is on her. I also let the other two younger kids sleep until 5 mins before we leave for the bus so again it’s just her and I. This has helped tremendously! Praying you find some answers because it’s rough.

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My youngest son was my constant companion in the school as I volunteered almost daily for three/four years, knew the school & all the teachers (they all loved him)…his brother & sister were in 3rd & 4th grade there…

Complete & total meltdown the first three months of kindergarten (even the days he knew I’d be in the school).

With the help of his kindergarten teacher, we very slowly started lessening how far I’d walk him…first to the classroom, then to the door, the line, baby steps…with each baby step, either his teacher, aide or one of the teachers my other kids had would greet him & walk him to where he needed to be.

Then one day, out of nowhere, he let go of my hand & ran to his line…by himself! He’s 19 now & absolutely fearless.

Baby steps.


Time, reassurance and consistency are all I can offer for advice. Changes and adjustments are hard for some littles. You could maybe give her choices about what she can control on school mornings? Do you want to get there at 840? Or 845? Do you want me to walk with you to the (pick a landmark- light post or something) or to the doors? Sometimes anxiety is fed by feeling out of control of some things. Does she get to take a snack to school? If so, can she pick it? Help pack it?
Consistency is big too. She goes to school, no matter how big of a meltdown she has, some kids will ramp up (up the ante) to see if they can get you to cave- mine were terrible for this! :joy:
Most of all reassurance that you are proud of her, she’s getting so big and you are excited to hear all the things she learned after school! Try to be very excited for her (it can be contagious!). Have you asked her teacher how she is during the school day? Does she settle? If she settles, then that’s awesome! The fact she’s making friends is fantastic!
Most of all dear momma, know you are doing your best, and while it’s not perfect, it’s going to be ok, hang in there it sounds like your daughter (much like my middle daughter) has BIG feelings, love and support her through it.
Good job momma!


My son cried every day for 2years and would start the night before changing daycare/kindy didn’t help he’s off to school next year and only cries every couple of days he has bad separation anxiety

How is she throughout the rest of the day? If she has a good day after the transition, it’s a different situation than if she’s unhappy all day. If it’s just the transition, it should get better with time.

Keep patiently sending her. My girl cried for 6 months n then she helped those who came to kindie crying :joy::joy::joy:. All true here :blush:

Does she sleep with you at night that might make a difference my grandson did and it made him just so close to his monm

Did she go to pre school that sometimes hel

Is dad he the only child

sounds like separation anxiety

I would wait another year if at all possible. It will not get better, she’s not ready!


She might not be ready yet? Some aren’t at that age

Try watching Daniel tiger’s neighborhood, sesame street, and other cool shows with your daughter on PBS it helps my daughter a lot I even recommend it at her school for the other kids who have separation anxiety and also make sure to make it into a fun game it never hurts to try new things

Sweetheart you need to go in with her to find out what’s frightening her. The system isn’t always correct. If she has anxiety then Why.


I went through with my second grader with kindergarten experience. He was super excited to go to school; the morning he practically ran into his classroom. By the end of the week he was crawling on top of me balling his eyes out. Something he had NEVER done before not even his first day at daycare or being watched by someone new for the first time.

The school blamed me; I, apparently, was dragging the drop off process. The principals were picking him up and carrying him into class and he would settle but it would start all over.

I found an admin that my son was fond of and she agreed to personally get him from my car. This happened for one full week then it went to she waited for him by his class the second week to greet him and assure him of a great day. I also, quickly learned how tough they were on this kid. I had to have a few conversations on how they handled mine and mentioned some considerations I thought they should be given to those 5 year old who may be having a hard time being in such a structured environment for the first time.

And, to make sure all of my bases were covered; I made arrangements with my job for an extended lunch a couple of days a week to eat with him so he knew mama was there for him.

Make sure she’s sleeping enough the night prior. Going to bed at a decent time is very important for the next morning.

Aw my baba was same took him a few months to get used to it he loves it now x

You might try to talk with the guidance cancellor

Is she getting enough rest/sleep? My daughter was like that every year before school started because her body wasn’t used to the routine change & she was doing more & getting more stimulation mentally & physically. And with covid & if they have to wear masks that probably doesn’t help the anxiety. Just let her cry & whatever. She’ll stop, especially when she sees her classmate’s reactions to her doing it. Just love her & assure her that you will be there to get her in a few hours. She will be fine mama, patience.

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Speaking from experience with a situation I had with my son in kindergarten last year & at a Christian private school to boot … something or someone may be causing her anxiety and stress.
I know you wouldn’t expect anything from a teacher & especially at such a young age but let me tell you, you’d be surprised. Set up a conference and listen to your instincts. My son is the sweetest boy you will ever meet & very calm, never had an issue at his preschool.
Severe anxiety started taking him over daily when I’d drop him off, he wouldn’t speak, he would say his stomach hurt & constantly saying he was going to throw up etc …there was a day he was crying so bad they had to call us to come pick him up bc they couldn’t calm him down, which has NEVER happened.
He ended up having nightmares every night, it was a mess. I setup a conference with his teacher to figure out what the heck was going on and why my son suddenly was a totally different child.
Long story short, she was treating my son like total garbage and nobody outside of the classroom knew, especially with Covid and everyone staying separate. I went in with the intention of taking him out that day but we gave him the option of switching to the other kinder class. This teacher was totally different & was so great and sweet and slowly I got my baby back. The prior teacher was an older lady who had taught forever and a day & had been at this school alone for 18 years. She was fired!
Not saying this is what is happening but, it could be something that she can’t articulate. My son never told me what was going on, he knew it wasn’t right obviously and acted out in other ways. She was clever in what she did and how she treated him to where he really couldn’t explain it.
Breaks my heart still.

I listened to my child and knew something wasn’t right and it didn’t take much digging to figure it out.

How does she act once you leave? Do they call you or send you pics to show she is doing better?
Does she say anything about why she gets upset?

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Krickit Deese maybe some helpful information.

Kerry O’Sullivan Hansen

Something changed after day 3…sorry not sorry but when my son was in kinder his despicable teacher had no idea I had come back in the school as my daughter forgot something…I heard crying and I heard the teacher aggressively saying your mamma sing not stop that crying …her loud booming tone and voice was ratchet…I matched in grabbed my child and never looked back …it’s our job to protect our kids from harm in any capacity …if she was fine then after a few days not that doesn’t sit well with Me…ask your baby …but a compassionate teacher will help you find resolve

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Had the same problem with my son, I tried everything amd the only thing that worked was me not getting out to get him out the car. I had a talk with him on the way to school about how happy and proud it makes me when he shows me how he can be a big boy and do things on his own. That day the teacher let him out the car and we had no problems and he was so proud of himself. I made a huge deal about it, took him for ice cream and showed him how proud I was. We of course did have a couple more incidents after but only when he didnt get enough sleep the night before.